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  1. what is the best dog to buy?
  2. I want another dog?
  3. Buying a puppy - need some advice?
  4. Where can i buy a dog tag and get engravings?
  5. How can I buy a Dalmatian dog in Cairo?
  6. Buying another dog, Whippet or Border Collie?
  7. i want to find a dog breed under 10 pounds?
  8. want a dog but mum doesnt + dads alergic?
  9. What do I do? My wife caught me with my mistress, I introduced her as a dog...
  10. If pitbulls are bad dogs like people want to make them out to be, then why
  11. i want a pet (dog) but parents are not aloud me to bring a pet at home...
  12. Would you buy a kitten or puppy that cost you around 1 or 2 K or would you rather...
  13. Does anyone know were I can buy puppy in San Francisco, CA ?
  14. How much would buying these dog foods...?
  15. Mom's getting a dog that I DO NOT want...?
  16. What to do with my female yorkie who don't want her 1 single puppy (born 6/23/2008)?
  17. What should I buy a Pop-Up Hot Dog Toaster or a Hot Dog Roller?
  18. I want to get a dog, and would like to pay for it myself, but how do I make money?
  19. How can i convince my parents to buy me another dog?
  20. What to ask and check when buying a dog from a breeder ?
  21. Later on in life I want to get a dalmation puppy?
  22. Has anyone here bought a book to help housetrain your puppy?
  23. I just bought a Yorkie/Bichon puppy. I love the dog, but the bills keep piling...
  24. Should i have to pay for a dog iv already bought?
  25. My dog wants to KILL every other dog in the world!!?
  26. Is there a pet barrier I can buy that will block my fence gate so dogs
  27. what should i do with my 10-week old puppy i want to train him to sit and all...
  28. What would you do if your kid wanted a dog this bad?
  29. 7 month old puppy now wants to go out at 3 am??
  30. How do I kill fleas that could potentially be in the carpet? Bought a home second
  31. I have a dog and I want to get a?
  32. English bulldog puppy wanted?
  33. should i give away my dog but i dont want to but in the apartments the dont
  34. Is it normal for a dog to want lick the water off your legs after getting out
  35. my boxer want feed her puppies half of the time.?
  36. should i buy my girlfriend a golden retriever puppy?
  37. Looking to buy a Golden Retriever Puppy :)?
  38. I ate a hot dog, now i feel bloated. Want to rub my tummy?
  39. Where can I buy Bubblegum flavored dog treats for my dogs..?
  40. i want to buy my own puppy but with my own money i am 14 how can i earn money????????
  41. where can i buy a puppy for my dauther?
  42. If I can't afford to buy fertilizer for my plants, can I just have my dog...
  43. Buying "healthy" dog food questions?
  44. i want a dog?
  45. I want to adopt a dog, i just dont know which breed(s) i can handle.?
  46. My dog has stopped wanting to go on walks?
  47. does any know where i can buy red dog beer in los angeles?
  48. I really want to get a new puppy over the summer, but my parents dont really want
  49. I really want to get a puppy, but I need one thats right for my busy lifestyle!!?
  50. My 3 month old puppy wont eat his food..but he wants human food what do i do?
  51. I have Nintendogs: Best Friends and I want them to have puppies how do I make them?
  52. Looking to buy a Golden Retriever Puppy :)?
  53. I want to buy a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Puppy (female). I would like a...
  54. whats your favorite place online to buy dog toys?
  55. Need a name for my new FEMALE bullmastiff puppy. Want a powerful/strong name.
  56. I want a Japanese Spitz Puppy?
  57. PLEASE!!! What vaccinations do I need to buy for my 5 week old puppy...?
  58. I recently adopted a shelter puppy, and I wanted to know how long he should...
  59. where do you buy ultra dog food from?
  60. my dad said he would get me a puppy now he said he changed his mind and he doesnt
  61. My brother is trying to buy one of these BYB puppies!!! How do I talk him...
  62. what's the reasoning behind the 'warnings' about buying specialty breed puppies
  63. my puppy only wants to play tug of war...?
  64. How do i convince my parents to buy me a dog?
  65. I'm getting a lot of mixed answers about which is better for my dog: store
  66. Have you bought a puppy from Pine Bluff Kennels?
  67. Yorkie Puppy wanted in Austin TX??
  68. should i buy a puppy from this place or is it a puppy mill?
