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  1. How much time should I give my dog to eat?
  2. I might have to give away my dog, please give your advice?
  3. When taking care of a dog who is insulin dependant do you give them their shot?
  4. Can i give my dog flea medication three days in a row?
  5. Alergy-free dogs?
  6. Spiritually speaking, is it a sin to spray Febreeze on a dog instead of
  7. Can a dog go to an animal hospital to give birth?
  8. can i give my dog decaffenated tea to help soothe his stomach?
  9. When you give a dog a carrot?
  10. can dogs give lice to humans?
  11. what are some frozen dog treats i can give to silly?
  12. what would you do give/do for your dog? how far would you go?
  13. Is it normal for a female dog to bleed 4 days after giving birth?
  14. Can My Dog Give Birth Early?
  15. Isn't it funny how we give our dogs nicknames?
  16. Is it safe to give a dog Benadryl to treat allergies?
  17. When can you start giving a puppy/dog dog bones from the pet store?
  18. does giving milk to a dog after biting a toad harmful?
  19. were can I get a free toy/teacup dog?
  20. my dog just gave birth for the first time 4 days ago and now is having...
  21. How can I keep my dogs stress free?
  22. Free roaming dogs?
  23. After flee treatment..When can I give my dog a bath?
  24. is it safe 2 give ur dog honey and lemon?
  25. Why does my dog cry when I give her a bone?
  26. I have a chow dog and she does not let me bath her ...could i give her some
  27. Hi my dog broke out Sunday night and we gave her benadryl and now she won't eat or
  28. I give my dog a teaspoon of honey once a day, is this bad?
  29. were can I get a free toy/teacup dog?
  30. What to give dog that has blood on his dockey and is thorwing up puddles of blood. ?
  31. Dog ear infection- vet gave me tri otic ointment, is it supposed to be a gel?
  32. free dog clinic in the los angeles area????
  33. when you buy a dog from a breeder do they have to give you the veterinarian records?
  34. Give me a good list of any cute dog name(s)?
  35. Don't you get annoyed with those dogs roaming free
  36. How long before I can give my dog another (different) flea medication?
  37. Is my dog going to give birth soon?
  38. What kind of dog treats are wheat and corn free?
  39. does anyone know of a website that you can put dogs up for adoption for...
  40. Where do you get a free dog in toronto?
  41. PA people anyone know where to get a free dog?
  42. why free tibet but not free ossetia you politically correct anti-russian
  43. How do you know your dog is ready to roam free while no one is home? ?
  44. can anyone give me a list of plants that are poisonous to dogs?
  45. i gave my dog half a tylenol?
  46. my dog stung in the lip from a bee or wasp.lip is swallon.dont see stinger.i
  47. Where can I go and get a free dog in Chicago, Illinois?
  48. what can i give my dog to gain waight?
  49. I just got a new dog, she is 2 years old and potty trained. Should I let her
  50. Im using Frontline flea drops on my dog-is it ok to give him flea baths as well or
  51. Is my dog healthy ,or should i give him a high energy diet?
  52. Were am I able to get a free, outdoor dog?
  53. where can i get my male dog neutered for free or for a small price.
  54. Are there any things I can give my dog........?
  55. what things can I do or toys can I give to my clever dog?
  56. can someone please help me find a free movie website to watch Alpha Dog??
  57. Can giving a dog steroids (Prednizone) harm the puppies if she's pregnant?
  58. why they took free dog away is not fair to good families that really ?
  59. I'm baking preservative free treats for my dog all natural stuff. How do I...
  60. Would a grain - free diet help with weight loss in a chubby dog?
  61. Is it okay to give my dog peanut butter?
  62. If I get hit in the head by a hockey puck, do I get a free hot dog?
  63. Do You Think I Should Give My Dogs Filtered Water?
  64. Am I being unreasonable? want to give my dogs to a better home?
  65. How much food am I supposed to give my about 16lb. dog?
  66. how to give shots to dogs?
