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  1. Why doesn't my dog want to walk long distance?
  2. hey i want to get my dog on raw food?
  3. Why is my dog so weak and want see after her puppies?
  4. i have a dog only cause my girlfreind wanted it how do i tell her i dont want it?
  5. i am looking for dogs and i want to know if it is adoption centers like...
  6. whats the best way to make a dog eat when its sick or dosnt want to eat?
  7. Even though many of us would not even consider having a purebred dog because...
  8. I want to have my dog mated, really bad?
  9. Dog wants cat out of the house..Best gets 10!!?
  10. Does a female dog still want to mate if she just mated (most likely...
  11. hepl!! dog doesnt want to eat or drink cant move and is shakking?
  12. Dog does not like to return back from walk. he wants to walk forever. why?
  13. I think my dog wants to attack me?
  14. Leona Helmsley's brother said he doesn't want her "12 million dollar dog"...
  15. i want my dog to have puppy's but....?
  16. i want to know what is my dog's breed?
  17. My dog does not want to poop?
  18. I want a dog, tips !!!?
  19. got a new dog now other dog does not want to eat and just wants to lay around?
  20. should I get a dog if my husband doesn't want one?
  21. Want To Foster A Dog?
  22. I'm a teen and I want to start a dog walking buisness?
  23. Hi my dog is having surgery on his back paw he has 4 broken toe's, i
  24. was tinking of going to oz and want to take my dog does anyone know how...
  25. I read this on a website about spaying dogs and I just want to know if it's true..?
  26. i have this picture of a dog that i want but i have no clue what this dog
  27. I want to get a dog, but I want my cat to get along with it.?
  28. For dog ppl: I am not sure if I really, truly want a second dog..?
  29. I have a rhodesian ridgeback mix and want to get a second dog.?
  30. How do I get my 6 month old dog to stay in the yard and not want to come in the
  31. I Want Another Dog ! Is three already too Many ?
  32. HELP my boyfriend currently caught me having sex with his dog, but I still want
  33. I want a mixed dog anyone know any breeding sites?
  34. I want to clean a spot on my dog to prevent infection. What is the best thing to use?
  35. I love my Tibetan Spaniel and I also have a 14 y.o. Standard Poodle. I want to get
  36. HELP Me and My dog! She doesn't want to eat?
  37. My mom thinks I'm too irresponsible and wants me to give up my dog?
  38. I want to get a little tattoo of my dog's pawprint, what's the best way to do this?
  39. do you think we could give dogs the temper we want after this experiment?
  40. Dog has hurt paws but I want her to enjoy the snow...?
  41. What are the Pros and Cons of buying a dog instead of adopting?
  42. Why when you buy hot dogs they come with 8, but when you buy hot dog buns they
  43. Girlfriend wants dog, I don't, she went and bought one. Now what?
  44. I want to start herding with my dog?
  45. Girlfriend wants dog, I don't, she went and bought one. Now what?
  46. Our dog who sleeps indoors has recently started to want to go out at night to go to
  47. what dog clippers/shears to buy?
  48. What do you want to ask about dogs? I wrote in a few days ago, my 2 dogs cant
  49. I can't stand people who hate dogs (AKA I want a new sister! I'm bored with the one
  50. I want another pitt puppy, where can I get one free?
  51. My dog has just lost her eyes the vet asked me if I wanted her to be put...
  52. Why is my puppy wrapping this paws around my foot and doesn't want to let go?
  53. We just bought a puppy and I have a couple questions?
  54. Buying a puppy - What are the essentials?
  55. How do I get my dog to WANT to be with me ?
  56. I'm having a baby in 2 months and am really wanting to get a puppy, am I crazy?
  57. i want a dog but my mom isn't ready for another one.What should i do?
