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  1. my dog likes to lick everything. what can i give her for hairballs or stop...
  2. Is giving my dog steroids illegal?
  3. what else can i give my dog dat has parvo?
  4. If you are given a dog for a present while living with some one and you
  5. Could I give my dog to a shelter and then get her back later?
  6. What present should i give my dog for her 10th birthday?
  7. My dog has awful breath. Is it okay to give him human breath mints?
  8. For anyone who has given up a dog they loved:?
  9. Is there any place in chicago il where i can get free med for my dogs ear infection?
  10. my dog is gona give birth anyday now?
  11. My mom wants to give our dog away to a shelter, but i still love my dog so
  12. Westminster and other Dog Shows:For Westminster ,are dogs given drugs to postpone
  13. I signed up for the free army dog tag but have not recieved it yet, has...
  14. What vaccinations should I give my dog?
  15. Is it true that you can't give a dog milk?
  16. When should I give my dog the sex talk?
  17. Can somebody please give me the link to the streaming from Westminster Dog show
  18. Is there a law to where i can get my dog back if i gave it as a gift?
  19. i just found out i gave my dog 3 month old heartworm prevention tablets!?
  20. I gave my dog vodka and he keeps throeing up!!!?
  21. My dog is sick need to know what i can give him..?
  22. Giving up my dog for my fiancee?
  23. Is it okay to give my dog a laxative?
  24. Can I give my dog creatine?
  25. Is there any way to calm my dog down while giving her a bath?
  26. can I give a stray cat some canned alpo or dog kibble, just once?
  27. is it safe to give a dog a balloon to play with?
  28. Looking for websites that give dog bite statics?
  29. I gave my dogs grapes without thinking will they be ok.?
  30. can kennel cough vaccine be given to nursing dogs?
  31. We had to give me Dog away a year ago?
  32. Any ideas on what to do with my dog who refuse to be house broken before he
  33. given all the stupid dog tricks like dancing on back legs, walking up stairs on back
  34. Vet put my dog on amitriptyline, told me it was an antihistamine, it is not....
  35. my ex bf gave me a dog?
  36. Can anyone give me expert advise regarding staffordshire bull terrier dogs?
  37. does anyone know if it is alright to give a dog oral hydration salts in...
  38. Does Anyone Know where i could adopt a healthy dog for free?
  39. My dog is breaking out into bumps all over her body. what can I give her for...
  40. Can you give a dog human glucosamine?
  41. does adding water to my dog's food give him bad breath?
  42. It's my dog's birthday and I want to give him a treat. What treat can I
  43. who gives you the dog in harvest moon?
  44. is there any type of pill to give a puppy thats a year old that will make it
  45. Can someone please explain my dogs patient history as given by the vet?
  46. Does anyone know if I can give Amoxil(antibiotic) to my 1 and 2 year old dog
  47. can i give my dog advil? ten points!?
  48. I just gave my puppy a bath, and while she is drying she still smells...
  49. What kind of toys can you give a dog that destroys all dog toys?
  50. What kind of fruits and veggies can you give to dogs as treats?
  51. what kind of adult medicine could i give my dog for arthritis because i can;t
  52. Can someone give me a list of Dogs that have hair?
  53. Gave my female and male dogs baths and all of a sudden the female got aggresive?
  54. My dog just had puppys on 1-9-09 and i would like to know if i can give...
  55. i need any help someone can give me with my dog (great dane)?
  56. Will my dog hate me for having to give him up?
  57. on which website can i watch hotel for dogs for free without any downloads?
  58. Is it ok to give my dog human medicine?
  59. Does this sound possible. A Soldier gets a parasite in Iraq then gives it to his dog?
  60. Can Visine be given to dogs?
  61. Should you allow pregnant dog to give birth on her own or help?
  62. where can i find free small dogs at Pasadena tx?
  63. If i have a vet check on my dog is it free?
  64. can we give dogs table food?
