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  1. can you give a full size dog a bath daily?
  2. Are there any FREE websites or FREE training tips for a barking and nipping dog?
  3. My dog has fell in the ice water and i think he's achy can i give him ibuprfin?
  4. Any body giving away a dog or a cat?
  5. HELP!!!!!!!!?? what pain meds can you give a dog?
  6. can i give my dog a bath with human shampoo?
  7. can you give a dog plush toys?
  8. what is the best way to give a dog away without giving it to the pound?
  9. What kind of Thanksgiving leftovers are good to give as treat to dogs?
  10. Should I give my dogs the turkey bones?
  11. my husband dog is depress because i give her playmate a new home ?
  12. My dog keeps flipping on her back and wiggling as if to give herself a...
  13. Im watching someones dog for the weekend and i gave her chocolate?
  14. Where to get soap free dog shampoo? bst answr?
  15. Please give me a name for my brown dog webkinz?
  16. Can I give a 6 yr old, 21lb dog ,a medicine I bought @ a pet stor on
  17. how soon can misalliance injection be given to dog?
  18. How often is it ok to give my boxer dog a raw egg?
  19. My dog pooped in the living room this morning. He was told "no" and given time out.?
  20. Ok well I my dog just died and I was wondering if I should sneak in another
  21. How do you know when your dog is worms free?
  22. Can someone give me all the information about guard dogs & wildlife?
  23. Are elk and deer sheds ok to give as chew toys to dogs?
  24. Can I give an adopted dog away to a family?
  25. Can I give an adopted dog away to a family?
  26. can i give my dog beer?
  27. is it ok to give my dog a low dose of steroids?
  28. I have a tendency to calm cats and dogs down whereas others can't. Am I giving...
  29. I gave my dog a tennis, ball took a shower and?
  30. my dog tore her nail off the quick. what can I give her for pain? or is
  31. I just gave my dog a bone and instead of chewing it she ate it?
  32. Is giving away a dog in our situation conceivable?
  33. How much Selenium should I give my dog?
  34. what's the best dog food to give pit bulls to make them fat and strong?
  35. How to assist a dog giving birth!?
  36. Is benadryl safe to give to dogs for flights?
  37. Is benadryl safe to give to dogs for flights?
  38. Can you give a dog...?
  39. can i give my dog medicine?
  40. My dog has hives. What can I give him?
  41. Is there anything I can give my dog so she is not ridden with anxiety? ?
  42. What can i give my dogs to clean their teeth?
  43. knick knack paddywhack. Give the dog a bone?
  44. i am trying to potty train my 4.5 month old dog he drinks constantly how much water
  45. Do you ever give your dog challenges?
  46. Pisces DOg and Gemini mOnkey?? anyone pls give some advice. Is our signs compatible?
  47. Is there something you can give a dog to help ease pain with cancer?
  48. Should I give up my dog? How do I do it? Help me!?
  49. If i've given my dog her flea medicine already can I still wash her with flea...
  50. Evolution has given dogs "whiskers", why?
  51. i Have To Give My Dog Away !?
  52. Free dog Pajama Pattern?
  53. Can i spay my dog for free somewhere in los angeles?
  54. can I give my dog other liquids besides water?
  55. My dog ate my opti free contact solution. What do I do?
  56. Can I give my dog Benadryl to go to sleep on the plane?
  57. Potty Training Free-Fed Dog?
  58. Don't you think the fact that vets recommend science diet shows they...
  59. Bought a daschund for 350, lady gave no shot records, Havent registered dog
  60. my dog is pregnant, when will she give birth?
  61. My 9 year old dog is sneezing alot and breathing hard. Could this be a cold and
  62. Hi all please my dog just gave birth to 12puppy's and their mother was...
  63. can i give my dog asprin?
  64. My roommate is giving me her dog. Anyone know what steps I need to take if she...
  65. Give your feedback on my dog?
  66. When is the best time to brush my dog after I give her a bath?
  67. What is the best dog food to give your husky and how many times should you...
  68. Give your feedback on my dog?
  69. do i give my dog too much attention?
  70. can you give a dog aspirin?
  71. if you give your dog a bath and it is an inside dog can it get fleas?
  72. Giving my dog away HELP!?
  73. Is there anything that I can give my dog for obsessive behavior? Or any other
  74. Can i give my ferret hot dogs?
  75. Whould it ever be appropriate to give a dog as a gift?
  76. so my dog has diahrea and he is also letting out a bit of blood what should i give...
  77. can i give asprine to my dog?
  78. I am worried about my dog, she gave birth to pups 2 days ago now she has bumps on
  79. Why shouldn't we give sugar,chocolate or sweets and biscuits to dogs? ?
  80. Experienced dog owners, what advice would you give a person thinking of...
  81. Do you give your dog a daily vitamin?
  82. My dog has major gas what can i give her to stop it?
  83. can u give dogs lucky charms?
  84. What can I give a dog to knock them out?
  85. Would bone meal or canned pumpkin give my dog diarreha?
  86. Credit crunch,would you give up your dog?
  87. can i give a egg daily to my dog?
