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  1. Where can you buy dog meat?
  2. I really want a dog. What should i get?
  3. My dog doesnt want to sleep in his bed?
  4. the vet gave my dog a shot to reduce fluid on her how long untill it starts to work?
  5. should i buy this dog for 250$?
  6. I put FrontlinePlus on my dog yesterday but want to give him a flea bath....
  7. I'm looking at buying something to calm a stressed dog?
  8. where can i buy dog tags! (the necklaces!)
  9. My staffy has ten puppies, hurting her nipples what should i do? Cut nails, buy a...
  10. Where can I buy medicine for a dog?
  11. I want to train my puppy not to pick up trash in the house or walks... I use the
  12. Want to help stop puppy mills?
  13. Why does my dog not want to go in the grass?
  14. where can i buy a border jack dog?
  15. I have a 5 month Pit Bull. I want it to be tough, take no mess kinda dog. Where is
  16. What do you want on your hot dog, ketchup mustard or relish?
  17. My daughter wants a dog but she's alergic to them. HELP?
  18. Why do people still insist in buying a dog from a pet store....?
  19. were can i buy a large dog cage/kennel in germany?
  20. I want another dog but my dog will violate it?
  21. I want a dog?
  22. Where do you buy frozen hush puppies in NC?
  23. If you get a girl dog fixed does it still bleed? I want a female dog, but do...
  24. i want a puppy!?
  25. Do you get tired of people always wanting to pet your dog?
  26. Electric Dog confinement fence? What is the best kind to buy?
  27. I want to get a dog, but I don't know how hard it'll be?
  28. I want a ferret but I don't want to regret my decision after a few months. Are
  29. There is a rat that feeds off my dog's food and i want to kill it... I need...
  30. i have a chihuahua and want to rescue another dog?
  31. where can u buy revlation or advantage or front line flea medication fopr dogs?
  32. My BF has 3 dogs, I have 1. We want to live together. I don't want 4 dogs. What
  33. Would you buy your dog a Kool Koat?
  34. i keep see people say if u want ur dog stronger tie it to a heavy chain?
  35. If you were considering buying or adopting your first dog...?
  36. My dog used to sleep in his bed . then he started to sleep in my bed! Now...
  37. I want a BIG dog! :)?
  38. I have a blue healer puppy and it want stop crying at night?
  39. My dog just had puppies and she wants to move them?
  40. My friend wants a puppy?
  41. I died my dog rainbow and now all the female dogs want to "socialize"
  42. I Want An Outdoor Only Dog?
  43. Buy dog shampoo online?
  44. On The Sims 2, my Sim got rid of two dogs but still has wants involving them?
  45. Cons of having a dog-i want to prepare an argument to convince my parents?
  46. My mom wants my pup HUNNY to have puppies but in her first day,ho many do we expect?
  47. I want to convince my parents to get a dog?
  48. I want a job, im 13 and i want to walk dogs?
  49. is okay to buy a puppy from the international kennel club in NY ?
  50. i just want my dogs 2 stay in the yard with out having 2 get electric fence how do i
  51. How do i go about buying a dog that is states away?
  52. Can I buy a puppy If Im only Seventeen?
  53. My dog does not want to walk with a leash?
  54. I want to get a dog from petfinder.com but there are 2 dogs in the pic, how
  55. I can't find any treats or toys my dog will want to play with! HELP!?
  56. i want to get an english springer spanial puppy cheap does anyone know of anyone...
  57. How big a bag of dog food should I buy at once:?
  58. website to buy a puppy?
  59. I want to start breeding dogs!!! (neonatal training and conditioning)?
  60. Can anyone identify this breed of dog for me?? I want one but don't know what it is.?
  61. PUPPY wanted?
  62. Which dog should I buy ??
  63. Can I buy de-worming meds for my dog at the store?
  64. how can i have both my dogs feel wanted?
  65. Survey: Do you want to puke when watching the commercial for the dog nail
  66. What do i need to do if i want to give my dog away to my friend?
  67. I want a dog but we dont know what to do with it while we are gone?
  68. I live next to the meanest dog because they are always barking and I want to...
  69. Where can I buy a nodding Churchill dog from for my car?
  70. my dog bits me when i pick him up and he doesn't want me to. He also bits and
  71. I want a small dog that is playful and cute can any one help me out ?
  72. I Want a dog! Plz Help!?
  73. What breed of dog should I buy?
  74. Can anyone tell me where to buy little head bands (not hair bands) for long haired
  75. i want a dog help!!?
  76. PLEASE HELP! First Time Dog Buyer + Want To Buy A Staff Bull Terrier..HELP NEEDED!
  77. I want a dog?
  78. Looking to get / buy a puppy - Cavoodle/ BishonXPoodle/ Westies?
  79. You youngsters think you want a dog?
  80. i really want to get a new dog! wat kind of dog should i get?
  81. When my pit bull puppy is outside, and doesnt want to come in, how do i get her...
  82. i want to rescue dogs?
  83. I want my dog to have puppies?
  84. Small dog, want to fly home with him in the airplane's cabin?
  85. i want my dog move biside me in the street without leash?