  67. Where do I get Yellow Dog Linux free for my PS3, and how do I install?
  68. Is it possible to give a dog milk?
  69. I'm baking all natural preservative free treats for my dog, I cant get that
  70. why do people give their dogs up??
  71. where can i watch, ''it's me or the dog'' online for free? WITHOUT DOWNLOADING??
  72. Why does my dog nibble on the other one when I am giving her affection?
  73. Has anyone else tried Skinneez Stuffing Free Dog Toys?
  74. does my dog have worms!!??? im giving details please help?
  75. do you let your dog(s) have free rein of the entire house when you are at
  76. Unusual dog smell please give advice...?
  77. I saw my dad gf giving the dog a bathoutside with the hose.?
  78. why would some total loser report my question "can a dog give another dog an sti"?
  79. IS calling the vet to ask how to help my dog free?
  80. should i clean my dogs ears every time before giving ear mite drops?
  81. Does anyone have a dog that is free to a good home?
  82. Dog treat recipes with fat free chicken broth and beef gravy. (both canned)
  83. Can someone draw a free sketch of my dog?
  84. My dog wont give me the tennis ball back!!!?
  85. Why does my dog whine when she chews on her bone or a treat we give her? She...
  86. where to find free help for a dog hit by car we have no money and dog is hurt...
  87. How often can you give a dog one of those cow hide bones?
  88. free dogs in dyersburg tn good websites to find free dogs?
  89. does anyone have a little dog that will stay little for free
  90. when do i give my dog heart worm pills?
  91. is anybody in houston,tx have small dog that want to get rid of it and its free?
  92. Have any of you ever given someone a list of "Things To Do" for your dog?
  93. will the owners ship a dog to me if me and the dog are in the same state for free?
  94. Will teaching my dog to heel help give him better manners outside?
  95. how to make wheat, corn,soy free dog treats?
  96. Warning more then question. pet scams online watch for free/cheap dogs online
  97. Should I let my dog-sitter come to work a week after giving birth?
  98. Can you give a dog pepto-bismol?
  99. Where to see Its me or the dog for free, full length, and online..?
  100. Lenny: A very Special Dog
  101. how much oxytocin would be given to a 4lb dog when whelping,before a
  102. What can I give my dog when she is in pain?
  103. How do I convince my parents to get another dog? We already had one, but had to
  104. could you give me adress of leeds dog show and postcode?
  105. what can you give a nursing dog to stop diarrhea?
  106. Is it okay to give my cat those dog bone treats to clean his teeth? like the...
  107. my dog is giving birth but she is having trouble what should i do?
  108. Can I give BIO SPOT dog flea treatment to a cat but in a smaller quantity ?
  109. How much cottage cheese or milk do you give a day to help prevent milk
  110. What does it mean when your Army boyfriend gives you his dog tags?
  111. how do i make my dog fetch when i trow the ball it gets the ball and
  112. Is there anything I can give my female dog while shes in heat to make my
  113. Hi Im moving soon and want to make it as stress-free for my dog as possible.?
  114. My landlord gave me his dog, after me taking care of him for 7 months that was
  115. my dog's having problems pooping and it dries around her buthole. should i give
  116. Is it safe to give a dog an anti histamine for humans?
  117. so you guys have never given these things to your dogs....?
  118. what can i give my dog for the swelling and pain?
  119. how much valium do i give my 49 pound dog?
  120. My dog has fleas, I have given her several flea baths. that didn't rid em'.
  121. I tried to give my dog Benadryl and he bit me, now what do I do?
  122. What is the best food to give your dog who has newborn puppies?
  123. Has anyone's dog ever had a bad reaction to rabies and distemper shots given at...
  124. Giving your dogs their vaccines at home?
  125. Is there anything that I can give my dog if she's sick to her stomach?
  126. my dog is constibated what can i give him to make him go?
  127. My Dog is getting old... how do I give it the best years of it life?
  128. what is the best wayto not cry while giving two dogs away?
