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  1. my dog gave birth 3/6/09.... what is wrong with her?
  2. What are the pros cons of giving my dog Pala-tech Potassium citrate tablets
  3. Do you give your dogs fruits/veggies?
  4. I had my dog spayed yesterday and my vet gave her rimadyl for pain one 25...
  5. do you give a dog tylenol or asprin?
  6. i gave my dog some raisins. ahh! is the amount i gave her enough to poison her?
  7. i need a free large dog pattern for a rain coat.?
  8. whats wrong with my dog? i'm ready to give up...?
  9. How to give first aid to dogs?
  10. what would you give your dog to treat diarrhea ?
  11. My dog just gave birth to puppies and....?
  12. should i give away my dog?
  13. My dog gets repeated infected anal glands. His vet said to give him more fiber and...
  14. How do you know when a dog is done giving birth?
  15. My dog was given a combination of Prednisone and Previcox twice by the vet.?
  16. Is it harmfull to give a puppy regular dog food?
  17. What day might my dog give birth?
  18. I give my dog yogurt with great success, would it be a good flavor for dogs to add
  19. Is it normal for a dog to be bleeding 5 weeks after giving birth to 8 puppies?
  20. What would you give for a dog like this?
  21. I gave pizza and chicken with rice to my dogs?
  22. what can i give a dog that cant go to the bathroom and is straining?
  23. Are wheat free dog biscuits made with garbanzo bean flour safe?
  24. My dog gave birth a month ago and I just noticed some bumps under her skin about 2
  25. can you give Tums to a dog?
  26. Dog's color turning darker around his spine, is it due to the food I give him?
  27. CAn i give my dog that is due in 3 days a parvo shot?
  28. Can you give chocolate to your dog?
  29. A dog nips at you every time you try to brush its hair. You give up.
  30. Can my neighbors cat give std to my horny dog?
  31. my dad gave my dog to an animal shelter about a month ago and i wanna know if
  32. why is my dog nesting after giving birth to a pup 3 days ago?
  33. Can you give milk to adult dogs and not just puppy milk to puppies?
  34. How do you give a dog a bath?
  35. why did you give up your adopted dog/s?
  36. Please help? I might have to give away my dog if this doesn't get fixed!!?
  37. My 4 month old pitbull I think might be a lil sick?? Does anyone know about dogs...
  38. what to give my dog to eat after giving birth?
  39. my dog gave me herpes, what do i do??????????????/?
  40. what do i feed my dog after giving birth?
  41. Can anybody give me tips into which my parents will allow me to finally get
  42. my dogs will fight sometimes when i try to give them attention how do i stop it?
  43. Can you give dogs lamb chop bones?
  44. what do you give a 3yr old dog for allergies?
  45. Why Do People So Easily Give Up Their Dogs and Sell the Dog?
  46. How much glucosamine should I give my dog?
  47. what nicknames do you give your dog?
  48. Can you give a dog a bath with human shampoo?
  49. what can u give a dog that is like 2 years old?
  50. what can you give a dog to make his bowels move?
  51. my female dog maybe 32 days pregnant and if you are going to give me bad...
  52. Were to get a free dog from K.S.?
  53. How can I help my dog keep pain free, Her hips are do bad, But who can Aford...
  54. Can you give a hamster a dog chew toy?
  55. my dog had magots in his wound bt now d VET checked nd gave him medicines bt i
  56. How much water should I give my 10lbs dog?
  57. Do you think slum dog gave foreigners a 'bad' impression on india? like it is
  58. I need some help with breeding dogs. I have two dogs and one is giving birth,...
  59. Why do the dogs lick the front of their legs whenever I give them peanut butter?
  60. How long will my dog that just gave birth hate the daddy dog?
  61. is it alright if i give my dog aspirin?
  62. What do I give my dog when she is in labor so that she has more energy to push?
  63. Is it safe to give a dog glucosamine capsules?
  64. is it okay to give a dog a raw egg?
  65. what kind of dog food do i need to give my dog that is not deadly?
  66. What can i give a dog as a laxative.. too make him poop?
  67. What dose chlorella algae should i give to my dog?
  68. Vets, what can i give my dog for a rash on his bum?
  69. What can I give my dog (yellow lab) for pain/anti inflamatory until I can get
  70. Can I give my 50 lb dog a baby aspirin?
  71. how can i get a free dog?
  72. How much benefiber should I give my 16 pound dog?
  73. What was the worst advice you've seen someone give in dogs?
  74. how to let my dog know that what i'm giving him is a treat?
  75. What can I give my dog as a treat that wont upset her stomach?
  76. my dad is giving my dog away?
  77. Is okay to give this to my dog?
  78. My dog is having exploritory surgery. Please give thoughts.?
  79. How and when should I give my dog Advantage. Need Help?
  80. Do Liberals Keep Their Dogs On A Leash Or Set Them Free?
  81. What foods are safe to give to a dog as a treat?
  82. What happens if you give a dog crack?
  83. can u give a dog peptobismol?
