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  1. What steps do I take if I want to test and see if a dog's mouth is cleaner than a
  2. Will Tug of War make my Dog want to Chew on Shoes?
  3. does anyone know a website that ships worldwide that i can buy cat and dog food?
  4. where can I buy a dog from?
  5. Is it bad to buy an easter egger like buying a designer dog?
  6. I want a cute, small, furry puppy... Help?
  7. Should I buy a scary/ mean dog to keep my mother in law from visiting?
  8. I'm about getting a jack russell puppy 9 weeks old, and I need to buy
  9. Where can I buy a puppy?
  10. The best dog food money can buy?
  11. puppy cleaning, i want to clean my puppy but its too cold, so ....?
  12. Do you want to come into my black and mysteries van and look at my new puppy?
  13. What kind of dog should I get? I want it to be a small puppy. And to stay small
  14. if you want to adopt a dog where can i go and how much do they cost (the
  15. i want to put puppy crate in my room at night but what about potty ?
  16. What brand dog food should I buy to save money?
  17. What should I name my shi tzu puppy? He is a brindle color, and I want the name to...
  18. My puppy is so stubborn.When she don't want something she alwats Grrrrrrrrrrr at me?
  19. Anyone now a good place or website to buy a dog?
  20. If dogs sold at pet stores are from puppy mills, is there anywhere else to
  21. Is there a martial art to protect myself against a dog I want to buy a pet...
  22. I want to import doberman puppy from europe (Slovakia) but does it will have
  23. I want an english mastiff puppy!?
  24. Should i buy my puppy shoes?
  25. What are some good dogs to check into because I got my first place and I want a dog?
  26. What are reasons against people buying dogs from puppy mills?
  27. I sold my pug puppy last nite to someone, cried all nite & now I want him...
  28. I want to compete in a dog dancing competition but?
  29. where to buy dog DNA test?
  30. Why does my puppy always want to be on my lap?
  31. Want to go on vacation, but have a puppy. (Please read)?
  32. Will lemon juice work on things I don't want my dog to eat?
  33. I want to start a small dog walking service?
  34. why does my sister's dog always want water?
  35. If I buy another dog/puppy will my 1 year old dog calm down?
  36. When is the best time to buy a dog?
  37. does anyone know where i can buy authentic military dog tags?
  38. My 2 month old puppy is coughing. And doesn't want to eat alot. and is look sad.?
  39. I want to buy a puppy as a surprise for my girlfriend which breed is best and cutest?
  40. me and my friend want to start a dog walking business!?
  41. Is it wrong to buy puppies?
  42. can you buy the Cesar millan's your new puppy magazine in the uk?
  43. best places online to look to buy a puppy.....in london?!?
  44. does anyone know a website where i can buy orijen puppy food ?
  45. were's the best place to buy or adopt a full breed toy or miniture puppy?
  46. Why do some people want to make puppy mills illegal thus ruining some honest good
  47. Where can I buy an exersize pen cover for my dog read description?
  48. I want to hold a fundraiser for my dog's heartworm treatment. Ideas?
  49. How can i decide what kind of dog i want?
  50. My puppy doesn't want to learn to go potty!!! HELP?
  51. I want to do a Dog Behavourist course so that I can learn to become a dog...
  52. i need help!How can i make my mom go to a therapy session to cure her dog...
  53. I sold a puppy, can i buy it back?
  54. Why does my 5 week old pitbull puppy CONSTANTLY want me to hold her.?
  55. hmm what kind of Pitbull Puppy to buy?
  56. I want a puppy? Which one?
  57. PLEASE I DONT WANT MY DOG TO DIE!! whats the bag on his neck?
  58. I want a dog but I already have some cats and my parents said no?
  59. I want to potty train my puppy to go outside but it is way too cold outside!?
  60. What should I know about toy poodle breeders (or in general) in order to buy a puppy?
  61. I want to take my puppy on a walk?
  62. is the dog i want to buy going to be healthy?
