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  1. Where coudl I find those weight vests that goes on the dogs chest?
  2. I need find out what breed of dog I have.?
  3. can anyone help me find a dog in LAKEWOOD OHIO?
  4. Lost Dog, help on how to find him!?
  5. I can't find my injured dog.?
  6. I need help in finding my perfect dog?
  7. Found a Groundhog In My Backyard... Are My Dogs Safe?
  8. Owners with *aggressive* chewers, have you found a dog toy that your dog
  9. I found a stray dog and I cant get her to sleep in a crate?
  10. Where can I find a list of the locations of all the dog tags in X-Men Origins:
  11. where can I find I Smart dog shampoo?
  12. i have just found a lump on my dogs chest up near the top of her leg,?
  13. What to do?! Found a dog tied up to my house!?
  14. I've lost my dog adn it's untraceable? How to find her?
  15. How do I find a dog that bit someone at a local Ohio dog park?
  16. Are cultures that find entertainment and profit in animal expolitation...
  17. Does anyone know where I can find a list of things that are poisionous to my dogs?
  18. Where can I find the official website for AAFCO definitions of dog food ingredients?
  19. Where can I find an affordable, but good quality, dog agility set?
  20. How do you find a lost dog.?
  21. Where can I find some tutorials on how to make soft sculpture Dogs with fur?
  22. I cant find a name of this dog; HELP!!!!!?
  23. how can i find out wat breed my dog is with out takin him to the vet?
  24. where can i find a extra large extra cheap dog bed?
  25. I lost my dog how do I find her? And How will anyone who finds her find me?
  26. a guy claimed he found my dog dead on the beach should i meet him at his house?
  27. i need help finding out about dog illnesses?
  28. i need to Send my German Shepard to the Dominican Republic and i cant find a...
  29. OMG I just found a Tick on my dog after applying advantix?
  30. where can i find meerkat manor rocket dog pics?
  31. Plz help...my dog needs a vet and I need to find someone who will do low-income
  32. How can I find out the actual breed of my mixed dog?
  33. how do I find my dogs breeder?
  34. I adopted a dog help me find out what to do...?
  35. Can't find Legendary Dogs in Pokemon Leaf Green?
  36. my dog had her puppies and I find this a bit weird?
  37. where can i find a cheap place in the Stoney Creek, Ontario, Canada area...
  38. I found a missing dog. What do I do?
  39. I found a marines dog tag that is painted black. I've read that this means the...
  40. Cant find Three-Dog (Fallout 3)?
  41. What do most people do when they find a lost or missing dog?
  42. were can i find a free dog obedience class in moore ok?
  43. Where to find a westie dog for around 300$ or less in nc?
  44. I found a lost dog with my friend?
  45. Help my dog´s gone missing and i found him what do i do??!?
  46. Help me find a dog to breed with mine?
  47. i need to find 3 names for my dog, can you please help me?
  48. how do i find out if my dog is preg?
  49. Attention. I found a dog?
  50. help finding a dog !?
  51. Does anyone find it fishy that at The Varsity hot dog restaurant in Atlanta,
  52. Need help need to find a good breed of dog?
  53. Found a tick on my dog! It was attached. What signs should I be aware of if he was...
  54. Where can I find [dog] clothes small enough to fit young hairless puppies?
  55. my dog found a baby bunny?
  56. Maltese puppies or dog information/?? if anybody can find like a really
  57. My dog has tumor in abdomen, vet found it Aug. 08 said he had 3 mos. - 13 yo....
  58. dog groomers in the Hewitt TX area just moved here. Need to find someone that does
  59. Does anyone know the what breed this dog is??? I think it is called a Panish
  60. Where can I find a dog for under $100?
  61. Help finding dog/puppy!!!?
  62. My dog sometimes finds it difficult to walk on his hind legs. What could be wrong
  63. Help! I need to find replace a walking dog toy that my dog chewed up. Does anyone
  64. How can i find out if my dog is pregnant?
  65. What are her chances of finding a home? (Precious dog)?
  66. Help me find the perfect dog for me?
  67. Why do we as humans find dogs to be SO cute?
  68. Help first time owner trying to find the right dog?
  69. I found a wounded dog...what should I do?
  70. where can i find cheap clippers for my shaggy dog?
  71. How long should we wait to spay a dog we found?
  72. I need to find sites on the web that have QUALITY dog supplies at an affordable
  73. intelligent life on other planets, well what would make it intelligent if we
  74. Where can I find the commercial spoof on Family Guy with the dog and the person?
  75. Where can I find a dog photo frame that holds a collar?
  76. crippled dog help to find vet in NC please read all sorry for length?
  77. Crippled dog help to find vet in NC please read all sorry for length?
  78. I want to buy a dog like the one i found in this pic but i forget the name of...
  79. Just Found Three Ticks on My Dog?
  80. Are there any good sites to find pets/dogs for hong kong?
  81. does anyone where i can find a small dog?
