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  1. do dogs get lost? or can usually always find their way back home after running Amck?
  2. Why is my dog losing hair under his leg?
  3. I found a possible lost dog. What do i do?
  4. why is my dog losing fur...?
  5. Dream of my lost dog from 3yrs ago? Is it weird to be so attached to a pet?
  6. I lost 2 dogs in 3 days, what might have caused this? my dogs are very healthy!?
  7. Y is my dog who never sheds losing hair in the winter?
  8. How do i get my dog to lose wieght?
  9. What do I do if my adult dog is losing teeth?
  10. My dog lost one teeth everyday for the last three days?
  11. A dear friend lost her dog that was blind in the both eyes, she is very very
  12. My dog just started chewing on a rawhide and lost atleast 3 teeth. Is this normal?
  13. I found a lost dog who might have been abused, what do I do?
  14. What causes a dog to lose its bark?
  15. How do I get passed losing my dog?
  16. My dog is losing its fur. What do I do?
  17. Can my dog actually lose weight?
  18. When do German shepherd dogs lose their puppy teeth?
  19. i know the dog killer lost last week, however who won yesterday between the Rapist...
  20. I lost my dog's rabies tag. How do I get a new rabies tag (without revaccination)?
  21. is it normal for anyone be very relaxed and calm after dog being lost?
  22. how do you get over losing a dog?
  23. my dog was shaking choking and lost control of his bodily function what does
  24. My dog was outside and came back with his paw bleeding and lost a nail.?
  25. My dog is out of control and everyone in the house is about to lose it!?
  26. Would you put a 1000 dollar reward up for your lost dog?
  27. My dog lost his favorite ball, and he won't play fetch with his other toys?
  28. This Guy Lost Interest In Me For Taking My Dog For A Walk IN the RAIN?
  29. How much weight do you think my dog will lose?
  30. Would you say the modern dog owner has lost sight of what animal cruelty is?
  31. My dog is losing a lot of weight, need help please!?
  32. i have lost my dog in the snow can you help ? thanks?
  33. Help my dog has lost his mind,?
  34. Fallout New Vegas lost dog?
  35. will a muslim lose a good deed everyday if they own a dog?
  36. What happened if you lost your dog tags in WWII during battle?
  37. My dog lost his dew claw entirely last night. The vein is exposed. What do I do?
  38. I lost my grandad but my mums more upset about loosing the dog.?
  39. I lost my dog, will you be my new pet?
  40. why is my dog losing fur?
  41. my dog has never been outside, yet is scratching like crazy and is losing...
  42. Why did my adult dog lose a tooth?
  43. My dog has lost energy?
  44. dog loses control of bladder when excited?
  45. Why is my dog losing fur in the middle of winter?
  46. Why is my dog losing weight?
  47. My Dog was hit by car and fractured both his hind legs, and lost it's...
  48. whats happening to me since i lost my dog?
  49. my dog is losing weight but very very bloated?
  50. My son lost my military dog tag, what steps should I take?
  51. My dog is losing her fur?
  52. My dog lost her bark/voice?
  53. i recently lost my dog how can i get over it?
  54. If my dog doesn't get off the rag soon I'm going to lose it....?
  55. What do I do to alleviate my dogs lonliness after she lost her dog companion?
  56. help i need good sites to posta lost dog?
  57. lost my dog andy ideas on how to get him back home?
  58. What if my dog lost his front teeth?
  59. Lost Dog???????????????????/?
  60. How much would it cost to take a lost dog to the vet to make sure it doesn't...
  61. i lost my dog today and he has a chip in him but i don't know what kind
  62. How strong is the instinct to find home in a lost dog?
  63. What is a sad song that I could put in a powerpoint to make a tribute to my lost dog?
  64. What can I do if i lost my dog shot record?
  65. Is there a area on the internet where I can get a little web space to put my lost...
  66. Yesterday I had a question about what to do because I lost my dog?
  67. My dog lost a toe nail and is bleading I was just wondering should I be worried?
  68. Any suggestions for how to find the owner of a lost dog?
  69. What can I do to find my lost dog even though its been 3 years?
  70. I've lost my dog of 16 yrs June 11th will I ever stop crying.He was a pom and...
  71. LOST dog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  72. I lost my dog a few weeks ago and was not told what her condition was. She
  73. How Do I find my lost dog in the desert?
  74. What would you like to ask?I lost my dog and I think I know who has it.Is there
  75. What is the best way to find the owners of a lost dog?
  76. i lost my dog and my slave in fallout 3 where can i finde them?
