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  1. i cant find this book. from a dogs point o.v. in scotland and elves, maybe, collect
  2. Where can you find an affordable dog in Indianapolis besides the Humane Society?
  3. Atheists, why dogs are useful to us to find a body?
  4. my dog goes Missing and i put a sign up in local newsagents, 'will pay 100
  5. How long after, if you find a stray dog would you consider it yours?
  6. Pokemon Leaf Green: How can I find the legendary dogs faster?
  7. I found a black labrador puppy what should I do because the dog pound
  8. My dog has extremely tough hair sheds more than any dog I've ever had, I found
  9. i want to try take care of a dog, where can i find someone let me try?
  10. Do you find Snoop Dog sexy?
  11. Would you be mad if your neighbor found your dog and didn't tell you?
  12. Where can I find a reasonably priced (preferably free) dog?
  13. I found a pug yesterday, and am thinkn bout keeping it, I already have one...
  14. What is the causes of death to a dog when blood is found comming out of the mouth
  15. i cant find a emergency room to take my dog tonight..(heartless jerks) She...
  16. Found a lost dog. Is this mean?
  17. Where can I find this thing for my dog?
  18. I need to find my dog a new home?
  19. Where can i find a list of the shots/vaccinations my dog needs through out his life?
  20. Do You Know Anywhere To Find Cheap Indoor Dog Playhouses?
  21. Where can I find this Wooly Bully dog toy?
  22. I have found Satan's Dog---Help?
  23. I Cant Find This Song (By Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band)?
  24. How long are dogs usually lost before they are found?
  25. I just found out they put Hartz on my dog, is she going to be okay?
  26. i bought a dog and i just wanna find out what she is shes 11 months old?
  27. Should I use these mushrooms I found in a field on a pizza I'm making, I
  28. where do i find dog heating beds?
  29. Has anyone seen the film My Life as A Dog, and does anybody know where I can find
  30. Trying to find a song. some Lyrics: Day one... Day two... Day three.. (7 Im sick as
  31. trying to find a huge lap dog with different look!!?
  32. Help Help! I found a stray dog!?
  33. Do you find it interesting that the devil in reverse spells lived and God in
  34. can someone please help me find a dog breeder that breeds Boxers in Arkansas?
  35. i really want a tiny small breed dog for my kids but EVERYTIME i find what it...
  36. My husband found a lump on my dogs back about the size of an egg 4 days ago.?
  37. Montreal Quebec,does any on know where can i find a shih tzu dog breeder?
  38. well i need dog clothes and i want a specific type but i just cant find it?
  39. Where can I find cute dog clothes?
  40. Is there a way to find out a dogs name?
  41. I've just found a wart like growth on my dogs tail?
  42. why does my dog jump in every bathtub he finds?
  43. My dog ran away for a year and i found him again...?
  44. Ha\ve you seen the dreadful picture on the Sky News website today of a dog
  45. Where Can I Take One Of Those Tests To Find Out What Large Breed Of Dog Is Right
  46. where can i find a dog breeder?
  47. I found this dog, can you tell me what it is? Pic included?
  48. What is a good store or website to find tiny dog muzzles?
  49. How can i find out what kind of breed my dog is if he is a Mutt?
  50. Where can I find dog breeders in the New Orleans area?
  51. Do you know where to find a dog tie-out where the metal part that hooks onto the...
  52. Found a Dog! I dont know what to do!?
  53. which sre some websites to find purebred dogs?
  54. where can you find dog poop on a stick?
  55. My dog is in pain, he is constantly licking biting and scratching his paw, vet...
  56. Where can i find the rocket dog skit from snl with tracy morgan?
  58. Stray dogs found, help please!?
  59. Do you find it cute or annoying when you dog falls asleep on an item of your
  60. How do I find my local council dog pound?
  61. Help Finding Latex Toys for Dogs?
  62. How can I find a dog friendly apartment in torrance, ca?
  63. Ok bsides petfinder does any one know where i can find a small dog?
  64. I need help finding a specific episode of the dog whisperer online?
  65. How can i find out what breed my dog is?
  66. i found a dog i think may have been abused....?
  67. When a Lost/Found site asks a dog's size, what is the definition of:...
  68. Where can I find dog parks in Providence, RI?
  69. What are some sites to find dogs?
  70. How do you find out dog years?
  71. what do you do if you find a lost dog?
  72. i found an earring in my dogs food. should i do anything about it?
  73. Where Can I Find The Poem By William Stafford, Old Dog?
  74. My dogs toy is falling apart, I need a new one but can't find it.?
  75. found a bony dog and i dont know what to do?
  76. Found my mum having sex with A dog!!?
  77. what should i do if I come home to find my 30 pound dog has eaten an entire...
  78. Where can I find blueprints for building a HOT DOG CART?!?
  79. i just found a big soft lump on my dog 4 month shih tzu?
  80. found dog! what to do...?