  63. I want to brush my dog's teeth tonight, but i dont have doggy toothpaste or baking...
  64. I want a cheap standard poodle puppy?
  65. I really want to save up and get a puppy, how much would it cost?
  66. i eally want a dog bt i have such bad alergies?
  67. Hi All! I am getting a Yorkie puppy, and want to crate train. What size crate...
  68. My dog is a bully.We bought a puppy and he constantly nips at his heels and...
  69. what is the best pitbull dog food money can buy,is it blue home style dog food.thanx?
  70. I want to get a Somalia kitten...I also want a puppy...?
  71. I want to train my dog, but I'm not sure what to train her in?
  72. im going to buy a dog from liverpool do i need to be on the pet scheme to
  73. I bought a puppy that the breeder said would be 3-4lbs. At 11wks, she's...
  74. a shop in northern ireland where i can buy dog clothes?
  75. What can you buy for a dog he tears up kongs we have bought her 2 and she...
  76. How could you buy a dog?
  77. Im Thinking of buying a 16 week old puppy. How old does it need to be for me...
  78. Where should I buy my puppy? Quarantine days for the UK,USA, Egypt, Canada and/or...
  79. anyone with a great dane dog want to be penpals with me?
  80. I have never had a dog before and I need some advice.( want to get a puppy)?
  81. I want to adopt a german shepherd puppy.?
  82. What is the best cheap dog lotion you can buy at a store?
  83. Dog Biting People Dont Want To Get Rid Of Him?
  84. We're buying a puppy for the first time?
  85. Help! My Puppy don't want to eat... :(?
  86. Where can we buy the Mikki Dog Parking Hook/Tie system to ship to U.S.?
  87. Is a whippet a good breed of dog to buy?
  88. i want another dog but my parents dont?
  89. I want to bring a puppy Fox Terrier to home but......?
  90. Dog lovers, where can I buy dog clothes for affordable prices?
  91. How do you get your parents to buy you a dog?
  92. I want to train my dog to fetch birds when hunting in a field.?
  93. I'm getting a puppy what do I need to buy before bringing him home?
  94. Re-home my puppy to a new family. 3 days after they want a refund & to keep...
  95. Our dog is in heat. She started yesterday and we want to mate her when is
  96. hi,i have a 2 months GS puppy and i want to know is it a disadvantage to have...
  97. I want to get a new puppy but....?
  99. I want to get a kitten, but I have a really hyper dog?
  100. How do I buy my Sims pet a dog toy? (Sims 2: Pets for wii)?
  101. Where can i buy a English bulldog puppy in New Jersey?
  102. Where can I buy a pedigree english golden retriever puppy in Delhi? And...
  103. I want another dog but my dad wont let me?
  104. does anyone know where i can buy a german shepherd dog?
  105. Is there something wrong if you buy a dog on a pet store?
  106. I want to download Katz's theme song from Courage the Cowardly dog, any help?
  107. this is different to other "i want a puppy" questions. why doesn't my mum understand?
  108. Hi all, please anyone could reccomend an online store where I could buy
  109. When should I buy hot dog buns for my barbecue?
  110. Why do you want to rescue a dog?
  111. How can i convince my mom to buy me a dog?
  112. Can someone help me buy a puppy on Foo Pets?
  113. I am plannig to buy a dalmatain puppy..please Help..!!?
  114. i really want a puppy, but my parent wont let. any tips to try and make them get...
  115. Where can you buy dog condoms?
  116. I want a white female pomeranian puppy?
  117. My parents or my sister don't want a dog, but I do. We have 2 dogs anyway though!?
  118. Why does my dog always want to pee on white things?
  119. what type of dog whistle should i buy?
  120. I Want A Puppy For Christmas.??? =]?
  121. I want to make an obsatcle course for my dog?
  122. what dog breeds do you have and which do you want?
