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  1. i bought a terrier cross puppy and i want to know some info?
  2. Where can I buy a real dog that was stuffed and named Rowdy?
  3. my dog is almost 17 n i want puppies?
  4. how much would it cost me if i want to ship my dog from the philippines to scotland?
  5. Why do people post ads for free puppy's yet when you reply it's a sham ?? They want
  6. i bought a puppy that is 12 weeks but it hasn't had needles, what will
  7. Culturally speaking: Would you buy a dog that looked like this?
  8. How can I tell my family that I don't want a dog?
  9. Should i buy a three week old pug Puppy?
  10. i buy a pomeranian from a agency in kirkwall for london soi want know if my puppy
  11. where can i buy a weinheimer puppy in los angeles area?
  12. Should I buy a Dog, a car or go on holiday?
  13. Where can i buy a dog whistle ?
  14. I want to get a golden retriever puppy in Texas!!!! please help!!!!?
  15. I want to feed my dog a brown rice & raw chicken diet. Does the meat have to be
  16. What is the best type of dog to buy?
  17. I want to sell a pomerian puppy?
  18. I have a 12 week old puppy who has had all his vaccinations,I just bought...
  19. has anyone heard of dog coughing?is there medicine you can buy ?
  20. I'm 15 and I want a decent size dog that I can rough around. But my mom
  21. i want to buy a maltese puppy where in new york can i get on for 600 or less?
  22. Have you ever bought a puppy from a breeder across the country?
  23. i don't know what breed to get. I want a dog that is, playful energetic good
  24. Should i buy constipation medicine for my dog?
  25. Where can i get/buy/adopt a cheap puppy?
  26. A man wants to sell a puppy for $11. A customer who wants to buy it has...
  27. Do you have a Webkinz Love Puppy or want one?
  28. Where can I buy 3" chew bones for my puppy?
  29. I want a puppy that looks like a bear?
  30. Did you ever buy a Buster Cube or other interactive toy for your dog?
  31. I want to buy my girl a puppy because she lately is been talking about wanting 1!!?
  32. Where Can I buy a dog?
  33. What are some tips for buying a puppy?
  34. why want my dog feed her puppies?
  35. I want to adopt a mix breed dog any suggestions of advice?
  36. i want to buy a dog what would be the best choice for me?
  37. Where can I buy taste of the wild dog food in the UK?
  38. I'm bringing a puppy home to my 4 year old adult male. Will he want to mark
  39. Why wont my Lhasa go on the puppy pads she will on paper Sometimes, I...
  40. How often should I buy Advantage for my puppy?
  41. What are Some Good Websites to Buy Puppies from ?
  42. Where can I find an American Bully puppy to adopt or a cheap one to buy?
  43. What was the final percentage reduction for a customer who bought shoes at
  44. They want to change the shape of the hot dog?
  45. Do you think this place is a good place to buy a puppy from?
  46. What happens if you want to get a dog out of the United states ?
  47. I want a dog REALLY BAD, but can't afford it. Whats should I do?
  48. What is the name for the medicine/pills to buy for a dog to keep from going in heat?
  49. i really want dis dog but my dad wont let me should i get it?
  50. Where can you buy a puppy?
  51. I have that perfect puppy for all those kids that say"how do I get my parents to...
  52. Would it be okay to buy a full blooded puppy?
  53. i am 13 almost 14 and i need to make $1,295 to buy a new dog any ideas on how to
  54. If I want to become a dog groomer would it be a good idea to volunteer at a...
  55. I want to remember my dog tats about 2 b put down wats the best n cheap...
  56. I'm trying to buy a miniature schnauzer..is 800 too much for a liver puppy?
  57. My dog chews wires and i bought a new $100 headset and i dont want him to chew...
  58. I really want a dog but my mom keeps saying no?
  59. Where Is a Good Place to buy a Puppy on Long Island?
  60. whats the first thing i should do when a buy a dog from a pet shop in egypt?