  69. Mom dog no longer wanting to feed puppies..?
  70. I just bought a puppy a pit bull. Since I got her she has been gettin sick and not
  71. Someone broke into my ex gf home and beat up her 2 dogs and now the cops want to
  72. i want to get rid of my dog?
  73. I just ed a pack of Sabrett hot dogs that I just bought and they are all...
  74. My sister me and my dad want a puppy but my mom doesnt?
  75. so i want to get a puppy..?
  76. what kind of dog food should i buy?
  77. I'm looking to buy a puppy can anyone help?
  78. Where can I buy bandana's for my dogs?
  79. well i bought a puppy her owner says shes an akita/pitbull mixed idk but
  80. Does anyone know where i can buy a puppy in ottawa Ontario?
  81. i am thinking of buying a puppy from a person in dubai UAE,(chihuahau) and
  82. ok i think somthing is seriously wrong with my dog. he jumps onto my lap like he
  83. I want to rescue a dog, but I get too emotional?
  84. Own a dog? Would you buy pet items online? Would you buy a pet
  85. my dog isnt moving very much and doesnt want to eat or drink or move around .?
  86. Wheres the best place to buy a border collie puppy from?
  87. Can you buy Kirkland brand dog food online?
  88. I want a puppy & want to adopt.Does anyone know of a rescue shelter where I can
  89. What books should I buy to learn how to age a dog by its teeth? Also learn about...
  90. my husband wants to buy a bichon dog for our 3 year old daughter does anyone
  91. where is the best place to buy a puppy in London?
  92. my mom got rid of our dogs because her friend's dogs were peeing all
  93. Where To Buy Puppies?
  94. Want to try and guess my dogs' breed? They are both from the same
  95. Anyone else frustrated with the lack of transparency in the vetrinary...
  96. What to buy another dog- not sure on a breed?
  97. I have a new aussie puppy that won't play with my kids, he only wants me or
  98. Is there a specific broth you can buy for dogs?
  99. we want to move but have 2 dogs , are there any sites online i can look for...
  100. I want to get a dog...HELP!!?
  101. want to get a dog that will get along with my 2 cats?
  102. the reality show of lindsey lohan's sister, she bought a dog? was it from puppy mill?
  103. i bought a puppy today?
  104. i want to start my puppy on a raw diet?
  105. I want to train my maltese x shih tzu puppy?
  106. My kids want a puppy... and... i don't!!!?
  107. I bought a French bulldog puppy from a breeder and paid top dollar. I was given
  108. I really want a goldendoodle puppy. Are they good dogs?
  109. Ok, i want a puppy for my birthday what kind of breeds?!?
  110. type of dog lady wanted to see her move heres a video?
  111. im looking into a new puppy and i want it 2 be pottytrained when im not
  112. I bought a new puppy and I need some advice!?
  113. I am thinking about giving our great dane 1 year old puppy away. I like her but...
  114. What are some questions to ask about a dog that you want to adopt?
  115. i want puchase jack russel (dog)?
  116. Where can I buy Slush Puppies in Las Vegas, NV?
  117. My mom wants to breed my dog...?
  118. im looking into a new puppy and i want it 2 be pottytrained when im not
  119. my dog caught a baby bunny i put it back in the nest and i wanted 2 now will
  120. What is the best age for a Chihuahua puppy to be when I buy It?
  121. I know it is early to think about what I want for Christmas but I want a puppy
  122. we want to adopt a new male dog i have two already 1 female 1 male?
  123. We bought a summer house, one room smells like dog pee. Help?
  124. Where is the best place on the internt to buy a dog?
  125. Should I buy Dingo bones for my puppy?
  126. My 4 mth old Shih Tzu puppy doesn't seem to want to eat his breakfast and lunch?
  127. what do i do if my 3 month old puppy wants to play with me and the fam but he...
  128. Intact male dog does not want to mate female in heat?
  129. How do I teach my puppy to alert me when he wants to go potty?
  130. Are you buying a puppy over the internet?
  131. I want to prevent BUFU poisonous frogs from coming on my property so my
  132. should i buy a puppy or an a llama?
  133. Buying a dog.. - Which dog is the best breed and a very loyal dog?