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  1. We found a dog, what kind is it?
  2. Who would have ownership of a dog found stray, adopted into a new home but...
  3. Okay, so I found this dog. If I post flyers, and call the number on the tag, and?
  4. I found a dog...what to do?
  5. What to do with 16 duck eggs?? after my dog found them?
  6. What to do with 16 ducklings?? after my dog found them?
  7. what would you do if you found a lost dog with no collar?
  8. Just found a Tick on my dog buried pretty deep?
  9. i found a stray dog and turned it into the county shelter does this make me a
  10. Lost dog!!!!!i need help finding it?
  11. Help please...injured dog found!?
  12. Legendary Dog pokemon - Entei - found in FireRed. How do I capture it?
  13. My dog was lost and now it is found, but he is weird...?
  14. I found a lost dog and now he is scared and doesn't eat.. What should i do?!?
  15. Why do dogs? Or my dog find pleasure in rolling in other dog muck?
  16. I just found out my dog is pregnant, what do i do?
  17. Has anyone found a way to help resore an older dog's hearing? Our 14 yr old...
  18. Where can I find a black dog with blue eyes?
  19. Where can I find a good dog breeder in Northern Ohio?
  20. Have you found it weird seeing your dog naked after it has been wearing a sweater
  21. Where to find abnormally large dog collors that i can design?
  22. HELP i found a dog!?????????
  23. i found a pomer. dog what to do next.?
  24. Where can I find a dog that is a "true" attack dog?
  25. I just found out that my dog died. Any good jokes to cheer me up?
  26. Where can I find Bermese Mountain Dog puppies in Maryland?
  27. I just found a hurt dog?
  28. Earlimart california Found Dog?
  29. Where can you find a good Chicago Style Hot Dog In Fort Worth?
  30. Can I feed my frogs fleas which I found on my dog?
  31. My dog and the neighbor's dog were found mating. I panicked and to get them...
  32. I am trying to find a vegetarian dog food for my Alaskan Malamute. He...
  33. conjunctivitis in dogs? Can others catch it? My friend is going on Hols
  34. where can i find a great dog park near me?
  35. Where can I find chastity belt for my female dog?
  36. Where can I find a list of dog breeds in order of price, rarity or size?
  37. How can i find a dog that looks like my dead dog?
  38. Where can I find an authentic burberry dog collar?
  39. Can anyone help me find a valid Wellness dog food Coupon please?
  40. I just found out that my dog has diabetes. My vet has been great but I would...
  41. How do i find out if my dog was hit by a car?
  42. Does anyone else find that dog in the ad annoying?
  43. Where can I find a Entlebucher Mountain Dog breeder in Australia?
  44. How Can I Find my local dog pound?
  45. Found Dog cute accessories on ZodiacDog.com?Help me Pick!?
  46. found a dog.. keeping him.. shots?
  47. Have you found something your dog loves chewing?
  48. ive just found this out dog owners?
  49. what if you found a stray dog & from the look of of it, the owner doesnt
  50. ok so i found a dog but he wont stop whinning?
  51. my g/f lost her dog like last September 09. she found it today and there are...
  52. What is the best way you have found to keep your dog from shedding?
  53. Found a cute little dog. 2 weeks no one has responded to ads. Is he mine?
  54. We have found what looks like a thin worm with tentacles in our dog's poop....
  55. How do I go about finding a reputable dog breeder?
  56. How can i find out what my dog is crossed with?
  57. Where can i find a low priced dog in washington?
  58. A Serious issue: And What is something in your breed of dog that is found in no
  59. i need help finding a dog PLEASE HELP?
  60. How much time does it take to teach my dog to help me find someone by...
  61. Where can I find a dog house design that is unique and comfortable?
  62. Im thinking of getting a family protection dog,how do i find a reputable guard...
  63. My 10yr old son found a dog and refuse to give it back to the owner because the
  64. How can i find a female dog for my male dog ? Doberman Dog?
  65. i just found a momma dog what do i feed her?
  66. the dog my brother found in the bush?
  67. my dog is limping but not in pain & i checked her leg/paw for injurys but found...
  68. Where can i find a cheap cute dog carrier/purse?
  69. I need help finding a dog PLEASE HELP?
  70. How to find my lost dog?
  71. Found dog is trying to hump our dog. What can I do?
  72. my girl dog came in heat, i breed her, then 9 days later i found her stuck
  73. HEY this is urgent my dog we found her on the floor about an hour 3o mins.
  74. I Found Dog, dont know what to do?
  75. Help! My dog ran away this morning and I just found him, his paw is bleeding a
  76. i found a dog 30 min ago!!! please help!!?..but it has a tag.....?
  77. just found out my dog loves eating chocolate!?
  78. We found this dog and I like him but I am afraid of him?
  79. Found dog last night new years eve?
  80. Found Dog help! 10 pts. best answer!?
  81. where can i find a low dog excercise pen?
