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  1. My dog really wants to eat my guinea pigs!! Help!?
  2. would you ever buy a ckc[continental] registered dog?
  3. Well I just want to know why girls think that we are the dogs when they seem to
  4. how do I get dog wee smells out of carpet, had them steam cleaned,used powders,
  5. I want to buy dog chihuahua,where can i buy it in Bombay?
  6. i want to get a pomeranian puppy?
  7. i bought my dog a couple of weeks ago but he dose not have any papers how...
  8. First Nice And Appropriate Answers. Click To Answer! Obviously. I Want A Chorkie
  9. What size bed should i get for my 1 1/2 yr old boxer dog?? im buying it online!?
  10. Where can I buy 360 for dogs?
  11. I really want a Puppy!!! =(?
  12. i love my dog but he's so hary so i avoid him alot but i want to cuddle him but
  13. My dog doesn't want to eat!?
  14. At what age will female dogs want to have babies?
  15. I recently adopted a dog, and want to be sure he has had all the proper vaccines.?
  16. We want a dog, what do you suggest?
  17. My dog has seisures and I want to know what kind of medicine i should use other...
  18. I called to cops because I wanted my dog back, but I lost him too...How do
  19. Buying a Jack Russell Puppy when I already have a Jack Russell Dog.?
  20. my dog wants to wet on things that are different in our home clean rugs rooms...
  21. I want a puppy that....?
  22. They want to take my moms puppy! Help me?
  23. Where is the best place to take a date when you want to treat them to the...
  24. I want a dog,but my dad doesnt want one and we end up arguing. HELP!?
  25. i have 4 dogs and 3 parrots moving to P>R. want to take them what can i do?
  26. My Friend Wants A Puppy!?
  27. I want to take my dog back to Australia from America for good. Do I have to pay
  28. Where can you buy dog wheelchairs?
  29. I want to be a police dog trainer?
  30. What kind of dog should I get ? P.S.I want it to be a girl?
  31. How do i make my dog want to walk with me on a leash?
  32. I want a small dog. Any Ideas?
  33. If I want a more calm lap dog should I consider a bigger dog rather than a small one?
  34. My gf is going away for a week and she wants me to watch her dog, how times do I
  35. i'm looking for a cute dog to buy (:?
  36. i REALLY want a nother dog but what breed should i get and where?
  37. how do I stop her from buying a pet shop puppy?
  38. How to convince my dad to buy me a dog?
  39. My dog is pregnant. I don't want puppies. Can I get a vet to abort the puppies?
  40. I want to get a dog but he doesn't agree?
  41. I Want A New Dog - To Convince!!!!?
  42. Buying a dog near Great Falls, MT?
  43. I want to know how to travel on an international flight about +12 hours long with...
  44. i want to get a dog but i don't know where to get one?
  45. Why dont my puppy westie want to go out.?
  46. i want a puppy how do i convince my parents?
  47. why do people insist on buying and breeding dogs like this?
  48. why my puppy dont want to go outside to do potty?
  49. LOOk at these designer dogs...I want one?
  50. I Want To Get Another Dog.?
  51. Is this a trusted website to buy dog clotehs from? http://www.pawpalaceonline.com?
  52. buying a puppy from a breeder?
  53. what stores can I buy a dog tag ?
  54. HELP! My 12 yr old daughter wants a dog ?
  55. my dog had to be put to sleep, should I buy another one for my other dog?
  56. i want to put a pic of my dog up as my current pic?
  57. What is the best dog training book to buy?
  58. Is it ok to feed dogs only eggs and rice and veggies? I want to get away from...
  59. i want to buy a dog in mcallen but i dont know where to buy it?
  60. I want a small dog breed?
  61. how do i get my parents to let me buy a puppy?
  62. College student wanting a good dog, still lives at home. Please help!?
  63. Roommate and I might want a dog but have a few reservations: cats, small place, etc.?
  64. Want to adopt another dog. What should we get?
  65. I have a 7 week old lab puppy that doesn't want to eat any dry food, is it...
  66. why can almost anyone buy a registered dog to breed but to buy a...