  65. Pet shop deliver my new dog but it died the same day. Why won't they give a refund?
  66. In The Navy, If I Gave My BF A Dog Tage With Your Names On It, Would He Be Able...
  67. i gave my dog a lollypop and she ate the stick aswell it wont hurt her will it ?
  68. Is it bad to give your dog scraps?
  69. When should I give my dogs hip joint stuff?
  70. Is it safe to give an elderly dog a rabies booster when he had a reaction to...
  71. What meds can i give my dog to help him sleep?
  72. What to give my dog that has flaky skin?
  73. I have two mixed breed older dogs (ages 10 and 14) and I wanted to know if it
  74. how are dogs loyal please give me some explains?
  75. Is there anything I can give my dog who has thrown up 3 times today?
  76. When will our dog give birth?
  77. how would i know when a dog is about to give birth?
  78. Can you please give me advice on my dogs weight?
  79. my dog has a smell on her no matter how often you give her a bath she smell...
  80. I just got home and noticed that my landlady's dog looked really thirsty, so I...
  81. the owner is giving my dog tuna and soy milk the dog is 4weeks should i
  82. Is CARPROFEN too dangerous to give my dog?
  83. My green cheek conure loves dog food. I give her a peice twice a day, its Iams?
  84. Help! I don't want to have to give up one of my dogs!?
  85. i was wandering everyones opinion on the breed of my dog. i got him for...
  86. Please can anyone give me a link to tap dogs performing in the ing ceremony of
  87. I gave my dog his advantage heartworm and flea medication but after I gave
  88. How much yogurt should I give my dog for gas problems?
  89. Should you give hamsters Dog Biscuits if so, is this a good recipe for them?
  90. can I give my dog anything homemade for his awful breath?
  91. I'm going to see the very dog that i had to give up when we moved back in August....
  92. How long did you search on Petfinder.com before you found the right dog/gave up?
  93. What wet food can I give to a dog with a sensitive stomach? (UK only)?
  94. Is my dog gonna give birth?
  95. Peases help, dog about to give birth.?
  96. Where do I buy my dogs stuff for when She gives birth?PlEASE HELP!!!?
  97. Can you give cats bones to chew like with dogs?
  98. can dogs give you H.IV?
  99. Can you give a dog raw beef?
  100. What happens when you give a dog a bath with human soap?
  101. I gave my dog her worming tablet, she threw up and has lost her appetite.?
  102. I have a catahoula leopard dog about six mo. of age. what type of food should i
  103. Can anyone give me advice on my stupid dogs?
  104. isn't it weird when dogs give birth?
  105. What did Jesus mean when He said not to give what is holy to the dogs or cast
  106. How do I know when my dog is done giving birth?
  107. is it ok to give dogs plain vanilla ice cream? ?
  108. Is it safe to give my dog childrens cough syrup?
  109. Is it OK to give a large dog a Hershey Kiss? ?
  110. Is it safe to give my dog icicles?
  111. My dog got into old BBQ Ribs and now has bad gas. Anything I can give him?
  112. food not to give dogs...?
  113. would it be ok to give my dog chicken bones?
  114. How do you get your dog back from your evil dad(parents are divorced) when he...
  115. Help! Anyone giving away free dogs?
  116. can anyone give me some contest like what dog is cuter?? im bored!!?
  117. puppy dogs stop nursing are they ready to give away!?
  118. Giving mommy dog a bath?
  119. my dog just had some milk. should i give her bread? i ask because we are
  120. people in west v falling waters.. free dog!!!?
  121. Can you give a dog cranberry extract for bladder infections?
  122. I gave my 2 dogs Comfortis and 1 of my dogs threw up and hr later (I think an...
  123. If a girl and a dog had sex what would happen what would she give birth to?
  124. Is it safe to give my dogs the same Omega 3 supplements as humans?
  125. Where can I take my dog to get neutered for free in Austin, Texas?
  126. what can you give dogs?