  82. If you found a lost dog, is it ok if you ask the owner for a reward when you
  83. i found this dog in the woods but or other dog dont like anything we bring in the
  84. Need name for dog found in canal.?
  85. Would you continue dating a person if you found them home alone with your dog,
  86. Suggestions on finding a lost dog?
  87. need help found malnurished dog no vet til after new year around here?
  88. I found a dog tied to a tree!?
  89. Where can I find a stylish dog tote?
  90. I just found my dog online in a shelter?
  91. I found a dog don't know what breed it is.I think it is a mix breed.?
  92. Just found out the my dog has heart worm?
  93. I found a dog with a broken leg...?
  94. I need help with finding a dog breeder?
  95. Found a dog. What do I do with her?
  96. what would you do if you were dogsitting and you found the dog dead on the floor 5...
  97. found a stray dog.. it died before i had a chance to take it to the vet.....?
  98. omg omg omg ! i found a dog and then had puppies !?
  99. How do I find a lost dog's owner or report a lost dog?
  100. I found a very strange dog in my front yard today...help!?
  101. My dog found its way into my condom box, what the heck should I do???...
  102. What are some good dog treats that you have found?
  103. I found a sick dog help what should i do!?
  104. where can i find a dog tag that is very small for a really little chihuahua?
  105. how to find my lost dog?
  106. So.. I found this dog.. and his leg is hurt. What do i do?
  107. I've looking dog, I think I found the exact one for me. The Australian...
  108. Why are German Shepherds the most common dog found in a shelter?
  109. I just found out my dog has heart worms?
  110. I found my dog to be very attractive...?
  111. i just found out my boyfriend has been cheatin on me wit my dog?
  112. I found a lost dog in Torrance Ca. Does anyone know of any shelters that
  113. What are the odds that I will find my lost dog?
  114. Please Help! I found a dog without a tag. What is the best and fastest way...
  115. I need help finding a dog can you help?
  116. we found a huge engourged tick on our floor right by my dog in the middle...
  117. I found a dead cat in my driveway right after my dog was put to sleep elsewhere?
  118. Where can I find a dog trainer?
  119. Where can I find a Heidelberg dog solider shirt?
  120. Does any one know where i can find a boxer dog music box?
  121. What other trusted places could i find a dog other than a humaine society?
  122. Found a dog but can't find owner.. what to do?
  123. where can i find a dog good vaccine log?
  124. What is the best way to find dog show vendors?
  125. i just walked my dog and found little white worms. they look like little
  126. how to find if dog breeder is accredited?
  127. If you had a dog but somehow lost it by accident a few years ago, then you
  128. Found Possible Feces in Corn Dog from Foster Farm... Where do I get it tested?
  129. I found a small button-shaped lump on my dog's underside; what does this mean?
  130. my dog is about 62 days pregnant and about two days ago i found a green spot
  131. Is it hard to find a dog friendly apartment?
  132. Found an abandoned dog..but he ran away..so sad!?
  133. I found a dog and I need to know what kind of dog it is?
  134. Where do you find an online dog expert and get answers fast!?
  135. where can i find a cute dog carrier?
  136. Where can I find very little girly dog bowls?
  137. Where can I find some Poi Dog Pondering Merchandise/Shirts online ?
  138. Is there anywhere I can find out how much my dog weighs without taking him to...
  139. what is the best website 2 find the perfect dog?
  140. Found the sweetest dog this evening......?
  141. Omg i need help i found a stray dog and i did something stupid?
  142. Is there anyway to find a dogs owners with a microchip # but without having the dog?
  143. Found dog with broken leg and uncontrolably shivers, What's the best thing I...
  144. What would you do if you found a stray dog whelping?
  145. i left a hot dog in the shower and my dad found it. what do i say?
  146. How do I find my missing dog?
  147. how do you feel when you find out your dog attacked somebody?
  148. please help...i just found out my dog is pregnant, apparently she is about 5 weeks!?
  149. I found a claer string or discharge or mucous come from my dog- how long...
  150. I found a clear string of mucous or discharge coming from my dog- how long
  151. Left-over Jell-O shots, dog found 'em, got sick. Seems to be recovering
  152. Where can i find all forms of dog commands and or all commands?
  153. I just found out my dog has cancer..?
  154. How do you find a lost dog?
  155. Can you find out if a dog is pregnant with a human pregnancy test?
  156. DOG FOUND but.............?
  157. Found a dog, how to I find his owners?
  158. i just found a dog and his nose is dry and he is not very active and sleeps alot, is
  159. what to do when one found out that her pet dog had consumed a lot of cacao
  160. Dog found wild rabbit...What to do!!?
  161. Where can I find girly dog themed bedding for a child?
  162. Found meal worms/larvae in dog's food... Should he see the vet?
  163. Dog found Rabbit...What to do!!!?
  164. Do you know what kind of dog this is? We found it and don't know what she is?
  165. this dog i found is very sick?
  166. The New Sprint Commercial song with the dog being found. Anybody know the song?
  167. i found a dog today i need your help!?