  58. We want to keep our 10 yr old dog?
  59. I want a dog but... It's too complicated.?
  60. First time to buy a puppy, Help!?
  61. What do you do when you buy a puppy from a breeder, and find out 2 days later...
  62. My 13yr old daughter wants a puppy? please help what kind to get? Designer Dogs?
  63. Dog Question... want some opinions from people I do not know?
  64. How can I persuade my mum to buy me a puppy?
  65. I can't find a puppy to buy or adopt and I'm getting really upset....?
  66. Should I buy a Beaglier puppy for my daughter?
  67. My boyfriend said he wants me to move in, but he wont let my dog move in?
  68. Which Breeder would YOU Buy a Puppy From?
  69. A nut wants to sue me because our dogs got into a fight. what are my rights in a...
  70. I want to know weather I should try my dogs without a lead?
  71. We want to take a road trip with our two (medium sized) dogs ...?
  72. my friends dog (lab) has had a bad experience while he was out, now he...
  73. I'm wanting some "guesses" about how big my new puppy will get -picture included.-?
  74. How to tell my dad that I bought a puppy?
  75. i really really really want a puppy!?
  76. Can I tell my Roommate I don't want her dog to live with us?
  77. I want a book that is similar to 'A dog's Purpose' and 'The art of racing in
  78. Does Anyone Know Where To Buy Rhodesian Ridgeback Puppies In Southern California ?
  79. My vet wants me to help my 2 dogs loose weight?
  80. What are some effective games for a dog who desperately wants to hunt things?
  81. What can I use to clean the smell of urine from my hardwood floor, so my...
  82. Help, I fear for the next dog my friends going to buy?
  83. Advice wanted for 17 week old boxer puppy with Giardia?
  84. I want to get a dog but the smell of dog poop nauseates me. Any advice?
  85. Dogs don't want to be inside?
  86. my dog found the rats! is she scared or does she want to eat them?
  87. I just bought a puppy and my puppy does not like my old dog?
  88. I only buy newspapers so my puppy has something to do it's business on?
  89. I bought a dog from a German Shepherd (small breeder) almost 4 months ago and...
  90. How do I know what size dog collar to buy?
  91. Former own wants to take dog out, need advice.?
  92. help me decide please? i'm a teenager and i want a small to medium sized dog.
  93. I want to start a Dog rescue but need help?
  94. Dog Section: have you been yelled at because you dont want a mutt?
  95. I want a dog help please?
  96. my dog passed away and i wanted 2 kno what was wrong with her...some one help me?
  97. where can i buy over the counter medicine to treat my dogs scabies?
  98. What can I do if my Min Pin is always so horny and he wants to have sex with any...
  99. I want a smart dog that is protective of family but doesn't shed a whole lot?
  100. I want to get a dog but i am allergic?
  101. I want a guard dog. I have it down to a Beaceron and a Malinois.?
  102. I want a puppy and my mom doesn't mind, it's just my dad. What should i do?
  103. I reallllly want a dog!?
  104. I don't want to choose if my dog should be put to sleep. Any advice appreciated?
  105. POLL: Who Else Wanted To Soot The Dog In "Duck Hunt"?
  106. My dad doesnt want one of my dogs spayed...What can I do?
  107. My daughter wants a dog and I can't see what is so important about it?
  108. I want my puppy to come swim with us in the pool but she won't come in tried...
  109. Where can I buy a puppy in my country?
  110. My daughter wants a dog, but how much does this breed go for?
  111. WHY my dog seems like he doesnt want to pee in my yard?
  112. I desperately want a dog my boyfriend doesn't. What do I do?
  113. where is a good place to buy a dog from?
  114. I really want a puppy, is a Yorkshire Terrier is right for me?
  115. I want to buy a dog and am wondering if beagles shed?
  116. My aunt wants to breed small dogs?
  117. I want to adopt a female dog so my dog can have company would she already be spayed?
  118. My dog won't stop whining and wanting to go outside... help?
  119. So I want a dog really bad!?
  120. If you want a small size dog but you have too many dogs ?
  121. Where can i buy a cloak for dogs and cats?
  122. My fiance and I just bought an American Eskimo puppy...help with the name?
  123. Does it irritate breeders if someone who bought a high quality puppy off of
  124. where can i buy dog condoms?