  84. My dog weighs 102 lbs. Is she really at risk for heart worm if I only give
  85. What people-food can I give my dog to help her gain weight?
  86. i gave my neighbors dog a treat and a tennis ball was that bad?
  87. my dog has kennel cough and gave it to the neighbors dog?
  88. what will happen to my dog if I give it ?
  89. Is it possible for a dog to tear a puppys belly while giving birth and...
  90. What can I give my dog to do?
  91. How much benadryl should I give my dog? And will it help?
  92. What gift should i give to my pets. i have a cat and two dogs. (please
  93. giving my dog some famotidine tablets?
  94. Is it okay to give a dog a tennis ball?
  95. How often do I give my dog a bath?
  96. Is it ok to give a Beagle Dog Nyquil?
  97. is it ok to give my dogs chicken bones or ribs (bone)?
  98. My new dog won't eat anything I give him. Please help?
  99. how much benadryl would I give a 8 lb dog to sedate?
  100. How much benadryl can I give my dog?
  101. Does my dog hate me? Please help ill give 10 points?
  102. Can anyone give my a clue what the matter is with my dog?
  103. How can I dog-proof the plants in my garden? 10 points plus free gift for best idea!?
  104. My dog ate a Tylenol 3.....what can i give her, so she doesn't die on me?
  105. What would happen if I gave a dog hot sauce?
  106. is there any over the counter medicacine to give to a small dog. He was
  107. What is the proper amount of water to give a dog?
  108. Giving Cottage cheese to dogs?
  109. Healthy fat free dog treats?
  110. It is true that if my dog gave birth to puppies she can't have a bath until the...
  111. Can anyone give me the link to the bounce fabric softener commercial with the...
  112. my dog is due to give birth in 6day.Today she had discharge and has been panting
  113. How will i know if my dogs ready to give birth?
  114. Is there a site where ppl list free dogs?
  115. is this a shiesty byb or can i trust this site to give me a healthy dog?
  116. Is there anything over the counter that I can give my dog to help her coughing?
  117. is it okay to give your dog Olive Oil in their water?
  118. We're being forced to give our dog away! Help!?
  119. Will it be okay to give my dog a bath now?
  120. my dogs have a cold can i give them human medicine?
  121. What is the long often overly floral name given to pedigree dogs...
  122. My cousin's neighbor was giving away a dog...?
  123. free dogs'???????????????
  124. Can Some one Please give me A Dog Harness?
  125. Can I give my two-year-old son the dog's medicine?
  126. Is there a place were i can get my dog fixed for free?
  127. I need to know where I can get my dogs neutered for free or cheap?
  128. I gave my dog a small Nestle 'Choc Bit' - will he die?
  129. My dog's stomache has become weird and lumpy after giving birth the other
  130. can I give my dog a bendaryl for allergic reaction to a banana?
  131. is there anywhere you can get your dog spaded for free?
  132. Where can I find free traing dogs?
  133. can i give my dog azo standard for a uti?
  134. Don't know what to give my Dog to eat?
  135. where are there free dogs or under 90 dollars?
  136. Yellow Dog Linux free?
  137. umm my dog gave birth to a green puppy this morning !?!?
  138. Garlic for dogs. Is it OK to give fresh garlic to dogs in small amounts?
  140. my dog has had a staff infection for over a year now and the pills/shampoo the...
  141. Could my dog die from giving birth prematurly?
  142. What does blood litter mean with respect to dogs? give source please?
  143. which dog name do you like the best. and if you don't like any please give me...
  144. Can I give my dog a rabies vaccine 2 weeks before her last rabies shot is due?
  145. I need help with starting a dog treat selling business and giving money to charity?
  146. Can anyone give me a HILARIOUS looking dog!?
  147. Does a veterinary have to disclose his fee’s before giving shots, and...
  148. Can a dog sneezing on my face give me rabies?
  149. Have you ever given your dog a birthday party? i need ideas?
  150. Signs my dog will give birth soon...?
  151. what should i give my dog for an allergic reaction?
  152. Should I Give Triforce Flea and Tick Drops for Dogs Away or Toss it?
  153. How much Yogurt is safe to give a dog each day?
  154. What do you give your dog if he has worms?
  155. i have the email address of somene who wanted to adopt a dog but she won't
  156. dose anybody know a site where i can fine cavalier king charles spaniel dogs...
  157. My Vet refused to give me something for my dog for his motion sickness.?
  158. do they still hand out those free mini dogs at victoria secret???!?
  159. does a vet have to be theyre while my dog gives birth?
  160. Is it okay to give my dog water from a bottle?
  161. Should I give my roommates dog up for adoption?
  162. dog gives me a funny look while playing?