  82. i need to find a cleaner for cleaning up dog urine that is non toxic?
  83. how can you find a tumor on a dog's spleen?
  84. Is it really difficult to find somewhere to rent if I have 2 dogs?
  85. I need help finding a dog!?!?
  86. my dog is itchen her self on the carpet and found a lump on leg today what...
  87. can dogs be used to find guns? by sniffing for gun power?
  88. Can you help me find my dog's favorite elephant HARTZ toy? I am providing a
  89. My boyfriend found a possiby lost or abandonded dog and it's Sunday, what steps
  90. Please help me in finding a dog.?
  91. I Helped lost dog find owner During a storm, now owner will not stop Posting...
  92. how can i find out what kind of breed is my dog?
  93. We can't seem to find a home for our dog?
  94. Would you be miffed if you found your dog was doing nudies on the side?
  95. I found two dogs roaming the streets in my neighborhood, what should I do?
  96. Where can I find dog agility classes?
  97. My dog just broke my g/f's Tiffany lamp. How do I find a replacement?
  98. where to find best dog for to eat?
  99. where can I find Christian puppet scripts with a dog character named Theo and...
  100. Do you think the dog heads could have been converted to christianity if they had...
  101. I found baby dove and i picked it up cause my dog was abot to eat it...i
  102. Can anyone find me a good picture of shia labeoff giving puppy dog eyes?
  103. my dogs sick of constpation please help me find a cure he ate a pig bone
  104. have you found neutering your dog has changed their personality?
  105. I just found out my dog ate a sealant!?
  106. How to find a good home for my dog.?
  107. I just found out i'm NOT getting a dog!?
  108. Do you think the dog heads could have been converted to christianity if
  109. Why can't I find a Goddamn room for rent that will allow my dog?
  110. Is my dog okay, we just found a tick on her and she's acting strange?
  111. Any ideas where I can find a dog?
  112. Where can i find out where to pet my dog?
  113. Well does anyone no where i can find like diagrams of the inside of a female...
  114. I found a dog yesterday...what would you do?
  115. Do you know how to find a breed of Dog?
  116. if my dog i found on the street a few days ago and now has little red bumps on his
  117. Where can I find a plain white dog t-shirt urgently in UK?
  118. Dogs leg not very good but ant find problem. Need answers ASAP?
  119. How do I find out if my dog is pregnant?
  120. Serious but graphic question about a dog I found...severe animal abuse...kinda...
  121. Where can put this dog my brother found.?
  122. What do u do when u find out ur dog is gunna die?
  123. Where to find a good dog breeder close to the Los Angeles County area?
  124. Where can I find dog gravy in UK?
  125. Looking for a way to find the right dog breed for me.?
  126. My dog is scheduled to deliver and the vet did an xray and found all the
  127. Experienced dog owners: Please help me find the right dog?
  128. I just found a air bubble in my dogs chest (which is about the size of a...
  129. I need help finding a dog?
  130. How do I find a relative of my dog?
  131. where can i find alot of information or hints and really good hints on...
  132. Treatment/relief from severe flea/tick bites? Possible worms? Found dog,...
  133. tyring to find a dog breed that suites me?
  134. Please help me find a small, lost white Bichon dog in Annapolis, MD?
  135. where to find a dog breeder (beagle)?
  136. Dog Section: If you found out someone you respected wasn't as old or experienced
  137. I trying to find a dog which kind is a good breed???????
  138. How to find if a dog's mouth or human's mouth is cleaner?
  139. Dont know how to find my dogs breed name?
  140. My dog died last week and I just find out it was beat to death I know who but how do
  141. So my dog found a turkey's foot and it's in great shape so I'd like to preserve
  142. what website can i go to to find where i can buy a dog?
  143. what should i do if my dog is only kind of bleeding from his neck when it get
  144. I Found A tick On my Dog..?
  145. I found Dog meat, but i can't talk to him? (Fallout 3)?
  146. Where can i find a decent analysis of the novel the Curious Incident of the Dog in
  147. I Found A Dog :D!!!!!!!?
  148. Can you help me find a dog?
  149. Need help finding the right dog?
  150. I Need A Good Website That Finds Lost Dogs In Peterborough ?
  151. where can i find this dog food?
  152. Where can I find great hot dogs in Los Angeles?
  153. Can anyone find me a type of dog like this?
  154. find out wolf dog laws in anston wi?
  155. how to find a good home for my dogs?
  156. How Do I Find The Details Of My Dogs Tattoo ?
  157. How can I find a good home for our dog?
  158. Can cops detain you while they find a drug dog?
  159. I found a stray dog in Lee County on Saturday, 4 April, 09--what should I name him?
  160. were to find dog breeders for stud services?
  161. Where can i find replica knockoff designer accessories for dogs?
  162. I am looking for an urn for my dog. I found the one i want but i need it to
  163. where can i find this dog?