  125. I want a dog (10 POINTS)?
  126. Why does it matter if I buy a dog without knowing anything about it?!?
  127. I gave my dog away and now i want her back but they wont give her back?
  128. Spiritually speaking, why do atheists want to ban puppies and kittens
  129. I want to cremate my dog at home. How would I do that?
  130. My puppy does not have a fever anymore but she still doesn't want to eat, what...
  131. how do you make dogs do it if they don't want to?
  132. my dog had his annual vaccinations and I want to know if this is normal?
  133. I want my Maltese puppy to urinate outside....how? also..white dog shaker syndrome...
  134. My dog has been dead for a few years now And I want know...?
  135. Why when you buy hot dogs they come with 8, but when you buy hot dog buns they come
  136. Im 14 and really want a dog but my mom keeps saying no how can i change her mind ?
  137. What do you want to ask about dogs?Fungus infection ears of springer spaniel?
  138. How to buy a goat? Must be a great companion for our dog.?
  139. Is it possible to buy puppies from Schutzhunds?
  140. What dog breed did you always want as a kid?
  141. What to name my male four month old Plott Hound puppy. I want something unique
  142. just bought a puppy that is 6 weeks and already has shots. is this dangerous?
  143. I don't want my dog to get pregnant, she is only 10 month old. When is
  144. My dog always wants to go outside?
  145. i bought a new sheltie and why is it small? it's like a puppy and she's already 1
  146. If you went to a dog shelter, and said you don't want a bull breed, would...
  147. my dog is talking to me o.o and i think he wants to kill me?
  148. Is it okay to buy a puppy?
  149. how do I tell my partner I want to rehome our puppy?
  150. I want to buy a Maltipoo tiny tea cup dog ?
  151. wheres a good place to buy a dog?
  152. my dog had to get spayed ,pyometria but it has been almost three week and she
  153. Dog section: I just did something I've been wanting to do for ages but now...
  154. I don't want to put my dog down to sleep?
  155. Whats with ppl and wanting to have dog fight?
  156. my dog died and i want to kill myself?
  157. Where do you go to buy puppies and kittens?
  158. afraid of dogs but want to work with animal, also what are some good animal jobs?
  159. Where can I buy Tase of the Wild dog food?
  160. My dog doesn't want to have sex anymore?
  161. My sister bought a dog about a year and a half AGo she is never home and...
  162. at what age do male dog become unfertile I donot want my female to get pregnant...
  163. how am i saving a life by buying a dog at an animal shelter rather than a store?
  164. my dog doesn't want to eat dog food anymore.?
  165. My dog passed away a week ago and I'm pretty cut up. My family wants to get new one?
  166. My dog has something wrong with him and I'm not sure what it is? PLEASE HELP, I...
  167. I want this dog, but i don't know to write a good email reply.PLEASE HELP:)?
  168. Im afraid of dogs but want to work with animals? help?
  169. I want to know why is everyone obsessed with my puppy avatar?
  170. Why do so many dogs want to fight my Lab but not my Golden?
  171. We want a dog for our family?
  172. Wanted chihuahua/tiny dog puppies?
  173. Why does my dog lick ALOT she is very lovable and all she wants to do is lick
  174. What should I do when a dog wants to fight my dog?
  175. What dog food you buy for your dog?
  176. where can i buy a gps implant for my dog?
  177. People WANT their dogs to lift their legs?
  178. What kind of puppy can I buy that doesn't grow big?
  179. What am I suppose to do now that I know that I might be buying from a puppy mill?
  180. I want this dog, but i don't know to write a good email reply.PLEASE HELP:)?
  181. I want a mutt puppy for a good price - maybe under $200?
  182. what would you do if you bought a shocker collar for your dog and it
  183. I want to teach my puppy more tricks, but I don't want him to confuse the words...?
  184. My dogs keep wanting to go outside and then back and than back out and
  185. my puppy wants to go out all the time to play in the backyard!?
