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  1. I want to adopt a puppy in Massachusetts?
  2. Why do people ask questions about dogs when they have a dog? Shouldn't they know...
  3. How can my puppy sleep on her basket? answer quick! i want to start tonight?
  4. I can't find a puppy to buy anywhere!?
  5. How can i proswade my mom to buy a dog?
  6. When you buy a puppy from an out-of-state breeder and have it shipped, what if
  7. does anyone know what website Bridget Marquardt bought her dog on?
  8. Help I have recently bought a shared ownership property and I have got a
  9. My puppy is 15 weeks old, I want him to learn how to swim. How do I teach him?
  10. Where can i buy a dog crate with divider in the uk?
  11. i need a halloween costume i am 13 and i want my dog to have one that is like...
  12. where online is the best place to buy puppies and everything they need?
  13. OMG! i think i wanna buy a puppy. help!?
  14. Buying small pigs for hog dogs.?
  15. has anyone bought a puppy from yourpup? ?
  16. I want my dog to live the longest and best life possible.?
  17. Im about to buy a dog. It has to be small and easygoing, able to be kept both
  18. i want to get a dog to protect my house from theives and for self protection please
  19. how do i hand feed a puppy if it doesnt want to eat?
  20. Buying a dog from a breeder?
  21. puppies wanted!!!!!!!!!!?
  22. Help Me Convine My Mum To Buy A Puppy Pleasee!!?
  23. IceWind Farms - a good place to buy Shiba Inu puppies?
  24. Which dog should I get?, I want a puppy!!!!?
  25. my puppy recently passed away from parvo and i want to get another puppy but
  26. What kind of dog should I buy?
  27. help with buying puppies?
  28. Adopt/Buy a Bowzer dog?
  29. what can i buy to help my dog's upset tummy?
  30. Want to train my puppy...how?
  31. I might get new dog but i would have to take care of it and everything so what...
  32. how can i make or raise money to buy my dog in less then a week?
  33. What dog toy can I buy/make that my Yorkie will not get bored of without...
  34. Why do people buy puppies and kitten's and surrend them when they move?
  35. Which is the best dog breed suitable for me to buy?
  36. My daughter(11) wants to get a maltese puppy but I have worries.How many times...
  37. i want a dog soooooo
  38. i want a big dog, but i have a small apartment?
  39. I want a good online school for dog trainer penn foster or animal
  40. Survey: Want to dog pile anyone on Y/A?
  41. We are thinking of buying a Beagle pup as a family dog, someone told me
  42. what can i do, my dog doesn't want the judge to touch the body when on the...
  43. What makes a dog want to dig?
  44. Does anyone want a dog that can model?
  45. Would you have to spend alot of cash on your dog's appearance if you wanted to
  46. Help me, my dog wants to fly...?
  47. My dog keeps making the weridest noise like he wants to vomit but nothing is
  48. I really want a kitten my parents wont me because i have a dog. do you...
  49. Why do so many people want to know the dog's name?
  50. What happens if i do not want to fix my male dog?
  51. How much lbs of dog food do you buy for 1 retriever in total every month and year?
  52. I really Want a Rottweiller ;But I have a 7year old brother. if the dog is...
  53. i have a chow(dog) and i want another pet but,my dog might get to it!help!?
  54. want a second dog!!!!!!!!?
  55. I want a dog really bad!?
  56. I really want a dog!!!?
  57. My children want a dog...?
  58. Planting a garden & i don't want my dog to dig. is there something i can
  59. parents want to give away my dog :(?
  60. My 9 month old dog wants to play fetch non stop. If I don't, she bites my...
  61. I'm looking for a terrier that likes to cuddle and be with poeple. I want a toy
  62. where can i buy big red dog?
  63. Help My dog wants to eat my guniea pig and i dont know wat to do!!!!?
  64. My twin sister and i want to get a dog!?
  65. hi i was wondering wat website i can buy a dog from someones house and...
  66. i want a dog but my parents don't?
  67. Would you buy the storm defender for your dog?
  68. I am feeding Science Diet but want something better- What should I look for in...
  69. How much lbs of dog food do you buy for your Golden Retriever every month/year?
  70. Would you buy a mobility cart for your dog or put it to sleep?
  71. Need Help With Buying A Dog Of The Net!?
  72. i want to hit my dog with newspaper?
  73. my parents wants me to get rid of my dog because i'm allergic to it...however i...
  74. Where can I buy a Pug Dog Locally and at a reasonable price?!
  75. i have a problem i want to get a dog but my mom says no. what should i do??
  76. Friend and I want to start a small pet sitting/dog walking business, what must we do?
  77. I have a large dog that sheds year-round. I want to make him an inside dog. How
  78. I bought a dog from a breeder and when i got home i realized he was sick...
  79. i want a toy breed puppy becuase of younger siblings but i cnt find one...