  61. Should i buy some clothes for my dog?
  62. I really wana purebred puppy but not from a shelter and i want it cheaply.?
  63. Where can i buy a red akita puppy with a face white mask?
  64. I want to be a dog breeder?
  65. I Want A Puppy, Where Can I Get One In Victorville CA,?
  66. I want to choose dog food royal canin or Pro Pac ?
  67. Is it okay to buy a puppy from a newspaper ad?
  68. I am trying to adopt a rescue or shelter dog, but they make it so difficult?
  69. I want a yorkie puppy for 150 dollars or less!!!!!?
  70. How much would you buy puppy Rottweiler if thees checks were done (but the bitch &
  71. My ten week old puppy hasnt pooped since last night when we bought him.
  72. I want to teach my dog to jump through a hula-hoop/ring?
  73. best puppy to buy, I am thinking of buying?
  74. how do you get your folks to buy you a puppy?
  75. i want a dog for my birthday but my dad wont let me?
  76. Where buy a dog in Saudi Arabia (damman, Khobar)?
  77. I want a pug puppy!..?
  78. I'm feeling very lonely and I want a puppy as a friend?
  79. Would you buy a Rottweiler puppy for $800 with all thees checks done.
  80. 4 month old pitbull puppy, i want to crop her ears,?
  81. I want a dog for a pet and to protect my home but I'm worried about yearly cost?
  82. What breed of dog should I consider? I want a companion, calm, non barker...
  83. So I got 10,000 bucks, I want to invest in something, how about a hot
  84. I want to be a dog trainer and a pet sitter, but prefer to specialize in small to
  85. Does anyone know where i can buy a Toby Terrier Interactive Dog and his movies?
  86. buying a puppy from this website smuthsnyckerz.com using moneygram is this safe?
  87. i buy a new malinois puppy she is 7 weeks old, but she look little small, she...
  88. Where can you buy dog fur?
  89. How to move on from a loss of a dog especially when your parents want to get a
  90. my friends looking to buy a smaller dog ?
  91. I want a puppy but my Mom is on the fence about it. What to do?
  92. Nintendogs - My supplies list is gone! :O somebody help me asap I dont want...
  93. Why would you need a contract when your buying a puppy& what does it say...
  94. I just bought a cane corso puppy- I am not sure what food is good to feed...
  95. I want a dog but I don't think I can have one.?
  96. My puppy and male are both papered and i do want puppies from them but not...
  97. the kids want a puppy, what breed is best?
  98. the puppy i want is 1.5 weeks can i take from the mom?
  99. Renting and want to get another dog. Does the LandLords Insurance go up?
  100. Where can I buy cheap medication for my dog?
  101. i want to buy a puppy dog costing less or rs 4000 in Chandigarh.?
  102. omg.... Where do I buy unscented puppy pads?
  103. What are good sites to buy dog clothes?
  104. I Really Want A Puppy :S Any Way To Convince Parents?
  105. Does anyone know where I can buy a gold medical/military style dog tag?
  106. I want a puppy for my birthday. I want to tell my dad soon, but I'm afraid he will
  107. What type of dog is this? I want to adopt it but am curious?
  108. My Sister has a chihuahua puppy but she does not want it neutered, what should I do
  109. what type of dog should i buy?
  110. where to buy wolf puppies in south africa?
  111. What is the best dog food you can buy at a grocery store?
  112. What would you want to see on a dog walker flier?
  113. why do dogs make that puppy face to get what they want?
  114. Question about this dog I want to buy, Need advice.?
  115. Where can I buy a trained protection dog?
  116. can anyone tell us where to buy evo dog food in the uk as we have a husky...
  117. I really want a puppy but...?
  118. A dog bit me in the face and I want the scar to be gone?
  119. puppy had parvo want a new one is it safe?
  120. Do you know about handspinning? Can I buy a hand held spinner and spin
  121. so i adopted a puppy who had parvo 6 days ago and want to get another puppy? is it...
