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  1. What treats can I give to my diabetic dog?
  2. Is there some sort of test you can give your dog to indeed no she is in heat?
  3. What did this dog give me? (Scabies, mange, etc.??)?
  4. My dog cindy has some red puss around her eye can u give me a hint of what is
  5. my parents want to give my dog away becuase he is too hyper, but they wont get
  6. What is the best way to transition my dogs from free feeding to a schedule?
  7. Can someone give me dog treat recipies?
  8. how often anti- mange drugs be given to dogs?
  9. Free website for Dogs?
  10. Give the dog a bone....and watch her cry?
  11. I'll give you 11 reasons why we should ban the untrustworthy dogs known as pit...
  12. Free website for Dogs?
  13. Can you give a dog Benadryl or is this harmful?
  14. What do I give my dog for arthritis pain?
  15. Why does my dog always go crazy after I give him a bath?
  16. can anyone give me some tips on geting started with a small hot dog business?
  17. can someone give me a list of the most wanted dogs?
  18. What to give a diabetic dog to eat?
  19. Is it true that if you start giving your dog canned food,he will never want dry
  20. What advice would you give regarding choosing a suitable dog?
  21. Our dog was run over today and can't afford a vet visit. I want to give
  22. what amount of food should be given to a westie dog. As a puppy and as an adult?
  23. Is it good to give a dog beer? What is the truth?
  24. How can you tell when your dogs going to give birth?
  25. My dog has congestive heart failure. can i give him an extra dose of furosemide?
  26. How do i give away my two dogs?
  27. please help figure out what kind of dog that i gave?
  28. which dog food do you give your dog?
  29. Is it ok to give your dog benadryl after giving her buffered aspirin? ?
  30. Can I give my dog a penacillin pill to help with an ear infection?
  31. My dog has had a litter of pups before and now she is in heat again and wont...
  32. where can i download yellow dog linux for free to go on my ps3 ?
  33. is it it a good thing to give a dog a bone un proccessed from a butchers?
  34. my dog is vomiting when im taking her for a trip in the car what to give as a
  35. can you give a dog human protein.... like the kind you mix with milk or water?
  36. How often should i give my dog a greenie?
  37. Can the kennel cough shot for dogs, give a dog kennel cough?
  38. harvest moon DS: or Daryl to show you Leia, do you show him your dog or give him...
  39. Can i give my dog a asprin?
  40. can I give my dog hydrochlorothiazide (a water pill)?
  41. Can My Neighbor Give Away MY DOGS?
  42. Could Anyone Give Me Pictures of the Dog in pirates of the Caribbean? (good
  43. What do you give a farting dog?
  44. i had a dream that my dog gave birth to a human baby that looked just
  45. what can you give a dog for allergies?
  46. Can you give a dog a bath?
  47. can i give Albond to a nursing mommy dog?
  48. can you give a dog a ?
  49. Easy way to give a dog a bath?
  50. Can any one give me their views on dingoes? And the origins of dogs?
  51. What should I give my dog to drink. Water or Milk?
  52. Can you offer any suggestions for a dog's Halloween costume as a mouse from If You
  53. can i give my dog a egg daily?
  54. Can dogs be given human fiber supplements?
  55. For the book white star a dog on the titanic . Can you give me a summary and...
  56. Can ANYBODY here please give me a good NAME for my new DOG ?
  57. Do you treat your dog or cat, better than you treat your BF or GF? I once gave my
  58. Help: Cross 2 dogs w/blk hair, give the phenotypic ratios, including the color...
  59. Is there any organizations that would give my dog medical treatment...?
  60. Can you give me some breeds of small dogs?
  61. Where can I find a free template for a dog breeders business plan? ?
  62. What can I give to my dog for an ear ache?
  63. My neighbor keeps giving my dog food without ever asking me or being me aware of...
  64. Can i give my dog pepto bismol?!?!?
  65. My Dog Is Giving Birth!?
  66. how long do I have to wait to give my dog that just had her litter a bath?