  123. where can i buy a dog without adopting it? in the 90650 area?
  124. ok so you all know that christmas is coming up really soon! and i want to...
  125. I bought my puppy Blue Buffalo puppy food is this good food?
  126. my daddy said i cant have a puppy ,but i realy want one what do i do?
  127. which kind of electric shock collar should i buy for my dog?
  128. Do you think it matters on the brand of dog food you buy?
  129. what are some stores to buy dogs in Philadelphia pa?
  130. I just bought a puppy today and his front legs can spread out over 180
  131. i want to buy a puppy?
  132. how to i get my mom to get the type of dog i want?
  133. can i get papers for a purebreed puppy i bought?
  134. found out condo can't keep my puppy. moving in 8 months. want to still
  135. How to buy a puppy online?
  136. My basset Hound puppy came with CKC papers. Not planning on registering......
  137. I want an easy recipe for Hush Puppy's if anyone has one.?
  138. What puppy should I buy?
  139. How can I get my Dog to stop tearing up my carpet. I rent and dont want to...
  140. Where can I buy a realistic looking boxer dog cuddly or soft toy in the UK or...
  141. I want a personal protection dog?
  142. My dog died and I want to ask the vet to shave it's body hair so I can keep it in...
  143. My puppy has round worms and doesn't want to eat or drink.?
  144. Is animalsnet.com a good website to buy a puppy ?
  145. want a second dog and was thinking of getting a Great Dane!?
  146. I need help figuring out what kind of dog I want. HELP!!?
  147. Where to buy a pittbull thats a puppy in NJ?
  148. looking to buy a dog?
  149. Where to buy a puppy on Long Island?
  150. why do people buy pure breed puppies form a pet store?
  151. Why do people continue to buy from back yard breeders and puppy mills?
  152. Where is a good place to buy a dog in MD?
  153. what should i buy for a new yellow lab puppy?
  154. where can i buy a puppy in dubai? how to convince my mom to let me get one?
  155. My friend wants a cavalier puppy, does anyone know any up for adoption?
  156. My aunt is going to buy me a chihuahua puppy?
  157. Where do I buy a dog?
  158. I want a dog for Christmas but...?
  159. My new toy poodle puppy 'bites' a lot when we play. I don't want her to...
  160. I have a puppy and want to know the breed?
  161. How or where do I start in finding the puppy we want?
  162. What shall I name my puppy Bullmastiff? She is going to be huge so want a strong...
  163. I want to get another dog but I cant decide on a breed, any ideas?
  164. What Made You Buy Your Dog??? What's Your Dog's Buying Story?
  165. I want to buy a engraved dog tags?
  166. going to buy a dog soon but can't choose need help!?
  167. I have a 3 year old min weenie dog and want to litter train her?
  168. Should I buy a dog like this?
  169. i just buried my beloved dog. want him back i wnt him next to me again?
  170. Does it matter what brand of dog food you buy?
  171. Will someone please help me with a new trick that I want to teach my dog?
  172. my little sister wants a puppy really bad but she cant prove that she is
  173. I have Just bought a boy Staffy puppy and he needs a name?
  174. I want to buy a dog.?
  175. I want to bring a Labrador puppy. Dogs feel bad when they stay alone?
  176. Where can I buy a hot-dog stand in the uk?
  177. I need a song about a pug(dog) I want it to be funny or it dosnt have to e but I
  178. How to convince him I want a dog...?
  179. Which puppy should i buy?
  180. Out of these sizes, which size dog would you want?
  181. Do girls want teacup puppies so they can dress them up like Barbie Dolls?
  182. I want to adopt a dog, but I'm not sure how much they cost?
  183. I think my dog has mange where is the least expensive place I can buy
  184. why would i want to get my dog AKC registered?