  122. I am looking into buying a puppy but can someone give me clue about what...
  123. I want a puppy for my birthday. When should I tell my dad?
  124. I want to make my apt. patio more yardlike for my dog, what can I use to cover the
  125. Do you know where i can buy a pit bull puppy in the uk and are they illegal.?
  126. Since many of you disrepudiate respectable pet stores for puppy adoption ... where
  127. Where can I find a place to buy/adopt a puppy?
  128. Why would any Republican want to attend Obama's Health Care dog and pony show?
  129. I'm wanting a puppy but my parents aren't budging, can someone help?
  130. If I want to put up dog walking posters or bike fixing posters in
  131. Is it normal fr my male dog to always want to have sex with my female dog,...
  132. Does anyone know where to buy dog dazer apart from online?
  133. Why does the dog want me to watch him eat?
  134. Just bought a puppy when do I get her its jabs how many blah blah blah HELP me?
  135. I want a good loyal dog?
  136. Looking to buy another female dog, but already have a female- will they get along?
  137. why would anyone want a dog like pittbull?
  138. I just adopted an 8 week old puppy from the pound i want to know how big he will get?
  139. I want a puppy I don't want it to get big what kind of dogs are like that?
  140. where can i buy a dog tag necklace for women with anything i want engraved on it,...
  141. Is it ok to Buy a 3 months Lab puppy or it's too late for training? ?
  142. I have got a baby on the way and want to get a family dog.?
  143. Teacup maltese puppy, i love them and i want to buy one?
  144. What store can I buy nutra nugget puppy food?
  145. i want a pekingese puppy are they good for my type of allergies?
  146. i want to get a puppy but I want to do it the right way..?
  147. I have a six month old male puppy and want to get a second puppy?
  148. Hey i really want a yorkie puppy and i was wondering if anyone knew a great...
  149. Where can i buy dog tags for humans?
  150. I want a puppy but my husband wont let me?
  151. my mom wants a dog that is small and easy to train but i want a dog that is...
  152. our dog just had puppies we want to move her.?
  153. any really good dog books that i can buy from Barnes and Nobles?
  154. what kind of puppies would young boys want to pet?
  155. What are the consequences if they buy a puppy less then 8 weeks?
  156. where to buy puppies in south korea?
  157. I am getting a min pin puppy (female) and I want a cute, unique, name?
  158. Whats a good dog to buy that stays small and dosent shed and is easy to train?
  159. I want a dog, but I have expensive carpet and hardwood?
  160. How do I get my sister to want a dog?
  161. Signs your dog doesn't want you to touch her newborn pups?
  162. Where can I buy mad dog 357 in phoenix?
  163. I want a puppy, I need help?
  164. Were is the cheapest place to buy a dog in college park?
  165. I want to make a puppy costume for my 12 mo old son....?
  166. what can i buy so that my puppies dont run around and poop everywhere?
  167. My husband wants to train the German Shepherd puppy in german.?
  168. What can i buy to keep my dog in the yard but, not on a chain?
  169. I just bought a Shih Tzu puppy and all he does is sleep and will not play...
  170. I REALLY want a puppy! How do I get my husband on board?
  171. What should i buy to hand wash my dogs, dog bed?
  172. Where can I buy Orijen dog food?
  173. If you was going to buy a dog what would you need to see ( Rottweiler )?
  174. is it safe to buy dog food at supermarkets?
  175. is it safe to buy dog food at supermarkets?
  176. My parents want to poison or drown little black puppy for Islamic reasons,
  177. Where is a safe site to buy a puppy?
  178. Where can I buy a Maltese puppy in West Yorkshire for under 500?
  179. i want a puppy! how can i get one?
  180. Where can I buy puppies for my pet store?
  181. I want to buy a pet dog but I'm afraid the dog may jump on me (to play
  182. Should I buy a puppy?
  183. I want to adopt a dog in the clear lake/houston area for very low fees?
  184. i want my dog to be around dogs more often?
  185. Should I buy a dog to protect my home?
  186. i want a puppy and woul really love to adopt?
