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  1. How can i find a nice dog who is good with kids?
  2. i need to find jack russell dog breeder in mont. county texas?
  3. Can u help me find places to spay my dog!!!?
  4. I found this EXPENSIVE dog...?
  5. i found a lilttle white bug on my dogs nose what is it ?
  6. Help with finding a dog?
  7. Do you find unleashing a dog on a woman normal?
  8. Do you know where to find a dog with NO legs ?
  9. Where can i find someone to take my dogs ?
  10. could you find a dog a french poodle cup dog and maltese?
  11. how do i use the spade when my dog has found something. Fable II.?
  12. help i found a stray dog in my basement?
  13. i have difficulty to find breed of my dog. can someone help me?
  14. Where can I find one of these dogs. Some are on the more rare side.?
  15. i need help finding my dog ?
  16. Help me find a nice dog !!?
  17. where can i find a webkinz cheeky dog?
  18. I need help finding a dog?
  19. I lost my dog 6 years ago and now he's found in another state, how do I get him back?
  20. lol i found little white worms in my dogs poop lol. but seriously what the @^%*
  21. Where can I find information to help my small dogs?
  22. Just found a stray dog, next step?
  23. Where can I find a place to foster out my dog?
  24. is it really that hard to find a good home for a good dog?
  25. Where is a good place to find information on dog breeding?
  26. I found a dog, do i have to pay for a SPCA clinic?
  27. how do i find which dog is right for me?
  28. Found our pet dog in garden shaking and traumatised. No sign of bite and
  29. I can't find a Entlebucher Mountain Dog anywhere in Alberta, Canada-where should I
  30. help me find a dog pleaseeeeeee!!!!?
  31. i lost my dog would you help me find him?
  32. How to find programs that are cheap for dog neutering and rabies shots and microchip?
  33. On THE DOG island in wii how do you find elephant food in the Hayo Plains?
  34. lost dog found in newbridge, kildare?
  35. where can i find toy dog puppies in illinois ?
  36. Can you help me find a dog video from the Internet?
  37. where can i find a dog in Florida ?
  38. What are or where can I find some patterns for making dog clothes ?
  39. Need help finding good toys for my dog?
  40. Where can I update my dog's info, address etc for AVID mircochip ? I have...
  41. Why do dogs pace back and forth endlessly before finding the perfect place to poop?
  42. Lost Dog I Found in need of Vet Attention!!?
  43. How do you find out how old a dog is?
  44. How can I tracea WW2 dog tag found in Japan?
  45. Where can I find a good dog trainer in or near San Antonio, Texas?
  46. On Dog The Bounty Hounter there is a track called 'I like to watch'. Please how
  47. My daughter saw a commercial for a toy dog & I can't find it on any search....
  48. I've been using K9 advantix for 2 months now and still am finding 1 or 2 fleas on...
  49. Since you got your dog, have you found...?
  50. I would like to find a poem about a small scruffy dog who rescues a suicidal man?
  51. Have you found that if you have a female dog around another female that's in...
  52. I poured Spot remover on my dog and now I can't find him...?
  53. dog loving know-it alls. We need your help finding our new dog.?
  54. Where can I find a story about a story about a dog sacrificing itself to...
  55. was it wrong of me to "dump" a dog on my sister (with 2 dogs already)
  56. My dog has urinary problems. I've been trying to find a different food to...
  57. Eww,i'm concerned I found a tick on my dog and I yanked it off with a tweezer but
  58. moviestar dog Please help to find him a part!!!?
  59. there was a collie dog dancing to abba on the underdog show 2008 final....
  60. where can i find action replay cheats for nintendo dogs ?
  61. What's the best puppie magizine to find lots of information on puppie dogs?
  62. Animal Rescue! Found skinny dog, please help!?
  63. A 20-lb bag of dog food costs $21.50. A 30-lb bag of the same dog food
  64. Where can you find dog owners in your community who need a playmate?
  65. I need help finding a safe rescue to take my dogs to. ?
  66. Has anyone found success through Don Sullivan's dog training secrets?
  67. i think my dog had her puppies but i cant find them anywhere ?
  68. gosh please tell me were i can find a spanish article on dog food?
  69. can someone please help me to find a crate for my large dog?
  70. Does someone know how I can find a new home for my dog?
  71. Is it possible to find out if my dog's had puppies before?
  72. How can I find out if my dog has sarcoptic mange, or some other kind of mange...
  73. Can someone help me find a certain Halloween book about upright dogs and a girl
  74. Can you help me find out what is wrong with my dachshund dog?
  75. can high school police k9 search dogs find cigars?
  76. OMG! I just found out my dog is pregnant! Help! What are your suggestions for...
  77. found a bloody dog help ?
  78. Dog lovers did you find marley and me...?
  79. Where can I find really really small dog treats, what food is the best...
  80. my dog found a hedgehog ?