  185. Buy a puppy from PremiumPupz?
  186. can you bring a puppy or young dog back to france if you buy one then get it
  187. My 8 or 9 week boxer puppy doesnt want to eat...please help?
  188. Where can I find and buy these Dry Dog Foods?
  189. Where can I buy dog meat...?
  190. Will you be buying your dog a christmas gift?
  191. I want a dog that isnt?
  192. I want to get a puppy from Kool Alaskan malamutes in Ohio, should I?
  193. Where can I buy this dog toy?
  194. What kind of dog should i buy?
  195. Is this a good dog to buy?
  196. Best kind of dog to buy ?We have three Living here and one bum .?
  197. I was looking into getting a puppy from a kennel and wanted to visit the premises to
  198. Where do I buy Alaskan Malamute Puppies from in the UK?
  199. what should I look for when I go see this rescue dog? I Do not want to
  200. My dog is a picky eater, is there any way to get her to eat healthy food and not
  201. I want a medium dog but what breed?
  202. i want a dog really bad my dad does not want one can you help me?
  203. Should I still buy a 14 week old puppy?
  204. i really want a puppy!...how much $$ would i need?....?
  205. I really want a puppy. My mom won't let me get one unless i dont swear until...
  206. If you buy a puppy from a breeder and he dies within 30 days, should the breeder...
  207. What stores do you buy your dog clothes in?
  208. i want a dog but cant really seem to convince my dad because he wants a boxer...
  209. my dog has a broken leg and to get the surgerey cost alot so can i ask the vet
  210. I bought a female dog from a breeder saying she was spayed. How can I be sure. Are...
  211. i want a dog, but what kind should i get?
  212. Where can i buy tooth paste for my dog? Or something to make his breath...
  213. Where do I buy a dog?
  214. What do I look for when buying a Pitbull puppy?
  215. I'm trying to buy a dog for the first time. I would like to know what kind of
  216. Dogs on Naval Air Stations? (Want to take our dog with us to Blue Angels)?
  217. Where can i buy a yorkie puppy in cleveland?
  218. I want the Cuttest Puppy Pic for Class!?
  219. Does my dog want dominance over me?
  220. What questions should I ask when buying a puppy from an individual?
  221. I want to a dog supply on line store for food & nutrition only . any
  222. Where can I buy the Dog shampoo "Plum Silky" by Nature's Specialties?
  223. i want to get a new toy puppy?
  224. What is a good way i can raise money to buy another dog?
  225. where to buy a puppy where to buy?
  226. what is the best type of dog to buy?
  227. My dog swallowed a necklace and i want to know what a vet will do to her to flush it
  228. I own my apartment and want a small dog. What happens if the management...
  229. I desperately want to train my dog to be a therapy dog?
  230. where can i buy a Silver Fox or Arctic Fox-Snow puppy?
  231. I bought my puppy now what?
  232. i have an outside dog i want to train to start living in the house?
  233. I want to buy a puppy?
  234. I want to get a ferret, will my dog get along with a ferret?
  235. I want two St.Bernards. How are they to train? and are they a good dog
  236. I want to stud my dog, where should I start?
  237. Waterproof coat for my dog with a hood, where can i buy one?
  238. How do you convince your parents to buy you a puppy?
  239. I recently bought a 6 week old pit bull puppy from a friend of mine.She sleeps...
  240. I want to get a puppy but since i have to go to school it will be alone...
  241. If A-Rod was as a poor hot dog vendor at a minor league stadium would Kate
  242. Does anyone in san antonio want 2 chichuahua puppies?
  243. When you buy a puppy from a pet store, is there any physical things that show
  244. At what age will my medium/large breed puppy be half grown? He is a mix and I...
  245. Buy English Mastiff Puppy in South Texas?
  246. Former owners want a puppy. Should i give them one?
  247. what kind of toys should i buy for my puppy?
  248. want a puppy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  249. where can you buy a dog ?
  250. I am planning to buy a Maltese puppy. Owners, please share your experiences with me.?