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  1. I want to get a dog (a boxer, to be exact), but... ?
  2. bought a dog, turns out she's pregnant. ?
  3. Where can i buy a puppy lab in HOWELL nj?
  4. wanted : WHITE janpenese shiba inu puppy (UK)?
  5. Is there anyone who loves dogs more then anything who wants to be my friend?
  6. I just had surgery last and am dog tired! But I want sugar! Cupcakes and...
  7. my old dog has dislocated her sholder and i want,need to try and join it
  8. Radio Shack Best Buy Circuit City Cheapest Place To By Computer Cord Dog...
  9. is there something i can buy at the store to help my carsick puppy?
  10. I want to make a dog tag thats supports Nick Jonas but i want to make it in
  11. Does anyone know what kind of fur this is? I want to make a dog costume.?
  12. I want a big dog but..?
  13. My 6 month old puppy bites other dogs that don't want to play; will this get...
  14. Do you think this pet store buys from puppy mills?
  15. where can i buy shoes for my puppy?
  16. I want a med. size dog that is low maintenance, laid back,?
  17. My dog wakes me up at 6:30am everyday when she wants to go on a walk?
  18. My husband won't let me feed the puppy crunchberries for breakfast but I
  19. Should Every1 Who Wants A Dog Be Allowed To Own One?
  20. I want to brush my dog's teeth?
  21. I want to get a kitten but I have a dog. HELP!!!?
  22. How to tell parents I want to give puppy back?
  23. My Dog Wants To Go Out Please Help?
  24. If I wanted to become a dog walker on the weekends?
  25. Where Can I buy Teacup Puppies in ORANGE COUNTY, CA?
  26. Sign in Chinese Pet Store- Buy one dog- get one flea!?
  27. i want a breed of dog that is...?
  28. My dog doesnt have any hair and winter is coming, would PETA be angry if...
  29. If you were looking for a book about a breed of dog what information would you want?
  30. 'I want to be your dog" what does it mean?
  31. I really want to buy peekapoo puppy for a good price?
  32. Is there something I can do or buy to keep my yorkie puppy from getting...
  33. My aunt wants to breed my dog with her dog. What do you think?
  34. Where can I buy chain , dog tags for human ? In Calgary , Canada?
  35. Help with money to buy a puppy!!?
  36. I am looking for a teacup size female maltipoo puppy. Found one out of state.
  37. Where can I buy dog meat in america?
  38. where can go to buy NuVet vitamins for my dog?
  39. I want ot get a puppy! I need help!?
  40. How much does it cost to buy an English Shepherd puppy?
  41. My dog wants nothing to do with me, came home from boarding yesterday, what can I do?
  42. Can you buy a dog that thats trained to sense when you just had sex?
  43. How can i persuade my Parents to buy me a dog for Christmas?
  44. I Wanna Buy A Dog .....[[?
  45. i want a dog!?! please help!?
  46. where can i buy a maltese or yokies puppy?
  47. My friend want to get her dog pregnant!!!!!!!!!!!?
  48. Will Obama buy a dog before he gets to the white house?
  49. if I buy a doggie nurser bottle can I give my puppy normal red top milk or what?
  50. How can i tell if the puppy i'm buying is healthy?
  51. Do you buy your dog/cat/pet a Christmas present?
  52. Where to get dogs???(adopt and buy)?Thankyou?
  53. What to do I do when my dog is acting like she wants to be a cat?
  54. where can i buy dog biscuits in bulk?
  55. I'm getting a maltese puppy and I want to show her so can I even if she is limited
  56. My dog is walking very slow and just wants to be lying down. His back is arched
  57. When I take my new puppy out to potty all he wants to do is lay there.
  58. I want to make ice cream for my dog. He is allergic to peanut butter, what can I...
  59. my dog has been acting weird she don't want to eat or play she just wants to
  60. I'm planning to Buy 2 Dogs?
  61. My parents want to get rid of my puppy..help me please!?
  62. I really want a dog!!!! HELP?!?
  63. i really want a dog but i have such a busy lifestyle how can i persuade my...