  127. Can I give my kittens dog treats?
  128. Since We're All Talking About PETA Today, What Would Happen If All The...
  129. How can I properly give my dog his ear drops?
  130. Is it ok to give a dog raw eggs?
  131. what is better for my dog and all please give me your opinion?
  132. Is there an over-the-counter drug I can give my dog to induce lactation?
  133. My dog has giving birth NEED HELP1?
  134. Dogs free feed VS set mealtimes?
  135. Have you ever given your dog dramamine?
  136. Is it safe to give a dog Benedryl?
  137. Is there a place that I can give away my dog?
  138. HELP! my dog is constipated. i took him 2 vet, they gave him an enema, he went
  139. Should I give my dog to him?
  140. is it legal in the state of Ohio for me to give my dogs their rabies shots myself?
  141. is it safe 2 give my dog?
  142. where can I get my dog fixed for free in canada, toronto?
  143. Has Natural Ultramix natural dog food by Castor Pollux been rated re: cruelty free
  144. Dog gave birth last night and still panting !! help?
  145. Any long-lasting chews to give your dogs?
  146. I have a serious problem with my dog i believe. I gave her a bath and now
  147. At what age can I start giving my dog rawhide treats?
  148. should i give my dog vitamins when shes pregnant?
  149. I need some new cat and dog treat recipes, can anybody give me some?
  150. can you give dogs penicillin?
  151. my dog gave birth, but the baby didnt make it?...?
  152. my pomeranian dog had the runs and now he is throwing up. what can I give him to
  153. Would you give the dog back?
  154. if my dog has been on primidone and ran out for 2 days and i wanted to give him a...
  155. Do some dogs behave better with free range of the house?
  156. My dog is giving birth right now, she had two an hour ago and she keeps
  157. IS my dog giving birth soon?how many hours from now?
  158. is it ok to give a dog equate pain releiver?
  159. What's the best low maintenance, slobber, and hair free dog to get?
  160. What is your opinion on the little boy who whats to give his dog to the Obama's?
  161. Anyone given cat or children's toys to their dog?
  162. is it okay to give dogs rice and beans?
  163. Does anyone know of a REALLY good doggie vitamin to give my dog/puppy?
  164. Help!!!!My dogs giving birth and the puppies wont pass!!!!?
  165. Free dog treats/food in mail?
  166. True or False?I was told that if u give a pregnant dog a parvo vaccination a couple
  167. Our dog has little red worms. we gave him Medicine from the vet and he tested...
  168. gave pug cooked pork lastnight now lathargic vominting and shaking been on regular...
  169. What kind of food are you exactly allowed to give dogs?
  170. What do you give a dog thats just been sick?
  171. Is the Rabies immunization shot given to dogs the same shot given to humans?
  172. i want a dog but my parents want me to give them a reason why HELP!!?
  173. Our female dog has given birth in the last 36 hours what can we feed her to...
  174. My dog is giving birth right now?
  175. My dog is about to give birth. I read about the temperature drop but what if it...
  176. Is giving a dog a treat everytime he comes inside ok?
  177. Giving apple cider vinegar pills to dogs for urinary problems?
  178. What would be the best time to give my dog his supplements?
  179. My dog never gives me kisses!?
  180. My dog gave birth last night?????? what 2 feed her?
  181. Do you have to give heartworm medicine to your dog all year around?
  182. My friends found a stray dog and gave it to me, what do i do ?
  183. How many dog treats do you give your dog?
  184. can i you give me list of best dogs for living in a warm climates?
  185. Neutered dog dominance issues. Can someone give advice?
  186. Shedding? What kind of a dog brush would be most effective for short haired dogs?...
  187. How to give a pill to my wild dog?
  188. Can I give expired cephalexin to my dogs?
  189. Which is better - To whine like a dog for 10 points or give 50 points to people be
  190. my dog got gasoline on him i gave him a bath but its still bothering him...
