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  1. My dog is getting pudgy but not obese. Is there any suggestion on healthy...
  2. I'm looking for my lost dog. Can you help me find it?
  3. How To Get Your Dog To Lose Weight?
  4. i just lost my dog 5 days ago and i am sad how do i get happy if i don't have...
  5. Older cartoon about a boy and a big white dog who get lost in a world of words.?
  6. How can I help my dog lose weight?
  7. Best time to look for a lost dog?
  8. my dog is losing her hair down her backbone, she never goes outside,?
  9. What cartoon movie that roughly came out in the early '90s was about a dog being
  10. My dog never lost his canine tooth HELP?!?!?
  11. Average days it takes to find a lost dog?
  12. When would a stray/lost dog drink water?
  13. With millions needed to help Pakistanis, is it right that Sky adverts are...
  14. How do I get my dog to lose more weight?
  15. My dog died, and I still feel very lost and sad without her, how do I get over
  16. my dog eats alot but is losing weight and is a short coat but his fur is thining...
  17. My neighbors let their dogs run lose, I'm planning on adopting a 3 year old pit
  18. My dogs keep losing their collars?
  19. my dog lost alot of weight, help?
  20. I lost my sisters dog and the leash is still on her what should i do?
  21. My dog has been losing energy, sleeping A lot, and i've been having trouble
  22. How much food and exercise should my dog get to lose 10 pounds by next summer?
  23. my dog has brown discharge and is losing weight?
  24. my dog won't settle and im losing sleep?
  25. lost my dog!! please help?
  26. how do you deal with losing your dog?
  27. what is the film called when there are those husky dogs who are lost in alaska?
  28. my dog is losing hair on her face? help!?
  29. Will this make my dog lose weight?
  30. Is my dog stressed? Losing fur!?
  31. Lost my dog! Waht can I do?
  32. My male dog is losing a lot of hair n has a strange odor?
  33. Should I see a vet for lost blood circulation in Dog's paw...?
  34. Has anyone else lost a dog suddenly to heart failure without them showing any
  35. does anybody know this dog? he's lost!?
  36. How can I get my dog to lose weight?!?
  37. Excuse me, could you help me look for my lost dog?
  38. what does it mean when my dog is losing a lot of hair?
  39. Lost dog. She was hit by a car. Animal control picked her up. Now I cant locate her.?
  40. My dog keeps throwing up, she has lost weight and has been scratching all over. She
  41. My dog is losing her fur what can it be?
  42. My dog misbehaves and then I lose my temper...?
  43. Dog lost her voice!!!!!!!!?
  44. Cousin who I am not really close to just lost her dog?
  45. How to help my dog lose weight?
  46. My dog just lost his tooth, what should i do?
  47. someone lost his dog and put fliers of lost dog near stores and gas stations. i
  48. my dog need chemotheraphy,i just lost my job and cant afford it.Are
  49. My dog got stolen, not lost, STOLEN.?
  50. my dog lost tip ov her tail in back door and dont have means to pay asap
  51. my dog has a MICRO chip in him and now he is lost?
  52. My dog lost a adult tooth?
  53. How do I help my dog lose weight?
  54. Why does my dog lose hair?
  55. My dog is constantly itching and losing her fur from her tummy, behind her legs,...
  56. Some kind of fat lose lump on my dogs back?
  57. My female dog just had pups 4 weeks ago, and she has lost alot of hair in her
  58. My dog has a patch of lost hair on his side?
  59. Does anyone know any good places to call about lost dogs....?
  60. Is it normal for your dog to lose weight this quickly?
  61. We found a lost dog, adopted him, loved him... Crazy owner surfaces and wants him...
  62. Will dog urine lose its smell after awhile?
  63. why is my dog losing hair and becoming skinny?
  64. After you find a lost dog, how long do you have to have had it for it to
  65. My dogs losing a lot of her hair please help!!!?
  66. My dog lost weight at the kennel?
  67. to those who have lost a dog..?
  68. Why have my dogs lost their house training lessons?
  69. Why did my dog lose weight while we were on vacation even though the pet...
  70. Why does my dog keep losing his footing?
  71. why has my dog lost his appetite?
  72. i was dog ugly till i was 20 now im not so why cant i make up for lost time?
  73. My dog lost a patch of fur on her side. Ideas?
  74. How often and how far should I walk my dog if he needs to lose weight?
  75. my dogs need to lose weight?
  76. My dog is losing hair and itching terribly! What do I do?
  77. Losing that 'bond' with my dogs.?
  78. My dog is losing SO much fur!! Help!?
  79. What would make a dog throw up and lose hair?
  80. Dog losing weight,too late?
  81. If you were lost in the wilderness with your dog, would you eat it?
  82. my dog has jaundice she has been to vet 3 times had blood work . 3 different...