  77. How to know my lost dog is dead?
  78. How can I find my lost dog who ran away 2 days ago?
  79. How do I catch my lost dog if he keeps running away?
  80. Where can I look for my lost Dog on the internet?
  81. Lost dog – What is the best strategies for people who have a lost dog? Are there any
  82. My dog lost her appetite after she gave birth and a little before she gone in to...
  83. Is a reward for a lost dog a gratuitous promise or an invitation to treat?
  84. Lost dog!!*************************?
  85. How can i find my lost dog?
  86. I just lost my dog, How do I deal with this pain?
  87. Thoughts on calling a psychic for my lost dog?
  88. I lost my dog about six months back. I still misses him so much. How do I
  89. how do i get my lost dog to com home?
  90. Will you help me find my lost dog?
  91. What happens in your area when you find a lost dog? Do you call the pound?
  92. How much reward to offer for a lost dog?
  93. I spotted a poor lost dog on the street. What should I do?
  94. I lost my dog how do I find her? And How will anyone who finds her find me?
  95. What to do if a lost dog is loitering near your house?
  96. I lost my dog who has a microchip in his back. What should my first step be in
  97. Can someone please help me with the lost dog part on Imagine Fashion Designer?
  98. thoughts on calling a psychic for my lost dog?
  99. How to explain this dream about the lost dog?
  100. What if I lost my dog about 5 hours ago, drove around but still can't find...
  101. How can i find my lost dog ive tried everything...?
  102. Lost My Dog - I Lost My Dog, does anyone have any ideas on how I can quickly...
  103. What should I do if my dog lost a tooth?
  104. I lost my dog but I don't know how to find out where my local Dog Pound...
  105. I lost my dog, someone called the humane society saying they'd found her...
  106. I was away and when I came back my dog lost a tremendous amount of hair. Is that
  107. What is the best way to find a lost dog?
  108. I have recently lost my Dog, I am getting her cremeted and will have her
  109. How to get lost dog home again?
  110. Can you hire bloodhounds to help find a lost dog?
  111. Lost dog finder – Another day has slipped by, and no signs of “Max” or...
  112. I recently lost my dog to cancer. How old is too old to bond with a puppy?
  113. Anyone know how I can coax my lost dog to come out from hiding ?
  114. How much should you tip a policeman who returns your lost dog?
  115. Has anyone lost a dog to a 'put down'?
  116. Why did my dog lose the ability to control his bladder after being neutered?
  117. How am I supposed to feel better about losing my dog?
  118. My dog is losing his hair. What could this be?
  119. My dog lost hair in one spot?
  120. My dog is really acting strange and losing hair, what could be wrong?
  121. Would you cry if your dog got lost?
  122. How do dog breeders lose money?
  123. Dog losing weight fed on raw?
  124. My dog acting crazy after she got lose and went through grass?
  125. is it easier for a dog to lose a front leg or a back leg?
  126. My dog lost alot of hair what can i apply on him for his hair to grow?
  127. I have not been able to sleep since I lost my Dog?
  128. why does my dog lose so much weight?
  129. Dreaming of finding lost dog?
  130. After the Midterms now that Dems having lost all moderate Blue Dog...
  131. why does my dog stare at shadows for hours on end. Like shes lost her marbles?
  132. Meaning of finding a lost dog in my dreams ?
  133. Dog Lost a lot of weight all at once?
  134. how do i get over a lost dog?
  135. How can you make a twelve year old dog lose weight?
  136. Lost my Dogs shot records?
  137. Where is a Good Website for lost Dogs?
  138. Could adaption dogs be stole, lost dogs?
  139. Lost dog...please help!!!!?
  140. Does my dog remember losing her puppies? How long do their memories last?
  141. please pray for my sister. She lost her dog last night.?
  142. Why most democrats that lost were the blue dog democrats?
  143. Why is my dog losing hair around his eye?
  144. How to find a lost dog?
  145. I lost my dog, Help please?
  146. I brought home a lost dog. help please?
  147. Will I lose my *cough* dogs?
  148. my dog is losing his hair at the end of his tail he is a pit and 1 yr old?
  149. How do I find my lost dog?
  150. my dog lost a toe nail what should i do ?
  151. i lost my dog need help?
  152. How can I get my dog to lose weight?
  153. my mother dog is losing alot of wieght?
  154. My dog is losing hair in places?
  155. i just lost my dog... i called the shelters and dog control and looked at the...
  156. Why is my dog losing fur on her back? This has never happened before.?
  157. I take my 2 dogs for 10 minute walks seperatly(so 2 walks) everynight....
  158. House-trained dog losing control of bladder?
  159. I lost my dog and the police found him how much would the ticket be?
  160. i recently lost my dog on the 13th of october how do i get over this?
  161. my dog lost a toe nail. help?
  162. Why is my dog eating regularly but losing A LOT of weight?
  163. Is this lost,or stray dog? If it is yours,claim please!?
  164. why is my dog's paws losing hair and red?
  165. i lost my dog to an attack...what can i sue for?