  67. What can I give my dog....?
  68. what do i do when giving away dog?
  69. can I give my dog omega 3?
  70. how often can I give my 14 year old, 50 pound dog an 81mg asprin?
  71. what can i do to help my dog thats giving birth right now?
  72. Can you give me the best websites for buying dogs houses and kennels online? the
  73. Would you give up your life for your dog?
  74. Why would my skin doctor give me an ophthalmic ointment which is commonly...
  75. Why would my skin doctor give me ophthalmic ointment which is commonly used on...
  76. Why Did The Bond Rating Agencies Lie Like a Dog Throughout the Subprime
  77. How do I give my dog a pill?
  78. is benadryl cough mixture ok to give my dog?
  79. Is 20 years old to young to have a dog? Will give best answer.?
  80. My dog weighs 10 lbs. how much ivermectin shoud i give her daily for red mange?
  81. Can someone give me a list of good dogs that don't shed?
  82. Why does my dog go BERSERK when ever I give him a bath?
  83. First Dog...Give it to me Straight ?
  84. Are there any places that can help with the cost of dog food or get free dog food?
  85. i took my dog to the vet to be neutered when i called they said when we left
  86. My mom gave my dog away and i need her back! Help?
  87. My female dog gave birth three and a half weeks ago and is still bleeding.
  88. How long does it take a female dog to give birth after it has been with a dog?
  89. What kind of supplement should I give my dog.. salmon oil, anchovy-sardine
  90. Which vaccines should i give to my dogs that are almost 1 and over 1?
  91. i gave my dog suphedrine because he had the sniffles but now he is
  92. My dog wont eat the dog food that I give him. I've tried both dry and wet and...
  93. When giving your dogs numerous tablets at once?
  94. Give me some small short haired dogs?
  95. dog temperature drop before she gives birth?
  96. Can you give a "fixed" dog a surrogate puppy?
  97. Is it safe to give CoQ10 or grape seed extract supplements to my dog?
  98. my dog was ran over. free or discounted vet care?
  99. Can you give Nutritional Supplement drinks to senior dogs?
  100. Pregnant Dog - giving birth?
  101. how many water sacks come out of a dog while giving birth?
  102. Can dogs give you their illness?
  103. Dog's giving birth......?
  104. can new puppy give tapeworms to my dogs that are on interceptor?
  105. what can i give my dog to chew on?
  106. Can anyone give me ideas for homemade dog toys?
  107. Give me some small Short haired dogs?
  108. I know you can give dogs Benadryl for allergies but can you give them Claritin if
  109. Does anyone know where I can get a free dog in England?
  110. Does anyone know where I can get a free dog in England?
  111. What can i give to my dog to bite when he is 3 months old, I think he is
  112. Can I bathe my dog if I just gave her her flea meds 24 hrs ago?
  113. Can I give my dog SUERO instead of water?
  114. What can give a dog that pulled a muscle?
  115. Can you give your dog his own shots....?
  116. can my cats give my dog there upper respiratory infection?
  117. giving my dog crackers?
  118. How long will a dog be in labor before she gives birth? And is it normal for her...
  119. How long will a dog be in labor before she gives birth? And is it normal for her...
  120. my chihuahua dog just gave birth today?
  121. What is the best name to give to a pet dog?
  122. a Man told my aunt that he could give my dogs antifreeze!!?