  64. I can be scared of dogs at times. I would love to have a very gentle dog. what dog
  65. How do I keep my dog from constantly licking me? He is a good dog and I dont want
  66. My 10 Year Old Dog Died 3 Days Ago And I Want....?
  67. Where Can I Buy A Engilsh Bulldog Puppy?
  68. i want another dog please help.?
  69. If you wanted beef with dog the bounty hunter who would it be?
  70. Where can I buy the best fart spray and dog crap in a local store (not on the
  71. i want to get a dog but...........?
  72. I want a dog and i want a pit bull but I can't decide on which one to get...
  73. Buying a Dog, but roommate opposes.?
  74. does anyone know where i can buy a new or used hot dog cart?
  75. I want to buy a spanish water dog, does anybody know of any breeders in or near
  76. how old must ibe to buy a puppy?
  77. Just found out dog has genetic disorder.. what to do (only had her 10 mnths...
  78. my dog pulls alot what should i buy?
  79. Should i buy a dog from the animal shelter or newspaper?
  80. wanting to make dog treats for halloween and xmas?
  81. Only buy from a breeder if you want a working dog?
  82. I Really Want A Puppy!!!!?
  83. Looking for advise on how to best toilet train a new puppy as i dont want to
  84. Where can i buy a RACCOON DOG?
  85. I Have A 3month Old Puppy I Just Bought.she Ate Some Of My Other Dogs Food...
  86. i want a dog but i have to pay for everything!!!?
  87. 16 And Stuck... Want To Show Dogs, North Yorkshire...?
  88. Why when you buy hot dogs they come with 8, but when you buy hot dog buns they
  89. I am looking for a stuffed brown dog with a blue nightgown on. It was...
  90. My dog only wants to eat at night?
  91. My dog told me he wants to be the toughest in the neighborhood?
  92. is a beagle right for me? i want a dog?
  93. want to draw a man sitting naked with a dog. - myths and legends?
  94. MY DOGS LEG please help me i want him to be better?
  95. I want a dog but my parents won't let me get one ={?
  96. For everyone wanting a teacup dog?
  97. Is it greedy to want another dog?
  98. We want to get a dog.. What is a good breed around kids?
  99. Neighbor wants to sue my dogs because my dog is barking?
  100. Random question....How many dogs did you want when you were older?
  101. I've 5 dogs, the largest one has bad ear infection the smallest one wants to lick...
  102. I want to get another dog I have a chahuaua and shes about 7 years old ?
  103. Hi everyone, I have 2 labs and want to have about 10, should i breed one...
  104. Where can I buy authentic dog tags(Zinc) that I received from my bootcamp in...
  105. does cost much to buy this dog?
  106. I want to know how often do you get your dog nails clipped and would I be...
  107. My dog is fully house trained. Just recently, he wants to pee all over my
  108. Would you want to be a dog for one day?
  109. I want to know about these dogs read the details?
  110. Has anyone been ripped off trying to buy a teacup maltese puppy in the UK?
  111. Is it rude to want my dog there?
  112. ok r maltese Fragile i want a dog and im allergic like very little?
  113. What can I use or buy and from where to enclose my new 15 wk old puppy who can...
  114. Where can I buy Artemis Fresh Mix Dog Food for cheap locally?
  115. I want a Husky Type Dog But I Live In Arizona?
  116. My son wants a dog, should i let him save up and buy one?
  117. my puppy dont want to eat the dog food ?
  118. I have a litter of puppies for sale and after a month of holding one dog, the...
  119. WORTH 10 POINTS!?!? Ruben has a new puppy and want to feed it the best...
  120. my sister wants a puppy?
  121. im down size to a flat carnt take dogs ,no one will take my dog ,she will have to be
  122. When is a good time to buy a white lab puppy?
  123. where can i buy "postmans legs" for dogs wholesale in northern ireland?
