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  1. i want a puppy for my birthday which is in october. I need a dog that can be...
  2. Why does my puppy suddenly not want to go for a walk anymore?
  3. I want my roommate's dogs to be taken away from her?
  4. *ADDED PHOTOS* Did I just buy my puppy from a puppy mill?
  5. Do you know where I can buy an Illusion Dog Collar (by Cesar Millan) in the UK?
  6. I just bought a boxer puppy.They were keep in a dirty pin with the other 6...
  7. I want a puppy? HELP!?
  8. I Want A Puppy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  9. where do i stick the thermometer at when i want to take my dog temperature?
  10. my dog is having puppies, my mum and i want one but my dad doesn't want two dogs?
  11. for the person who said never buy a dog from a shop?
  12. what do i do if my two dogs want to be outside but they keep hurting eachother?
  13. I want to know what kind of dog I have...he's a mixed breed...any ideas?
  14. I just bought adopted a puppy, help !?
  15. Does any one know how to build a dog run with kennel area? Im so stuck...
  16. My puppy does not want to eat?
  17. My cute Basset puppy wants a friend on dogster!?
  18. I have a 6 year old boston Terrier and a 6 week old kitten. I want another Boston
  19. Buying a puppy when trying for a baby?
  20. Did getting a second dog tie you down anymore than one dog? I want to get a
  21. i have just bought a cocker spaniel puppy but i think he is mixed should i...
  22. what kind of dog do you want?
  23. I want a puppy!! :(?
  24. I am wanting to get a white boxer puppy-will it get along with my 2 year old
  25. what are some good dog names that are original not like fido or spot i want...
  26. my dog just bit me, and mom wants to give the dog away. Help?
  27. what do you pay for a 4 year old maltese-poodle dog? I want to make sure I am not
  28. i want to make a sculpture of a dog on a leash, what material should i...
  29. Buying Puppy At 7 'n' 3days old
  30. I have never wanted anything ever as much as I want a puppy now, but my dad says I
  31. My girl friend wants a Small and fluffy dog i want a big and rough dog what
  32. My daugher is 6 years old and she wants a puppy?? What do I do?
  33. what should i do the lady wants me to walk their dog but she did call when she
  34. I want a healthy & long living large or extra large breed dog?
  35. Help! My dog ALWAYS wants our undivided attention...?
  36. i really want a dog..?
  37. buying puppies online?
  38. I ate Milkbones(the dog treats), and now, I want more, and I have a crazy
  39. Do you want to know what's wrong with your cat or dog?
  40. How can i convince my mom and dad to buy me a dog?
  41. Does it annoy you when people buy dogs and know nothing about the breed/breeds?
  42. My dog does not want to go on walks anymore?
  43. I REALLY want a dog?
  44. German shepherd puppy really wanted?
  45. How can I make money to buy a dog?
  46. i want to fly my dog somewhere with me?how?
  47. im looking for a family dog i want somthing that when i let it off the leash it...
  48. Which Game Should I Go To That Are In Victoria I Want It To Be A Victorian Team...
  49. puppy really wanted?
  50. Is it safe to buy a puppy on line from breeders?
  51. Do you buy *gifts* for your dog/dogs?
  52. i want to know what is wrong with my dog! - please help!?
  53. What do I have to do to make my dog eat just the dog food. He always wants
  54. i want a puppy?
  55. Where can i buy a copy of all i want for christmas is a dog charlie brown?
  56. i bought a puppy where do i go to pick it up in the airport?
  57. Where to buy a garden water tub / reservoir for dog?
  58. german shepherd puppy really wanted?
  59. Looking to buy German Rottweiler puppy with SCH III in the bloodline....?
  60. just bought a australian shepard dog.. anything thing i need to know?
  61. What is the best bang for your buck when buying a vacuum that is good with dog hair?
  62. i`ve been on the web with no luck, i`m looking to buy mexican hairless...
  63. I want A little dog. What type should i get?
  64. I'm wanting to buy a dog, help?
  65. I keep seeing a ghost dog. What does it want?
  66. How do I know how much food to feed 6 week old puppies? Right now they eat all
  67. i have a 3 month old bloodhood/red healer mix puppy and i want to potty train
  68. I want to train my dog not to run away so I could take her camping withe me
  69. Please help i don't want to get rid of my dogs!?
  70. What should I do? I don't want to kill my dog!?
  71. i want to buy a powerful dog...who is the most powerfull?
  72. my maltese just had puppies today.just want to ask when best time to sell...
  73. I really want a dog, but i dont know what kind to adopt!!?!?
  74. My puppy dosent want to eat. and is acting weird.?
  76. I really want a dog.?
  77. Buying a puppy?
  78. I have a cavalier puppy who is a funny eater wants to eat cheeros with...
  79. have 3 indoor dogs, but want a Cat for outside?
  80. just had my first white husky born to our breeder dogs it is solid white
  81. How TO Buy A Dog On My SIms?
  82. Have any links to somewhere that I can buy a dog like Rowdy from Scrubs?
  83. whats the smallest dog you can buy for a resnable price that stays small in the UK ?
