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  1. I live in a townhouse and I want to let my dog run in a fenced area?
  2. I want a small dog breed that doesn't shed to foster?
  3. Why do the groomers always want to shave my dog?
  4. help! my bf says that i should donate my pet cat Sleepy Head to Obama, but i think
  5. Where can i buy a Cane Corso puppy for 400-800 dollars?
  6. My dog isn't drinking as much water, therefore only wants to wet once or
  7. We are hoping to buy a "big" dog, any suggestions?
  8. If you want a puppy and ask and the person says no, by asking again will you get
  9. I am looking to buy a new dog.....But..?
  10. I need help, I'm buying a dog!?
  11. How do I locate a place to buy a new puppy?
  12. My dog has not wanting to be eating what can it be? PLEASE HELP ME!?
  13. Will it piss you off even more if the Obamas buy a dog and not adopt?
  14. i want a dog , but my mom wont consider?
  15. i bought a dog with fake papers?
  16. The farm store sells pet warmer mats for dogs and I need to decide whether...
  17. I want to buy a dog and I need information about some breeds?
  18. bought 2 new puppies.. will the OLD DOG feel neglected?
  19. i want a dog breed that will protect property let only family in but no one else.?
  20. I just got a new dog and she doesn't want to poop?
  21. I have small dogs and wanted a Bigger one would they get along?
  22. where did you buy your puppy? husky or any pup?
  23. Mt sister is 9 and is going to get a dog we don't know what breed to
  24. I want a dog and its for a good cause?
  25. I live in san antonio tx and i want to adopt a corgi puppy?
  26. I want to adopt a bulldog puppy?
  27. I really want a jack russell terrier a puppy do u know where they sell them i live
  28. if my puppy stares at my hamster for a whole minute, does it mean she wants to eat
  29. I want to buy a alaskan husky puppy price doesnt realy matter but has to...
  30. i just bought a blue male pit-bull puppy can you help me name him?
  31. Who wants to tell Obama there's no such thing as a hypoallergenic dog?
  32. Buying a dog in CT...?
  33. Why do some groomers want to put bows on male dogs and paint their toes?
  34. Where can I buy activated charcoal for my dog?
  35. Doesn't this want you to buy a robot dog?
  36. i want to buy a puppy from traders village but i dont know if it is safe i dont...
  37. What is a good homemade/store bought solution to getting puppy pee stains and...
  38. i want to add my puppy in puppy contests?
  39. I don't know what dog to buy?
  40. i want to get my boyfriend a pitbull puppy?
  41. I want a name for a german wolf dog which is not very popular?
  42. Is Obama's first critical decision buying a puppy?! Is that the kind of...
  43. Can anyone give me a list of expenses, one time and monthly, for buying a golden
  44. i want to build my two dogs muscle weight up ?
  45. is obama's daughter really allergic or is it just a ploy to get the dog she...
  46. Why does my dog always want to sleep with me?
  47. On Fable 2, how can I give my dog food that I find/buy?
  48. What's a good breed of dog? We all have our own idea of what breed we want,
  49. how can i get my dog to like other dog's i want a pup?
  50. I want to take my dog from Canada to the uk?
  51. where can I find the commercial where a lady tells her husband all she wants...
  52. I want a dog what are the best kinds of child friendly dogs for me?
  53. i want a lap dog!!!!!!!!!?
  54. Where to buy eye drops (Demecarium) for my dog?
  55. The Obamas want a dog. Is Chelsea Clinton still available?
  56. where can i buy a teacup puppy in jacksonville,florida?
  57. I want a dog... any suggestions?
  58. What kind of dog will Obama buy for his children when he moves to the White House?
  59. Can my roommate bring a dog in that I dont want?
  60. Buying a New Puppy How old before I can see them?
  61. Really want a dog but my parents wont let me?
  62. i'm looking to buy a dog but i need help?