  124. I just bought a blue APBT puppy she is UKC registered. How would I go about
  125. Dog Sitter Question. What would you want in a sitter?
  126. dog breeding..a lady wants to use my dog to breed with her bitch,how do i make sure
  127. My chocolate lab Puppy has these little white hairs and i want to know what thy are?
  128. Where to buy a puppy????Help?
  129. I bought my puppy a new shampoo but her shampoo its making her all itchy is she...
  130. i have a female puppy and want to get a male help?
  131. Why want my dog hunt?
  132. I want to breed my dog and I have some questions...?
  133. I'm being miss america for halloween and we want our boy dogs to match us....
  134. What if I wanted to become a dog walker?
  135. What size dog kong toy should I buy?
  136. I want to teach my husky puppy to "speak" and "sing."?
  137. What type of dog is best to buy?
  138. im Confused , I want to buy a dog ? Which type?
  139. I really want a dog but my mum won't let me?
  140. I want to adopt my parents dog who is unvetted. But I have a six year old,
  141. I am 13 and I want to start walking dogs...?
  142. I buy expensive dog stuff...my friend has issues with this. ?
  143. Would you buy this dog bed?
  144. Is it bad to buy a hybrid dog?
  145. my beagle dog does not bark ,have any testecals,and does not seem to grow at...
  146. My beautiful puppy! I really want to treat him on his second x-mas, last year
  147. I want a Guinea Pig, but I can't because I have dogs. How can I convince...
  148. How can I come to terms with the fact that some people will buy from dog
  149. i have a chawawa how do you traine them to be the dog you want them to be?
  150. I am trying to convince to my parents to buy a dog...?
  151. I want my neighbors dog. How can I ask them?
  152. so i want to teach my dog fetch.. but he is a real idiot!?
  153. Is anyone else refusing to watch the debates because you don't to buy into
  154. My dog has suddenly started chewing doors and even the cage i bought to the point
  155. I've picture of dog but it has a background of garden etc, Im wanting just the...
  156. I want to do activities with my dog, Oliver, but i cant think of anything. And i
  157. how do i convince my mom 2 look at this dog i want?
  158. Do you want a dog...................?
  159. Where do people buy dogs?
  160. Buying puppy vaccines online?
  161. Just bought a corgi puppy?
  162. dog doe not like but i want her to?
  163. i want to get matching t-shirts for me and my dog?
  164. Buying a dog- particularly a German Shepard- from a shelter over a breeder;
  165. I want to be a breeder of English Bull Dogs, what do I need to know?
  166. We took our dog to the vet for a bad rash on her face and neck and he...
  167. i want to adopt a puppy in nyc?
  168. What's the cheapest enclosed pet carrier to attach to a bicycle? (want to
  169. My dog is 11 months old and chews on everything. I bought her chew toys but...
  170. I want to get a NY State Service Dog License?
  171. Whats the best and cheapest online store to buy dog Revolution?
  172. Does anyone know where i can buy dog a t-shirt or lead that says I need a home on it?
  173. how can I make my dog want to go to the groomer or kennel?
  174. I really want a dog? ?
  175. hi my lhasa puppy "twix" who i just bought today isnt eting or drinking anything
  176. Wanting to puppy to pee & poop outside. Any trianing advice?
  177. I bought my son a dog from a shelter and now my son screams at him and the dog...
  178. were buying a dog. But we dont know what kind?
  179. I want to hold a Halloween 'Party' at the pet shop where I work, for dogs...?
  180. i am buying a dog that is very small,is white and chunky lol can anyone help me...
  181. Help my partner wont give up his troublesome dog which i dont want around...
  182. i want to get a dog and have it trained like the officers do. I want it to...
  183. what do i do when i buy a dog for the first time?
  184. Where to bring dogs that i dont want anymore? Besides the pound to be put to sleep?
  185. Internet Puppies/Adults ~ would you buy a dog advertised online?
  186. Have you ever helped dogs in need or wanted to?
  187. How to earn money to buy a dog?
  188. Dogs barking at neighbors, good dogs and don't want people thinking they are
  189. Are the "dog rolls' you can buy in the supermarket good for dogs?
  190. Why my dog doesnt want to eat for almost 1 week?
  191. My friend asked that I take off my shoes when entering her home, BUT she has
  192. I want a small dog, but don't know what type?
  193. i want a dog that sheds little and are medium size i was thinking of a kc cavalier?