  164. So i need to find a new dog I like spaniels but should i go for another dog ?
  165. I need help finding a healthy solution to a Dog problem I am having.?
  166. I found this dog should I hand it back its very cute and has possibilities?
  167. Dog breeders..Cant find them anywhere!?
  168. i have a big problem i found out after i adopted my toy poodle that my
  169. I just found out that my 11 month old son is allergic to my dog of 9 years? HELP?
  170. where can i find cheap walk-thru dog gates?
  171. My mum has just found a tick on our dog. Could they affect my family?
  172. Where can I find out my grandfather's dog tag information?
  173. Where can I find the cutest dog clothes for my Maltese?
  174. Help me find a dog that looks like a teddy bear...?
  175. Im trying to find a new word to call people for example dude dog suff like that can
  176. what did pat find in the dog bed?
  177. In breach of my tenancy agreement by getting a dog my agency found out! What...
  178. Where can I find some dog frames?
  179. I need help finding the perfect dog...?
  180. Have you ever had to dig through something gross to find something you...
  181. Can a jury infer that an illegal silencer was used during the killing of
  182. Some one stole my dog, what can I legally do to the suspect if I ever found...
  183. how can i adopt an dog without my parents finding out?
  184. What are the best websites for finding a dog to buy?
  185. Where can I find a book of EVERY dog breed?
  186. What should I do about the dog we found?
  187. Where can you find low priced dog supplies?
  188. Dog owners: Do you find yourself setting decoys to allow yourself the freedom of?
  189. My dog ha a terrible cough!!!! shes had it for years now and the vet carnt find
  190. I was giving my dog a bath and found she has a bruise? or bites? behind
  191. Help me find the perfect dog?
  192. Can you help me find a nice small dog?
  193. Finally found the perfect dog breed?
  194. i have made homemade dog treats yesterday and i found them moldy already today! is
  195. How do I find a service dog blaze orange vest for a chihuahua?
  196. trying to figure out what kind of dog i found?
  197. where can i find dog replacement squeakers?
  198. If a person dies alone with thier dog, and they aren't found for awhile,
  199. help us find a name for our dog?!?
  200. I found someone on my lawn, with his dog...........?
  201. I found A flee on my dog - household is freaking out -help?
  202. FDA recently released an article stating salmonella is not harmful to dog
  203. Where can you find ads for dogs in Houston?
  204. EEEP! i just found out my dog has a tick in her ear! What do I do?
  205. Question about something they found on my dog when I took him to the VET?
  206. The urbz:sims in the city GBA, where can i find my dog?
  207. I need help finding a hippo and dog video on youtube?
  208. I need help finding a dog online.?
  209. need help finding another dog, in fullerton CA?
  210. can u help me find names for my dogs ?
  211. What to do with a found dog?
  212. is it normal to find a boy dog humping a boy dog?
  213. Dogs that find our fence delightful and need something to deter...have
  214. I live in kenosha wisconsin, and need to find an afordable GOOD dog grooming place?
  215. Has anyone found a black dog in the craigieburn area today 3/4/09?
  216. Where can i find a good breed Labrador Dog in Trivandrum , Kerala , India?
  217. I need to find a metal crate for my dog?
  218. How To find puppies/dogs online?
  219. What is the best way to find a lost dog other than putting up flyers and
  220. What website would i find my dogs microchip in?
  221. My dog found a big dead rat in the back yard this morning, should I take him to the
  222. How do dogs find their way back home?
  223. I need to find dog breeds for my abc poem.........help??:)?
  224. Can I find my dogs exact blood lines from a test at the vet?
  225. How do I find out a dogs History?
  226. I need to know where to find the number of dog rescues in massachusetts from...
  227. Please find a good sized Dog bed?
  228. Moving to Kingston (Ontario), need to find apartments/rooms for rent that
  229. Where can I find those pet runner things for dogs?
  230. Found out my dog has a heart murmur..?
  231. I found a dog about a week ago. I have done everything so far in my power to...
  232. Found a stray dog that is deathly afraid of people?
  233. Are Chinese dog breeds found in Taiwan?
  234. what's wrong with my dog?!? vets can't find anything!!?
  235. How do pet owners feel about shock collars? just found out a major TV star uses
  236. Finding my perfect dog?
  237. where can i find a dog a home?
  238. i want to get a dog.. where do i find a breeder?
  239. My Dog Is Finding it Difficult To Walk?
  240. I just found an old Dog Tag in my yard...?
  241. My dog had a bloody stool yesterday, and today I found a inch long black metal...
  242. Where can I find Japanese Spitz dogs?
  243. where do i find HOTEL FOR DOGS full movie? PLEASE HELP!?
  244. Help with determining what kind of dog this is (i found him) trying to make 'found
  245. Do mice store large amounts of food? I found 23LBS of dog food in piles in
  246. I found a dog and ....?
  247. Help finding a dog breeder.?
  248. finding arthritis treatment for dogs?
  249. I thought I found a tick on my dog,?
  250. Question About A Dog I Found .. .?