  88. my girlfriend asked me to name a stuffed animal i gave her, its a little
  89. Anyone else cringe when a certain dog breed information website is given
  90. How do I teach my new dog to give me his squeaky toy without growling and
  91. When are some good times to give my dog a walk?
  92. How long does it take for a dog to give birth?
  93. mom giving away dog because of my grandmother?
  94. I need the name of an association that will give me financial assistance for...
  95. cats or dog why give really good detail ill pick best anwers and give good judging?
  96. What type of food can I give my dog as roughage?
  97. Can wet cat food give dogs worms?
  98. Can I give my dog a bath?
  99. I got a dog 3 weeks ago from the humane society what shots did they give him?
  100. I recently went on a diet. Today I took a dump, and low and behold, it smelled...
  101. Are there any over the counter medications I can give my dog for motion sickness?
  102. Could you give me good arguments to convince my parents to spay and neuter my dogs?
  103. Keeping your dogs safe when you travel with them...Can you give some tips?
  104. Has anyone given chemo to their senior dog? What was the outcome?
  105. Where can I download Sea Dogs PC game for free?
  106. Are these "dog" treats OK to give to my puppy?
  107. Why does my dog give me a what are u looking at kind of stare? lol?
  108. my dog is leaking brown goo after giving birth is this normal?
  109. Can you think of a tangle-free clasp for my dog's chain collar?
  110. does crackers give dogs gas?
  111. what can u give a dog that has diarrhea?
  112. Whats a good way of getting a dog that just gave birth to go outside?
  113. What can i give my dog to help her sleep/calm down for a stressful trip?
  114. how do you breed a dog a certain way/give them characteristics?
  115. Poll for dog owners, how many times a day do you give your dog exercise like a walk
  116. Is giving this to your dog seriously dangerous?!?!? HELP!!?
  117. A way to keep dogs worm free?
  118. What is a home laxative food / treatment etc. to give a dog?
  119. My dachshund dog is sick. Should I give him some type of medication?
  120. I have given my dog away ?
  121. Why is my dog giving a massage to my cat?
  122. Dog owners, how many times a day do you give your dog a walk or let it out of
  123. i recently paid $200.00 for a dog & 2 weeks later the dog has bit me numerous
  124. what is the best thing to give my dog to occupy her?
  125. whats the best dog food and what do you give your dog?
  126. Is it safe to feed my dog chocolate, He seems to like it and ive already
  127. how old should a dog be before giving birth?
  128. can i give my dog ramen for his upset stumach. or what could i give to make him
  129. I am going through a dog with kidney failure, the vet gave her 2 week to 1 year, ?
  130. Is there a site that allows you to download free sounds like foot steps or
  131. I thought that my dog ate chocolate. So i gave him a little bit of peroxide mixed
  132. Anyone know why dogs have seizures ? We have been giving him phenobarbital
  133. help might have to give my dog away!?
  134. Please give me an opinion on an invisible dog fence.?
  135. We rescued an unwanted dog, then given specifics, Help?!?
  136. My dog's been giving me the evil eye since last night's firework party - Do
  137. can i give my dog cilantro?
  138. Why doesn't my dog give kisses?
  139. dogs anal glands giving a laxative?
  140. my baby brother mixed up the dogs pills again, but this time i gave my...
  141. how long after my dog gives birth can i give her a bath?
  142. What can I give to my dog to keep her interested during the day?
  143. when can i give my dog shots? ?
  144. my dog is sick i need free med advice what should i give my dog who is...
  145. I have dog thats not gaining weight what kind of supplement can i give her to...
  146. Should I give dog away to a better home?
  147. Is it all right that giving a sweet potato to my dog?
  148. How often should I give my dog a bath?
  149. newly adopted dog is sometimes aggressive, can anyone give advice?
  150. How do you give your dog good exercise?
  151. i washed my dog with a flea shampoo. is it o.k. to go ahead and give him a...
  152. My dog has an ear infection, i have medicine and wash to give her and she...
  153. Can anyone give me some cheap raw dog food recipes? ?
  154. Can I download linux yellow dog for teh ps3 anywhere for free?
  155. Can any1 give me a cute name 4 a female dog..?
  156. Does giving a dog a raw egg really help shine their coat?
  157. HELP ME PLeASE!!! dog giving birth!!!?
  158. where can i find someone to give money for a dog for and autisic boy?
  159. Dog might have to give away?
  160. giving a dog a bath a week after applying flea medication ?
  161. How to give my dog ear drops?
  162. How much excersise did you give your dog today, in miles? (Or Planning On Giving
  163. Is it possible to neuter my dog by giving it a bath in goo-gone, tonails,...
  164. "my Dog Gave Birth 2 5 Puppies Today But Ther Not Eating And They Dont Suck On
  165. Okay, so i need help with how much i should charge for washing dogs. Can anyone give
  166. Anyone watch It's Me Or the Dog? What is the leash Victoria gives people?
  167. What to give a dog with kidney disease for nausea?
  168. Do the dog pounds and places like that have a gas chamber? Or do they give a shot?
  169. Can I be arrested for letting my dog give me a rimmer?
  170. Is it safe to give a dog benadryl for a flea allergy?
  171. when can i give my dog shots? ?
