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  1. how bad you think it hurts a dog to get in a fight with a porcupine and lose?
  2. Dog the Bounty hunters wife Beth how did she lose all that weight?
  3. How long should it take my dog to lose 5 pounds?
  4. When an old dog loses all there teeth ??
  5. Lost 12 year old dog?
  6. I have a female Shetland sheep dog (shelltie). She is two years of age.
  7. How did you start noticing your dog was losing his sight?
  8. My dog suddenly lost the ability to use his hind legs to get up and after a
  9. How much dry food should I feed a 40 lb dog on diet to help it lose weight?
  10. How can i stop a Dog Tag chain losing its colour?
  11. Why is my dog losing so much fur?
  12. does anyone know how beth chapman (dog the bounty hunter's wife) has lost
  13. i lost my kids dog...?
  14. LOST DOG- looking for psychics who will help!?
  15. LOST DOG- looking for psychics opinion. PLZ HELP?
  16. Did Beth from Dog the Bounty Hunter lose a ton of weight?
  17. i hope someone can help me. my friend has a dog and he has fleas, losing his...
  18. My dog lost his voice, what can I do?
  19. Do you think dogs are more loved or abused,lost,etc.?
  20. My dog has lost a small patch of fur on her back? She's 18 months old,...
  21. Dog lost 2 nipples in a fight Now i take care of her if she has puppies could...
  22. My dog has recently lost a good amount of weight but does eat. The other day she
  23. My pug has lost 4 lbs in 4 mos, blood work normal - she is 14-1/2. Xrays
  24. Is my dog losing too much fur? she's a Cattle Dog....?
  25. I posted a question a while ago about my dog losing his fur, well I went to the...
  26. Why is my dog losing hair so much?
  27. my dogs tail at the bottom base is red, scarring losing hair and seemingly...
  28. We just found out today that my dog's kidneys are failing and she is rapidly
  29. Why is my dog (pug) losing his hair?
  30. Does anyone know if you can send a dog to a shelter. I lost a job and can...
  31. my dog is losing her hair on the back side and it is movieing up more thanks tanaiah?
  32. my dog tested positive for heartworm and also just lost his mate.
  33. 12 yr old dog quits eating.Lost pal July3?
  34. my small dog has stop eating and losing weight what might be wrong??
  35. i might lose my dog!! PLEASE HELP ME!?
  36. help! my dog lost so much weight! ?
  37. Lost Maltese Dog - How to care for it?
  38. Whats the name of the old DOS game where you have lost your dog and have to find
  39. i lost my dog!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  40. why my dog losing hair?
  41. I lost my dog and cannot find him?
  42. Getting Lost Paperwork For My Purebred Dog
  43. Did you ever have a "lost dog" scare? How many times?
  44. I found a lost dog today...?
  45. How can I overcome the fear of losing my dog?
  46. How can I help my dog lose weight?
  47. Any Vets? My dog is losing his hair, bumps, rash....?
  48. My dog was treated for mange but is still losing hair and itchy..help me!!
  49. I need help with my dogs. I dont want to lose them.
  50. Why is my dog throwing up all the time and losing weight?
  51. I took in a lost dog but he keeps running away! Afraid my own little dog will follow!
  52. ok i just lost my dog and i know he has avid microchip can any1 help me...
  53. I lost my boxer dog of 9 years 2 months ago and I miss him so much and burst into...
  54. what can you feed a 8 yr old dog that won't eat and losing weight;?
  55. i lost a freestyle battle to my dog?
  56. My dog has suddenly lost quite a bit of weight...?
  57. lost two dogs, how is it my fault?
  58. My dogs losing a lot of hair is there a reason for this?
  59. Lost Dog American Staffy Black with Brindle legs - Kellyville Ridge area
  60. Is it normal for a dog to lose a tooth?
  61. When Dogs Nurse Do they Lose This Much Weight
  62. Sites to post lost/found dogs, helping owners?
  63. How do you get your dog to lose weight? Warning she is very fat!
  64. My dog has lost a lot of weight after birth. How long before she gains it back?
  65. My dog has been lost since July 25th and I don't know what else to do?!?!...
  66. MY dogs skin is scabby and loses hair why is that and what can i do for him
  67. Lost dog that has pups and no home?
  68. My dog is diabetic and losing weight, any ideas how to help?
  69. Why is my dog losing so much hair?
  70. How long will it take for my dog to lose weight??
  71. Lost dog..please help?!?
  72. Is My Dog sick or did she lose her voice????
  73. Is it normal for a dogs breath to stink when they lose teeth?
  74. why does my dog lose hair?
  75. Lost Dog with Lupus?
  76. my 12 year old sheltie dog lost his hearing very fast, any help?
  77. What are things that cause a dog to lose balance?
  78. Can someone give me some ideas to help my dog to lose weight?
  79. If the owner does not claim a lost dog how long before I can become the official
  80. My 2 dogs attacked eachother? One got hurt....she is fine now. But I am at a lost...
  81. im taking care of a dog of a friend but im worried it might be sick it...
  82. i just lost my dog in yorbalinda his name is cucu and is a chihuahua please call...