  129. The Vet said my dog has a yeast infection and won't stop itching. The medicine he...
  130. My freind let another friend "hold" a dog for her while she moved (same...
  131. a friend has given my dog cherries (2/3) and blueberrys to eat. Are they...
  132. My vet is "sure" my dog has demodex mange, but the treatment they have
  133. Is it healthy to give a dog fruit, like apples and bananas?
  134. Can you give a dog Capstar to kill fleas if she already has Frontline Plus on?
  135. Is it okay that i gave my dog french fries?
  136. can you give your dog vitamins?
  137. my girlfriend is a 10 in bed but she wants me to give up my dog who is the best...
  138. Does anyone no of any one giving away an American Eskimo dog or selling one?
  139. I was told that my dog that given to me that the Veterinarian that my dog might
  140. Do you give your dog flea&tick preventive year round?
  141. How do I give my dog a bath?
  142. What are the healthiest cookies/treats to give to dogs?
  143. free dogs?
  144. Can you give me tips on how to establish a heathly "pack" with your dog?
  145. Please help!! Dog gave litter of pups, two died due to still birth, very...
  146. Is it necessary to give your dog a puppy food. ?
  147. What websites are free to post ads for dogs up for adoption?
  148. Can I give ginger ale to my dog?? he has nausea recovering from parvo??
  149. How Often Can I Give My Dog A Bath? It's a Bichon, heard they have sensitive
  150. i put advantage on my dog 21st of june gave her a bath 2 days ago is it safe...
  151. my vet gave me calcium tablets to give to my dog?
  152. why do people feed grain free dog food?
  153. Given the revelation that the chinese authorities have banned dog dishes...
  154. My neighbor is trying to get free dental work by lying about my dog. What can I do?
  155. i want to get a dog really badly can you give me some tips to persuade my parents???
  156. How should a dog be acting after they given birth?
  157. Why were your Dog(s) given the names they have?
  158. Thinking back did I do the right thing when my dog gave birth?
  159. I had to give up my dog and I'm sad, what should I do?
  160. What should I feed my dog that just gave birth yesterday?
  161. My dog(that just gave birth yesterday) is getting diarrhea and........?
  162. How to I keep my room 'dog smell' free?
  163. Is it okay to give your dog purified water?
  164. I have been giving my little dog a bath everyday to keep fleas off. I know that
  165. i have been given a Chain Link dog run. the chain link is one big piece and then...
  166. have to give away the family dog....?
  167. would anybody like a free sample of ''naturally healthy dog food? (UK)?
  168. I'm wondering if I should get another dog or give it some time?
  169. my parents want to give away my dog!?
  170. i gave my dog cat dewormer cause the vet said it was the same but now my dog has...
  171. dog accidently ate 10 mg ambien. gave her peroxide, but she won't throw up.?
  172. What is the best way to give someones dog back to them?
  173. HOw much benadryl should I give my dog if he is 58 pounds for an allergy?
  174. i saw a dog that looked like a LARGE fox with a smaller mane...can
  175. What's wrong with my dog? Can someone give me some answers!?
  176. Possible for a dog born small than usual to later give birth to pups?
  177. My dogs rib is sticking out i just noticed it io was giving him a bath
  178. Can people who are in wheelchairs get a wheelchair dog helper for free??
  179. Is their anything you can give a female dog so the puppies won't wear
  180. free ads classified internet dog scam?
  181. what can i give my dog for more protein?
  182. why can't you give a dog heartguard plus or similar medications to a dog that...
  183. my dog is free to roam around the kitchen day and night on the linoleum flooring....
  184. list of websites which have free dog and cat rawfood recipes?
  185. After giving my dog a bath is there anything special I should do with the
  186. Can i give dog Advantage Multi to my cat?
  187. I'm given the impression that my dog will only do tricks for me if there's a treat?
  188. Where can I get free dog clothes patterns online?
  189. Why does my dog sometimes cry when I give him rawhide bars or similar treats?
  190. POLL:do you give your dogs middle names?
  191. i got a 2 year old papillon female dog why wont she eat the food we gave her?
