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  1. Does it sound like I should give this dog back?
  2. What is an adequate amount of time to give someone to claim their dog?
  3. 2 ladies in my neighborhood walking their dog yelled at me and gave me lots
  4. My dog ate sugar free gum..... is he going to die?
  5. can animal give me sad dog animal abuse stories and they're recovery
  6. I have to give my dogs away? I'm don't know what to do?
  7. Where can I get my dog spayed for free or low fee?
  8. Sadly having to give my dog away?
  9. What do you think makes people give up their dogs?
  10. Can I give my dog a tylenol 3 to easy her pain?
  11. what can i do if someone wont give my dog back?
  12. What's your opinion on giving dogs people food?
  13. i have to interview someone who has a shippereke dog so if anyone can give me their
  14. how long after a female dog gives birth does it take for her to go back into season?
  15. What could make my dog constantly vomit & what can I give him for it?
  16. can you give Phenergan to dogs as a sedative?
  17. how long do we wait to take a dog a bath after giving birth?
  18. my dog has not been able to have a bowel movement and I took him to the vet and he
  19. What can I give my dogs to help them sleep?
  20. Is it safe to have my other dogs around when my pregnant female is gonna give birth?
  21. Is It Normal To Give Alchol To A Dog?
  22. if someone is watching my dog for me and turned around and gave it to someone else?
  23. Free-roaming dog and potted plants on the porch?
  24. What vaccinations do you give or not give your dogs?
  25. Things i should NOT give to my dog?
  26. Dog pulled back leg, what do I give him?!?
  27. Am I a bad owner if I give my dog away?
  28. Can I give my dog human artificial tear eyedrops composed of Polyvinyl
  29. Can dogs still give people rabies if the dog been vaccinated?
  30. Can my dog give me rabies?
  31. can i give a dog mucinex?
  32. How much should I give my dog a bath?
  33. tell me which dog species i have to kill and why its giving me suck drama?
  34. what can I give a dog for something swollen?
  35. did puppy milk gave my dog diarrhoea?
  36. Would You give a dog Dramamine so it would not get sick ?
  37. Can someone give me some new side dishes to go woth hot dogs and hamburgers?
  38. HELP my dog just gave birth?
  39. Should I give up my dog?
  40. Is broccoli okay to give a little to dogs?
  41. How to give my dog Maxi Light 27?
  42. Is it ok to give dog sausages from a packet for several days?
  43. Psychiatrist put my dog on anti-depressant and anxiety medications. Should
  44. What should I have for breakfast? 2 hot dogs or a Kit Kat Easter egg me mam gave me?
  45. if i get a license for my dog from the court house the humaine society have to...
  46. How can I keep my cat in the house but give my dog unlimited access in and out?
  47. How do you teach a food aggressive dog to "Give it up"?
  48. how can i keep my dogs flea free?
  49. What can I give my dog to put her to sleep?
  50. Is it okay to keep the dog that my girlfriend gave me?
  51. When can I start feeding my dog grain-free food?
  52. How often to give a dog a bath?
  53. I think i should give my dog a bath (she is a puppy)?
  54. Does anyone feed Instinct Grain Free dry dog food?
  55. how much Benadryl do i give my10lb dog who gets very anxious when it rains ?
  56. Would it be okay if I give my dog dry food in the morning and raw at night?
  57. Recommended grain free dog food?
  58. Can somen las give me a list of the BEST parts of owning a dog?
  59. can i give my dog powdered donuts?
  60. Can I give away dogs if the owner is not responding to me?
  61. My female dog bolted out of the door one night and I now she has given birth...
  62. what can i give my dog to soothe her stomach after she ate chewing tabacco?
  63. Dog Nutrition: Anyone know of an expert site that will give me a breakdown of...
  64. Is it safe to give my dog his flea drops three days early?
  65. Given the Dog Fight in the West?
  66. What suggestion's would someone have besides giving my dog Proin for leakage?
  67. I was given a dog by my aunt that isn't registered?
  68. what age can you start to give a puppy dry dog food?
  69. Free dog in houston american pitbull terrier ?
  70. Hot Sauce or Spices/Seasonings OK to Give a Dog?
  71. My dad gave my dog a shot?
  72. What do you give an older dog for nausea?
  73. my dog is give birth! help?
  74. I accidently left on my hose when I was giving my dog a bath, will it cost
  75. dog show people; do fellow handlers/breeders give you dogs?
  76. how in the world can petcarerx.com sell dog food for so cheap and with free shipping?
  77. did my dog give my daughter rsv?
  78. Giving my dog a pill?
  79. How much Glucosamine and Chondroitian should I be giving my dog on a daily basis?
  80. I gave a home to a Beagle from Battersea Dog's Home but he keeps stealing my
  81. I don't know if my dog is done giving birth or if something is wrong??!!?
  82. if you have a 40 pound dog and a flea medicine for an 80 pound dog can you just...
  83. Is it safe to give my dog medicine ?
  84. everytime we give our dog food? he tries to push it away? why?
