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  1. how much reward for lost dog?
  2. My dogs r so aggressive. Please help. I might lose them. =[?
  3. my dog just lost a tooth, what do i do?
  4. My dog just lost her best friend and is depressed...any ideas to comfort...
  5. I have a dog that is 16 years old and she is starting to lose her bark and her...
  6. Lost Dog Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  7. What does it mean if my dog is losing hair in the winter?
  8. Why is my dog losing so much fur in the winter?
  9. my dog chihuahua is losing hair on his legs and it seems to be in patches?!?!?
  10. My dog is starting to lose his teeth is that normal?
  11. My dog is 15 and she has lost majority of her teeth and is now growing a new...
  12. how much hair should a dog lose?
  13. I lost my dog, I don't know what to do now?
  14. I lost my dogs ckc registration papers b ut still have the number how do i get a
  15. I am going to lose my dog... help?
  16. My dog is missing, I'm losing hope?
  17. My little dog must lose weight, how best to do it?
  18. What do you/would you do for your dog if you lost power for days ? Are you prepared?
  19. weight lose for dogs ?
  20. Why is my dog is losing fur?
  21. How would you cope with the lost of your dog?
  22. Male dog lost or scent marking?
  23. My parents say my dog will lose his coat but i say he's fine. Who's right?
  24. How long before a lost dog is considered the finders property?
  25. How much hair do you lose daily? I am a 35 year old female and I am shedding like...
  26. How can you make your dog lose weight?
  27. We have lost two dogs in the past year to bloat?
  28. HELP! My 4 year old dog is losing her fur around her eyes! ?
  29. If an animal shelter founded your lost dog, how much does it cost to get it back?
  30. How long can a dog live after it is lost?
  31. My dog is losing his energy, the vets can't figure it out.?
  32. I think my dog might have lost her virginity?
  33. How can you make a dog lose weight?
  34. I'm lost is it my dog please help?
  35. What steps should i take to help my dog lose weight?
  36. i lost my dog's proof of neutured-ness papers?
  37. How do you care for mother dog after she lost all her puppies?
  38. What should I do? My dog is lost, or stolen?
  39. I know my dog is over weight and I'm wanting to know how I can help him lose weight?
  40. How do you cope with losing the dog you grew up with? ?
  41. how many of you have lost a dearly loved dog and know that one day, somehow youll...
  42. how many of you have lost a dearly loved dog and know that one day, somehow youll...
  43. my dog losing weight?
  44. my dog lost a greenish discharge about an hour ago what happens now?
  45. lost load, dog lady guy pipe?
  46. My Dog is losing hair. Not shedding but small very fine wisps of hair. ?
  47. Has anyone lost a dog?
  48. will my dog lose weight when investigating new territory?
  49. My dog - 12 lb Beshonfrese (?) healthy and happy but loses patches of hair...
  50. My dog died few days ago, now my other dog feels very lonely and sad that...
  51. nursing dog lost apetite for dry food?
  52. I lost my dog to old age and multiple illnesses (seizures, couldn't walk,...
  53. dog losing hair, any insite??...?
  54. My dog - 12 lb Beshonfrese (?) healthy and happy but loses patches of hair...
  55. My dog is shaking, losing balance and stomach making terrible noise. What can it be?
  56. My dog is throwing up and losing weight, why?
  57. My 10 year old dog, Boomer died hours ago. My life is miserable. I lost a dog and...
  58. help my dog is losing his hair and has sores on his tummy his toes are
  59. grieving over the lost of a family dog?
  60. Any voluntary mediums online? I just lost my angel dog yesterday. Was...
  61. My dog is losing hair?
  62. Is this lost dog safe to keep or not?
  63. how can I help my dog lose weight?
  64. Is it ok to keep a lost dog if the owner is not offering a big enough reward? ?
  65. When your dog barks at the moon! is it because it has lost its honey?
  66. My dog stays hungry all the time,but has suddenly lost weight and is losing...
  67. How do you train a dog who has Lost its obedience?
  68. HELP! my dog is losing weight fast and i can NOT take him to the vet!!!?
  69. Anyone lost a dog suddenly to Cancer?
  70. My adult dog lost a tooth, is there something wrong?
  71. Why is my dog losing hair?
  72. dog losing appetite plz help!!?
  73. my dog has scabs on back and losing hair by tail?
  74. i found a tick on my dog but lost it?
  75. You see a lost dog... would you?
  76. What does the Humane Society do with the lost/stray dogs if no one claims them?
  77. my dog has lost his bark:( please help?
  78. I have a dog & we had a flea problem we wormed her but she is still losing
  79. My Friend Lost Her Dog. What Can I Do To Help Her?
  80. How to make dog lose weight?
  81. I don't wanna lose my dog, but he can't come with me, what should I do?
  82. Why is my dog losing hair from the tip of her tail?
  83. If I get my dog neutered will he lose his personality?
  84. my dog is losing alot of hair, what can i do?