  81. I really need help! Does anybody know where to find a certain kind of dog
  82. Crufts 09- Where can I find the names of entered dogs?
  83. DNA testing to find out the breed of a dog?
  84. where can i find a beagle stud to breed with my dog?
  85. I found a lump on my dog's hind legs....?
  86. I found a lost dog, What should I do?
  87. Can you get a DNA test to find out if your dog is a purebred?
  88. I need help finding a VERY CUTE and GREAT FAMILY dog?
  89. Does any one know where I can find some of Chaos dog's art online?
  90. Where can I find an electric fence collar for a dog that has multiple contact prongs?
  91. Need help finding a dog...?
  92. Why does my dog find 2 spots and walk back and forth 107 million times to the exact
  93. How to find trustworthy dog breeders?
  94. how can i find out my friends dog is pregnant with out going to the vet?
  95. How can we find out how many regulars use the dog section?
  96. Please help, I need to find a affordable healthy good dry dog food?
  97. Found small black dog?
  98. How can I find out how far along my dog might be?
  99. Where In Georgia Can I Find A Small Breed Dog For Really Cheap?
  100. Where on akc.org can I find a mate for my dog?
  101. I found a dog what should I do?
  102. Where can I find an extra large plastic dog kennel on wheels?
  103. Could I use my dog to help find moms missing dog?
  104. Where can I find a good dog groomer to hire for my business?
  105. How likely is it that i will find my dog?
  106. What are some Natural healthy dog treats that I can find in my home?
  107. I found a dog help! tics, and a stray!?
  108. can anyone help me find out my dog breed?
  109. what was the dog walking game on level up town called and what other website can...
  110. Where can find English Mastiff dogs? Somewhere pretty cheap, and Also Somewhere by...
  111. how can my daughter with MS find financial or material help for caring for her
  112. can some one help me find my Dog breed?
  113. Where can i find the law about Federal working dog law.?
  114. Hi guys i have a problem with one of my beloved dogs who i found on the...
  115. A dog is tied with a 15 foot rope to a building as show. Find the area the dog...
  116. I need help finding a dog!?
  117. My dog wont find The Enforcer ind fable 2. Any reason?
  118. Where can I find a dog like this?
  119. Does anyone else find the dog whisperer, Cesar Millan's actions funny?
  120. My dog was picked up by animal control and now they can't find him. What can i do?
  121. How do you find a good dog sitter?
  122. Can't find my sewing book. How do I lower the dog feed?
  123. Would a dog find this annoying?
  124. I found a tick on my dog and pulled it off of her. how can you tell if the tick
  125. does anyone know where i can find an affordable carolina dog/or american dingo?
  126. Found tan white female dog staffy cross type?
  127. What to do when you find a dog?
  128. Where can I find a small dog...?
  129. Stray dog found what to do?
  130. How do I find homes for 3 older dogs here in Bonita Springs Florida? It...
  131. Howw can we find our lost dog?missing for about 4 days?
  132. Found a dog, want to keep her..?
  133. I'm looking for a family orientated dog. Where can I find them?
  134. I posted a question earlier about my dog vomiting and the vet not finding a reason.?
  135. Where Can I Find Dog Tags For BOYS/MENS In the Mall?
  136. What TV station is this year's Dog Show coverage on? I can't find any mention of it
  137. where can i find a border terrier bi*ch for my stud dog?
  138. ?where in Argyll can I find a dog trainer?
  139. Fallout 3: find the dog (dogmeat) from megaton.?
  140. How Do you say Dog Found in Spainish?
  141. When dog crafts show is coming? I thought it starts about 5th of March 09. But I
  142. wut do i doo if i found pills in my dogs dog food?
  143. what's a sure way to find out what breed of dog you have?
  144. How do you train a dog that you found?
  145. I just found a dog who has had puppies but no sign of them she still has...
  146. where can i find corn dogs in singapore?
  147. i have to give away my dog to someone, but i can't find out who to. is there any...
  148. Where can I find a mp3 of fallout 3's three dog doing his radio show?
  149. So i Just found the presidents of the Universitys dog...?
  150. How to...... Find the Age of your Dog?
  151. Im trying to find a CHEAP small breed dog (or mix)?
  152. Where can I find liability insurance for a professional dog walking company?
  153. Were can I find pomeranain dogs?
  154. Please help! Found dog dead and no visible injuries.?
  155. Whats a good way to find rental apartments that allow dogs in anaheim, ca?
  156. Why does it take my dog FOREVER to find a place to pee or poop?
  157. If you ate cupcakes and found out they were dog treats would you agree the
  158. im tryng to find a plant name as my dog may of eaten it?
  159. can u find a dog that matches with these traits:sheds little to no hair, fairly...
  160. i just found a little ball on the side of my dog?
  161. Dog found...What kind of dog is this?
  162. im dog sitting for my friend..i jus found out her dog had fleas?