  172. I put 0-22lb dose for felines on my 120lb dog. will this kill him or give
  173. My dog is starting heat but she keeps whinning, is there something i can give
  174. my dog has red eyes and has recently started "sneezing" where can i get free...
  175. my dog is really skinny and is it bad to give him a packet of raw hot dog sausages?
  176. What can i give my dog if he ate rat poison?
  177. About when my dog gives birth..?
  178. What happens when you give a dog vanilla ice cream?
  179. how often can I give my dog a bath?
  180. my vet gave my dog 20mg prednizone?
  181. should i put straw or blanket in doghouse when my dog gives birth?
  182. Do you need to give your dog their booster injections every year or are the...
  183. I need help figuring out what kind of dog i want, my friend is giving me a
  184. HELP! Advice needed! May have to give up my dog for birth of my child. ?
  185. Is it ok to give my old dog asprin?
  186. where can i go to get my dog her shots for free?
  187. Should I give my dog nestle milkybar?
  188. i am building a dog house can some body give me some tips?
  189. just gave my dog a bath and now he crying?
  190. Giving dog a bath helpppp?
  191. Is there a Vitamin E supplement for grain sensitive dogs? My dog can only
  192. when should i stop giving my dog his flea medicine?
  193. Is it alright to give my dogs fruit and vegetables?
  194. Is it ok to give my dogs pumpkin on a daily basis?
  195. Matt.7:6. "Do not give what is holy to dogs..." How could this anger atheists?
  196. Dog submissively urinates when given a command for a treat?
  197. is the product Reliv ok to give to dogs?
  198. Could you gives dogs with renal failure/disease amoxicillin?
  199. Can you help me? I gave the dog to my friend's aunt..?
  200. Can you give a dog exlax?
  201. how do i know when my dog is going to give birth?
  202. why do people say you cant give your dog chcolate?
  203. Can you give a dog cough syrup?
  204. What does it mean when a marine gives a girl his dog tags to wear?
  205. i got a dog for free, she said she ran over her foot, and it was a little...
  206. Can I give my dog human pain meds.?
  207. Is it good if i give up my guinea pigs for a dog?
  208. Can Theramine be given to dogs?
  209. Giving your child Hot dogs to eat?
  210. My dog is pregnant... we thinks shes do soon nd we gave her bread and she
  211. from free feeding to scheduled meals for dogs?
  212. Can you give a dog Pepto Bismal?
  213. can i give it to a dog of 100 lbs?
  214. Which big dog do u think is the best to have, give your reason.?
  215. Will giving a dog Hot Sauce get rid of worms?
  216. Is ok to give dogs klonipine before a flight? MY dogs can be aggressive and it is
  217. If you have a dog that has food allergies, then what kinds of food, treats,...
  218. my vet told me to give my dog on a chicken and rice diet... how am i suppose to
  219. What do you do if your dog gives birth?
  220. Where can i download the album "Beware Of Dog" by Lil Bow Wow for free?
  221. If you own a dog and are giving it away, would you need to write some sort of a
  222. Is adopting a dog free?
  223. My dog had a small case of fleas, we gave all the pets in the house capstar and
  224. give me a name of a good guard dog?
  225. Is my dog too young to give birth?
  226. Need some good advice- should we give the dog away to the humane society??
  227. Is giving a dog a whole gel cap safe or should I continue putting liquid on food?
  228. Can I give my dog human eye drops?
  229. Don't give acai berry juice to your dog FYI !!!?
  230. What can I give my dogs to help thier coats shine?
  231. Can I give my spayed dog a Bath?
  232. Can I give my pet rats canned dog food?
  233. I give my dog the chew-eez strips beef hide from Purina. I just noticed she
  234. Does fish really give dogs mange?
  235. Lady wont give me my dog. what do i do?
  236. Is it safe to give dogs turkey bones?
  237. Wheres a website that gives you a place where you can borrow a dog in Toronto,...
  238. Will my dog's hair grow back after giving her thyroid pills? ?
  239. how will i know when my dog is going to give birth?
  240. Wheres a website that gives you a place where you can borrow a dog in Toronto,...
  241. So i heard pets like pumpkins, should i give my cat and dog pumpkin seeds or...
  242. Dog given Benadryl containing Acetaminophen?!?
  243. Ok my dog is 85 pounds how much ol'roy SHOULD i give my dog.I bought a 12...
  244. Help! Dog given Benadryl Allergy & Sinus!?
  245. Can you give your dog human medicines?
  246. can i give my dog lasagna?
  247. Dog food question...can you give me some imput?
  248. Is it normal for a female dog to give birth to only 1 puppy?
  249. Does the brand of dog food I give my dogs really make a difference?
  250. Is there a place to give a dog for adoption that they dont kill them if