  123. HELP!! I just accidently gave my dog the wrong kind of Frontline.?
  124. My dog has hit her heat cycle, can it give her diarrhea?
  125. Help! my grandma gave my dog some aspirin but she didnt measure it,?
  126. If my Vet gives my dog a bad diagnosis, should I have to pay for a third visit?
  127. Is it cruel to visit your dog after giving him away to a new family?
  128. Can you give a dog Benadryl liquid to stop his itching or any other soloutions
  129. Survey: Do you take your dog(s) to the dog park so they can run around and be happy
  130. I was barbecuing today and gave my dog a piece of meat which turned out to
  131. Should I give my Dog the leftovers from dinner?
  132. I was given a dog and now they are threatening to dog nap him.?
  133. Can you give a bone from a round steak to a dog?
  134. My dog being carsick prevents us from doing anything fun together. What advice what
  135. Are red peppers ok to give dogs? ?
  136. what happens if you give your dog benadryl?
  137. Give me one good reason why chickens aren't as smart as cats and dogs?
  138. What kind of treats can I give my dog with bladder stones? [READ FIRST]?
  139. can i give my dog frontline plus for cats?
  140. WHAT IS WRONG WITH MY DOG? Everytime I give?
  141. How much could a dog eat if given an endless supply?
  142. My 84 subaru GL dogs out at 40 mph, gave it a tune up, what else could it be?
  143. My vet gave my dog Drontal and she kept it down for about 2 hours but then...
  144. Is it ok to give a our dog human antibiotics such as Dicloxacillin?
  145. What happens when you give dogs alcohol?
  146. Can you give a dog milk every day?
  147. My dog wont eat dog food because the people that had him before us, gave...
  148. where can i download dog barking sounds for free?
  149. why wont my dog give birth?
  150. My dog was recently shot with a bb gun, anyone know the program in Seattle offering
  151. Can anyone give me advice on how bring my dog (a pug with passport & chipped)
  152. My dads thinking about giving away our dog because she is always jumpin...
  153. Can I give my dogs MonaVie juice?
  154. give excedrine to dog?
  155. My dog has a soar throat, what can I give to soothe it at home?
  156. How much food should i give to my dog?
  157. Is ivermectin paste for horses safe to give to dogs?
  158. What to give when giving my dog away?
  159. Is ivermectin paste for horses safe to give to dogs?
  160. Dog Spine problems.. Dog was born with a arch spine and is now giving problems.
  161. HI am trying to start giving my dog apple cider vinegar...please answer only...
  162. Can you give the vaccination for kennel couch to a dog that has kennel couch?
  163. i think my dog ate a black widow n hes been very sick um wat do i do or give him?
  164. What would you give a dog for constipation ?
  165. how many milligrams of asprin can i give my 80 lb. dog?
  166. someone gave us this dog and I need to know what to use or do to get rid of her odor
  167. The dosage of an arthritis medicine for dogs is given as 1.5-1.7 mg/kg body weight?
  168. Dog giving birth??! Tempature?
  169. Do yall have free big dogs or free cats.or free parakeets ?
  170. Is it Ibuprofin or tylenol that you cannot give a dog?
  171. Can You Give Me A List Of Dogs That Are A Good Strong Breed?
  172. i kind of have a dog right now but he dosnt like any treats! i gave him a milkbone...
  173. How do I get my dog his meds on-line if the vet refuses to give me a prescription ?
  174. Is it safe to give a large dog a benadryl?
  175. What is the word used to describe people who give their dogs human emotions?
  176. my mother in law gave me her dog........?
  177. free dog to whoever helps me with my homework?
  178. They have to give my dog an abortion?? Help!!?
  179. My friend gave me a puppy and I have never had a dog before. How do I take care of...
  180. made a $600 deposit on a puppy, now they are not going to give us the dog. I
  181. my dog is like so horny is their a medicine i can give him kause his goes crazy?
  182. My dog hurt her tail...can we give her Aspirin?
  183. Can your dog say "i don't give a damn about Paris Hilton"?
  184. Help My Dad May Give My Dog Away?
  185. This family took my dog and wont give it back. I want to steal him back but
  186. what is the right temperature for the water when giving your dog a bath?
  187. Would it be better for my dog if I gave him up?
  188. Help! My dog is in labor and i dont know when he will give birth!!!?
  189. When was the last time you bribed a police dog to not give away the place
  190. how long after my dog gives birth should i spay her?
