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  1. Can I give my dogs the fresh pulp from my juicer?
  2. how to get af dog for free?
  3. Can dogs still be upbeat and hyper when they are getting ready to give birth?
  4. What is the best web address to post a free ad for a dog to good home?
  5. can you give a dog benedryl for allergies?
  6. Is it ok to give dogs protein drink mix?
  7. My vet told me I didn't have to test for heartworms if I gave my dog the...
  8. Can I give my dog Benadryl?
  9. can my dog feed its puppy after i have given it vitamin k for the rat poison?
  10. Should my dog be free in the house?
  11. what to do when you just gave your dog away?
  12. Can we give dogs color vision?
  13. Can anyone give me a list of foods dogs shouldn't eat?!?
  14. be honest, do u give dog answers which u dont conform too?
  15. cops took my dog wed night aspca gave me temp custody yesterday now cops
  16. Why is my dog still eating when she is about to give birth?
  17. how can you save a dog if it's choking, thought about this when I gave my
  18. How many tums should you give a dog after she has puppies to keep her calcium up?
  19. Can you give me a list of dog types?
  20. Could my pup have given another dog Parvo...extra details....?
  21. I have gave my dog...?
  22. is it ok to give a little dog Panadol?
  23. Hi could you give me a list or link of all dog breeds ranked according to...
  24. can i give my dog a bone?
  25. Is there something I can give my dog?
  26. Has anyone tried Kocci Free Remedy for their dog?
  28. Does anyone have a dog they need a home for free for?
  29. giving your dog slurpee?
  30. My dog gives off a bad smell?
  31. Should i give this foster dog back? its been pooing and peeing especially on the
  32. What will happen if i don't give my dog heart worm pills?
  33. unique names for large male dog? I will choose best answer and give high rating?
  34. Where can I get a small dog for free?
  35. Is it ok to give this to my dog?
  36. my dog was given vetergesic 2 x 10ml injection. he is 35 kgs. is this correct
  37. What is the best soap free dog shampoo?
  38. How do I get or create documentation when I gave my dogs their shots myself?
  39. Is it okay to give benadryl to a dog for his allergies?
  40. Free puppies or dogs online?
  41. Where can i get a free dog?
  42. what side effects can be expected by clomipramine give tgo a dog?
  43. what can i give my dog she as fluctuating hormones.?
  44. can i give aspirin to my dog?
  45. What can I give my dog for allergies?
  46. How much chicken broth to give 30lb dog?
  47. Does dog with heartworms need to stay still after given Ivermectin?
  48. My dads wants to give our dog away how do i get round him and stop him how to act?
  49. Question about dog given ivermectin for heartworms?
  50. what is the best wet dog food i can give my dogs?
  51. giving birth to a dog?
  52. Is it okay to give my dog vitamin C supplement gummies?
  53. I gave my dog these things....?
  54. giving a dog a bath help?
  55. Will it hurt my dog to give him lemon juice in his water?
  56. My vet told me my dog has sarna he gave me a cream but it does not seam to
  57. is it o.k. to give dogs a baby aspirin for fever?
  58. Give me a good name of a dog. [Paramore fans!!!]?
  59. Can anyone give Me Black Puppy(any Breed but not stray dog)...I also wanna
  60. I gave my dog mineral oil when will it work?
  61. is giving kittens there five way shots the same as a dog?
  62. My dog is causing problems in the house chewing things ect I want to give him
  63. My dog started to give birth yesterday she delivered one stillborn pup and hasn't
  64. What mild sedative can I give my dog?
  65. Would you give your last cracker to a hungry dog?
  66. can i give my dog benadryl ?
  67. What is the best and safest way to give away my dog?
  68. What are your views on giving dogs heartworm preventative?
  69. have you ever given a dog Viagra?
  70. can any one give me a dog breed that dose go good with parakeets? as a fact not
  71. what name would you most likely give a yorkie dog?
  72. QA: My dog has given birth, I have some Q's. Please answer!?
  73. whats the best time to give my dog her heartworm medication?
  74. Is it ok to give a dog Benadryl tablets everyday?
  75. Can you give me dog names ?
  76. If a 20 pound pekingese dog eats less than half of a hersheys bar, is it a problem
  77. what are good ways to house break my dog so that my parents don't give it away?
  78. Should I set fire to the stuffed dog he gave me~?
  79. give me an opinion on these dogs?
  80. Does is matter if you give your dog a bath before applying flea treatment?
  81. Can someone please give me some information about Pomeranian dogs?
  82. Can anyone give me any information on taking my dog on a Trans-Atlantic flight?
  83. Is Meloxicam safe to give my dog?
  84. my moms making me give my dog away!?
  85. i have to give my dog away?
  86. Has anyone given their dogs greenies and had trouble?
  87. how much pepto bismouth can we give our dog?
