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  1. i have an aggressive dog who charges and barks when he sees other dogs...how can i
  2. my dog has lost interest and her personality - all she wants to do is sit -
  3. What song is good song to hear when i just lost my bestfriend which is a dog?
  4. On the first episode of lost what is the dog suppose to represent?
  5. What to do if I lost my dog?
  6. Have you ever lost your dog?
  7. My dogs losing her teeth HELP.?
  8. I can't sleep at all I feel horrible. Have you ever lost your dog?
  9. my dog is losing hair around his eyes and neck what could be the cause?
  10. I've been suuuper depressed the last couple days...(lost dog)?
  11. part pit bull dog puppy, won't eat or drink,lost alot of weight and whins and barks?
  12. Lost AKC Registration papers for my dog, how can i get another set ?
  13. Should I put down my Dog or lose its leg?
  14. My dog recently lost his eagerness to eat. howl when asleep&awake. starting to...
  15. Why has my dog lost interest?
  16. Okai my dog lost a tooth like a week or so ago...?
  17. Hi, My Dog bit a pole just now,and she's lost one of her teeth.It's one...
  18. How to help my autistic brother lose fear of dogs?
  19. my dog is lost? HELP- a bit long..?
  20. My dog needs to lose 26 pounds or more Help.?
  21. Lost/stolen dog please help me?
  22. I lost my G.S. dog :'( ~>_<~?
  23. Why is my dog is losing hair?
  24. Are there any good songs about losing a dog who was really like a son to me?
  25. is my dog losing her fur because she is undergoing heartworm treatment?
  26. how do you cure a dog that lost a toe nail and that has been limping ?
  27. We lost our family dog of 14 years to kidney stones. An x-ray showed 31
  28. Why won't my dog eat? She is losing a lot of weight...?
  29. My dog lost it's tail in a car accident..Help?
  30. Dog lost a ton of fur?
  31. Why is my dog itching and losing hair?
  32. Dog's ears are turning black and losing fur in those areas?
  33. We lost our family dog of 14 years to kidney stones. An x-ray showed 31
  34. How do I console my dog that has lost his bestfriend of 3 yrs?
  35. Recently my dog has lost a lot of weight, she may be dying, help?
  36. Harvest moon ds Lost dog?
  37. My husband lost his dog tags from the military.?
  38. How can I make my dog lose weight? I've already modified her diet and
  39. I need help on how to make my dog lose weight?
  40. My dog has ehrliqua, he is 12 years old and getting weaker and weaker. He totally
  41. My dog has lost weight and is itchy. Should I be concerned?
  42. What is the best way to make my dog lose weight?
  43. my dog hardly eats drinks tons of water has lost almost 20 pounds been
  44. My dog is losing weight, what could be the problem?! Worried.?
  45. My dog has a lump and is losing fur?
  46. My dog is trembling, has lost weight, and vets are stumped...please help!?
  47. My dog is losing hair around her eyes......?
  48. Why is my dog losing the hair on her tail?
  49. My dog lost hair on his snout?
  50. HELP!!My dog skin is really bad,it looks like human dandruff but worse n she's
  51. My dog is losing a lot of hair?
  52. my dog lost his canine teeth?
  53. My dog has to lose about 12 lbs and he gained most of his weight with dog...
  54. adding to my previous question, about LOST DOG.?
  55. Friends dog recently lost an eye, is there any special care she will need?
  56. How do I make a poster for a LOST DOG with tabs so they can take my number home?
  57. How can I help my dog lose weight?
  58. LOST DOG! Please Help?
  59. What is the best way to make my dog lose weight?
  60. I lost my dog and don't know what to do... there is one person that is very
  61. How to help my autistic brother lose fear of dogs?
  62. My dog is starting to lose fur.?
  63. Should I Get A New Friend For My Dog? Lost Her Big Brother.?
  64. How can i console my dog who lost his companion?
  65. After losing one of our dogs, mainly my mom's and mine favorate. My mom...
  66. How can i help my dog lose weight?
  67. My dog has terrible teeth, hacking cough, and losing fur?!?!?
  68. Coakley lost (YAAAAYYYY!!). What will B-dog Obama do now?
  69. I lost my dog what can i do?
  70. i have a 5 months old dog shih shz. that seem to lost 2 teeth . will the teeth...
  71. Lost dog UK NW Aug Tan short legs maybe Staffy X?
  72. My dog lost his tooth. Help?
  73. Lost my dogs proof of sterilization?
  74. My fiancee left me, I lost my job, I've got no place to go, and now my dog is sick?
  75. how do i create a web page for lost dogs. i lost my dog and need help finding him
  76. My friend lost my dog.... responsible to pay me back?
  77. How to comfort a dog when they've lost their best friend?
  78. Could stress be causing my dog to lose his hair?
  79. How can I help my dog lose weight?
  80. How do I find my lost dog?
  81. I picked up a lost dog I got some kind of fast crawling insect off it what could...
  82. Spell for lost dog?????witchcraft?
  83. How do i get over the grief for losing my dog?
  84. My Dog is losing her hair (not shedding)..?
  85. is it normal to still be depressed 3 mnths after losing ur dog?