  83. My Dog has lost a lot of weight!?
  84. What's the best way to build muscle on a dog& get them to lose weight?
  85. My Dog Lost A Tooth!! Is That Okay?
  86. How can I help my dog lose weight?
  87. Why has my dog lost so much weight so rapidly?
  88. Is it possible to find a dog that got lost 2 years ago?
  89. Why is my dog losing fur?
  90. Why does my dog try to start fights with my other dog when he knows he will lose?
  91. I lost my Male Schipperke Dog, Do you think he will return?
  92. Lost Dew Claw on one year old dog?
  93. Lost dogs disaster :/?
  94. We lost our family dog and my wife an kids ,an myself are really hurting...
  95. My dog is losing hair around his eye?
  96. Help my dog lose weight.!?
  97. My dog is lost...What else can I do?
  98. LOST DOG? what do i do?
  99. Going to miss my dog, don't want to lose her! :(?
  100. Could somebody lose their hair because they have a dog allergy?
  101. I lost my temper with my dog?
  102. My dog is almost 6 months old and she lost 2 of her front teeth?
  103. my dog has lost 2 teeth in a day is this normal?
  104. my dog was given his 7-1 vaccine and two days later he lose the hair around his...
  105. my dog is urinating, panting a lot and has lost her appetite?
  106. My dog is losing his Hair..HELP!!?
  107. Help! My dog needs to lose weight?!?
  108. My dog is very sick and lost her appetite for a week. Now she's finally...
  109. Just lost beloved boxer dog. Dad wants to buy a new one for mom?
  110. My dog has lost weight after having pups.?
  111. My Dog keep straching and he losing hair on his tail?
  112. How to cope with losing my dog?
  113. Why is my dog losing weight and what should i do to put more weight on him?
  114. Why is my dog losing weight quickly?
  115. Does a legendary dog lose its PP after awhile?
  116. why is my dog losing weight and what should i do to put more weight on him?
  117. Tips on how 2 find a LOST DOG?
  118. I lost my dog!!please help?
  119. Asking for vet fees back for lost dog?
  120. Need Help With My Grandfather's Lost Dog?
  121. My dog has lost all hair on her nose?
  122. My dog is lost, he is needing his yearly shots, are they effective for longer than a
  123. HELP! I lost my dog!?
  124. How can I get my dog to lose weight?
  125. There is a lost dog that keeps coming to my house at night and I don't know...
  126. My dog lost his eye. any advice?
  127. My dog Maggie has lost use of her back legs!!?
  128. i'm writing a monologue about a girl who lost her dog, but i don't know how
  129. I'm writing a monologue about a girl who lost her dog, but i don't know how to...
  130. is it normal for a 1 yr old dog to lose his fur right before summer?
  131. why is my 3 year old dog losing teeth?
  132. My Invisible Fence was $1400! Dog lost her collar and they want $289 to replace it!?
  133. Any pyschics on here who can help me locate my lost dog?
  134. Dog attacked bunny and lost hair?!?
  135. Why is my dog losing fur under his collar?
  136. Does sit ups, jogging, walking your dog, and swimming help you lose...
  137. My obese dog has lost few pounds, but...?
  138. My dog bites,growls and barks!!!!!! I am afraid i might lose him! What should i do?
  139. 7 year Jack Russell lost all manners with new dog brought to home.?
  140. Have you ever not gotten a dog because you are afraid of one day losing them?
  141. Do dogs lose sniffing sensitivity as they get older?
  142. what can i do about my dogs hair lose?
  143. what is a dog losing patches of hair, could it be mange?
  144. my dog has lost her mind after spay?
  145. Can a dog lose weight from a reaction to antibiotics?
  146. My dog is losing the hair on her elbows and it's getting worse.?
  147. My dog is fat. How can he lose weight?
  148. Lost Dog ?????????????
  149. My dog is losing his hair!?
  150. is there a tracking device for dogs who may get lost and which is also concealed?
  151. My 5 year old dog is on antibiotics, for a upset stomach, he has lost his...
  152. My friend's dog is lost all become of me! And now my friend is not talking to me...
  153. Nani, my obese dog needs help losing weight. Any ideas?
  154. What is this film: boy and dog are reunited after being lost in a forest (NOT
  155. Can this be the cause for my dog's hair lose?
  156. Why is my dog losing her fur, and have hives on her stomach?
  157. Any pyschics on here who can help me locate my lost dog?
  158. what can i do about my dogs hair lose?
  159. My dog has lost his appetite.He is energetic and and he looks hungry but
  160. Is "lost" really just a dog's dream?
  161. my dog is itching and losing her hair?
  162. My dog has valley fever and his lost the use if his back legs with...
  163. How would you react if Delta airlines lost your dog?
  164. My dog has lost his balance and the use of his front legs?
  165. Unconcious Lost Dog????????
  166. if delta airlines lost your dog, what would you do?