  163. Is it so wrong to give your pets (dogs) human food?
  164. My parents gave away my dog recentlyyyy.?
  165. my dog just gave birth to one puppy... just one??? can a dog give birth to just
  166. my dog has losse motion and not eating anything what will i give him in food
  167. What are good steps to take after giving away my dogs?
  168. My dog just gave birth to puppies and the vet spayed her is this going to
  169. Can I give my dog my sickness?
  170. What can I do to give a scared dog some confidence?
  171. What 'people food' can I give my dog?
  172. I have to give my dog 3 pills but she keeps spitting them out!?
  173. i gave my dog a parvo shot but not all of it went in the dog?
  174. What happens if I give my dog earmite medicine and he doesnt have them?
  175. Do you give dogs raw or boiled marrow bones?
  176. Giving a dog a mud bath?
  177. how can i get my dogs to play fetch, and give the ball back to me?
  178. my dog gave birth and it peed green?
  179. Dog Pills, what do you give your dog meds in?
  180. my dog has been pregnant for 2 weeks when will she give birth to them?
  181. giving up my dog, how to select the new owners?
  182. How do i know if my dog is finished giving birth? It has been 1hr 20mins since...
  183. How much times do you give dogs shots?
  184. Is it a bad idea to give my 3 dogs baby carrots?
  185. My dog gave birth two days ago and won't go out to go pee?
  186. How do I go about giving my dog away? Where should I look for adoption centers?
  187. can i give my small dog a piece of corn on the cob to gnaw on?
  188. how to tell when my dog is about to give birth?
  189. why do so many people let their dogs rome free when in heat?
  190. Is it safe to give my dog a cooked t-bone steak (the remains of)? Or is...
  191. my dog turned 1yr old this january and is due for a rabies shot in june can i give
  192. I am going to be a dog walker could you give me some tips?
  193. If you have two dogs and allow one to kill the other are you free of blame...
  194. What happens when you give a dog chocolate?
  195. How much aspirin should I give my dog?
  196. Can dogs give birth to puppies from multiple fathers in 1 litter/nest?
  197. Giving a dog a combination of diphenhydramine with cephalexin?
  198. Can anybody give me ideas of how to convince my mom to let me have a dog?!?
  199. my mom just gave me our family dog, i think shes depressed?
  200. Do husky dogs give allergys?
  201. can i give a dog cough drops?
  202. i have a dog that one of my relatives gave me. the dog came with no papers or
  203. Do you know where I could neuter my dog for free or low cost?
  204. I was given a dog that has been chiped 6 month later they want her back?
  205. I want a Huge dog that is easy to train, likes to give kisses and is affectionate?
  206. What can I give my dog to help her upset tummy?
  207. I want a Huge dog that is easy to train, likes to give kisses and is affectionate?
  208. Can I give my dog anxiety medication?
  209. What are the signs of a dog(Lab) about to give birth.?
  210. Do doggy treats give your dog the poops?
  211. what is a website that i can fill out an application to get a free collar for my dog?
  212. My dog is a begger and I give in. What should I do?
  213. Is it okay to give fruit salad to my dog?
  214. Dogs living in dog-free apartment, what can I do?
  215. how long do you have to wait to give your dog a bath after the parvo shot?
  216. what part of the body do you give the rabies shot. I believe it's the hind...
  217. My dog is a inside dog. She keeps on scraching, and I've given her baths....
  218. Do you think it should be illegal to give away dogs for free?
  219. Where I can download All dogs go to Heaven soundtrack free?
  220. my friend give me her dog but would not give me the pedigree papers now she...
  221. What is a good cheap food to give your dog, can you give them carbs?
  222. Free or inexpensive dog neutering.?
  223. Please give me dog help?
  224. In regards to my dog who gave birth this morning...?
  225. Giving Creatine to a dog?
  226. dog is sick, fever can we give tylenol?
  227. Can I give this to my dogs? Do they work at all????
  228. can I give my dog lasix?
  229. Can i put my dog on a treadmill and still give her a regular walk?
  230. Is it okay to give my dog ibuprofen?
  231. can you give a dog aspirin?
  232. We have to give away our dog... any advice?
  233. Does anyone know the mg. amount of Valuim you can give a 10lb dog?
  234. Would pet stores give a discount for a dog if it would someday be my Service Dog?
  235. Anyone ever had to give up a dog?
  236. Can a cat give a dog toxoplasmosis?
  237. what can i give my dog for a fever because it to late to go to the vet?
  238. can you give your dog human laxatives?
  239. I want a Huge dog that slobbers a lot and also is easy to train, likes to...
  240. can i give my dog omega-3 pills for dry skin?
  241. How to give your dog the best possible care when money is tight. (Please...
  242. What kind of Dewormer I should give my dog? ( German Shep)?
  243. Best dog food to give an Italian Greyhound?
  244. My dogs been in heat since a couple days after giving birth, how long should it last?
  245. What kind of water do you give your dog/puppy?
  246. What medication can you give a dog for a tummy rash?
  247. Has anyone ever had a problem giving their dog acepromazine?
  248. is it ok to give dogs tums?
  249. How much Brewers yeast do i give my dogs?
  250. Can I give my dog anything else to drink besides water?