  187. My puppy doesn't want to eat?
  188. I want to make my hot dog baby ice skate. But could it be dangerous?
  189. What are some good websites to buy cheap dog clothes?
  190. Anybody know where I can buy or adopt a puppy from?
  191. What things should I buy to prepare for my new puppy?
  192. Should I buy another puppy?
  193. I have trained my dog to go poo out side, But I want to train her to go pee inside?
  194. Is sunshine acres beagles a good place to buy a puppy?
  195. I want to be a K9 dog trainer so what should I major & minor in?
  196. trying to buy a puppy?
  197. I want a big, cuddly dog that fits my personality?
  198. thinking of selling my dog and I want to know how much someone would pay for her?
  199. How much does it usually cost to buy a doberman pinscher puppy, in Texas?
  200. where can i buy an alaskan klee kai puppy at a decent price?
  201. If I buy a dog that is UKC registered, can I have it registered to the CKC when I
  202. i want to show my 5 month old puppy some tricks with out treats?
  203. When to buy a puppy when moving into a new house?
  204. Yorkie puppy doesn't want to eat! Help!!?
  205. I am moving to California from the UK and want to take my dog?
  206. I bought a puppy that is lame,had parasites and many other problems.Don't
  207. I want a puppy!! Help!!?
  208. Where is a safe place to buy a puppy from in the UK?
  209. want to get a puppy but my mom doesn't what can i do?
  210. I really want a cute dog but i cant?
  211. where can i buy eukanuba dog food in williamsburg?
  212. Where Can I Buy Customized Dog Tags?
  213. Things i need to buy for a siberian husky puppy?
  214. Where can i buy a really cute dog that doesn't cost a lot?
  215. Is there anything you can do for cataracts in dogs? Please answer i dont...
  216. POLL: If you could have a new kitten or a new puppy, which one would you want...?
  217. WHere is a good place to buy a puppy, near Escondido CA.?
  218. should i buy constipation medicine for my dog?
  219. I have a small chi/terr who I want to bring with me when I travel for work. I
  220. How can I convince my mom to buy a dog?
  221. Where can i buy a Doberman Pinscher puppy for cheap?
  222. Have you bought a puppy from a breeder?
  223. i have a 15 week old Pug puppy and want to toilet train him?
  224. Best priced site to buy 36" dog crate with a divider?
  225. Where can i buy a dog in bradford?
  226. I want to sell dog treats online?
  227. where can I buy science diet ZD wet dog food online?
  228. I want to know when I can expect my dog to go into heat?
  229. Is this site good to buy dog tags. Is it safe and reliable. How do you...
  230. i want to train my two border collie puppies to dog Agility compitions?
  231. where to buy BIG sacks of dry puppy food online ..thats safe and has a good name?
  232. what is the best dog shaver to buy?
  233. When is the best time to buy a playmate for my puppy?
  234. I'm Going To Buy A Puppy For My Grandmother And I Need To Know What A Good Breed Is?
  235. I want to know if i can train my dog to use the litter pan when no one is...
  236. where can i buy dog clothes for my staffie?
  237. How do I convince my sister to not want a dog?
  238. I want to draw my dog into carton style,how can I do?
  239. where do i buy a dog german shepherd in minnesota?
  240. I want to do a dance interop with my dog?
  241. When a dog is on its period do you have to buy tampons for it?
  242. Where can i buy dog necklaces (not to expensive) at Highpoint stores?
  243. Where can I buy bone-shaped cookie dish to bake dog treats?
  244. Does anyone know a website that ships worldwide that i can buy cat and dog food?
  245. Doberman Pinchers! I want one dobie puppy!?
  246. denly doesmy dog, a 1 year old golden retriever sud not want to eat her
  247. I want a job that makes a difference. I want to help fight for rights of
  248. where can i buy samoyed puppies in toronto?
  249. I want to get a dog, but these are the requirements.?
  250. Why does my dog not want to let us near her?