  86. Have you ever lost respect toward a dog handler you were looking up to?
  87. I found a lost dog and i dont know what to do?
  88. I dont have dog food for this lost dog i found. Whats good to feed it
  89. If, by some terrible twist of events, you lost your dog, how would you go about
  90. Why has my dog lost his hair?
  91. Can a dog lose its voice/bark?
  92. My dog is very itchy no fleas skin red she's losing her fur from scratching
  93. What breed of dog is Delila in the movie Homeward Bound in Lost in San Francisco?
  94. my dog has lost balance on back two legs and is struggling to stand up......
  95. My dog is in labor and she lost two water sacks and no puppies!?
  96. is there a way to lose your dog allergies?
  97. Lost dog not sure what to do?
  98. I`m devastated, I`ve lost the dog, he ran off when i took him out, our Hilda will go
  99. Animal control officer giving away lost dog?
  100. Dog is lost, what should I do!?!?
  101. How many Blue Dog Democrats are going to call for Obama's appearances
  102. How to lose an army K-9 assault dog?
  103. my dog has lost balance on back two legs and is struggling to stand up... what...
  104. How do you get papers for your dog if you lost them?
  105. my dog has lost balance on back two legs and is struggling to stand up... what
  106. What is the movie where a teenage boy is lost in the woods with a dog. It was a
  107. my dog has lost balance on back two legs and is struggling to stand up...
  108. what can cause a dog to lose weight?
  109. What are some remedies for my dog who is losing the hair on his back?
  110. My dog has sensitive skin and has been losing lots of fur each day. Recommend
  111. Can fish oil make my dog lose weight?
  112. My Dog Lost her eye today...some advice?
  113. AT&T lost dog Commercial?
  114. Any Ideas for a dog who Lost her Sister, and now wont sleep in her pen alone?
  115. Why is my dog losing patches of hair.?
  116. What's the best way to look for a lost dog in a college town?
  117. My dog lost his hair, Help!! How can i get it to grow back!!?
  118. what do you do when you see a lost dog?
  119. ok lost the house lost my family lost everything and the dog to, bankrupted should I
  120. My dog keeps losing teeth?
  121. Why are my dogs losing so much hair?
  122. My dog is losing hair on her thigh and it has little red bumps. Any idea what it is?
  123. my dog was very active and now he just mobs around like he is lost all the
  124. After my dog lost its front paw in a lawnmower accident I designed a prosthetic
  125. Why does my dog shed/lose her toenails?
  126. i lost my dog a few months ago?
  127. Lost dog black lab ?????????/?
  128. what do I do with a lost dog my friend just left in my dorm?
  129. Have i lost hope for a dog?
  130. HELP! I need trust training exercises for me and my dog, she's lost faith in me. :'(?
  131. Lost dog White settlement texas?
  132. my dad lost his job, now my dog suffers?
  133. how long have you lost a dog before it came home?
  134. My dog was lost and he returned on his own after 16 hours. How to let him...
  135. What would you do if you found a lost dog?
  136. my dogs had a door slam on his foot and lost 2 nails and i need to know what to do...
  137. whats the film with the dog lost in what looks like the north american or canadian
  138. My dog is scratching and losing hair but doesn't have fleas. What's wrong?
  139. Hooray! My dog lost weight! But how much should he lose?
  140. My dog has lost 4 teeth in a week? Is this normal?
  141. Help with my lost dog?
  142. How will my dog react to losing another friend?
  143. 9 month dog old lost a tooth?
  144. LOST DOG SINCE 10/21/09 FEMALE Los Angeles,CA have you seen her?
  145. Would you put an ad in a newspaper for a lost dog if?
  146. I live in France,and wish to bring a dog back from UK to replace one we
  147. Lost my Little baby dog, what do i do? :( :(?
  148. My wife lost her job, I lost my dog... How can I be more supportive?
  149. my dog has a strange rash, she is losing hair around the infected area and looks...
  150. lost dog how to find him?
  151. If you lost your dog, what are some things you would do to try to find him/her?
  152. Theres a man and a dog. The dog loses a leg and the man loses both his arms.
  153. Has my dog lost her marbles?
  154. My dog lost a toenail. Some advice?
  155. My Dog needs to lose weight really badly please help i am serious if she doesnt
  156. Purposely losing my dog?
  157. I lost my dog and I found him at the SPCA...?
  158. lost chihuahua mix dog???have you seen him?
  159. Why is my dog still skinny and losing hair after pregnancy?
  160. How to find a lost dog.?
  161. My dog is losing weight, weak,and vomiting...?
  162. We lost a dog, and now my other won't stop whining?
  163. my dog isn't eating and is losing her baby teeth?
  164. Purposely setting dog loose to get lost?
  165. Lost Dog in Lemon Grove, Tips wanted?
  166. My dog has a Bladder Infection. Is it normal for it to be losing weight and...
  167. my dog has lost a lot of weight recently and is losing a lot of hair now?