  63. What can you do when your dog doesn't want to eat anything?
  64. I want to buy a dog that looks like myself, I am a white teen girl, is there a
  65. i want a puppy but i want to plan when i should take it out for walks poo's...
  66. I'm considering buying a small dog but only had large dogs before.Is there...
  67. How to convince my mom to let me buy a little Chihuahua or other small dog?
  68. anyone know where I can buy a mud puppy in eastern NC?
  69. I want to strangle my dog! ?
  70. err. im stuck....i really want a dog lmao?
  71. Looking for a dog groomer in LA for an elderly dog. I want to be able to...
  72. Where can I buy dog potions in fable 2?
  73. My dog has ask me to buy him A Neck tie for Christmas, should I?
  74. we are thinking of buying a puppy, but the pup was separated from its mum at 5/6
  75. Puppys.. I would love to buy a new puppy for myself and my son.?
  76. i want a puppy but i want to plan when i should take it out for walks poo's...
  77. what breed of puppy do you think obama will buy?
  78. i want a boxer dog puppy ?
  79. I am about to leave to go buy blue wilderness for my dogs!?
  80. Creative people and dog lovers- What should I put on a shirt to convince
  81. I want a dog for the family?
  82. why do so many people not want to take their dogs to a vet!!?
  83. Wouldn't it be wonderful if President-elect Obama buys his daughter's new
  84. Want German Shepherd Puppy?
  85. do i want to get the same energy level or a dog a little more active?
  86. I Recently Got A Puppy Who Is Around 4 Months Yesterday He Was Fine But Today He...
  87. i want another dog and my mum wont let me have one help!!!!?
  88. we are gettin a dog i have sis (8) and cat but dnt kno wat breed my mum dnt want
  89. Is there a store in dallas, tx where i can buy cakes and party stuff for a
  90. How can I persuade my parents to buy a puppy?
  91. So I just bought a puppy and?
  92. I want to get an english bulldog puppy but am concerned about leaving at home...
  93. Hi, how do i stop 5 month old gsd from barking at dogs,he only wants to...
  94. What is a good breed of dog to get for a couple who wants to raise it from a puppy?
  95. I want to get a dog, small to medium size. I would like advice on a breed that will
  96. I just bought a Miniature schnauzer 10days ago and my puppy is sick?
  97. i really want to get a dog but my dad is allergic to fur ?
  98. i want to get my boxer dog neutered and he is 8 months old. Will this stunt...
  99. How do you know what size kennel to buy for your dog?
  100. I got bite by my friend's neighbor's dog but the owner do not want to
  101. I have eczema and want to know if i could have a dog. the breed of dog that im
  102. i want to sell my dog but...?
  103. I want a puppy...but is it too cruel :( ?
  104. How much does a bag of dog food cost the pet store to buy from the manufacturer?
  105. why does my 6 month old dog not want to wee outside - he comes into the house...
  106. help i want a yorkie puppy?
  107. i want my dog bigger..he's a belgian malinois breed.. help any vitamins or...
  108. I have a full-blooded Siberian Husky and I want to advertise him as available as...
  109. Re: Buying/Owning a Biochan Frise Dog?
  110. 2 questions 1. am I to young to date? 2. is it ok to try not cry about my...
  111. nieghbors want vet bill paid, when both dogs were off properties and no leash law
  112. Should I buy an I-Dog or I-cat for my Ipod?
  113. I accidently bought the wrong dog food.?
  114. i want to get a dog i have a sister whos eight my mum dont want one to...
  115. My dog hates me and i dont want him to?
  116. Buying a Chihuahua Puppy?
  117. I want my dog to be a hospital dog?
  118. I want a REALLY big dog?
  119. I bought a silent dog whistle but it doesn't have an ing to blow in, is this
  120. i want to show dogs, but my parents wont let me?
  121. Where can I buy a Shih-Tzu puppy if I'm in Qatar?
  122. I Want A Dog, But There's One Little Problem!?
  123. I want start giving my dog a lot of raw food?
  124. Where online can i buy cute and good quality dog coats?
  125. What to look for when buying a German Shepherd Puppy.?
  126. I want to stud my dog?
  127. i want a rottweiler puppies cheap ?