  167. I need help with this "grams in a hot dog" question !!! help, so lost!?
  168. my dog is losing his puppy teeth?
  169. Help Me my dog has a big rash or bites by his Private area. It almost...
  170. I Lost My Dog Help!!??!!!!!?
  171. My dog is lost and it's raining?
  172. What are some things i can tell someone who just lost their beloved dog?
  173. Someone took my lost dog and kept her for three weeks, and now won't return her
  174. My dog is losing his fur on his back?
  175. forgotten book title children's book about lost dog in city?
  176. my dog had puppies she has 2 wks left of feeding but she has lost alot of weight?
  177. lost paperwork on dog?
  178. my dog is losing weight?
  179. so my boyfriend lost his dog and hes out looking for her....(read)?
  180. I've recently lost my beloved dog of 11 years. Is it too soon look for another dog?
  181. How can I help my dog lose some weight?
  182. What happened to vincent in the dog in the lost season finale?
  183. Help! I have a lost dog I really loved :(?
  184. Lost dog 5/22 - Temple City/Rosemead area $500 reward?
  185. I saw this dog and I though it was lost?
  186. my dog is losing hair and has a triangler light colored sppot on her side is
  187. Dog has lost fur on his ears?
  188. my dog is losing his puppy teeth?
  189. I lost all my dogs pappers helppp?
  190. how to stop my dog from losing hair?
  191. My dog has fleas and is losing hair because of the itching. Now he has lumps...
  192. The best way to get my dog to lose weight?
  193. I think I have to put my dog down. He is losing fur on his butt and legs. Should I...
  194. my dog lost a tooth and he's bleeding?
  195. my dog's losing alot of fur!help!?
  196. What should I do about this stray/lost dog?
  197. My dog lost interest in jumping?
  198. my dog is losing fur. what do I do?
  199. If you saw a dog, lost running around a busy street what would you do?
  200. Hey people, I have a dog which has lost his beautiful black hairs on his body,...
  201. How was your day yesterday (I lost my dog) = (?
  202. My dog lost mobility in her hind legs, moms taking her to the vet. What do I do now?
  203. If you've ever lost your dog, how far did they travel?
  204. What would cause my dog to lose chunks of hair?
  205. Why is my dog losing hair on his ears?
  206. If I get my dog chipped, what is the process of me getting her back if I...
  207. i lost my dog help me im so worried?!!?
  208. How can my dog lose weight?
  209. My dog has been either lost or stolen, what else can I do?
  210. My dog has been losing hair, losing weight, and has unusual sores all over...
  211. I want my kids to think out family dog that I can't handle anymore "got lost."
  212. i just got my dog back from the spca, he has ticks all over him, hes lost...
  213. I've lost my dog I feel so guilty.?
  214. my dog scratched his back so bad last night that now he has lost his hair...
  215. my dog lost hs balance and fell over?
  216. my dog just lost her breath while asleep?
  217. i've lost a daughter in a car wreck in jan this year now i cant go anywhere
  218. How can I help my dog lose weight?
  219. If a dog has worms and loses weight quickly, does he gain it back fast
  220. dog lost howling voice?
  221. My dog isn't eating and has lost 20 pounds. please help!?
  222. My Granddad's dog died, and he's lost without her. What can I do to help?
  223. can someone help me, i found a lost dog and im trying to see what kind of dog...
  224. what is a fast & e-z way to help my dog lose weight?
  225. My dog is losing her fur on her lower belly. Any experts? Help?
  226. my dog drinks alot of water. she has not been eating alot, & she has lost a
  227. what is a fast & e-z way to help my dog lose weight?
  228. I just recently lost my dog and i don't know what to do anymore i can
  229. How do you get over losing your dog?
  230. my dog lost her apitite after a blood test she took 2 antibiotics and a liver
  231. What's the name of the song in Coco Before Chanel where she talks about the lost...
  232. will my dog lose his sight?
  233. Im thinking about changing foods for my dog that is losing Tons of hair?
  234. how do i help my dog lose weight?
  235. My dog has lost weight, and has vomited? Any ideas?
  236. what can I do to get over my lost dog?
  237. why is my small dog losing fur on front of stomach?
  238. do u like this poem form my dog pet?what o u do do relief pain when u lose a pet?
  239. dog is losing hair because of being bedded in grass?
  240. How to find a lost dog if he has no tags?
  241. has anyone lost a dog from Rimadyl?
  242. My dog lost a tooth a little more than a week ago & she is still
  243. how do i get my dog to lose weight?
  244. Houston Tx I lost My female mix dog ?
  245. My dog is lost and insecure?
  246. dream about finding a lost dog?
  247. Hypothetically speaking, if a dog were to get lost...?
  248. I lost Control of my dog and had to take action but was it the right action?
  249. Dog loses fur and has an irritated skin on his face after bathing?
  250. My dog is really lazy and is losing wieght and his is only 1 year old. Plzz read?