  194. Please help... I don't want my dog to be given away. Why won't she stop...
  195. i want to play barbies but my dog wont let me!?
  196. My siberian husky attacked our other small dog and i want to know why?
  197. were can i buy a maltese cross yorkie puppy?
  198. I really want an Akita puppy?
  199. what do i do with an aggressive puppy? we love her and want to keep her.?
  200. Can someone help me find an answer,i want to no what hormone a dog produces
  201. where can i buy bagel dogs online,(for people)?
  202. When some wants a deposit for the price of a puppy?
  203. Brake-Fast dog bowl, I bought it and my dog is afraid to eat out of it?
  204. Help! My family wants to get a dog, but I am allergic to dogs!?
  205. Top 10 things a dog would want from an owner?
  206. Would a beach cruiser be a good bike to buy to ride to walk my small dog?[on...
  207. I really want a puppy, either a Jack russell or cocker spainiel/spriger puppy?
  208. Is it legal to buy rabbits to feed to hunting dogs (U.K.)?
  209. What kind of dog boots are best? I want to protect his feet this winter
  210. I Want To Save A Kitten Or Puppy This Christmas...How?
  211. I want to temporarily change hair color (dog), need any safe homemade...
  212. Will people buy Daschund puppies for about $50.00 even if you don't have
  213. I want to find a Pomeranian(female) puppy a small one either black or white can
  214. If I were a dog and I wanted to establish that I was not the dominate
  215. Should I buy a puppy whose character is generally quiet and sleeps a lot?
  216. Can You Buy Dylan Dog Comics In The UK? ?
  217. My girlfriend wants a dog but she has a full time job and is a full time student...
  218. I want a dog that is free or $50 or less. ?
  219. What can i do when i am sick and i don't want to watch t.v., sleep, read,...
  220. What do you do about a dog that wants to be held all day? As soon as I
  221. has anyone ever bought their dog at tiny treasure puppies in Wilton Manors FL?
  222. has anyone bought a dog from "My baby has pawz" in FL?
  223. i want a hunting dog!!!!?
  224. has anyone heard about the animal rescue in rainsville, al? i read that the...
  225. i want to put my dog in agility....?
  226. i have 2 4 months old german shepard puppies, i just want to if it's ok...
  227. dog spleen cancer? Please HELp me understand this,, I also want to hear...
  228. Help! My dog doesn't want to eat.?
  229. plz help rly want to adopt a puppy!!!!?
  230. I want to be a part time dog walker but...?
  231. what would be a good dog to buy?
  232. What's the best age for my dog when i want to add another dog?
  233. Does anyone know a clever way to keep a dog from jumping the fence? I do...
  234. hey i bought this dog for 50 bucks he has his shots and dewormed i got told he...
  235. Ive just bought a crate for my puppy. How do i use it?
  236. has any bought their dog from pets are people too in FL?
  237. I have a 6 week old puppy i want to potty trian?
  238. has anyone bought their dog from Le petite puppy NYC?
  239. Where is the best place to buy a bunch of burgers and dogs for a party?
  240. i want a unique Halloween costumes so me and my dog can match ?
  241. Do the Dogs supporters want barry hall at the club?
  242. i want a game with dogs playing not humans?
  243. My best friend and I want to be something for Halloween and we want it to be...
  244. I want a dog who's not afraid of anything?
  245. I luv my 8 year old dog but family wants to get rid. I am in a fix.?
  246. I am looking to buy a dog but really want to know how long can I leave the dog
  247. Is puppyfind.com a good place to buy a puppy?
  248. I am buying a black lab puppy at thew end of November.Any tips on stuff I...
  249. What do dogs want out of life?
  250. i wish I could have a dog. Just a mongrel if that's what you want to