  85. Why would my dog be losing all his hair?
  86. My nephew was bitten by a dog? He lost about two weeks of work causing him
  87. Dogs Eyes Dooped for 4 months, Now Losing Balance, Legs Swelling, Very Dry Nose ?
  88. If my dog is lost in the wilderness and its cold how long can she survive?
  89. My dog needs to lose weight, but she pees every 4 steps and sniffs every 2 steps!?
  90. My Dog has a bald Spot? Just a patch where its losing hair?
  91. What is the best way to coax an either abandoned or lost dog?
  92. Tips for training a dog to stop peeing everywhere! HELP I AM LOSING PATIENCE! ?
  93. Is there an age when a dog loses its ability to grow back its hair (i.e. after
  94. What do I have to do to make my dog lose weight ?
  95. My mom's dog has lost her vision, and my mom says the vet said it was
  96. my dog lost his bark?
  97. help me please, my dog just lost its leg, because...?
  98. Tru green left my fence and my dog got lost what can i do?
  99. dog tht was lost!!!??? why do i feel so awkward yet proud? i cant decide!?
  100. why has my dog lost the color from his coat?
  101. why is my dog losing his hair?
  102. Legalities: lost dog found.?
  103. how to help a winner dog lose weight?
  104. my dog has been in heat for over a month now and has lost weight.. what is happening?
  105. Can you say "Saturdays I go help lost dogs living in a dogs home" Can you please
  106. How do you make a dog lose weight?
  107. I lost someone else's dog?
  108. will my dog lose his mojo if i get him fixed?
  109. My dog is losing hair?:(?
  110. What could cause this lost of energy in my 18 m/o dog?
  111. We lost our dog, what can we do?
  112. Okami (need info about fidnig the lost dogs) (game for ps2)?
  113. How do you lose your dog in fable 2?
  114. My friends dog is losing his Hair. What can she do?
  115. i lost my dog, help here some details?
  116. If you found a lost dog what would you do?
  117. Why is my dog losing hair on the top of his nose?
  118. I lost someone else's dog?
  119. my dog is biting a tiny scar on his paw which is now losing hair ?
  120. Safest and healthiest way for my dog to lose 3-lbs?
  121. My dog's collar broke, and her rabies tag is lost?! ?
  122. My dog is losing ALOT hair, what can I do to help her?
  123. when a dog is nursing and the dog has worms, how much weight can the dog lose? ?
  124. I dont have any dogs. A lost dog came into my yard yesterday. She had tags on
  125. why is my dog losing strength? ?
  126. How do i get my dog to lose weight?
  127. my dog won`t eat after losing her `daddy`?
  128. my dog is losing his hair.... scratching and chewing....vet says allergies to...
  129. Help Me Please!!!! My Newly Adopted Dog Is Sick!!! I Don't Want To Lose Him!?
  130. What do you do when your dog loses a rotten tooth?
  131. Why is my dog losing its teeth?
  132. What would help my dog Duke lose weight?
  133. is it wrong to feel so upset when losing a dog?
  134. I lost my dogs shot records....?
  135. what is that song called in a movie Beverly hills chihuahua when hte dog is lost
  136. What can I do about dog losing hair on tail?
  137. How can I get my dog to lose weight?
  138. I might lose my pet friendly apt.because I have a "loud dog" what should I do?
  139. My dogs mouth was shut tight, he lost mobility of his hind legs, was shaking &...
  140. my dog is losing too much weight?
  141. my dog is losing too much weight?
  142. does anyone (preferably naughty dog employees) know when jak 4: the lost
  143. why is my dog losing so much hair?
  144. my dog (bulldog) is bleeding like she's in heat but losing way too much blood.?
  145. My pit bull has been lost for 3 days now, has anyone dog been lost for days...
  146. Why is my dog losing alot of hair?
  147. Can i ever forgive someone who intentionally lost my dog?
  148. Can I lose weight by walking my dog every day?
  149. Why would a dog lose its hair in the winter time?
  150. What would make a dog lose weight?
  151. My dog has lost a lot of weight. Help?
  152. Anyone know how I can coax my lost dog to come out from hiding ?
  153. what advice can i use to let my dog lose a couple pounds?
  154. My dog just lost a tooth, and I'm not sure how. She's only 8 years old...what...
  155. How to explain this dream about the lost dog?
  156. my dog get lost what should i do?
  157. My dog has lost a lot of weight since being on Cephalexin 500mg?
  158. What do I do with lost dogs?
  159. my dog losing teeth again!?
  160. What should you do when you see lost dogs wandering around on the street?
  161. need to find the american kennel club assoc. /for a copy of lost papers on my dog?