  84. I have a dog kennel I want to paint the outside of, I'm assuming it's...
  85. Are there any reasonable priced flea/tick products that I can buy for our poor dog?
  86. ive been very bord latly and i want to have a online pet kitty and dog and
  87. Where is the best place to buy a treadmill for my dogs?
  88. I bought my dog Guitar for Dummies 6 months ago and he still won't play, should I...
  89. How should you punish your puppy when they pee where you dont want them to?
  90. How do you get your puppy to stop peeing where I dont want her to?
  91. Does any one have legendary dogs they want to get off their hands?
  92. I want 2 bread mi dog!?
  93. I've had 2 four-month old kittens for 2 months, now we just bought 2 new
  94. so.. i really want to get my own dog?
  95. I want a dog?
  96. Im From Jordan and I cant Find Anywhere to Buy a Puppy!!??
  97. looking to buy dog comb patent no. 200620072629.8 (not got brand name) Thanks for...
  98. Poll: Should my BFF buy me a dog.....???
  99. Who do you want to win "Americas Greatest Dog" TV show, I am rooting for Tillman.?
  100. I want to buy a puppy.I need info.Can you help me?
  101. A very good story to convince my parents to buy a puppy?
  102. what dog is good to buy?
  103. iam looking for a femle pomeranian to buy in the atlanta area. puppy or adult.?
  104. buying a dog backpack?
  105. Do you think the dog food you buy at the grocery store is good for your dog?
  106. I want to put microchip info on my dog's id tag, what's the best format?
  107. I want a dog but not a regular dog like a mutt dog?
  108. i want a dog?
  109. I want to switch the kind of food that my puppy was on?
  110. I want to adopt a dog!?
  111. where is a good place to buy puppies online??
  112. i wanted to know at wat age can i get my dog netured?
  113. i relly want to teach my dog some cool tricks hints??
  114. My family and I are thinking of getting a new dog. We all have to decide but my...
  115. 9 month old puppy does not want hard food?
  116. Forgot to buy dog food! What can I feed my dog?
  117. I want to bring my dogs to bangladesh from india?
  119. i want find a puppy thats free but stays little please help me im moving and
  120. Why wont my vet write a prescription for my dog? He makes me buy from him.?
  121. Buying a new puppy need help!!?
  122. Have you bought a puppy from him?
  123. I bought a puppy, and she recently died of parvo, and now, I would like
  124. i want mi dog as a bodyguard?
  125. Questions ABOUT DOGS!!!!! =) I want one and neeed HELP?
  126. why does my dog want to accompany me to the mailbox? i try not to take
  127. I want my own dog, But dont know what to do or how to get it.?
  128. i want to treat my dogs ear, but i'm on a budget.......?
  129. Want another dog???
  130. i'm buying a dog....?
  131. i want a small dog?
  132. I just bought a small dog. i noticed that his body gets really warm fast and...
  133. I REALLY REALLY want a puppy!!!?
  134. how to get your parents to buy you another dog?
  135. I Want That Dog!!!!!...HELP!!!?
  136. i really want a dog but my parent wont let me! HELP?!?
  137. how to get your parents to buy you another dog?
  138. I am getting a puppy I want a tibetan spaniel? any comments on this breed?
  139. I want a dog but not a regular dog like a mutt dog?
  140. i want to make my pitbull my therpy dog?
  141. can somebody find a site that you can buy the old giga pets? i really want
  142. I want a dog?
  143. I bought those toilet bowl tablets yesterday, and my dog drank out of the toilet a
  144. I want a dog but not a regular dog like a mutt dog?
  145. Where can I buy Aurora Baby Dog?
  146. Have you ever met a dog that had an abusive past and still wants to love and trust...
  147. i want a little tiny dog?
  148. I want to be a dog trainer?
  149. Is is rude to not want my bf's mom to bring her dog to visit and leave with us
  150. Want to trade hunts. Preferably a hog hunt with dogs, somewhere fairly close to
  151. Animal rescuers: Would you like to sign a petition asking the Obama family to...
  152. Dog Rescuers: Would you like to sign a petition asking the Obama family to...
  153. Where do you buy Kirkland Dog Food?
  154. i already have a male yorkie pup, and i want to have a big dog around but...
  155. Buying Dogs fairly cheaply?
  156. Why does my dog not want to go outside in the backyard without me or unless the...
  157. I just bought a puppy, but what name should I give her ?
  158. i have just bought new dog. it's a female daschund. could anyone suggest a
  159. i want to adopt this dog?
  160. I am going to buy a dog but I dont know which one is right for me!?
  161. Guys! Where do you buy dog tags at??
  162. I want a dog?
  163. Where can I order or which store could I buy a dog tag [necklace] at?
  164. We used to crate our dog and now we fenced the yard and we want to leave her outside?
  165. i want a dog but my parents say no?
  166. i really want a dog,but my parents say no,how can i make them say yes?
  167. How do I politely tell my boyfriend I don't want to watch his dog?
  168. My dog has dug several holes in the back yard. I want to fill it in with...
  169. Question about buying boyfriend a puppy!!!????
  170. I want to adopt this puppy but she................?
  171. I'm really scared! My dog is getting old and he is getting a bit sick, but I dont
  172. i WANT a DOG!?