  88. What kind of psychological issues can I give my dog if I fordce her to face her
  89. How many calories should I give to my pregnant dog?
  90. is it ok to give your dog frontline!!!!!!!!!!?
  91. is it safe to give my dog tylenol?
  92. giving milk to a dog? is it ok?
  93. Is it true that law enforcement actually give the K9's (dogs) drugs?
  94. is it okay to give my dogs vitamin c pills?
  95. My dog has arthritis what should i give her.?
  96. Can i give my dog a bath when she is in heat?
  97. Zimecterin (ivermectin) 1.87 paste.. Can I give this to my dog?
  98. what should i give my dog for diarrhea?
  99. Is it ok to give a dog milk?
  100. Would you consider walking a dog for free? same neighborhood?
  101. At what point would you give up on your dog for bad temperament?
  102. my dog is 6 weeks old, is it to early to give him a bone?
  103. What will i do to make my dog tangle-free fur?
  104. how can i give an injured dog food and water?
  105. My dog has severe separation anxiety. Should I give her meds?
  106. Can i give my dog for rent?
  107. Have you ever given your dog melatonin? What brand did you use?
  108. Where can I find a free Tiny Teacup YORKIE. Also, I don't want any other...
  109. How much food should i give my dog a day?
  110. MY husband is making me give away my dog?
  111. My Dog had an ear infection using what vet gave me but she acts like she can...
  112. How early does a dog start nesting before giving birth?
  113. How to give a dog confidence?
  114. How can I help a dog from getting Euthanized and be given a second chance?
  115. Can somebody help me or give me advice about my dogs please?
  116. Suggestions on how to give this dog benadryl!?
  117. What do you say when someone gives your dog a compliment?
  118. What are the dog treats that you use to give dogs pills?
  119. when will it take a dog to give birth?
  120. I give my dog pedigree dry dog food.What other good dry dog food can I get...
  121. What is the best way to teach your dog to give?
  122. My puppy had parvo, got better, but now i'm worried is she a carrier? Can she...
  123. If my dogs medicine says take every 12 hours can i give it to him an hour and...
  124. how much Benadryl Can i give my dog?
  125. Question! i am giving away my 3yrd old dog because I am in graduate school(long
  126. I need to give my dog children benadryl?
  127. How is the best way for me to give my dog a haircut?
  128. can u give cute dog names for girl dogs?
  129. Dog got allergic reaction from vaccine;t they gave him shot how long does it...
  130. My dogs about to give birth what is some signs right before she has them?
  131. Can I give my dog mineral water?
  132. Can you give a dog a human cold pill for nasal problems?
  133. where do you give a 7 in one shot on your dog reply?
  134. Is it okay to give my dogs liver as a treat?
  135. how to clean a dog without giving him a bath?
  136. Can I give my dog sodium bromide and heartworm medication?
  137. where do you give a 7 in one shot on your dog?
  138. Is there shots to give dogs so they will not have there puppy's?
  139. is it safe to give a dog a tangerine slice?
  140. Anyone have any tips wrt giving sub-q fluids to a dog? Any advice would be
  141. Is it possible to give a dog too much glucosamine?
  142. Can i give my dog amoxicillin for a bleeding thing on his butt?
  143. My dog is so hyper most of the time..idk is it her food what type of brand
  144. I grew so attached to my dog and now they've taken him away will they...
  145. Do you give your dog people food?
  146. My dog is losing weight after giving birth, is this normal?
  147. about free dogs..everyday my local paper has 5 to 10 free dogs puppies to adults
  148. Free Dog Food - Is This True?
  149. can you please give me some adjectives for small calm dogs?
  150. should i give my dog the food brandcanidae?
  151. dog free to good home rehomed and stolen back?
  152. Good foods to give dogs for shinier coats?
  153. My dog gave birth. What's wrong with her?
  154. We took our dog to the vet today for tape worms and she has thrown up 4 times since
  155. Do you think it is going to be warm enough to give my dogs a bath?
  156. Is it ok to breed a male dog that only has one ball? and he is 1 will the other...
  157. what to give my little dog?
  158. Have to give away my dog.....?
  159. How did my dog give birth to a lizard?
  160. i got 2 dogs and i would like a free training program that knows what its doing.?
  161. Is it okay to give my dog Drammamine?
  162. Never give your dog MonaVie! The grape content is too strong for their system.
  163. Do I give my neighbor a new dog?
  164. What kind of drug can I give my dog before clipping her nails?
  165. How to help my dog give birth?
  166. What can I give my dog that will safely and temporarily sedate or calm him?
  167. Dream about helping a pregnant dog give birth?
  168. Do celebs get their little dogs for free and are they advertising a breed?
  169. My dog cut his tail from wagging it too hard. I took him to the vet and...
  170. How do you know if you are giving your dog enough attention?
  171. Breeders who dont give dogs back.....!!!!?
  172. my dog gave birth normally two days ago and has discharge?