  67. i really really really really really want to know if my female
  68. i want another dog but to a certain spec can you tell me what breed to get?
  69. New jersey dogs wanted?
  70. i need a really good name for a yellow lab puppy she will be a girl we want a good
  71. How many dogs do you want OR do you have?
  72. What does my female dog always want to hump my leg?
  73. Why doesn't my dog want to play anymore?
  74. HELP me!! I really want a dog?
  75. My friend wants to know if she can bring her dog on MARTA?
  76. I want to start a business doing dog care and light gardening and am...
  77. Why is it that when I walk my dog, everything she wants to smell, eat, pee...
  78. puppy won't use pee pads I bought.?
  79. Does anyone know where I can buy a Hovawart puppy?
  80. dog websites to buy dogs on (UK)?
  81. We just bought a lab puppy and we live in Alaska, we are thinking of...
  82. What is a good dog for an apartment, I want a small lovable one but not too small.?
  83. Should I buy from breeder who has puppies that are ACA but not AKC registered?
  84. me and myboyfreind want a dog?
  85. I just bought a new kitten and my 3yrold dog licked him.What does this mean.?
  86. Should I buy from a breeder with dogs that are ACA but not AKC registered?
  87. I bought my puppy new food..?
  88. i bought a condo, and board is making me to remove my aid dog bc of their 'no pet
  89. I want to find a short hair puppy dachshund for sale!?
  90. Where can I buy a Bernese Mountain Dog?
  91. does anyone have an idea where i can buy an american pitbull puppy in melbourne?
  92. I just bought two yellow lab puppies, need names.....?
  93. I have a 4 mnth old English Mastiff puppy and I want to know If I am feeding
  94. Ive been wanting to get a dog for a while,and my mom said i could,iplan on...
  95. A friend of mine wants to know if there are any other pet animals that...
  96. Wanted - Male English Setter Puppy!?
  97. Going to college and want a puppy?
  98. a small dog wanted!?!?!?!?!?
  99. My puppy is very picky, she does not want to eat, can you suggest what to
  100. Where Is A Good Place I Could Buy A White German Shepherd Puppy?
  101. How do I pick a red shiba inu puppy? They are so dark when born. I do not
  102. how old was your puppy when you got it? I want to get a shih tzu puppy...
  103. In sims 2 apartment life expansion is it true that you can buy lap dog?
  104. If you dont want youre female dog to get pregnant CAN YOU GET A DOG ABORTION?
  105. I really want a dog/puppy?
  106. Im planning to buy a puppy, they offer me a 6 months old and 4 pounds Golden
  107. Is it safe to buy Frontline Plus for large dogs and divide it up, with a...
  108. hwo do i make my boyfraeind buy a dog?
  109. I want to get a puppy?
  110. I bought some pigs trotters for my dog?
  111. Do you think Michelle still want the dog if Obama loose the elections?
  112. How would you feel if your husband used your honeymoon money to buy a dog ?
  113. I really want this dog?? but i know little of the breed?
  114. I'm maybe getting a Yorkie, I want to keep the hair short, like it comes as a...
  115. My dog wants to pee only when outside walking with me?
  116. What type of dog is in the best buy commercial?
  117. Should a Buy a Shetland Sheep Dog a.k.a Sheltie?
  118. i want to start my own dog clothing business on line were should star?
  119. 6 months good age to buy a dog?
  120. i want to get a dog and i need help choosing?
  121. Our puppy who is now 6 mths old doesn't want to eat anymore?
  122. Buying children a puppy.............?
  123. My pitbull puppy doesn't eat as much as I want him too?
  124. Which Guard Dog is the cheapest to Buy?
  125. If I want to run a dog boarding business...help, will pick best answer!?
  126. i want a dog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!?