  186. When you buy worming pills from a vet and they have to weigh your dog first,...
  187. I want a career change, how do I get a job working with dogs?
  188. (im not trying to argue, I want real input please!) If grocery store dog foods are
  189. Their has been a family argument where my Future sister in law wants the...
  190. I want a dog, but...?
  191. Should we buy our dogs brother?
  192. Why do conservatives want to okay dog fighting but not abortion?
  193. where can i buy a kurdish kangal dog in the uk?
  194. What is the best breed of dog to get if you want a cute but lap dog (lazy) dog?
  195. my dad wants to get rid of our dog because he sheds?
  196. Would u want your dog to talk?
  197. I have a 4 month old pitbull puppy that im training and want 2 know how u think...
  198. Does anyone know where i can BUY Splish Splash dog shampoo?! I can't find it :(?
  199. How do I start if I want to enter my dog in shows?
  200. In which country can I buy dog meat?
  201. My dog had puppies ,and we really don't want them.Where can we give them away?...
  202. How to tell my dad I bought a puppy?
  203. My dog is to sick I want him to sleep where can I go ?
  204. I got a puppy as a gift now the lady wants money. I have no papers from...
  205. where can i buy a Umbilical Belt for my puppy?
  206. Where can I buy a ba-shar puppy in the UK?
  207. I want creative puppy names?
  208. I want a little puppy but..?
  209. What food should I buy for my 8 week old lab puppy?
  210. I want to buy a dog. How?
  211. i want a dog..........?
  212. buying a schutzhund puppy?
  213. I really want a dog but?
  214. can any one tell me im thinking about buying a gsd dog from ireland will...
  215. I just bought a redbone puppy and i want to learn how to coon hunt?
  216. I want a dog but idk which one to get?
  217. good strong baby gate for people who have a big dog and a baby,want to fence off
  218. i bought a dog but my parents don't want to keep it,what to do?
  219. I want a dog more than anything in the world, help?
  220. want to pet my puppy?
  221. I want to take my dog to china with me for vacation. Is that good thing to do?
  222. What do you absolutely not want in dog food?
  223. thinking of buying a bully dog truck tuner for my 01 silverado. would like to
  224. I want to buy a dog that didn't come from a puppy mill?
  225. where should i buy a dog?
  226. where can I buy a puppy?
  227. How come people complain when someone wants to buy a mixed breed dog?
  228. If a dog didn't want to mate, can she be forced? or if she mated did she want to?
  229. my dog never wants to go outside?
  230. We just bought a cocker spaniel puppy from a pet shop yesterday. He was a bit...
  231. i want to breed my dog...?
  232. I want a cool revolutionary name for my puppy?
  233. i want to sleep.. but my puppy is non stop crying?
  234. I want to get a dog help me please?
  235. Where can i buy a chilly dog in london ?
  236. Do you take your time when buying a dog collar/harness or do you just pick one...
  237. bought a puppy and need to know?
  238. My dog is 15. I have a lump un my neck. She does not want to leave my side. Can she
  239. Where to buy dog enclosures?
  240. Should I be sad if my sister's dog doesn't want to be friends with me on Facebook?
  241. do anyone know if it is possible to buy tampons for dogs? or even diapers?
  242. has anyone bought a dog from www.morkiepuppies.net?
  243. My puppy doesn't want to move and yelps when being picked up. What could be
  244. I want a dog and parents say no?
  245. Why are so many people against un pure bred dogs (mutts)? Not everyone can...
  246. I want to know is there any place where I can get a puppy without the person
  247. This random wants to mate his female dog with my friends male?
  248. Can you buy dog food with food stamps?
  249. My boyfriend's brother, his wife and their DOG wanted to come and spend this
  250. Where can I get a Next personal organiser/diary from? My dog chewed mine up and I...