  81. Dogs found dead at a business near or in Youngstown, OH. Steve Croley?
  82. Where can I get a tough dog harness. I only use it outside. My dog finds them &
  83. I need help finding a small dog breed? ?
  84. in what stores (of the mall) can I find dog tags?
  85. Please pray that we may find our dog?
  86. need help with finding good dog food?
  87. I accidentally found my dog eating chocolate.I haven't told anyone & am...
  88. where can i find commercial bakeries that make different kinds of hot dog
  89. Help me find a dog like this?
  90. Can you help me find a good lap dog?
  91. help me find my missing dog?
  92. I found a dog, i cant tell if he was wanted by his owner?
  93. My dog runs out of the backyard, he found a trick?
  94. how to find that dog has fever?
  95. I need help with finding a perfect dog!?
  96. I found a lost dog, what do i do?
  97. Where could I find Evo dog food in Bakersfield, CA?
  98. My mom found a dog with pierced ears on the street!?
  99. looking for a yorkie or a small lap dog and i can't seem to find one anywhere for
  100. i found a dog three weeks ago, after posting signs no one has claimed him,...
  101. my dog just found a bull terrier puppy!?
  102. where do you find the picture of the dog in the game My sims kingdom?
  103. how can i find a dog breeder?
  104. Where can I go to take/find out about tests to be a certified dog trainer?
  105. looking for a new small dog where can i find a cheep one?
  106. Can anybody find a dog like this in an adoption center near me?
  107. found a lump on my dog..please help?
  108. I found a small dog, no knowlege of shots, can I give it rabies shot?
  109. For those of you that have more then one dog, do you find yourself talking...
  110. I just found that my dog has been playing with charcoal and has black...
  111. where can i find good dog clothes online within the US?
  112. Where can I find a cheap agility course for my dog?
  113. What are some parasites that can be found on dogs?
  114. Were can i find a SPCA so i can go get a dog near montreal?
  115. Did you ever find a dog you had to give away?
  116. where can i find large breed dog coats on long island?
  117. What's a good way to find dog trainers?
  118. For those who have competed in different dog agility venues, which do you...
  119. I need to find a bright yellow-green dog collar-where?
  120. How can i find out if my neighbor is letting my dogs out?
  121. where can i find a specific right dog 4 me quiz?
  122. How can I talk to my boyfriend about possibly finding a new home for the dog (long...
  123. how can i find out my dogs family history?
  124. stray dog found, what do i do?
  125. My dog is swollen and can't pee or poop. I just found yellow worms also.?
  126. Did I make the right decision on taking the two dogs I found to the SPCA?
  127. My dog has an injured back leg. Took her to the vet and did X rays they found
  128. Why cant the soldiers who find dogs/cats in Iraq and Afghanistan keep them?
  129. i found a dog that i would love to get put i cant find the info have the id...
  130. where do i find a place to have my old buddy dog put out of his misery?
  131. Where can I find an electric fence for medium sized dogs?
  132. Where Can I Find A Good, Healthy Dog For a Suitable Price?
  133. how do i find out when and where the dog shows are?
  134. We have a dog we thought was housebroken, yet destructive. We returned
  135. how can i find my registered dog's papers online?
  136. my daughter has seen a toy advertised-some kind of dog with puppies that suckle.?...
  137. How to find private investigator for missing dog?
  138. I have a dog that was abused and I took him in...I know wanna try to find him a
  139. What is a good site to post a found dog? ?
  140. were can i find a dog sitter that will look after my dog till i sort my
  141. Please help me to find written material online about noise laws concerning dogs?
  142. can you help me find a small dog breed?
  143. Help finding the perfect pet dog?
  144. Can anyone help me find a way to Communicate with the Animal Planet show It's
  145. Can anyone tell me what this is I found in a bag of Nature's Recipe Dog food...
  146. Can you find a picture of the smallest dog in the world?
  147. I just found a dog and my dog is scared? HELP?
  148. How do you find out how many layers of coat your dog has?
  149. I Found A Dog!!! Yay!!!?
  150. Can you help me find this type of dog?
  151. where do u find an american indian dog?
  152. Dog owners, do you find this poem very sad?
  153. Help finding a dog breed that my husband and I can agree on? ?
  154. found an unusual creature never seen anything like it Have a photo of remains.dog...
  155. Where are some dogs that I can find in Grapevine,Texas?
  156. finding mecha dog ?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?
  157. how would i be able to find someone that would be willing to care for a dog?
  158. Anyone know where I can get nice personalized dog collars at a normal...
  159. Help! Question about a dog found on the side of the road in New York state?
  160. Trying to find a home for my dog?
  161. I found a dog. HELP!!?
  162. How can I find a specific dog?
  163. where can i find A STUFFED LONG HAIRED WEINER DOG?
  164. where is a place to find a dog thats my dog match?
  165. Is there a place online where you can find dogs in your area?
  166. I need help with finding the right breed of dog for my family?
  167. I need help with finding the right breed of dog for my family?
  168. Where can i find a figurine/decoration/ornament that represents 5 family...
  169. I found a dog that was shivering?what do i do?
  170. where to find the marley dog book?