  128. What would happen if i bought a cat when i already have a dog?
  129. whats the difference between adopting a dog and buying a dog?
  130. i want to breed my dog?
  131. Want to help me out a lot? - Dog Stroller?
  132. where could i buy royal canin dog food near quezon city in metro manila, philippines?
  133. Can I only buy Promeris and Revolution at a vet? Also, what is good dog food...
  134. Anyone in south jersey (or surrounding are) want to adopt a dog?
  135. Dog killed another dog, Owner wants to dog to be euthanized..?
  136. I want to convince my parents to let me get a dog!?
  137. My dog wont want to lie down what should i do..?
  138. dog is being a proper pain in the ass,keeps wanting out every 2 minutes...
  139. I live in Ontario, Canada, Toronto and I want a puppy?
  140. Maltese puppy...UK...where to buy? Please please please help!! xxx?
  141. Help me please? dog breeders! is this a reputable breeder? would you buy a pup...
  142. My dog has a Ear Hematomia the vet wants $763.00 to $963.00 for surgery.?
  143. fable 2 dead dog i want it back?
  144. I bought a puppy and flead him last sun, but have seen 2 fleas 2dAY should'nt
  145. Where Can I Buy Evo Dog Food In The Uk?
  146. What harness do you consider best for sprint and some longer recreational dog
  147. I really want this dog? Does this sound bad?
  148. Looking to buy my First dog?
  149. They want him to get rid of his dog =/?
  150. Why is it bad to buy a puppy from a back yard breeder?
  151. my puppy don't want to eat and seem sad hes vomiting white foam and has mucus
  152. Can I ask My parents if i can get another dog? How? I want another because...?
  153. How can I tell if my dog doesn't want her pups?
  154. I chose Wealth on Fable 2 not thinking, can i buy a dog else where?
  155. i have a dog that i do not want. How do i get rid of her?
  156. Where is the cheapest place to buy hot dog buns in Vancouver, BC Canada?
  157. I really want to get into this designer dog fad. Help please.?
  158. My G/F is driving me mad, where can she buy pantyhose for her dog?
  159. mother dog keeps wanting to put puppies under the house or in holes!! .?
  160. Why was buying these puppies a bad thing?
  161. Should i buy my dog a coat now its cold?
  162. My fiance wants our dog to be ring bearer...?
  163. Im looking to buy a dog soon, within 3 weeks.?
  164. want to get a female dog. Already a 2yr male in house will he depressed for a new...
  165. My boyfriend wants a dog, but...?
  166. i am going to be a sexy rehab nurse for halloween what should my dog be i want...
  167. I have just bought a set of clippers and different sized blades, to clip my horses
  168. how should i buy a dog without my parents knowing ?
  169. What dog should I get? I want a medium sized dog!! PLeAsE answer!!!!!!!!?
  170. I'm getting a female Goldendoodle puppy and I want to name her Muppet, what do you...
  171. buying dogs for kids?
  172. Where can I buy a dog coat with a built in harness in the UK?
  173. i am scared of big dogs because it bit me but my brother wants one and he will...
  174. Medium-sized dog wanted?
  175. In Fable 2, where can you buy dog elixir? ?
  176. want to buy a heated dog bed, has anyone had a wellness bed by petsafe?
  177. think i've bought a puppy that's too young to be sold, pls read?
  178. i want my dog to have a good and blenced diet for his active life style?
  179. I want to enter my dog in obedience trials, but she hates other dogs. Can I make...
  180. i want to buy another pet... maybe dog?
  181. i have 2 dogs they are 7 years old i wanted to start putting egg in there food? ?
  182. I really want a small dog and i need some help?
  183. If your dog died and you were abroad, would you want your family to tell
  184. whats the smallest dog i can buy that will never grow ?
  185. i have a little mixed breed lab/something pup.What I want to know is how long...