  173. May I give my 9lb dog a drop or two of oregano oil for her breath?
  174. My dog has weird whining habits can someone give me some insight on what is
  175. what can i expect the first few days after my dog gives birth?
  176. Whats wrong with my dog? Please help, WILL give best answer!?
  177. Can anyone help me with my Dog?.. shes not eating.. is there anything i
  178. can you give dogs carrots/other fruits or vegetables?
  179. Can you give dogs, people vitamin C tablets?
  180. my dogs hip hurts what asprin to give?
  181. urgent!my dogs vet sent her tylenol? gave it wrong dose?
  182. can i give my dog a bath?
  183. Vets or animal owners! I gave my dog a bath today and now his hair is...
  184. free dogs, puppies, or pets!!!?
  185. How much food should I give my dog daily?
  186. My dog is fat..and ya he needs my help. so to best answer i will give 10 points k?
  187. when to give heart worm pill to a dog in chicago?
  188. Please help! dog giving me problems?
  189. My dog gave birth 2 weeks ago and she is already trying to quit nursing.?
  190. What can i give my dog to make her heart and blood healthy?
  191. how long does it take a dog to give birth?
  192. My dog is giving birth?
  193. can i give my dog aspirin and how much?
  194. My dog just gave birth, does she go out as often as she's always gone out?
  195. Can I give my 95lbs dog one buffered aspirin while she is also taking doxycycline?
  196. Since im getting a dog should i loose a good amount of weight giving it walks?
  197. Have we given the dog too much freedom?
  198. What do I do when my dog gives birth to help her?
  199. Is it safe to give a nursing dog de-worming medicine?
  200. Why don't my dogs flip over grain-free kibble?
  201. How can I cope up with my dog? I'm giving him away...?
  202. Organizations that give free dog and cat food?
  203. I just wanted to know if there was anything you can give a dog for ticks
  204. when do i give my newborn dog a bath?
  205. Can you give a dog or cat a cesection?
  206. Ive heard it bad to give your dog oranges is this true?
  207. My dog gave birth............................................. .....?
  208. How much aspirin should I give my dog?
  209. Can I give my dog gastro?
  210. My dogs stomach is quite hard and hasnt been acting the same, whats wrong with
  211. Should I give my dog a penicillin shot?
  212. How much food should I give my 8lb dog?
  213. how many satin balls should i give my dog a day?
  214. Can you give dogs glucosamine sulphate for their joints?
  215. The dog that gives you the songs?
  216. my dad is mad at me cause i have a dog but i love her and cant give her away
  217. Should u give ur dog flax seed powder?
  218. how long does it take for a Dog to give LABOR?
  219. My dog just gave birth and Im wondering, how much time does it normally...
  220. Where can I get my dogs fixed for free or really cheap?
  221. breeders who dont give dogs back!!?
  222. What is the best way to teach my dog to give up what he has?
  223. will some one give me a quote about dogs being kept in cages?
  224. When do you give your dog supplements?
  225. how long till dog gives birth if they have milk?
  226. can you give kalms tablets to a dog?
  227. Can a Dog with hart worms give to another Dog or a Human?
  228. Is a grain free dog food what your suposed to be looking for when purchasing?
  229. Did I hurt my dog giving her the hemlich?
  230. When a dog gives birth do you cut the cord and break the sac or does she do it?
  231. What is a safe amount of Brewer Yeast and Garlic to give dogs?
  232. Can they legally get the dog back when they gave him to me?
  233. Both of my dogs are constantly scooting across the rug and licking their butts,
  234. Is it bad that I forgot to give my dog his heart worm pill for the month?
  235. i have a dog thats pregnant.......can i assist my dog while shes giving birth...
  236. i livei n cleveland,ga im looking for a free small dog that with forever be small?
  237. Is it okay to give my dog a ham hock?
  238. I have a problem about my neighbor giving my dog food and I don't now who it is.?
  239. I am concerned with the ' commericial dog food scare'. Can an vets give me a list of
  240. Should I give my dog antidepressants?
  241. how to give a jumpy dog a haircut?
  242. What would your dog say if someone gave him or her a voice?
  243. Should I give them the dog?
  244. Are Jon and Kate for real?One dog had surgery because it swallowed a...
  245. do you have to give a dog a rabies vacc once a year or once a life?
  246. what that army website you get by mail that gives u the free dog tag? i
  247. Is this normal for most (medium sized) dogs? My dog was given Gravy Train dog
  248. giving a dog human medicine?
  249. Is it safe to give my preganat dog penicillan?
  250. What is a good way to give my dog a bath?