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  1. Why is my dog losing weight?
  2. My dog bit someone. he is going to be quarintined will i lose him?
  3. Our family dog Darby (10yr old) lost his battle with cancer. I had to have
  4. I am about to lose my home and i have 3 great dogs that are so loving.I...
  5. What is a good way for my dog to lose weight?
  6. why is my dog losing her hair?
  7. (I've tried EVERYTHING!) How can I get my dog to lose weight?
  8. dog lost puppies and now trembling -PLEASE HELP !?
  9. Large breed dog losing weight?
  10. I have lost the label directions for using permethrin 10% on my dog. Can you help?
  11. How to make my dog lose weight? The story so far...?
  12. How can I make my dog lose weight?
  13. Please help me find a small, lost white Bichon dog in Annapolis, MD?
  14. How can I make my dog lose weight?
  15. I lost a dog yesterday is my other dog going to be okay?
  16. do you recommend watching Bolt if I recently lost my pet dog?
  17. please help find lost dog?
  18. why is my dog losing hair?
  19. Old ad series from NZ about a lost dog...?
  20. Do dogs lose their teeth?
  21. Is there a good site, That can show me lost dogs in peterborough. In The Ortons.?
  22. Has my dog lost her mind?
  23. How can I help my dog Baby to lose weight?
  24. does anyone know how long you should wait before getting another dog if you...
  25. My dog will not eat his regular dog food and has lost weight. I've been feeding...
  26. My dog has lost so much weight but is eating anything in sight!?
  27. How do i get my dog to lose weight?
  28. Where can I find a piece of jewelry for my sister who just recently lost her dog to
  29. have any one seen my lost dog?
  30. How can my dog lose weight?
  31. My dog is losing a bit of fur on his leg. It's about as big as a quarter and its
  32. Why is my dog losing his fur?
  33. My dog lost her pup during birth 3 days ago and whines for it.?
  34. dog lost hair in a patch on leg?
  35. How can my dog lose some weight?
  36. Have you ever lost your dog?
  37. How do I get my small dogs to lose weight?
  38. What to do with a found stray/lost dog in the middle of the night?
  39. Has anyone lost a pet from lymphoma that was feeding their dog Bil Jac?
  40. WHY is my dog losing her fur?
  41. My dogs nose has lost its pigment and turned pink- it also has crusty scabs
  42. Lost My Dog, what do i do?
  43. my german shepard dog has lost 3 toenails over the last few months. Any ideas?
  44. What should I feed my dog to help him lose weight?
  45. Do thyroid problems make a dog lose hair?
  46. ideas and sites for a memorial gift for someone who lost a dog..?
  47. Dog losing hair from fleas?
  48. what could case a dog to lose hair.?
  49. Pregnant Dog losing weight?
  50. How much would it cost to take a lost dog to the vet to make sure it doesn't have...
  51. Thanks for the info on fish oil. My dog was losing her hair from scratching, this...
  52. My dog isnt eating and has lost weight?
  53. my dog is 15 years old and not eatin and when he does he goes somewhere and
  54. my dog has been losing weight?
  55. If you saw a lost dog...?
  56. i,v lost the kc registering papers for my dog, how do i go about getting new papers?
  57. Why does a dog wobble and lose her balance?
  58. Theres a movie that i cant remember the name theres a little girl who...
  59. Dream about dogs in a forest lost?
  60. Overweight dog is not losing weight. Help to how?
  61. my dog is 12 yrs.old and now lost control of his front legs what is wrong...
  62. I just lost my dog, How do I deal with this pain?
  63. Have you ever lost a cat or dog?
  64. When does a puppy become a dog, start to lose puppy energy and sleep more?
  65. My dog seems to have lost a couple of teeth on top.?
  66. my dog lost one of her front teeth and it's bleeding. SHould I go to the vet?
  67. my dog had catscratch and lost the sight in that eye due to the
  68. my dog lost ton of weight? help? urgent!?
  69. I lost half of my tooth biting into a hot dog and need to get it fixed. How do I...
  70. my dog lost her nail...im worried.?
  71. My dog is 8 mths old he is losing weight ,throwing up and is lethargic?
  72. I WILL LOSE MY DOG! :'( ...UNLESS you help.....?
  73. We lost our dog a couple of months ago; should I get another?
  74. How to make a dog lose weight?
  75. My two dogs seem to have lost some weight over the winter.?
  76. My dog/best friend is lost : (?
  77. What's the best way to help a senior dog lose weight?
  78. My dog has been lost for 5 weeks and 4 days what should i do?
  79. I lost my job. May need to work much more. Worried about my dog.?
  80. Can my dog still get a rabies shot if I lost the record for his last shot?
  81. If during USMC bootcamp a recruit loses their dog tags what is the punishment?
  82. My 2 1/2 year old dog has a rash on his belly, is losing hair on his bum
  83. Dog losing hair?!?!?!?
  84. Help, I have lost my dog!!!?
  85. Pulling a dogs lose tooth?
  86. How do I fill the void in my heart from losing my dog.?
  87. My dog has lost his appetite and some of his vigor after eating acorns or
  88. Lost dog!!*************************?
  89. Tips on rehoming a lost dog?
  90. Why is my dog losing her teeth at three years old?
  91. My dog has lost fur from his tail why ?
  92. has anyone ever lost a dog during surgery? (spaying)?