  80. Where can i buy dog tags in the UK?
  81. Where to buy a grave marker for a dog?
  82. Wears A Good Shop To Buy Dog Clothes ?
  83. i want a 2nd dog!? but im scared?
  84. which puppy would you want?
  85. I have a serious dog problem, my dog ate crazy glue and I want to know how
  86. I'm allergic to my dog but i don't want to get rid of him?
  87. i cant decide what dog i want help me?! which dog fits my life style.
  88. In Keeping up with the Kardashians, Bruce doesn't want kendell to get a dog.
  89. my dad wont buy me a dog or my mon wont
  90. My dog doesn't want to play!
  91. Why is my dog going potty where ever he wants?
  92. I want to cook home made meals for my dogs...help!
  93. I'm a dog groomer. Looking for hair resistant clothing available to buy in Australia.
  94. Why do dogs want to eat grass?????
  95. good buying dog website
  96. I have a little white chihuahua and i just bought my first ball python today.
  97. Does anyone know where i could buy tinned dog-food in bulk(100 24pk
  98. I want to get a dog?
  99. Keeping a dog vs. Buying a house, what's a guy to do?
  100. what kind of whistle is best to call my dog to come home..I don't want a...
  101. My dog just got her period. I wanted to know what i could possibly give her
  102. does anyone no wear i can buy a small dog
  103. I want a pet dog but i don't know which to choose?
  104. I want to take my girlfriend on a hiking trip in england with her 2 dogs
  105. Would you buy doggie tooth wipes for your dog?
  106. how much does it cost if you have a boy dog and you want it to breed with a female?
  107. My dad wants to put my dog to sleep!
  108. How can I convince my mom into letting me buy a dog?
  109. how can i talk my mom into wanting a dog
  110. I need help with buying a dog?
  111. how do you make your puppy stop biting you....my cousin wants to know
  112. Bought a Sick Dog on Craigslist
  113. I want a small dog but where do i get one cheep?
  114. What Dog Treats Should i buy?
  115. Any suggestions on the best type of dog crate to buy that would fit in 2006...
  116. what website can you buy cheap st.bernard dogs in baguio?
  117. do dobermans make good pets i want a dog that is smart loyal and athletic this is
  118. I have a really hyper dog and i want to get a hamster. Do you think she...
  119. What questions should i ask someone when buying a dog from them?
  120. I want a little dog?
  121. My friend wants me to ask "Why is my dog panting near a female dog?"?
  122. I want to adopt a dog?
  123. I want to get a small puppy that stays small when they get older but doesn't...
  124. Why are people who buy dogs from breeders considered selfish
  125. Hi! Just wanted to know, what kind of dog do you have?
  126. i want a new dog...?
  127. We want to take our dog to Australia from Vienna and need to know the most
  128. Planning on buying parents a new dog... which one should I buy for them?
  129. my dog has behavorial problems and my mom wants to get rid of her but i dont
  130. I want to adopt a puppy, any suggestions, and where should I go to adopt one?
  131. I have a GREAT dog but not show and want to stud
  132. i might want to be a dog trainer?
  133. i want a dog!!!!!!!!!
  134. i want a labrador puppy, not sure if its a good idea
  135. i want a dog......................but...
  136. i want to get a puppy..
  137. This may sound crazy, but can you buy a dog, or do you get them some other way?
  138. I really want a dog and my dad wont allow it!
  139. Is there any kind of lotion I can buy for my dog's paws?
  140. I want a very small dog that is not very active indoors, what kind of dog should
  141. What's your dog done that's made you want to dissown it?
  142. I want to adopt a small dog, but want to look online where could I look
  143. Have you bought a peticure for your dog? If so, does it work good?
  144. I want a dog but have a big problem.
  145. i've been all over the net i need a puppy and in the pound they only
  146. Peticure question? I want to buy it so that i can use it on my dog, its...
  147. Allready own a Chihuahua, want to get another dog also,
  148. I need to know what is the most expensive dog you can buy?
  149. my dog is in heat but my male dog wants to get her pregnet but she does't let...
  150. about the wanting a dog......
  151. Should I clip my dogs nails or buy the peticure? And how can I get my
  152. My puppy threw up a hookworm. I want to know if I can wait till her
  153. I want a puggle or martise or any toy size dog hellp!!!
  154. okay i want a presa canario dog
  155. I've been wanting to eat a hot-dog, but ive heard its not healthy in pregnancy.?
  156. i want a labrador puppy, not sure if its a good idea
  157. Did I buy a big enough dog bed?
  158. i want a cute dog which womt grow much
  159. where to buy dog bath
  160. Why is it bad to buy a dog based on colour?
  161. I want a dog but my mom is allergic! And I really want a dog!
  162. My mum wants to get rid of our dog.. :(
  163. Why do you want to breed your dog!
  164. i have a pitbul and i want a small dog upstairs how should i convince my parents...