  168. I found a abandoned dog?
  169. Please answer important i I just found out my boy friend butt humps his dog can he
  170. female dog is in heat, she escaped from my garden and was later found stuck with a
  171. she doesn't believe I'm the owner of the dog she found?
  172. I found this little cartoon about a hippopotamus and a dog and I thought I saved it?
  173. My dog was out on a walk and just ate a bunch of human vomit she found on the
  174. dear sir the dog food which i purchased science plan 15kg from my pet shop
  175. i just found a flea on my dog!!!!?
  176. just found out my dog will pass away soon..help coping?
  177. Found a dog... what should I do with her?
  178. What do you do if you find a dog in the Adelaide area without a phone number
  179. What strange things did you find in your dog's crate or doghouse ?
  180. If you found your dog barking up a storm at your boyfriend who was secretly trying...
  181. How do I find a good dog breeder?
  182. How can I find out about dog events?
  183. HELP! Can you 'house' a dog till the dog finds a forever home?
  184. found little dog think maybe she got a little wild out there?
  185. Have you ever tried to adopt a dog and found it to be too difficult and the...
  186. we found out our dog has parvo.... he gets to come home from the doctors...
  187. I found my dog shivering outside and throwing up...does anyone know what can
  188. How to find out if a dog is preagnent?
  189. Where can I find a dog bed that looks like a "bed"?
  190. Alright, so I found this dog...?
  191. Went to the dog food container and found a cockroach in it.?
  192. Holding period if you find a dog?
  193. Can you help me find dog friendly accomedations for a short trip?
  194. How do you train a dog to find a person?
  195. I found a dog and he has scabs all over his coat and is very skinny...?
  196. If I found my dog stuck to my girl dog does that mean shes pregnant?
  197. I found a dog yesterday...Did she have puppies?
  198. Where can i find full-length dog eat dog shows?
  199. How can I find out how old my dog really is?
  200. Need help finding Russian dog name?
  201. I have my heart set on this dog??? Cannot find one!?
  202. I was looking for hangover cures and found people talking about hair of the dog?
  203. Where can you find Tokio Hotel dog-tags in Oklahoma City?
  204. Is it true that in California if someone finds your dog and bring him to...
  205. My dog eats every little thing he finds anywhere?
  206. Do dogs have a sense of humor? Can they play jokes? Do they find things funny?
  207. can anyone tell me where to find a dog trainer?
  208. how do i find the strength to find my dog a good home?
  209. Does anyone know how to find registraion papers on a dog?
  210. I just found a tick on my dog - help?
  211. Anyone know where I might find a coyote/dog hybrid puppy ?
  212. which is a good dog for me? and where can i find a good kennel to buy from?
  213. My dog found a nest of baby cottontail rabbits?
  214. What do I do with this dog to find him home?
  215. got a female dog two weeks ago.. come to find out she's pregnant?
  216. Where can i find dog boarding for $10?
  217. how do they train dogs to find drugs?
  218. importing a dog? have u done it? can u help find this breed for me ?
  219. I found a lost dog and I want to keep it.?
  220. My 9yr old son found a dog and he refuse to return it to the owner because...
  221. Where can I find a guide to help me start rescuing dogs from kill-shelters?
  222. A friend of mine recently got a dog, ( a whippet ) then she found out that?
  223. what are good fiction books about lost dogs that I could find at my local library?
  224. Need to find a good home for a big adult mix breed dog?
  225. Do you find that since you got your dog...?
  226. What can I do to find my lost dog even though its been 3 years?
  227. i found a lump on my dogs body just above his hind leg?
  228. Are you finding it difficult to keep your dog cool?
  229. Where can I find a dog like this?
  230. Two lumps found of dogs chest iam concerned?
  231. Found tick on my dog, never had one before and im not sure if its even a tick?
  232. My 9yr old son has a dog he don't want anymore if I take it cross state lines will...
  233. where to find help to pay for my dogs surgery?
  234. where can you find good dog breeders?
  235. My Puppy is 6 weeks and i am trying to find out what type of a dog is it?
  236. can some one help me find the song form dog the bounty hunter named hawaii by sudden
  237. i would really like to find out wat my dogs breed is?
  238. webkins dog how do if find out if the codes been used?
  239. Looking to report a dog adoption agency but cannot find a path.?
  240. Where can I find Alfalfa pellets for dogs?
  241. Please help my find a place in Kansas City ks to adopt a small dog for under $150.?
  242. I found a lost dog xxxxxxxxxxxxx?
  243. I found a dog, help!?
  244. We found a lost dog, how can we keep him?
  245. Help me find a small dog?
  246. Lost dog with a tag, how do I find the owner?
  247. I can't find the pug dog that licks your screen?
  248. Moving to London for a job with my dog and cant find a flatshare that
  249. In Fable 2, Where can I find the book to teach my dog to do a backflip?
  250. where could i find a good website to find out what type of dog i have?