  192. Is it true that they give medals to people who kill dogs?
  193. If you have fostered a dog before, I am wondering how you give the dog up to
  194. Will giving my dog another flea treatment hurt him if the first one isn't working?
  195. y cant u give asprin to a dog? (reason..)?
  196. why does my dog whines when i give her a treat?
  197. other sites give more detailed "possibilities" for why a dog has blood in
  198. Can your license get suspended for not giving your dog a Ravie shot?
  199. Can you give me some feed back on adding yet another dog?
  200. What can I give my dog to make her sleepy?
  201. My dog stinks really bad, but every time i give her a bath she still stinks
  202. What should I do? My mom gave away my dog!?
  203. PLEASE help me. my dog keeps giving me paw???
  204. I am looking for a free pom the dog under 5pounds do you have one?
  205. I need a all natural yogurt frosting for dog cookie. I will give best answer?
  206. Reasonably priced grain-free dog food?
  207. when i take my dog to the groomer will they give her a brazillian wax also?
  208. i was bitten by a dog when i was 5 and given 3 rabipur shots. now i am 18 and
  209. Has anyone ever given their dog Benadryl to calm them down?
  210. Can I give my dog imodium??
  211. Vet said I can use Benadryl for itching dogs with unknown allergies. Is...
  212. 10 points to the best answer,I mean it.Any great sites to download yellow dog linux
  213. Do you give your dog vitamins?
  214. who wants a free dog or knows someone who wants a free dog?
  215. Giving dog commands in espanol?
  216. My dog was spayed yesterday, I picked her up this morning and am wondering
  217. I am trying to find a free small dog to take care of and love if anyone
  218. Curious as to how many people out there are feeding their dogs grain free food?
  219. Is it Ok to give this to my dog?
  220. my dog got into a deer carcus. i gave him a bath but the smell is still...
  221. does anyone know any websites that have free dogs in orange county?
  222. Should I be concerned with giving my dogs pig ears that were treated with
  223. Is it necessary to give my dog both an initial & a booster bordetella shot...
  224. i am looking for a free ebook or info on dog breeding?
  225. do u give yur dog a rabies shot once a year and it lasts a year ?
  226. what kind of meat bones can you give your small lap dog?
  227. What is your opinion on "meat-free" dog food for vegetarian dog owners???
  228. Something is giving my dog soft stool, what could it be?
  229. Dog milk vs cat milk vs lactose free milk!?
  230. Is therer anywhere to have a dog castrated / neutered for cheap/free in Greater...
  231. my dog gave birth a few hours ago and now has a dark green slightly bloody...
  232. its almost my dogs bday, so whats the best gift i can give him?
  233. where can i find a free dog boarding in orlando florida?
  234. 4 Free hot dog and 4 Free Cokes Coupon [Fenway Park]; how do ppl get them?
  235. hi i have 4 dogs and want to make a free homepage for them can anyone knows
  236. My dog was free and a dog who was tied up at his trailer tried to attack...
  237. I want to walk 2 miles everyday , but there are free dogs in my neighborhood.?
  238. t else has that blonde off hollyoaks been in? she was talkin 2 russ in the dog, and
  239. where can i watch courage the cowardly dog online for free?
  240. Dog gives snarling kisses, whats up?
  241. Is it a Good or Bad Idea to give my husband a Get Out of the Dog House...
  242. Poll: would you Rather be a human and give a dog a bone?
  243. Just Found Dog .. Ne Free or Discounted Neuter programs.?
  244. I am planing to get a dog give some good breeds I can choose from I am o.k with...
  245. can you give a dog pepto bismal?
  246. where can i dowload a free "MY DOG" mobile game?
  247. what do i give my dog for pain?
  248. If I fog my house and i give medication to my dog (flea infested) will she
  249. where in nyc can my dog get his shots for free, he's 6 weeks old?
  250. Mew, Mewtwo, Jirachi, Lugia or any of the legendary dogs for free?