  186. i love my dog so much my dad hates him and i cant move out right now he wants me...
  187. i want to keep my dog but i need to housebrake him fast!?
  188. Took whelping blanket away and mother didn't want to go to puppies?
  189. Where is the best place to buy small dog halloween costumes at the good price?
  190. Hubby and daughter wanting me to get rids of my dogs!?
  191. Buying a dog without papers?
  192. Can anybody identify the worm my dog has before I buy deworming medicine or
  193. Tekno Puppy - has anyone bought one?
  194. How can I get my dad to want a dog?
  195. my dog closes doors..its annoying and i want it stopped!?
  196. Why is my dog suddenly peeing in the house? Help - they want to take him away?
  197. Whats A good Dog To Buy>?
  198. help on buying a dog!!?
  199. Wanted: A Small Dog !?
  200. which one should i buy for my dog ?
  201. I wanted to adopt a dog from an animal shelter but...?
  202. I really Need help i want a snake and a dog Whats Better?
  203. would you buy her a dog?
  204. Is it normal for a dog not to want to play with toys at all?
  205. I bought a little sweater for my dog...?
  206. where can i buy dog books in fable 2 to train it?
  207. I really want a Great Dane in a few years. What do I need to know before...
  208. I want to know what to do with my puppy from the moment i take it away form...
  209. I bought a puppy and its not in good health, should i contact the breeder as im
  210. What collar should I buy for my dog?
  211. How do i go about buying the right harness for my dog ?
  212. Where do i buy the right harness for a pointer dog ?
  213. I want to get my female dog spayed (uk) where do i need to go for vouchers to...
  214. I keep hitting my 7 month old dog, I want to stop?
  215. Top shop Jumper dress with dog motif, where can I buy something similar?
  216. when buying a dog,is the most expensive always the better dog?
  217. Wanting a dog, dad against it?
  218. where can i buy a spray for puppy?
  219. if i wanted to move to Hawaii, what would be the best way to move my dog?
  220. wanna buy a wolf hybrid puppy?
  221. i want a dog witch one should i get?
  222. Has anyone bought a Pedipaws for their dog?
  223. What can I buy to protect the sores on my paralyzed dogs rear legs?
  224. dog crying want to go bed!?
  225. What is the best strategy on how to train a dog that always wants to be...
  226. What do you want in your dog?
  227. Want to learn dog grooming in Southampton. UK........?
  228. I bought Diatomaceous Earth for fleas on my cats & dogs at the
  229. Little Dog. Thanks v much.Had my eye on ZR930 but cant find or buy in UK.Has it
  230. I am in a Wheelchair & want a dog?
  231. i wANT TO GET ANOTHER DOG BUT MY grandma wont let me because...read details?
  232. I want a large breed dog and I was wondering what breed I should get.?
  233. Re: Do you think this pet store buys from puppy mills?
  234. Site listing mixed breed dogs that can help me decide which mix to get, we...
  235. What's the cheapest dog to buy? 10 POINTS!!!?
  236. hi guys i just wanted to know which one of these dogs is the strongest? ?
  237. Where to buy plastic dog poo?
  238. This girl wants to feed her puppy a vegetarian diet... please back me up...
  239. Does anyone know where I can buy an imaginary corn dog, cuz I'm simply famished?
  240. i want a Siberian husky puppy .?
  241. How can I get my dad to buy me a dog?
  242. just want some more opinions on my dog?
  243. How do I get my Mum to get me another dog? Everyone else wants one!?
  244. I am not sure what dog to buy?
  245. I just bought a dog, hes a Maltese and Yorkie mix. ?
  246. I rrreeeaaalllyyy want a dog!!!!?
  247. What do you do with a dog that has so much energy and just wants to GO!?
  248. What would make a dog want to eat his poop? What could I do to stop him?
  249. Why are people, who want a pedigree dog or cat, complained at?
  250. my chihuahua is in heat but when my male dog tries to mate shes very aggresive...