  191. free dog house plans?
  192. my dog has a foul odor in mouth and blisters inside bottom mouth .what can i...
  193. Can I give my dogs a raw egg ?
  194. Can i give my dog Sara Lee Hardwood smoked ham or turkey bits?
  195. If dogs get euthanized because no one wants them then they should give
  196. Is giving my Dog antibiotic safe?
  197. My Dog keeps on trembling and won't stop.She vomited allot just once .Is she sick...
  198. How long do you leave frontline on before giving a bath to the dog?
  199. OOp's i gave my Dog Chacolate ...?
  200. looking for free wolf or dog stuffed animal sewing patterns?
  201. is my dog lactating shes giving off a clear type of substance.?
  202. In Sims 2 pets how do you give the hungry dog food.?
  203. Does anyone no a website to get free, printable dog, clothing patterns?
  204. Animal shelter gave me a wrong dog, what should I do?
  205. my dog gave birth 4 weeks ago by c-section ?
  206. Help!! My dog is sick can anyone give me advice?
  207. some one told me that when i give my dog a bath, i have to squeeze her vagina to
  208. can dogs give birth to just one puppy?
  209. I've given my dog 2 treatments of frontline and she still has fleas.?
  210. How to give each individual dog more one-on-one attention?
  211. How long do i have to wait to give my dog a bath?
  212. can brewers yeast with garlic give your dog a yeast infection?
  213. My dogs have ticks. We have sprayed the lawn and inside the house, as well as...
  214. My boyfriend of 4yrs is leaveing today and he is taking the the dog he so...
  215. Can My Dog Give Birth Outside?
  216. Is it ok to give dogs milk with their food or just milk in general? Please
  217. Is there anything I can give my 5 lb. mix dog to calm him down enough to trim...
  218. my dog is vomiting! is there anythig i can gave him?
  219. My dog has tapeworms so I'm giving him d-worm(praziquantel) tapeworm pills.How
  220. Nick nack patty whack give the dog a bone, This ------ Can you finish the sentence ?
  221. can eating fish food,as a reward treat, hurt my dog? I give them because Them
  222. Whats not to give dogs to eat? Like eggs or .....?
  223. HELP !!! What dog should I get ? Please give advice ... ?
  224. Is it healthy to give dogs and cats milk?
  225. how can i get a free dog?
  226. My dog's hip keeps giving out.........what should I do?
  227. dog coming out of season, when's it safe to let her run free?
  228. Should we give away our dog?
  229. What is the best flea medication to give to dogs and or cats?
  230. My neighbor gave away her dog's three puppies. The dog is very sad now. How to
  231. Would you rather give a dog CPR or a fat old man CPR?
  232. What To Feed a Dog Which Has Given Birth 1 Day Ago Or More?
  233. how often should i give my dog a bath?
  234. Bad to give dog's bones?
  235. what kind of medicine do you give a dog with a broken nail?
  236. my mother in law gave my dog a pork bone?
  237. free dogs in toronto?
  238. Can you give me a List of Cute dogs?
  239. Is it safe to use Frontline Plus for large dogs, and divide it up with a...
  240. what are the signs that a dog is ready to give birth?
  241. Can anyone give me a list of hypo-allergenic, non-shedding dogs?
  242. can someone give me some tips/advice for my dogs to start living outside during...
  243. How old can a yorkshire terrier (small dog) be to give birth healthily?
  244. How can i let my hamster play free if i have a dog?
  245. I need to pass a petition to free and Protect Felines from the same ordinance...
  246. Does anyone know where I can get my dog free chew toys. EASY 10 POINTS?
  247. Showing favortism it seems and i don't mean to. Can you give me some advice
  248. What is your favourite brand of dog food you give to your Dog?
  249. can I give my dog grape children's benadryl tablets?
  250. give me proof that dogs are colored blind?