  165. I want a small dog...what breed should i get?
  166. Two dogs who want to be alpha males
  167. Two dogs i don't want to take care of. Angry
  168. I want to start a dog walking service, how would i do this and what will i...
  169. Please think long and hard before buying a puppy!!
  170. Help me! My puppy won't sleep at night and just wants to play! What should I do?
  171. Where did you buy your dog?
  172. When buying a dog what does 'stud' mean?
  173. Dog refuses to use hind leg, want can I do to help?
  174. Im looking for a dog for me and my boyfriends one room apartment but he...
  175. IS it bad to buy a dog from one of these websites?
  176. i bought a puppy that has hookworms what should i do
  177. I live in an apartement and i want a good dog!
  178. i'm getting a puppy soon and my mom wants me to check in on how much they will
  179. im wanting to rehome my dog locally in nottinghamshireor deryshire.can anyone help
  180. Please..... Could someone please help me? I need to trim my dogs hair, he wants to
  181. Dog lover need help - anyone want to give their dogs away? I'm interested in...
  182. How do I get my parents to buy me a second dog to make friends with my
  183. If i wanted to make money outside my job by walking dogs?
  184. Where can I buy really cool dog tags?
  185. I want to be a dog groomer...
  186. what kind of dog will you recommend me to buy?
  187. i want a dog for my little girl but dont have an awful lot of money to spend!any
  188. How do I get my parents to buy me a second dog to make friends with my loney
  189. Should I buy my dog a "friend"?
  190. POLL: When did you last buy a puppy for someone to cherish forever ???
  191. Why do people buy puppy mill dogs?
  192. What do I bring for a 2 hour car ride for my puppy? What do I need to buy?
  193. I want a beagle as a dog but i'm not sure...
  194. My boyfriend wants a puppy, but is inexperienced...
  195. finally got a JRT puppy...but just want some tips
  196. i want a small dog wat should i get and how much money lowest
  197. What should be my first approach to buying a puppy miniature pincher?
  198. I want to walk other peoples Dog?
  199. what do i do if my mom got me a kitten but i have wanted a puppy for over two years
  200. I want to switch my dogs to a raw diet
  201. Have my parents bought a puppy?
  202. do you know anything about parvo? please help me I love my dogs so much and
  203. My husband wants a dog but?
  204. What is a good website to buy dogs
  205. my 6 month old puppy has got the runs what can i do im going away and
  206. What things do i need to buy for my new puppy before i get it?
  207. il be getting a dog form dog trust (the link below) and i want a little cage but...
  208. HELP ME!!!! i want a dog, but cant persuade parents...
  209. i want a dog!!!but how do i get one?!
  210. My dog has problems with men and i don't want to spend the extra money....
  211. I want a dog. Small . good natured
  212. Small dogs wanted !!!!
  213. Can anyone name small-medium sized dogs that can be bought in Singapore?
  214. Help! im getting a black lab puppy and i dont know wut 2 name her! i want...
  215. how to make your parents buy you a dog or a hamster?
  216. I really want a dog but my dad doesn't.
  217. i want a video how to train my alaskan malamute puppy on obedience and housebreaking
  218. I want to become a dog groomer
  219. Im thinking of buying another dog.**YOUR HELP**
  220. Just wondering people with large dogs, why did you want a large dog?
  221. Any have a dog that always wants to sleep inside your shirt, like a kangaroo?
  222. i want a dog cuz im lonely and want someone to hang out with but my parents
  223. Reasonable Price to buy a Dog?
  224. my dog was sick other day just got up his been sick again today just wants to...
  225. my dog does what she wants and my parents wont pay more money for tranning classes,
  226. my dog doesn't want to run!?
  227. my dog got diagnoised with chf wed, she only wants to lay around and not walk much,
  228. I want to convince my stuborn father to get another dog.
  229. is there something I can buy from the store to get the dog urine stain out of the
  230. i have wanted a dog for 14 years and my mum won't let me have one, how do...
  231. Should I buy my dog that bikini hes been wanting?
  232. I want to take my 2 dogs from the Netherlands to Australia. What would be the
  233. I just bought some raw meat from the supermarket, can i feed it directly to my dog?
  234. who has ever bought a puppy from a puppy mill.
  235. Help! I want a new dog but I'm rarely at home? What type should I get?
  236. I want to get a dog but...
  237. when you already have a family and you want to get another dog or create one....
  238. whats the best small dog to buy?
  239. i want a kind of a dog that would like to play but which one?
  240. yes, i really want a dog, but my dad's not buying it. what can i do to
  241. I want to get a tattoo of my dog...
  242. omfg i want a small dog but
  243. i want a small dog which should i get?
  244. Why would you want to have a dog??
  245. I need tips ASAP if I want to keep my dog!
  246. I just bought a puppy
  247. Where can I buy a Teacup Maltese puppy in the Toronto area?
  248. What breed of dog do you own or want to own and why?
  249. I am making a spoof of the Dog the Bountyhunter , I want to spoof the tittle song
  250. i don't want this dog?