  93. ok my dog seems to have lost a stitch.?
  94. Dog changing spots. I dont think I`m losing my mind but maybe I am. Any
  95. My dog has finally been diagnosed with Demodex mange. She has lost a lot of hair?
  96. My dog has been shedding alot and lost the color to her coat and is losing weight?
  97. What to do about an incompatible, needy, roommate who follows me like a lost dog?
  98. My dog is acting strange, like losing coordination, and depth perception?
  99. what should I do with this lost dog?
  100. what if i don't know were the breeder is we just moved and i lost all my...
  101. What happened to Walt's dog on the tv show Lost?
  102. Lost dog protocol? Was this handled correctly?
  103. I lost my dog?????????
  104. What age do dogs lose their puppy teeth?
  105. why is my dog losing his fur around his neck?
  106. It is normal for female dogs to lose less blood when she gets older?
  107. Lost dogs, border collie, black and white slim build, large black lab
  108. Can dogs get overbite or can they lose their teeth?
  109. My dog is losing hair!?!?!?
  110. help...my dogs ears are crusty and losing hair?
  111. What are some good ways to make your dog lose weight fast?
  112. My dog suddenly lost interest in her raw hide bones?
  113. what should i doif i lost my dog's pedigreeand cant rem his registered number?
  114. dog losing weight - advice please?
  115. My dog lost her collar?
  116. Is a reward for a lost dog a gratuitous promise or an invitation to treat?
  117. Why is my dog losing his hair?
  118. Are we going to find our lost dog?
  119. my dog has lost its hair on its somach, and has had loose stool for over...
  120. Best way to find a lost dog...?
  121. When a dog loses weight will...?
  122. Lost Dog? Found Owners? Hypothetically...?
  123. Dog losing extreme amounts of hair?
  124. my dog is 13 recently started drinking more lost appitite?
  125. My Maltese Dog, (almost a year old) is losing the black color of his nose.?
  126. How do I cope with losing a dog?
  127. How can I help my dog lose the weight caused by Prednisone?
  128. Lost Dog? What are the first steps I should take?
  129. My dog is losing fur!?
  130. HELP my dog hust lost one of her tooths what do i do?
  131. i found a lost staffy dog what do i do?
  132. my dog is overweight and she won't lose weight can u help?
  133. Does neutering your dog lose its muscle tone and soften its appearance in general?
  134. What is the best way to find the owners of a lost dog?
  135. Dog continues to lose weight (due to condition) what can we do and what...
  136. What is my dog losing feeling in it's rear legs?
  137. Lost Dog.. Texas Area!?
  138. why is my dog losing hair? i've tried everything!!!!?
  139. If Stump the dog was caught smoking crack should he lose his Best in Show award?
  140. Fable 2. How not to lose your dog?
  141. my dog needs to lose weight?
  142. Why is my dog losing hair all over?
  143. My dog has lost her appetite. Help!?
  144. My dog is getting fat. How can he lose weight?
  145. When a dog loses his puppy teeth...?
  146. how long does it take for a dog to lose its coat?
  147. Is it normal for large breed dogs to lose weight after weaning?
  148. Have you ever been bitten by a dog i was and lost part of a finger and needed
  149. My dog has lost his appetite after deworming .. ?
  150. Our neighbours just lost thier dog of 11 years. What could we do to show
  151. i lost my dog today and he has a chip in him but i don't know what kind it is
  152. my dog is losing her winter coat is that normal?
  153. How can I afford to keep my dog if I've lost my job?
  154. walking my dog better than just walking? am i doing enough exercise to lose 10lb? ?
  155. My dog has lost MASSIVE Weight?
  156. please help meee. i lost my dog just 3 weeks ago.?
  157. What should you do if you find a lost dog w/ no collar?
  158. Lost Dog Add Flyer Help?
  159. How can I help my dog lose weight ..?
  160. how can i help my friend?, he just lost his dog.?
  161. dog keeps getting lose?