  163. Can you help me find a job that deals with dogs please?
  164. We have a fat black bear hamster and we cant find him anywhere and we think my
  165. How can I find out if my dogs are full breed Pitbulls?
  166. Where can I find a cleaning service that cleans up dog/vermin droppings a
  167. Where to find a Burberry dog collar?
  168. I'm keeping a stray dog I found?
  169. Finding dog friendly apartments in CA?
  170. has enyone in the area of 67009 zip found 2 lost dogs?
  171. how to find the right size harness for my dog? (pictures of the dog)?
  172. does anybody know where i can find the law that regulates pets? to celan up after
  173. How can i find a Collie dog mentor in my area?
  174. how to find a dog obedience school.?
  175. Where do you find a dog with no legs?
  176. im trying to find this movie about a dog.?
  177. How can I find out my mutt dog's breed?
  178. my dog ate a hospital issue pacifier. I didn't see it happen but found a piece
  179. Where can i find a hotel that is dog friendly(50 lb Siberian husky)?
  180. Would you expect to find a dog missing for 9 years?
  181. Which dogs breeds are hard to find gifts with their breed on them?
  182. Where can I find a holster for the O.C./Pepper spray like Dog the Bounty Hunter uses?
  183. how do i find my local dog park?
  184. Where to find dog rescue statistics (UK)?
  185. What are the rules regarding finding and keeping stray dogs?
  186. How can I find out what time my dog died?
  187. My baby is allergic to my dogs and I need to find something to help him so I
  188. What kind of dog is this?The puppy was found on the street abandoned. Pic is
  189. Where can I find long-term dog boarding in Virginia (or Maryland) for...
  190. Where can i find a reliable Dr. Dog torrent for a full album?
  191. Why did I find dog poop on my property?
  192. where can I find a dog at in Massachusetts ?
  193. Biodetection dogs - where to find?
  194. Where can I find a Trendy Purse-like dog carrier?
  195. Where can I download the first lil bow wow cd? Its called The Dog in Me....
  196. Is there a place to find a dog for breeding?
  197. I cant find my dog how can i find her?
  198. I need helping finding a dog....?
  199. What are the chances of walking into a dog shelter or spca and find a pure breed...
  200. I JUST found out HE CHEATING, CHEATED and is a dog!?
  201. The best way to find a new owner for my staffy dogs?
  202. how do i find a dog's stash?
  203. Why did Obama say that narrowing down the breed dog has been tougher than...
  204. How would I find local activities to do with my dog?
  205. Will you help us find a dog?
  206. Can someone find me a nice dog sweater?
  207. HELP! i need to find a junior sled dog race in michigan for two dogs. It
  208. Where can I find cheap dog clothes?
  209. where can i find an austrailian cattle dog/blue heeler around CA for cheap? like...
  210. I found a tick on my dog?
  211. Does anyone else find their constantly apologizing for dog's behavior?
  212. All men are dogs, you just have to find a loyal one?
  213. Help finding a Dog helmet ?
  214. Where can I find a bolognese dog breeder, or rescue?
  215. I need help finding a harness that can keep a dog on a chain.?
  216. i need to find a good in the house puppy dog but not to expensive!!?
  217. lump found on dogs stomach?
  218. Where can I find quality dog beds online?
  219. Trying to find out what kind of dog this was...?
  220. Where can i find the video of a bunny singing one is the loneliest number...
  221. Is there anyway to find my dog get it back?
  222. Where can I find service dog patches in a store rather than online?
  223. i can't seem to find the right dog breed, what do you suggest? 10 points!!?
  224. Tattoo found on dog's ear?
  225. How can I find the best dog for me?
  226. How hard will it be to find this dog?
  227. Help me find the Best dog for me?
  228. help! how do i find a missing dog?
  229. Can someone help me find a good dog name?
  230. How do i find a stud dog for my Lhasa Apso?
  231. where can i find a free dog?
  232. where is the best place to find my dog a stud?
  233. My dog finding website?
  234. Where can i place my half sharpei half roitweiler at besides the pound? I...
  236. where to find a dog tag necklace in Toronto? :)?
  237. How do you not feel guilty for needing to turn a found dog over to the animal
  238. how can find the out the registration of my moms shih tzu dog so i can...
  239. where can i find mad dog gum in missouri near cliftionhill missouri and kansas city
  240. I found a dog with no identification and my friend took it in..?
  241. Is it okay if somebody kept a dog they found on the streets without trying
  242. I need to find someone who can help with a dog bite case. My g. shep. bit...
  243. How can I find the perfect dog for me?
  244. my family had some hot dogs and we found out they were expired about 3 weeks ago?
  245. Best place to find Unique Dog Collars and supplies?
  246. How to make a found dog flier, to make sure it's the actual owner?
  247. What to do with this dog I found?
  248. Where can I find a Trendy Purse-like dog carrier?
  249. I just found a tick on my dog, someone please HELP!?!?
  250. A few questions about hunting dogs... What are the best??? How much do they