  83. Help! My dog seemed to have lost bowel and bladdar control at two seperate...
  84. My dog barks all the time and now he's starting to lose his "voice" from
  85. Help! My dog seemed to have lost bowel and bladdar control at two seperate times
  86. Has anyone else lost their dog to Pug Dog Encephalitis?
  87. how long does it take for a dog to lose its anxiety of a new yard?
  88. For those who have lost their dogs(Or just want to see my song)?
  89. your searching for your lost dog it turns out the police have him. you can...
  90. My 3 year old dog just lost 2 baby teeth yesterday. Is this normal?
  91. Does anyone know of a psychic who can tell me where a lost dog is?
  92. Why is my dog losing weight?
  93. How can i make my dog lose weight when i carnt walk her?
  94. need help recooperating over lost dogs?
  95. My dog lost her appetite after she gave birth and a little before she gone in to...
  96. I've lost my dog of 16 yrs June 11th will I ever stop crying.He was a pom...
  97. do dogs lose there teeth?
  98. How to cope? I just lost my dog yesterday.?
  99. My dog is losing her fur, any ideas?
  100. Dog loses control of bowels simultaneously when being reprimanded.....any info?
  101. My very old dog is losing weight but eats a lot?
  102. if you were lost in the woods would you eat your dog?
  103. I've located my lost dog that left a week ago, he is so scared he won't come...
  104. I was away and when I came back my dog lost a tremendous amount of hair. Is that
  105. Lost dog??
  106. Dog got lose?
  107. What do I do, I lost my dog.?
  108. how can my dog lose weight?
  109. How do I find my lost dog?
  110. Will lost dog be returned?
  111. I lost my dog =(?
  112. My dog is losing hair in a spot on his neck.?
  113. My dog has lost her mucus plug on tuesday shouldent we be close to labor!!???
  114. Lost Dog? Overland Park Kansas?
  115. My dumb dog humped my new baby goat did the goat lose it's virginity?
  116. my dog has lost her mucous plug and it was dark green?
  117. My dog lost his mind. For the past week my dog has been chewing,
  118. What can I do for my neighbor who just lost her beloved dog yesterday?
  119. my dog has really bad diarrhea, to where hes losing control in the house...
  120. What would you do if you found a really lost dog? And...?
  121. my dog has lyme disease. she has lost some control in her legs, can anyone tell me
  122. My dog recently lost her vision, how can I help her adjust?
  123. Have you ever lost a dog???
  124. My dog is lost!!!?
  125. Is it normal for my dog to lose its toenails?
  126. my dog has cancer and she has lost alot of weight, how do i get the weight back
  127. Losing my dog--HELP!!?
  128. Is there a support group for dogs that have lost there owners?
  129. A couple months ago my dog ate a dead bird, over the last few months she...
  130. URGENT! There is a lost small white dog in the woods. It won't come out!?
  131. My dog that just had puppies is starting to lose fur (not shedding) I am really...
  132. How do i get my overweight wiener dog to walk on a leash and lose weight?
  133. URGENT! There is a lost small white dog in the woods. It won't come out!?
  134. why is my dog losing so much hair?
  135. i loved chicken soup for the dog lovers soul so will i like lost and found?
  136. I recently lost my dog a few days ago. And i Cant find him.?
  137. Help. I just found a lost dog!!!!?
  138. My dog is a 6 month old pitbull and alrady lost a tooth out of the nowehre, is
  139. I lost my dog about 2 days ago. What should I do?
  140. I lost my dog about 1 day ago and we couldn't find her. We searched...
  141. Any suggestions on ways to cope with losing a dog you've had for 15 years?
  142. if im trying to lose weight, would a hot dog be fattening for me to eat for lunch??
  143. My dog is losing hair like CRAZY!!?
  144. my male dog has lost one of his balls where did it go?
  145. I have lost my dog, please help me.?
  146. I lost my dog but I don't know how to find out where my local Dog Pound is.
  147. I lost the instructions to my i dog. Does anyone know how to use one?
  148. how many times can i walk my dog a week to keep to lose weight?
  149. I lost my dog... im soo sad and angry!!! Please help?
  150. if you blow a dog whistle will it attract lost or stray dogs?
  151. How do I deal with losing my dog?
  152. I have an adult dog (age 12) who just lost her front tooth (fang).?
  153. Why did my friend lose 50 pounds when he only ate hot dogs?
  154. HI!My dog got lost...?
  155. Lost dog question!!?
  156. Getting over the pain of losing a dog?
  157. lost my dog 2 days ago.?
  158. is walking my dog every day for 30 mins or more a good weigh to lose weight?
  159. how can i help my dog lose weight?!?!?
  160. My guinea pig lost its two top front teeth? Are they like dogs that they lose...
  161. I have lost my dog!!!?
  162. I paid the vet to keep my dog for a week. they have kennels and lots of other...
  163. is oatmeal alright to give my dog to help her lose weight?
  164. Can changing a dogs food cause him to lose weight?
  165. How can my dog lose 10 pounds?
  166. what could be wrong with my dog she is not eating as much and has lost...
  167. i have a dog thats losing alot of hair i can pull it out HELP ME PLZ?