  191. does anyone know any natural remedies to give my dog for his arthritis?
  192. We gave our dog antibiotics in her ears. Now she isn't hearing as well. What...
  193. My Dog Is High - What Can I Give Him To Calm Down?
  194. Anywhere i can give my dog away...?
  195. Can I Give My Dog...........?
  196. Can someone give me advice on how to not feel so guilty when I leave my 2...
  197. I think my dog tweeked a muscle when he jumped in the car. Can I give him...
  198. I need free medical help for my dog?
  199. Wich name should I give to my dog?
  200. my dog's legs gave out?
  201. my life partner gives our dogs treats in order of their status w/in the...
  202. What can i give my dog to sleep on that can't be chewed?
  203. Can i give my 8 month old dog a bone?
  204. What could I give to my dog to loosen him up?
  205. my dog might be pregnant...i want to know when she is going to give birth...
  206. Dog Wont Eat ! What Do I Give Her ?
  207. is it safe for dogs to eat chicken bones. i always eat chicken and then
  208. Bichon puppy biting frequently to skin; nothing works(eye contact, ignoring
  209. the difference between giving medicine to a dog or a cat?
  210. could any one who has a boxer puppy or adult boxer is it all right to give
  211. Looking for free vet care clinic around lake jackson/houston area. Can't
  212. were can i get the movie alpha dog for free?
  213. When will my dog give birth?
  214. what is the best online info that gives answers to certain breeds of dogs?
  215. I'm getting married in May and my bf refuses to give away his cat killer dog ?
  216. would you give this dog back to it's owner?
  217. should I stop giving my dog to conserve water?
  218. Where to go to report an unethical dog breeder who is listed on the AKC site? No
  219. what to do if i have to give away my dog?
  220. Can I give my dog roundworm and hookworm med. if I don't know if she even
  221. can I give my dog a flea bath after applying Advantix?
  222. well how long does the pre labor last for dogs? my female lab has given
  223. Can you give me a story idea for a story in a dogs point of view?
  224. What happens if I give a 73 pound dog an 80 pound dog Frontline flea medicine?
  225. could i give my 5lb dog she is two years old pepto bismo for her stomach.sound
  226. My dog is shaking and panting like CRaZy!! Could it be thats she's
  227. Can I give my dog some pain pills after a spaying on the same night?
  228. can i give my dog arrowroot ?.?
  229. For those who have dogs with long/floppy ears: please give me some tips to
  230. What can i do? My moms giving away one of my dogs! ADVICE NEEDED BADLY! ?
  231. If someone gave you a gift voucher, is it appropriate to spend the money on...
  232. PLEASE HELP! Best solution for my son's allergies to our new puppy? we can't...
  233. can little dogs survive giving birth if they have mated with large dogs?
  234. Can you give a dog glucosamine supplements that is made for humans? ?
  235. can you give me a list of the best outside dogs?
  236. HELP! What can i give my dog for pain?
  237. what will happen if i gave my dog less than a quarter teaspoon of nyquil?
  238. How can I convince my brother not to give my dog away?
  239. My dog's eyes are infected. Vet gave antibiotic pills/cream Its worse. Now...
  240. Could my new cat give my dog diarrhea?
  241. Can you give a dog benadryl?
  242. how much gravol do i give an 80lb dog?
  243. about my dog again...i just wonder why??? pls. help give me info.?
  244. My ex bought me dogs for Christmas last year, and we broke up. He's refusing
  245. Are tripe treats ok to give my dog now and again ?
  246. what site is recommended for giving away a dog?
  247. Should I give my dog a bath before she gives birth to her puppies?
  248. How can i get a puppy for free, like adopt it, or if someone's dog just had puppys?
  249. can anybody help me find free download of studio recorded version of...
  250. where can i find a free small dog or puppy in marietta georgia? ?