  86. Is there someone in dallas,tx that is willing to mentor me? I want to be...
  87. Am I just an old horn dog, wanting to go to church just to check out the ladies?
  88. Why do the extreme animal rights do gooders want to stop all dog breeding?
  89. What do I buy a dog that has everything....?
  90. buying a puppy good or bad?
  91. Where would i buy a dog from in the UK?
  92. Anyone want to see a video of adorable puppies?
  93. Puppy Seller won't accept my check payments. She wants puppy back. What can I do?
  94. HELP!?My puppy Hunny is scared of going walking now that we bought her a leash?!?
  95. i want to train my dog to hunt?
  96. I got a foster dog but I might want to take her back..?
  97. Where in the uk can i buy beef franks? i think they are like beef hot dogs. Tesco,
  98. I have a puppy that I want to sell to someone who can give it a good home?
  99. Dog wants to run away?
  100. I have a dog and i just bought one and it caught fleas should it be with my
  101. I want a dog that will match with my living room set...?
  102. Do your dogs know when you've bought the cheap, bargain bones?
  103. What can I do for a dog that wants to run away?
  104. I want to teach my dog to jump in the pool, any suggestions?
  105. i want to start my dog on the BARF diet, and was wondering whether i can just use...
  106. where would you go to buy a dog online?
  107. Hello I am looking for a yorkie puppy (yorkshire terrier) to buy.I am...
  108. I haven't really done anything this summer! And I want to do stuff!!! But I...
  109. I am having a hard time deciding which dog I want to buy....?
  110. I want to get a dog which one should i get?
  111. I want a puppy what can i do?
  112. Why Do People Buy Large Powerful Dogs Like Pit Bulls, Dobermans, And Other
  113. i want to breed my dog, can anyone recommend some good literature, so i can be
  114. I just bought a puppy and everybody is telling me not to feed him milk....
  115. Bunnies and dogs!! I have 2 bunnies and want to get a dog. Anyone have any...
  116. What do i need to do to my house and buy, before i collect my new puppy?
  117. I'm Going To Buy This Jonas Brothers Dog Tag...?
  118. Whats a good breed of dog to buy for a farm?
  119. I have never wanted anything in the world more than a puppy, and my dad
  120. "Chill out, it's just a dog, you can buy another one." ?
  121. I live in the UK and want a female puppy Yorkshire Terrier!!?
  122. my dog is sick and my vet wants to put her down but i said no Can they do it
  123. does anyone know where to buy puppies wholesale without going to a puppy mill? in...
  124. I want to know how do dogs fart?
  125. where can i buy a chihuahua puppy in merseyside?
  126. I want to buy a German Shepherd Puppy in NJ. About 6-8 weeks. Looking to buy a...
  127. what do you buy when you dog had flea's and dandruff?
  128. i want a dog but my mom keeps saying no!!?
  129. i want ferrets but i have dogs :(?
  130. Okay, I really want an aussie puppy, but my dad says I am not responsible...
  131. Can I buy a dog if I live in an apartment?What kind?!HELP!?
  132. I am wanting to get a dog ?
  133. im getting a puppy i want a toy sized dog ?
  134. Where can i find a pet store to buy my puppies in columbus,ohio
  135. i want a dog! buttttttttttt.. ?
  136. where can i buy a cage for my dog in Hong Kong?
  137. i just bought a new puppy how to teach him to pee in a desired spot ??
  138. Want a black lab puppy?
  139. what do i do if my dogs personality matches mine but i dont want name it after me?
  140. Who do you want to leave Greatest American Dog?
  141. is it now the law that u need to fix your dogs before u buy it?
  142. My mom is getting me a dog in the next couple of months, and i need to know
  143. Where can i buy a dog?
  144. I may get a Yorkie puppy but i don't know what to know how to prepare or what...
  145. hi! i want to buy a dog for a big apartment,are pocket beagles a good option?
  146. What happens to the puppies at the pet store if nobody wants them?
  147. i'm getting a puppy, and my mom wants to feed it ridiculous things.... help? ?
  148. my puppy has flees and i want to get rid of them.?
  149. BB9UK Do you think Rex's parents secretly wanted a dog?
  150. I want to sneak a dog in my apartment?
  151. Where to adopt/buy/find dogs in Winnipeg?
  152. my mom wants me to train my puppy but...?
  153. my friend has some puppies she is giving away and i want one-but i just am just so
  154. How do I find an affordable English Bulldog puppy? Just want a family pet. No...
  155. I want a Yorkie Puppy!?
  156. What kind of dog is this that I want? Need help finding a good breed.?
  157. Does anyone know where i could buy a pink "bone shaped" dog tag silencer?? I've...
  158. my husband wants us to give a home to a blind doberman puppy
  159. i want to buy a puppy an Alaskan husky specifically can anyone tell me how
  160. My boyfriend bought me a dog?
  161. Recently bought a shock collar for my dog....Now it acts scared?
  162. I'm looking to buy a puppy, of these breeds which would you choose?
  163. Has anyone ever bought and raised two puppies at the same time?
  164. How do dogs know how to tell you what they want?
  165. Would you ever *buy* a "Designer" Dog?
  166. How can i convince my mom to buy me a dog??
  167. Where can I buy a replica of Nick Jonas's Diabetes dog tag?
  168. where can i buy the chrome hearts dog tag?