  173. Should Good Breeders charge less to prevent people buying from Puppy farmers?
  174. My Birthday is in 3 months and i really want a puppy.What Kind should I get??
  175. how can i get papers for a dog i have for 1 yr.he has no papers ,now i want
  176. I wanna buy a video card which is XFX Geforce 8800GT EXTREME Alpha dog?
  177. i want a puppy but i don't know how to convinc e my to let me have one?
  178. i really ,really want a puppy any tips about convincing my mom&dad to let me
  179. What is the difference between buying a puppy from a pet store and...
  180. I want to breed my dog this heat cycle?
  181. im considering buying a 2 months old puppy for my sister,what things should I...
  182. why does my dog do that...get all so excited over a patch of earth tnat he
  183. My tenant wants his pet security deposit back after his dog died. Do I return it...
  184. How do I bribe my parents into buying a dog?
  185. i wanna buy puppies please help me im from biņan laguna i hope it is near...
  186. Should I buy a dog or a laptop???
  187. where to buy a dog in houston, tx?
  188. My husband want a boxer puppy but we have 2 small kids?
  189. i really want a dog but my mom keeps saying no so how can i convince her?
  190. I want to start a dog walking buisness in my neighborhood can you help me think of
  191. What kind of dog do you want??
  192. I want a dog...How do i convince my parents???
  193. I want to hire someone to let my dog outside during the day, advise on pay?
  194. I want to adopt a siberian husky puppy I need info?
  195. I want to send 25 dollars for a deposit on a puppy in Arkansas, how much would...
  196. I really want a puppy! But how do I convince my mom?
  197. Buying a Puppy, work full time & live in a flat?
  198. where is a good place in chicago to buy a yorkie puppy?
  199. I want my dog to be ables to tell me when she has to go to the bathroom...?
  200. I want to buy a dog but i dont know what breed?
  201. okay, now i need a cheap place to buy Dog Tooth (Neon) Hoodie?
  202. i want a pomeranian dog, but are they really prissy and yappy?
  203. im trying to convince my parents that i can have a dog,but they keep saying
  204. Were can i post my 3 dogs for stud serives because i want to breed these...
  205. i dont want to get rid of my dog...HELP?
  206. My friend wants to get a puppy and she doesn't know which kind to get.?
  207. i want to start walking dogs to earn some money, do you think it'll be weird if i
  208. does anyone know where to buy a dog grooming bath?
  209. I want to dog walk to earn some cash! Would it be weird if i did these stuff-->?
  210. i want to make my dog 'tough'?
  211. What are the best store bought hot dogs?
  212. what type of puppy should I buy?
  213. We have recently adopted a small dog. He keeps licking us what is he wanting?
  214. I just got a puppy from my parents, which I always wanted, but now I...
  215. Would you buy giant Q-tips if available for your dog?
  216. Have 13mo old baby, want to get a puppy.?
  217. my dogs has been feeling ill for 2 days doesnt want to eat and is very weak his...
  218. Is it o.k to give my 4 month old puppies a cattle bone bought from the pet store?
  219. help just bought a new puppy havent seen him pee or poo yet.. he did eat and drink
  220. petland a puppymill? whats wrong with buying a dog from here?
  221. When buying a puppy how much does age matter?
  222. Ok, my dog has had puppies and everytime we let her in to feed, she doesn't want to,
  223. Want to let my dog swim more but where???
  224. i want a dog soo bad but my mom want let me=( wat should i do to change her mind?
  225. Can I buy one of those dogs in the Korean dog-meat markets?
  226. Buying a dog?
  227. why does our dog keep wanting to be in our bedroom, even when we're not in there?
  228. my dog doesnt want to go outside for walks to pee or poop...?
  229. What do we need to buy for our new puppy?
  230. I think i want a toy breed of dog, but which one? i have took the tests, but...
  231. How do I know when im buying a pug puppy that it will have problems?
  232. I want to get a dog please help?
  233. I have 2 Cat's and 1 Dog my daughter wants another Dog, Should i get it or not?
  234. Have you ever wanted to put a dog shock collar on anyone?
  235. my dog want walk on a lead?
  236. west highland white terrier stud dog wanted?
  237. Need Help. Bought adolecent dog, not the temperament I was told it was. Am I
  238. I am thinking about getting a dog. I want a Bull Terrier or Rottweiler,or any...
  239. do they have parvo shot kits for puppies that you can buy?
  240. Need a way to find out what kind of dog to get.........? Want to do research...
  241. First time dog owner who wants a german shepard!?
  242. I want the three lengendary dogs I pokemon pearl?
  243. My mum hates dogs and i want a puppy but she wont let me help?
  244. Wouldn't you want your dog back?
  245. Why did you get a dog if you can't afford to take it to the vet, to a training...
  246. How can i earn $ quickly towards buying a $400 dog?
  247. I bought my puppy a bed?
  248. How much to buy a pure bred Pikatchu (mini version) a boy dog?
  249. my best friend is a dog lover and im a dog hater how do I tell her I dont
  250. My bitch has just been desexed but my dog still wants to hump her?