  166. Have you seen my dog? I've lost my poor little doggie and no one knows where she is!?
  167. can i sue my vet for causing my dog to lose a toe?
  168. my dog was recently put on antibiotics and she has lost a lil wieght could that
  169. Will Delaware I lose credibility as a Senate Candidate when they find out that
  170. My 11 year old dog lost weight. He was alright a month ago. Any idea what could
  171. Why is my healthy dog eating normally but still losing weight?
  172. I need help? I lost my dog?
  173. my 9 year old dog, lost appetite, no energy?
  174. How to help my moms dog lose weight?
  175. I found a lost dog in my backyard.?
  176. Found lost dog. [pic included] Could some one tell me what type of dog is this?
  177. If you lost your dog, would you get another one like it?
  178. What is wrong with my dog? Losing balance, excessive energy?
  179. dog is losing weight?
  180. my dogs have lost hair?
  181. What happens if I lose my dogs CKC pedigree papers?
  182. I found a lost dog yesterday afternoon?
  183. How do I help my dog lose wait?
  184. My dog got poked in the eye and it turned blue and theres a mark on her
  185. If i dog gets poked in the eye and it turns blue will it go away? the
  186. weird dream about finding a lost dog and my mom's hearing?
  187. help my dog just got lost and i cant find him and help?
  188. would a dog lose more weight if...?
  189. im helping my dog lose weight for a science fair project?
  190. Looking for a tracking dog service to find my lost cat in NJ.?
  191. Songs about losing your dog?
  192. im moving away and ill lose my dog D;?
  193. My dog is losing hair and itching like crazy...?
  194. What does it mean when a dog starts losing hair?
  195. Do older dogs lose their appetite as they age?
  196. How to make a dog lose weight?
  197. My dog was "lost" (term used loosely) and someone took her out of our town to
  198. Poll: Turn my dog lose or ignore the rabbit?
  199. My dog is bleeding profusely from her vagina and is not eating, she has also lost a
  200. Dog is losing hair...any ideas why?
  201. I LOST MY DOG! last seen aug. 13.?
  202. dog losing hair (bald) armpits and abdomen?
  203. Have you found a lost dog?
  204. 2 lost dogs...any ideas?
  205. Lost dog moral question...?
  206. My dog is 14 years old and losing weight.?
  207. My dog has lost use of his hind legs?
  208. My dog is losing hair on his head and body?
  209. My dog recently lost some of his hair on his belly?
  210. what are the chances of finding my lost dog?
  211. My dog is scratching excessively to the point she is losing hair on her rear...?
  212. My dog has lost patches of hair in the matter of days,where the fur is...
  213. what is the name the movie with a dog that gets lost and takes care of a puma cub?
  214. my dog lost appetite after birth, is that normal?
  215. My neighbor's small dog(chihuahua)is losing hair in various spots on his body-he is
  216. What can I do to stop my dog from scratching and losing hair?
  217. Our dog has gotten lose and doesn't respond to us?
  218. my dog is losing weight and seems scared of people?
  219. My dog has been losing a lot of weight?
  220. Lost my Dog's Rabies Tag?
  221. My 12-year-old golden is losing weight and hair - feels good, playing with two
  222. how do i cope with losing my best friend . my dog?
  223. HELP PLEASE ANSWER do u know of a good hypoallergenic lost of dogs?
  224. Lost Dog in Los Angeles,CA Area have you seen my dog?
  225. Why do people remove the "LOST DOG" signs ?
  226. Why is my Dog losing hair in one spot?
  227. To all dog owners who lost their best friend.........?
  228. Can you pray for my dog? she is lost?
  229. is there a way to fully register my dog with lost papers?
  230. does the SPCA charge you any fee if they found your lost dog?
  231. my dog is losing his hair, and has bald spots why?
  232. My dog lost a tooth at a year and a half, is that normal?
  233. How can I get my dog to lose weight?
  234. HELP, lost dog, what breed is he?
  235. my dog is losing his hair in different spots and has some redness on those spots?
  236. Will this make my dog lose weight?
  237. How could my dog have lost his collar? He was in our fenced back yard yesterday as...
  238. i've lost one dog out of the GSD pair i had.....now my dog has lost its appetite
  239. Can walking my dog help me lose weight?
  240. Why is my dog losing her hair?
  241. songs about losing a dog?
  242. I have a dog who is very fat how do I have him lose weight?
  243. i think my dogs lost help please!?
  244. My dog is not eating and is losing balance, please help?
  245. My dog lost its voice, is there anything I can do to help him get it back?
  246. My 4 dog are losing a lot of fur. What can I do . How can I reduce shedding?
  247. What should be done for a dog that lost a nail?
  248. How can my dog lose weight if I am always so tired and lazy?
  249. I lost my dog's vet records.. what do I do?
  250. My Dog Has Been On A Diet For Five years, he has only lost 8 pounds?