  85. my dog had worms and the nurse gave him things for it.?
  86. Which one of the following vaccines should be given to all dogs?
  87. If dog poop gave you a buzz would you eat it ?
  88. my dogs temperature is 99.5, is she ready to give birth?
  89. free shot clinics for dogs in las vegas,Nv.?
  90. 'God gave humans dominion over the animals' What does this mean as it...
  91. Can someone tell me if giving your dog cooked soup?
  92. How many milligrams of Xanax can I give my 7 lb dog?
  93. Just gave my dog away?
  94. Can I give my dog Interceptor and Revolution in the same month?
  95. My son gave the dog a chicken bone?
  96. Is it bad if you give your dog a little bit of chocolate?
  97. Can you give a dog "Nyquil" to stop a fever?
  98. Had a stray dog neutered and it seems to be infected can I give him amoxicillin
  99. Should i give my dog her pill?
  100. Is it okay to give my dog chocolate?
  101. What do i do if my half sister gives away my dog?
  102. can you give a 65 pound dog cephalexin?
  103. If evolution isn't real, then why did this dog give birth to a kitten?
  104. My vet gave me biomox for my cat and after i got home and the office was closed
  105. How do I give my dog away?
  106. Is it necessary to give my dogs heartgard in cold winter months?
  107. Can I give my dog a bath in the fountains in Italy?
  108. is there a way to keep my dog off my bed unless I give permission?
  109. Can dogs give birth to people?
  110. my dog gave birth on Monday last puppy born at 3 a.m. just a while ago my dog...
  111. Would giving a dog catnip hurt the dog?
  112. How would you feel if a person chose not to give their dog anti-venom after a...
  113. Rabbit Giving Dog Anxiety... HELP!?
  114. just gave my dog away?
  115. should i give my dog a plan b pill?
  116. Do you give your dog preventative heartworm medication like Advantage Multi?
  117. Raw feeders - Do you give your dogs any pills such as fish oils? Viacutan?
  118. I give my dog a bowl of free food every day & now he won't go to work & look for
  119. How do we give our dog a proper burial?
  120. How to give my dog's fish oil?
  121. Why U.S people give great importance to Dogs. In India, some people use..?
  122. My dad's friend is giving away her dog , a one year old spaniel should we get it ?
  123. Please star if I should give my dog a piece of cheese?
  124. My dog loves milk, is there any harm in giving him some?
  125. Is there anything that I can give my dog that has the same affect that catnip has...
  126. my dog as a large wart on her face the vet as given me fuciderm gel to try
  127. Dog gave me infection?
  128. Do you think your dog understands you when you speak/give commands to it?
  129. what can you give a dog with runny nose, congestion and bad smell from her nose?
  130. Were to get my dog fixed for free?
  131. what kind of food should i give to my 8 month dog who has an overbite ?
  132. my dog just gave birth but didnt give an afterbirth?
  133. Can you give a dog steroids?
  134. how do u know if a dog is having trouble giving birth?
  135. i have 3 dogs that i have to give awy and dont know were to take them?
  136. Please help, I might have to give up my dog (ToT)" !!?
  137. what is some of the best dog lover apps for free?
  138. Apartment Complex said I could have my dog and now are giving me pet fines
  139. I had to put my dog to sleep two weeks ago and I don't know how to cope. Please give
  140. How to Give Dogs Aspirin for Pain?
  141. How can I tell if my dog is giving off milk?
  142. My dad gives my dog human food: How do I get him to stop?!?
  143. How can a dog food be considered "grain free" when it contains peas?
  144. when did ur small dog give birth?
  145. What type of care should I give my dog while she is in heat?
  146. can i give my dog pepto bismo?
  147. How often should i give my dog eye drops?
  148. Is this safe to give to my dog?
  149. can i give my dog ice cream to help her make milk for her 5 pups?
  150. Are dogs at the SPCA free?
  151. Is there anyplace were they have Free dogs in Texas?
  152. When is my dog going to give birth to her puppies.?
  153. Can I give my dog peanut butter?
  154. my dog might be giving me an attitude?
  155. Is Pedialight Ok To Give To Your Dog When She Is Sick From Her Tummy.?
  156. What else can I use besides peanut butter to give to my dog?
  157. Dog Section: Is adopting free puppies ever okay?
  158. Strange bumps appearing on female dog after giving birth.?
  159. can you give a hamster plain dog biscuits? ive heard they are good for
  160. Is there a type of dog that looks like a wolf that is allergy free?
  161. why is glucosamine giving my dog the runs. I started giving him the liquid
  162. I gave my dog some of my pizza and she got really sick?
  163. Are there any corn-free alternatives to Royal Canin Urinary S/O dog food?
  164. How do you give away a dog?
  165. Dog Owners, please give me your opinion!?
  166. My husband hates my dog. Gave me an ultimatum. I'm 8 months pregnant :( ?
  167. I gave my dog a big doggy bone a couple of days ago and she just left it alone?
  168. besides carrots, what other people foods do you give your dog as a snack?