  162. Why would my dog be losing her fur?
  163. Help I lost my dog in Fontana California?
  164. I lost my beloved Keeshond a few weeks ago and I'm looking for another dog.?
  165. new tick/flea meds making my dog lose hair?
  166. My dog got lost today?
  167. House trained dog has lost her way?
  168. Lost dog.............???GoNe FoR GoOd MaYbE?
  169. Dog coughing? losing breath?
  170. my dogs have been losing hair on bakes like crazy lately?
  171. Lost Dog!!! Anyone Lost A Male Pitbull In New Jersey (cliffside, Edgewater,
  172. how do you find a lost dog?
  173. Lost Dog, need tips please help?
  174. my dog just got spayed and lost her potty training could that have anything to do
  175. what happen if the dog get microchipped and it get lost....?
  176. My dog is also old 12, he's in good spirits, eats well,however he loses his urine
  178. my dog wont eat, i have changed her food to something different and that hasnt
  179. Is there a area on the internet where I can get a little web space to put my...
  180. I lost my dog! Please help! :(?
  181. I lost my dog! plz help! :(?
  182. My dog has been either lost or stolen what do I do?
  183. Do dogs lose their teeth?
  184. our mini taco bell dog is losing hair help!?
  185. Have you seen this dog he lives in oregon city/OR but he got lost in sandy?
  186. Why my dog loses hair?
  187. POLL: Are you on the losing end of the dog fight/rat race? This is merely a...
  188. My dog is losing fur on his tail and he isnt biting it, is there anything wrong? ?
  189. Hm.. I seem to have lost my dog, have you seen him?
  190. help i lost my dog in america?
  191. My dog is 14 years old she has lost her hearing ?
  192. Around what age do dogs lose?
  193. My dog only use's pee pads when gated in my bathroom. I let him lose he pees...
  194. do dogs lose teeth lyk we do?
  195. Do dogs lose hair if stressed or worried?
  196. how does a dog lose weight?
  197. Lost Dog???????????????????/?
  198. did usc lose to a 40+ point dog last year?
  199. Any ideas for helping to find a lost dog?
  200. Will I Find My Lost Dog?!?!?
  201. Can a cat take dog antibiotics? We have a 17 year old cat.lately she has started
  202. How do dogs lose their vision?
  203. Dog is losing fur and has scabs...?
  204. losing my mind with what to do with this dog!?
  205. Dog throwing up, not eating, losing weight?
  206. How do you get your dog to lose weight?
  207. Can I still register my dog if I lost communications with his breeder?
  208. i lost my dog in February and in ocean city,new jersey?
  209. Extremely worried about losing my dog, is this natural?
  210. does neutering a dog make him lose his sexual apettite? ?
  211. My Dog is Losing her Teeth?
  212. my dog is losing his hair?
  213. How do I make my dog lose the habit of humping my leg? ?
  214. I live in an apartment complex and the past week on our walks my dog has
  215. Why would my dog lose a tooth?
  216. When your dog get's really fat after being lost for along time is it pregnant?
  217. How do I get my 15 lb dog to lose 2 lbs without it being bad or dangerous for him?
  218. My dog is lost--when do I give up looking for him?
  219. Is it normal for older dogs to lose their teeth?
  220. whats the best way for my dog to lose weight?
  221. Did Remicin cause my dog to lose his hearing?
  222. why does my dog keep losing hair ?!?
  223. my dog lost his companion (dog friend) and seems to be getting depressed.?
  224. How do people with lost dogs feel?
  225. we just bought a puppy at bird world and it has runs yellow color i cant lose 2 dogs
  226. can a dog lose weight if its stressed?
  227. Lost dog please read ?
  228. My pregnant dog's losing her hair...?
  229. My small dog can't seem to lose weight?
  230. My mother lost my dog's papers, what to do?
  231. My dog lost an eye, is there a doggie eye-patch that will fit a Shit-zhu?
  232. Will a boy dog lose interest in my female?
  233. My dog lost his tooth! Is this bad?!?
  234. My dog is losing her teeth! Is this normal?
  235. I want to lose weight by walking my dog everyday. Is this possible with...
  236. Has anybody else lost a dog to parvo?
  237. a movie called "Clown" about a lost dog.?
  238. My dog is losing a little fur on her face and I'm hoping someone knows how to help.?
  239. Another lost dog question ?
  240. Please Help! My friends dog has lost all feeling and usage of his back legs!?
  241. Dog is diabetic and losing weight . Acts fine Looks thin
  242. Lost dog contacts?????
  243. Dogs losing chunks of hair
  244. Lost dog running away from me!!!
  245. Dog is losing fur/has dandruff
  246. Will female dogs have loose skin after losing milk?
  247. Homeward Bound Lost in San Francisco dog help
  248. Lost Dog in ABQ, NM?
  249. Why would a healthy dog be losing weight?
  250. Why dog losing so much fur?