  127. Okay, so i got a new puppy. She's 4 months old and she's really adorable.And...
  128. Want to adopt this dog...but....?
  129. My pitbull puppy is 3 months old. I was bought her when i lived in Florida
  130. where do u????buy a dog?
  131. my dog just died and i'm very concerned i want to know what he had ?
  132. I want another dog, but my other dog is aggressive!?
  133. Would an eye injury to a dog cause him to want to just lay around and sleep all day?
  134. we want a dog but my mum doesnt?
  135. We are thinking of buying a puppy .....?
  136. I made one of the biggest mistakes of my life and bought a dog at Petland, what next?
  137. I want to buy a dog, but I need to choose a breed?
  138. I'm looking to buy a dog house but unsure about the size which is better...
  139. My Vet wants my dog off holistic dog food?
  140. We are going on a vacation and want to take the dogs...?
  141. I'm the pig or dog of the male species, I'll admit that. Does a guy like me truly...
  142. buying a pedigree dog?
  143. I want a dog that has a good temperment with children & doesn't shed a
  144. I recently bought a male puppy...?
  145. I really want a Yorkshire Terrier (a dog) but my mom always says no. What should i...
  146. i ran over my girlfriend's dog and i bought her a new one but she can't tell the
  147. My mom and me feed my dog table scraps and we do not want to but she is so darn
  148. I have a lab puppy right now, wanting to get another smaller dog, not sure
  149. dose any body know where i can buy hush puppies?
  150. I Want A Puppy...where Can I Find ?
  151. wanting to adopt a pup rescued from a puppy mill?
  152. My dog is pregnant, I want to get an abortion for her!?
  153. If i buy a bitch puppy, will she go period all over the house?
  154. Any place I can buy a pet purse that will hold a dog that weighs 15 lbs?
  155. what happens to puppies that dont get bought from pet shops?
  156. My puppy doesnt want to eat. wat do i do?
  157. What Should I do, this is my first dog & I don't want to kill him? lol?
  158. I honestly want to report this person for dog abuse?
  159. What should i Buy for my soon to be (maybe) puppy?
  160. hi,im 14 years old and want to suprise my mum with a puppy ...?
  161. My hubby wants to name our puppy Loki, which means "The Viking God of Mischief...
  162. Would you give old mother Hubbard bones for her dog? or would you tell her to
  163. Anyone want to save a beautiful blue nose pit bull puppy sheduled to be...
  164. want to get a new puppy?
  165. Where can I buy a heating pad for puppies?
  166. My daughter would like to buy a dog...?
  167. I am buying some Dog Tags?
  168. ive bought a german shepard X collie puppy today....?
  169. Does my dog want to kill me?
  170. Do you buy and like Purina Puppy Chow?
  171. Hi, i have bought a nice long comfortable dog house and put a bed in it,
  172. Where can I buy dog supplies e.g worm tablets, in the Sutherland Shire?
  173. I think that my mother might be the Loch Ness Monster, should I buy her some...
  174. My puppy doesn't want to eat today..what's wrong??
  175. My mom has a pug puppy and she wants to know how long she will be in heat for?
  176. Where Can I Buy A Dog For A Cheap Price?
  177. The wife now tells me that she wants us to go dogging?
  178. How can i get my parents to buy me a puppy?
  179. Please help. I don't want to have my puppy end up in the shelter!!?
  180. How can I persuade my mom to let us buy a dog?
  181. Where do you buy dog food?
  182. Where can I buy a healthy dog?
  183. how does vet checking a puppy before you buy it work?
  184. Bought a dog from some strangers and think she could have been neglected.
  185. Where can I buy a puppy for ?
  186. I really want a dog, but my mom and dad have asthma to dog's and all other
  187. i want to get a small dog.. not tiny but a small dog any ideas?
  188. What puppy to buy for young children?
  189. I want a puppy, but I need your answers first!?
  190. I really want a puppy for my b-day!!! how do i get it????
  191. Buying: a Pure German Shepard puppy... ?
  192. i want to get a little puppy maltese...any advice?