  169. Is it a good idea to give my dog some leftovers?
  170. when will my dog give birth?
  171. I accidentally gave my dog glypicide inatead of his medication?
  172. Can someone please give me tips for my dogs birthday party?
  173. Is it ok to sleep in the bed that my Dog just gave birth on?
  174. Is it ok to sleep in the bed that my Dog just gave birth on?
  175. my dog gave birth maybe a day or two ago and she seperated one from the rest why
  176. How do i give my dog a scene/emo look?
  177. Dog gave birth at 10 months old?
  178. my partner has proposed..do i give up my dog to move in?
  179. How do i help my dog give birth!?
  180. who can i give my dog to?
  181. Why does my dog pass really bad smelling wind since giving birth.?
  182. my dog gave birth the other day , and now she's discharging really thick blood why?
  183. Can I give my dog a bath with a cast on her leg?
  184. can you give a nursing dog tylenol or any other pain killer?
  185. my dogs anal gland is always giving her problems.?
  186. can you give a nursing dog tylenol or any other pain killer?
  187. does anybody know where i can get a free/cheap rabies shot for my dog?
  188. How can i give my dog a scene/emo look?
  189. Why a dog might push hours after giving birth?
  190. Why a dog might push hours after giving birth?
  191. Can I give my dog Valium to chill him out from his allergic reaction to
  192. what can you give your dog for musle pain?
  193. should i give up my dogs?
  194. should i give my dog away?
  195. Should I give my dog back?
  196. My neighbors Dog has gotten bumps over its fur and has an odor what gives?
  197. Typically how many puppies will a dog give birth to?
  198. Is it bad to give a outside dog warm food or water in the winter?
  199. A little help with giving antibiotics to my dog?
  200. what happens if you give contraceptive pills to a female dog?
  201. again, should i give up my dog for a cat?
  202. Is it okay to give a dog chicken backs?
  203. Can I give my amoxicillin 500mg cap and how much to give to 10lb in weight to my dog
  204. What can I give my 13 lb dog for an upset stomach?
  205. Can you give your dog Pepto?
  206. what has been the best piece of advice you have been given regarding your dog/s?
  207. What kind of cheese to give my dog for loose stools?
  208. From SAHM to career mother of 2 small kids. How do I explain we may have to...
  209. why do dogs relate so well to humans?How did this relationship come to...
  210. Can I give a dog Amoxil?
  211. how do you get a dog to give you back your space..?
  212. How much Human fish oil can you give your dog?
  213. Question to all owners who give their dog a raw fed prey model diet?
  214. i put an add up on a website for free dog walking, do you think anybody would reply?
  215. Is it bad to give your dog a piece of his food for a treat?
  216. If it safe to give K-9 Advantix (or any other flea/tick prevention treatment)...
  217. Can you give some positive things about getting a dog when your kids are little?
  218. my dogs leg is hurting her pretty bad should i give her a baby aspirin 81mg?
  219. Is it normal for a pregnant dog to give birth between days 54 - 63 ?
  220. i gave my dog away and now i want her back but they wont give her back?
  221. I am switching my dogs over to the prey-model diet and I am trying to...
  222. why is my dog acting different after giving birth?
  223. My Dog gave birth and I didn't see an equal # of placenta's...?
  224. can u give me a conclusion about dog fighting.?
  225. how many puppies should i give to the owner of the dog?
  226. where to find the: In the Womb Dogs special, full episode online for free?
  227. My dog just recovered from a yeast infection in her ears. Can I give her a bath?
  228. can anybody give me names for three dogs?
  229. Why do people like giving their dogs treats that aren't healthy for them?
  230. My dog got hurt badly yesterday, no vet, what can I give him for pain?
  231. I am trying to get my dogs to have free roam in the house while we are...
  232. Can you find a dog given up for adoption?
  233. I gave my dog a new kind of food last night and again today. She threw up and has
  234. What is the right correction 2 give an 8-12 week old pup when it gets excited &...
  235. After 6days my dog gave birth to 9puppies. She started to shake for 10sec....
  236. Also has anyone switched from Grassland to Prairie or Pacifica randomly to give
  237. Why are my dog's recently expressed anal glands STILL giving off that terrible smell?
  238. what can you give a dog for arthritis?
  239. a free download dog breeding games online?
  240. What else can I give my dog? She has Malassezia Pachydermatis Dermatitis?
  241. Can I give my dog garlic pills meant for me?
  242. is it true about giving this to dogs with gas?
  243. How much dog food (quantity) should I give me dog on each meal?
  244. After 5 months my dog still hates his cage, should I give up?
  245. If my adult dog whines and whines because he wants something, should I be giving
  246. what nickname should i give my dog trona?
  247. My friends dog was in a fight, its pretty torn up. Can he give it penicillin orally?
  248. can anybody give me any suggestions on what i should name my dog?
  249. Can dogs get hives? If so, what does it look like and what can I give him to...
  250. Is it okay to give a small dog a little dry cat food in an emergency?