  162. Should I keep this lost dog?
  163. My dog is losing hair by his eyes? What can he have, please help!?
  164. I found a lost dog... Help me!?
  165. Friend's dog losing her fur?
  166. My dog has suddenly lost weight. He is eating grass too.Thinking he might
  167. Should we get a puppy? 5 months after losing our dog, 2 months after loss of...
  168. My dog does not lose weight! Help! Shes so chubby!?
  169. I lost my dog about 3 years ago but are having dreams about him now what
  170. Is it true that your dog can help you lose weight? ?
  171. Getting my dog to lose weight?
  172. I am in my mid fifties my have only had one dog in my life. I lost him...
  173. What do I do?I lost my dog?
  174. My 5 month old dog is losing her teeth! Is this normal?
  175. what to do: Mother dog lost, now have 5 week old puppies?
  176. Has anyone lost a dog to lymes?
  177. Losing my Dog Slowly but Surely?
  178. My dog pee-d in his water bowl! Lost his mind?
  179. Has anyone had a dog that lost an eye? ?
  180. I'm losing my mind with this dog?
  181. I have a dog who has lost muscle tonein his back legs-suggestions?
  182. I am bringing my dog to Germany. He is a boxer/rottweiler mix. Completely lost.?
  183. my female dog just lost all of her pups on the day they were born how do i
  184. What is a good way to help my dog lose weight?
  185. What to do Ive got a lost dog Help?
  186. help my dog just lost her best freind and is fretting?
  187. we just lost our dog recently and are looking for another family dog. any ideas?
  188. how can I get my dog to lose weight?
  189. help! ive lost my dogs?
  190. My dog attacked me today he only did superficial damage to my face but I lost...
  191. My dog has been rapidly losing weight and now is no longer her usual...
  192. May sound funny but its serious, i have a very very fat dog and i need to know...
  193. My dog sounds like he's lost his voice after staying at a kennel?
  194. Why is my dog losing large amounts of hair?!?!?
  195. what disney animated old movie did a little girl lose her dog and it was raining?
  196. Has anyone ever lost a dog?
  197. I need help having my dog lose weight!?
  198. Anyone found a lost dog in Dickson,TN Please i ened his description :l?
  199. my friends dog is losing all its hair on its face, whats wrong with it?
  200. my dog lost his appetite?
  201. My dog is losing a lot of weight, help!?
  202. my dog has lost hair in 2 places the size of a 50cent coin each do you kno what it
  203. Why is my dog losing hair under the ear?
  204. how would i go about finding papers that i,ve lost for a dog?
  205. Do you think that many of the show bred dogs are losing their insticts for their
  206. Do cats and dogs lose their baby teeth like humans do?
  207. How can I make my dog lose weight and feed him till he's full so he doesn't
  208. Can an aggressive dog be taught, or is it a lost cause?
  209. Adopted dog has suddenly lost his appetite. His behavior otherwise has seemed
  210. We lost our dog a few days ago. The house seems empty. How long should we wait to
  211. how to lose weight? for my dog?
  212. Suggestion to help dog lose weight?
  213. We just lost our dog, would it be healthy to get another?
  214. can a dog lose the will to thrive?
  215. I lost my dog? HELP! 10 POINTS!?
  216. Why is my dog not losing weight?
  217. were can i look for my lost dog?
  218. how do i get a lost dog to come to me?
  219. On October 17th, 2008 I lost my dog. He was 16 and he had been in our family since
  220. Dog owners: tips for a dog to lose weight?
  221. okay so i lost my dog last night and now he is in a shelter, how do i tell my mom?
  222. my friend is losing his dog.. help?
  223. my dogs pregnant and just lost her plug HELP?
  224. How to I get my dog to lose weight?
  225. Do dogs lose their 'baby teeth'?
  226. did you ever lose a dog you love so dear?
  227. Do neutered dogs lose their guarding instinct?
  228. Fallout 3 dog lost? ?
  229. I think my dog is losing her mind....please help!?
  230. How many pounds is healthy for a dog to lose each month?
  231. Why is losing a dog so hard?
  232. My dog lost his hearing after trip to mountains and snow. Will he get it back?
  233. i'm an obese woman trying to lose weight. 20 mins of treadmill every other day, dog
  234. Lost dog! Euless, Texas 76040?
  235. what are some remedy's for a dog losing fur?
  236. My vet seemed to have lost my beloved dogs remains - what should I do?
  237. My dog has been losing his fur.?
  238. my dog is losing fur?
  239. Why is my dog losing SO much hair?
  240. My dog lost a tooth and I think what do I do.?
  241. My dog is losing wheight for no aparent reson?
  242. Could some one show me the Animal Planet dog Quiz link because I lost it on my
  243. Stray/lost dog wandered up to my husband.....it's 5 degrees outside! ?
  244. my dog lost his tooth! is this normal?
  245. my 7 yr old dog is starting 2 lose his front teeth what do i do?????
  246. can you actually lose weight by eating things like Morning star Veggie Dogs?
  247. I lost my dog about six months back. I still misses him so much. How do I...
  248. how to help my dog lose weight?
  249. Why wont this stray dog lose his stink?
  250. If you have ever lost a dog, click on this question.?