  169. is it true that dogs can "want" to be pregnant?
  170. what would be everything I want to know if I'm getting a puppy?
  171. Im buying A puppy from the us?
  172. Yorkie puppy questions...thinking about buying one.?
  173. My dog was put down yesterday and i now want his ashes is it too late to ask...
  174. I want to know if my dog is going to have puppies or not?
  175. Should I buy two puppies or one?
  176. I Want To Clone My Dog?
  177. I want to build my dog a "dog run" in the backyard. ?
  178. if your bff bought this puppy wht would you do (pic.)?
  179. i want to adopt a dog but...?
  180. What kind of a a dog is Old Yeller??? I want a dog like him.?
  181. Buying this dog off craigslist does it sound like a scam?
  182. taking my dog on the plane with me can i buy another seat for him?
  183. Is buying a puppy online safe?
  184. buying a cute puppy?
  185. i want to start dog walking i just dont know what to put on the flyer or how
  186. what can I do about having a dog live with my in my apartment, even though...
  187. I want a dog, but my boyfriend (Mark) said they are a lot of work & that w/ ?
  188. i want a very small furry dog?
  189. Buying a 3 month old dog that is cage trained!!!?
  190. i have a new puppy and want to know more about the breed.?
  191. when u found the dog u liked did u buy it or keep looking for something bettter?
  192. I want to know were to get FREE small dog puppies in WA!
  193. I want a little dog but I can't make up my mind.Can you tell me all the small...
  194. In Alaska, if a dr wants a patient to have a therapy dog, does a landlord...
  195. Can i actually buy the Victoria's Secret PINK dog?!?
  196. where can i buy cheap puppy?
  197. I Really Want This Puppy!?
  198. is it bad that i cannot feel anything for my puppy? i like him but i am not sure if
  199. I just found a Chupacabra and I want to breed it with my dog?
  200. Can someone give me tips on how to potty train a puppy with small children that
  201. any cheap puppy websites i want a yorkie.?
  202. Can you buy the Drs Foster&Smith dog food at any real stores?
  203. why do some female puppies want to hump other female puppies all the time?
  204. Anyone know if you can bring food into Wrigley Field? Want to bring in some
  205. I want to buy a hurricane bulldog puppy.
  206. I want a puppy but i don't know but i really want one.?
  207. I just bought a maltese puppy who comes from a bloodline of champs ..How does
  208. where should i buy dogs/puppy?
  209. what dog should i buy?
  210. I want to breed my yorkies and need the best book about how to breed dogs
  211. I friend of my grandmothers passed away. He had two dog that his family...
  212. I want a small feminine puppy with alot of fur!?
  213. Does anyone know where I can buy a Dalmation puppy online or in the georgia area?
  214. My mom's cat wants to kill the new puppy?
  215. I have a 2 1/2 month old Rat Terrier. I bought her at a pet store. Whats...
  216. We have 2 boxers m/f someone wants to give us a male but are male dog fights?
  217. Where should i look to buy a puppy?
  218. Where to buy a Siberian Husky Puppy in California??
  219. i want a puppy but my parents wont let me any advice!!??
  220. I bought a dog and am getting ready to register it in my name w/ aca?
  221. i want a dog, so bad?
  222. Buy an oxygen mask for my dog?
  223. My mom just bought our 1 1/2 year old puppy IAMS dog food and i was wondering
  224. I am looking to buy our family our first dog. A Boxer. Is this a good breed...
  225. Bored only child who just wants a puppy
  226. I bought a staff. Mum is KC registered, but the Dad is not. Do I have to register
  227. I want to no what breed my dog is ?
  228. im camping this weekend and i really want to take my dog she is a pomeranian
  229. please help me to convince my mom to let me get this dog, and my grandma to let...
  230. I just bought a st. bernard puppy from an AKC registered breeder and he is going to
  231. Buying a therapy dog vest?
  232. thinking of buying a dog for my sis,what do u suggest?how about yorkie russell...
  233. What kind of dog should i buy??
  234. I want a dog but mom wont let me??
  235. Does anyone know where i can buy a beagle puppy for $300 or less near
  236. please tell me if this is a scam?(i want this dog)?
  237. Bought a sick puppy...dont know where to go from here?
  238. wanting to get a dog....?
  239. How much does it cost to buy a Maltese puppy at puppypetite.com
  240. if you buy your girlfriend a dog..and you break up...who's the owner?
  241. I feel guilty for wanting to re-home my dog?
  242. I want to get a dog?(pics?
  243. I am going to Atlantic City for 3 days and I want to know if I should
  244. puppy wants to chew on sunflowers
  245. i want a dog?
  246. casual sexy friend wants me to watch his dog. ?
  247. can i buy contacts for my dog?????
  248. I have just bought a little boxer puppy ! They are so precious !
  249. what age should the puppy be when she buys her?
  250. I just bought a german shepherd puppy.It is a female.?