  168. Will I lose my pack leader status if my dog walks just a nose in front of me?
  169. what can i do to make my dog lose some fat?.... she isnt overweight she is just fat?
  170. I pick up a lost dog but I don't know what to feed her or when to walk
  171. is our dog sick?? hes had diarrhea and hes been losing weight.?
  172. Has my dog lost her mucas plug?
  173. My dog is losing hair around ONE of her eyes, suggestions?
  174. can you lose your virginity to a dog (eeewww) ive NEVER done this im just wondering?
  175. 37,000 dogs just beaten to death in China, but PETA loses it on a dead White House
  176. my dog lost his canine?
  177. fallout 3- how to put up lost dog posters?
  178. I lost my dog about 2 weeks ago, what do I do?
  179. LOST DOG! Colorado Springs, CO - Stetson Hills Area! - male?
  180. Help! I think I lost my dog!?
  181. Why is my dog losing small patches of hair?
  182. If my dog is registered in the AKC under someone elses name, do I lose ownership?
  183. Which is a better dog food? I am lost!?
  184. Hey. I lost my dog and...?
  185. my dog is losing weight 4 lbs a week eats all the time vet blood sample came...
  186. How Can I Stop My Dog From Losing Hair?
  187. whether the virus from dog can be lost only in the wash with soap?
  188. how can i help my 3yr old forget a lost dog?
  189. Help Lost Dog I Already Searched For Him?
  190. i lost everything from my home to my 2 therapy dogs to 2 cars pretty much
  191. I lost my dog do you think this would work?
  192. Dog lost his nail. Bloody tissue in place. Why did it happen and what should I do?
  193. I lost my dog today. Please help!?
  194. How can I help my dog lose weight?
  195. Is it a bit weak be upset about losing my dog?
  196. We recently just lost one of our dogs. My other dog is all sad and depressed now.
  197. how to make my newfoundland dog lose weight?
  198. my dog has little white bumps where her hair is lost on ears and on neck?
  199. Help!!! My dog has lost it!!!?
  200. Lost dog !!!!!!! Please help !!!!!!?
  201. Do you think I should send a sympathy card to someone who has just lost there...
  202. How can I make my dog lose weight?
  203. my dog is sick and if she doesn't lose Weight ........?
  204. How do i get my dog to lose weight?
  205. Atheists: Other than being triple-dog-dared or losing a bet that you thought was...
  206. pleas help! My dog is sick, lose of depth perception?
  207. My dogs losing his fur!?
  208. Do dogs have/lose baby teeth?
  209. Is it ok to cry if you lost two dogs?
  210. if my dog has to lose its eye, which is most probably, can they insert a...
  211. Dog breed that gets lost (or stolen) the most?
  212. will u please help the lost dogs in San Diego!!!?
  213. Trauma of losing a beloved pet dog - Newly engaged?
  214. my dog is losing the hair on his snout, what does this mean?
  215. Do dogs grow their tooth back after they lost one?
  216. Dog losing hair!!help?
  217. Scent hounds used to locate stolen/lost dog?
  218. Please help me with this question asap! My dog was lost and?
  219. My Husband is deployed and my dog seems to have lost his mind...how do I get my old
  220. Help? My dog has lost interest in food. He does like table food but won't
  221. well, i am pretty lost. there is a dog next door who is beeing negleted and i
  222. My dog got lost on 29 April.Can it come back?
  223. My dog lost her sight?
  224. dog wont eat lost lots of weight and is running a fever cant afford vet?
  225. Mother losing a dog.?
  226. How do you get your dog to lose weight?
  227. My dog Mickey died yesterday. Is it normal that I totally lost it?
  228. do all dogs lose puppy hair and grow new?
  229. My dog just lost a tooth?
  230. lost dog.. WILL/YPSI MICHIGANERS READ.?
  231. Please Help me don't want to lose my dogs?
  232. Springfield MO LOST MY DOG! Yellow Lab/pit mix male young?
  233. Dog Can't Walk and has lost his voice?
  234. how can i stop my dog from losing hair?
  235. my dog has lost weight drastically over the past year or so. I have changed his...
  236. Springfield mo lost my dog! lab/pit mix male?
  237. Looking for high quality diet food to help young dog lose weight quickly?
  238. How do I comfort someone that's just lost a dog?
  239. How can I help my dog lose weight?
  240. Why is my dog losing fur and skin is raw?
  241. my dog is half pitbull and boxer, he is 10, and he keeps turing in circles
  242. what is the punishment of second offense for losing your dog?
  243. What can I do if i lost my dog shot record?
  244. How to make my dog lose alittle weight?
  245. We lost the tick that was on my dog?
  246. my dog has lost some mucus but that was 2 days ago she has gottin sick today...
  247. How to find a lost dog?
  248. A key to the car of your dreams is lost among 100 lbs. of dog poop. Is it worth it?
  249. What is the best way to help your dog lose weight?
  250. how do you make a dog lose weight fast?