  171. Help finding a short story! Alaskan dog story...?
  172. where can I find cool dog stuff?
  173. Where can I find the episode of Courage the Cowardly Dog, where Robert Smith...
  174. Do any of you find this dog cute?
  175. you may see this a lot but i cant find the question a lot but will some one help...
  176. Don't you just find it SO sweet when dogs do that growling/barking thing
  177. I've given my dog raisins before finding out they were poisonous (just now!!!) ?
  178. why does it take my dog forever to find a spot to use the bathroom?
  179. I Found A Bump On My Dog's Head?
  180. Where do I find a dog like...?
  181. Has any one every had a problem finding a house with 3 dogs while going in the
  182. I found a flea/tick on my dog.?
  183. how can we really find out how old Dogs are?
  184. okay my dog a week ago ate 8 sticks of rat poison. As soon as we found out {which
  185. Where can I find a lock for my gate, since my dog keeps ing it with her nose?
  186. Where can I find dog Christmas stuff online? ?
  187. Help!! Ticks on my dog and I found one on me!!?
  188. How can I find a lost dog that someone dumped within a 60 miles radius?
  189. When I find a dog in the street, where is the best place to take them? ?
  190. Can you help me find a dog website...?
  191. What is the best small apartment dog and where is the best place to find one?
  192. where can i find a dog-friendly property in brighton?
  193. Can someone find this one song that starts out with two coon dogs barking ?
  194. Help!! we just found a dog in the snow!!?
  195. where can i find cheap dog carriers?
  196. How do I find my dog?
  197. Found a dog and now....?
  198. where can i find these toy dogs?
  199. Do you ever find yourself spelling out words when you talk to people so
  200. I found a dead dog in my backyard...what should I do?
  201. I've notice lesions on my dog after finding a mysterious biscuit in my door?
  202. Where can I find military Dog Tags in Melbourne?
  203. I Found A Dog And I Don't Know What To Do?
  204. How would i find close to home organizations that i could foster puppies for....
  205. trying to find a puppy dog for x-mas ?
  206. Found my dog dead after work. Body all swollen.?
  207. Would You Pay $200 To Find Your Dog?
  208. Finding a reputable dog breeder?
  209. Where do you usually find a dog?
  210. What would you do if you found a hot dog under your pillow when you jumped in...
  211. where can i find boys dog tags?
  212. I'm trying to find dog friendly hotels in the home counties in the UK, ie:
  213. My family and I lost our dog years ago and never found him ?
  214. A dog pulls on a pillow with a force of 4.8 N at an angle of 32 above the...
  215. Help please, found two wild dogs living in my back yard.?
  216. found a dog with no teeth, what should i feed him?
  217. I want to find a dog that looks like a lab puppy his whole life.?
  218. where can I find bagel dogs?
  219. i found something on my dog and i have no idea if it's a ticko or something else?
  220. where can i find a machine knitting pattern for a dog jumper?
  221. We found a dog that has a rabies tag is there a way to look up the number to...
  222. what do you find really works to keep your home and dog cleaner?
  223. Can anybody find an online list of deceased vietnam war dogs?
  224. I've been to a dog food site before that had like a quiz so that I could find out...
  225. Does anyone know where I can find a text book on dog grooming?
  226. We found a dog r we in the wrong fro keeping her?
  227. Help! What should I do? Should I return the dog I found 7 months ago?
  228. where do you find dog tags?
  229. Did Obama find his hypoallergenic dog yet? Doesn't he realize there is no such thing?
  230. Where can you find dog chains?
  231. where can i find a small dog carrier in las vegas?
  232. If you found a dog...?
  233. Found a small severely skinny matted dog.. owner took her back?
  234. Where can you find dog chains that have nothing on it?
  235. trying to find a dating site u took an iq test to start and there were other...
  236. I found a stray dog and I think there might be something wrong...?
  237. i found this on my dog what is it? what should i do? and how can i cure it ? ?
  238. any one know were to find a sheep costume for a dog?
  239. Where can i find this squeaky dog toy?
  240. I have 3 dogs and need to find a way , if possible to make them shed less. Know any
  241. I found what i thought to be a tic on my dog however when i removed it...
  242. I found my two dogs eating my just purchased raw brazil nuts and macadamia nuts. ?
  243. how long does it take to find out somthing from a blood test for a dog?
  244. PLEASE!!! Help me find this song! (it was in an episode of Dog The Bounty Hunter)?
  245. When was the first dog found?
  246. my dog had this big brown nasty thing.. we found out it was a deers instants
  247. Can someone help me find a video of a dog destroying a pillow?
  248. Where do i find a legendary dog?
  249. Where can I find the Budweiser wiener dog winter nationals commercials at?
  250. Where would be the best place to find personalized NFL jersey's for your dog?