  193. HELP!!! My dad decided he wants to breed Yorkies, so he got 5 puppies!!!?
  194. My beautiful puppy! I really want to treat him on his second x-mas, last year...
  195. Want to import a Show Quality Graeat Dane/Minpin puppy?
  196. i have 2 puppies Rottweiler and i want them to be big should i give them raw
  197. My puppy does not want sleep in it's bed ?
  198. My Dog Ate A Plastic Bag!! He Seems Not To Want To Eat?
  199. Does anybody know where I can buy a dog collar that shows support for the...
  200. I bought a dog and she lived outside for a year. She has a small head. She
  201. How to potty train a 3 yr old Yorkie that came from a puppy mill buy out?
  202. My dad wants to put my dog in a small cage all day so my dog will behave.
  203. protecting her puppy or wanting to see the dog?
  204. I dont want a backyard breeder or a puppy mill dog, but how do i get a purebred dog?
  205. My puppy had his 1st paro shot on 8-25-08 today he does not want to eat and is
  206. WHo wants a free puppy?
  207. I bought my dog a bone and now theres blood on it?
  208. Information on buying a chihuahua puppy=]?
  209. What size dog bowl should I buy for my Lhasa-Apso ?
  210. My dog s my refrigerator and eats whatever he wants! What do I do? He is a...
  211. What is the BEST Puppy Food To Buy?
  212. Moving to Greece from Seattle for 2 years and want to take my dog
  213. Why do people do this! They get rid of a middle aged dog and just buy a puppy!?
  214. What can I buy or use to get dog smellout of my couch?
  215. Dog breeding contract / orignal breeder wants to take our dog away?
  216. I just bought a puppy and I know hes part Aussie Shephard but I'm not sure what...
  217. I Want A Big New Dog?
  218. i want a dog sooooooo bad ?
  219. im going to buy these dogs online but how do i know its not a fake? or scam?
  220. About How Much Money Would It Cost To Buy A Australian Cattledog Puppy?
  221. i want a puppy please help?
  222. Sister doesn't want to get rid of a dog that she knows I'm allergic to?
  223. I am thinking of buying a Boston terrier puppy, and I am looking for good books to...
  224. I want to adopt a pure Maltese puppy. Any shelters in Brooklyn, New york?!!?
  225. ive bought a black labrador puppy and have been told that i can collect her
  226. why do people buy breeds of dog they know nothing about?
  227. When you want space from your dog?
  228. My dog bit off a girl's skirt. She wants to sue me for sexual harrasment. Is
  229. My has my dog started to cry out in her sleep and in the last week and...
  230. which puppy should i buy?
  231. I really want a standard poodle puppy but I have never purchased a dog before?
  232. Would like to purchase a wanted mug shot decal of my dog breed?
  233. Can someone help me, I want to buy a mop puppy. Live in Norway?
  234. i want to bring back my puppy to senegal from usa?
  235. can i keep a stray Dog as a pet? i can,t buy expensive dogs?
  236. Where to buy a puppy on los angeles,ca?
  237. I really want to have a pet, but my dad wont let me get a puppy what should i get?
  238. just bought a house animal control says i have to get rid of 1 dog?
  239. Where do people usually buy their dogs from?
  240. where to buy puppies and love products?
  241. Bought a new puppy and I think they lied to me...need some advice?
  242. We want to have pups. my dog is 2yrs & 5months. She goes into heat in 1
  243. i want to take my dog to the vet.?
  244. I want my puppy to be a model?
  245. Buying a puppy from different state?
  246. Where can you buy or download 102 dalmations:puppies to the rescue for PC?
  247. Okay how to make it easier, my dog gets a scent and wants to track it?
  248. i really want a puppy?
  249. where can i buy something to get rid of the fleas in the fenced area...
  250. I want to print my own ID card for my service dog. Anyone have some ideas?