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  1. So I want another dog.?! HELP!!?
  2. I want to buy a pet rabbit but I already had a dog and two tortoise did i...
  3. i need some help with buying a dog?
  4. What type of dog should i get, i want two?
  5. Where Can I Buy A Puppy?
  6. hi, i have a dog, living with me, but my mum is going away and wants me to...
  7. how to get dog from wanting people food?
  8. My dad wants to get rid of my dog..?
  9. i wants a dog but it costs $445.00 should i get it? ?
  10. What kind of dog can I get if I need protection for the house but I want a quiet dog?
  11. Has anyone flown their dog to Malaga Spain?If so who with?How much?I have rang pet
  12. I want a dog but my mom wants me to help pay for it. How should I make the money to
  13. Why do people want a "baby puppy"?
  14. I have a sick puppy that wants to pee?
  15. Why do people still buy teacups/designer dogs knowing that they come from bad places?
  16. I breed dogs and want to advertise and sell them online. What is the best
  17. i really want this puppy?
  18. I want a dog! What do I do? How can I get one?
  19. MY dog cries when my other dog wants to play with her and when we touch her ear.?
  20. If we're not supposed to buy from "puppy mills" or pet stores, then..?
  21. help me make the right choice, my 9 year old son wants a dog?
  22. wanting to get a new dog.....?
  23. OK i need help!!!!!!!! I want a dog!!!?
  24. i want my dog to to do his potty business in the pad i bought for him please help!!
  25. I'm just a 6th grader and I want to start my own dog care business, What
  26. i wants a dog but it costs $445.00 should i get it? ?
  27. My parents hates dogs especailly my mom!!! i want a dog!?
  28. I wanna buy a dog..............?
  29. my mom wont get me a dog. she can think of every reason not to get the certain
  30. want to find out forums talking about dog obedience?
  31. Where should I buy a puppy?
  32. i want to get a dog but i find it appalling to exchange money for one.?
  33. i really want a puppy?
  34. I need a lot of advice and pointers. Im planning on buying my mom a
  35. I bought a dog and it came with hand written papers. what is this, do i
  36. my dog and cats are getting ticks, what product should i use, preferbly one u can
  37. where can I buy clothes for small puppies like silky terrier?
  38. I very allergy prone but want a dog what type is best?
  39. I want a dog really bad?
  40. Where can I buy a dogo argentino puppy in the Philippines or any countries...
  41. How important is it to buy a dog with 'papers'? ?
  42. possible things i could do to get my parents to buy me a puppy?
  43. I'm getting a dog carriar which one should I buy?
  44. which type of dog should buy?
  45. What kind of dog did obama buy for his kids.?
  46. I want to start a dog kennel. Where do I start?
  47. i want to buy my son a puppy beagle?
  48. Should I buy my 8yr old son another dog for Christmas because the last 3 he had
  49. What are your dog's signs it wants to go outside?
  50. I if really want a dog for x-mas but my parents won't let me, how do I
  51. I want to sign my dog up for agility, what should I do?
  52. I want to sign up my Golden Retriever for a dog sport, which one?
  53. would you buy frozen dog food?
  54. We want to "show" our neutered pure bred Pug puppy. What are our options?
  55. Will my 1 1/2 year old Boston Terrier get along with a pug (the type of dog I'm
  56. My dogs bark too much and i want them to become inside dogs?
  57. What do you think of adopting/buying multiple puppies from different litters at once?
  58. Buying a dog from a BYB?
  59. What do you think about people who want smaller dogs because they are supposedly
  60. how do i teach my dog to sit?? i really want to know, please help!?
  61. i work but still want to have a dog!?
  62. i want a new dog, but i have one now and am not allowed to get one until the...
  63. My dog is having diarrhea and my mom wants to give her pills for vomiting?
  64. Are hyenas similar to dogs? if so where can I buy one from?
  65. my puppy is 6 months old and i just bought him a couple of days ago and he wont...
  66. Is Obama 'The Man' for not wanting to have a 'girly dog?' (Link included)?
  67. this guy i know wants to train his dog but when he does he is really mean to it
  68. Where can i buy dog elixers in Fable2?
  69. LGBT is it wrong to want the guy/husband, house, kids, picket fence,...
  70. Is a pitbull really as bad as people say they are? I want to get one for my
  71. Does anyone know where i can buy diamante block slider letters for dog / cat collars?
  72. So, I wanted to adopt a dog today and my husband said no!?
  73. I really want another dog I have one and my parents KEEP sayin no wat do i do!...
  74. Why my dog doesn't want to pee in his wee wee pads?
  75. So, I wanted to adopt a dog today and my husband said no!?
  76. hi,my name is gentiana and i have allergies and i really do want a puppy i had
  77. why does my dog not want to eat his food?
  78. What's the name of the disney short where stuffed puppy comes to life and wants a...
  79. i want a maltese puppy sooo bad! I know my kid would love it too. Where do i start?
  80. Where can I buy toy robot dogs in Jakarta?
  81. What's the name of the disney short where stuffed puppy comes to life and wants a...
  82. Hi! I'm frm India, Mumbai (Bbay). I'm buying a pug puppy nxt week, abt 2...
  83. I just bought healthy hot dogs?
  84. My puppy dosen't want to come back to me when called?
  85. My dog doesn't want to eat nor drink. It's been 2 days since she started acting.
  86. Will a dog keep inside during the night be warm outside during the day?? My dog
  87. I really want a dog but my apartment is rented?
  88. does anyone have any idea where i can buy a giant monopoly dog in London or online?
  89. my friend really,really,really,really, wants a puppy?
  90. Can Someone Tell Me Where I Can Find To Buy The Dog Treadmill Which Was...
  91. How do I convince my parents into buying me a puppy?
  92. Can we buy dogs from breeder? ?
  93. can anyone tell me which is the best robot dog to buy?
  94. i'm buying a baby maltese puppy... any tips?
  95. does anyone have any idea where i can buy a giant monopoly dog in London or online?
  96. Is a Labroador Retriever the best dog to buy for our situation?
  97. if you want to breed your dog what would change your mind?
  98. I would like to buy a Miniature Schnauzer puppy next summer,I have read...
  99. I want to convince my dad on getting a dog what should i do or say?
  100. i own 2 labradors and i want a third little dog. i want a third dog but i...
  101. any body have a bull terrier puppy they want to sell?
  102. Help! i want a dog but these are my problems....?
  103. i want to identify my puppy!?
  104. Buying a Yorkie Puppy! Need Advice?
  105. My Nintendogs game will not let me buy new dogs Please help.?
  106. Want Natural Cure For Smelly Dog?
  107. I told my husband that I was thinking of having another baby but what I really...
  108. I want a puggle but maybe they arent good dogs?
  109. Who should I buy a puppy from and how can I make sure it isn't coming from a...
  110. I want to get a new puppy, but i don't know which breed should i choose?
  111. Me and My family want a Golden Retriever Puppy?
  112. we got a new puppy, my 1 yr. old husky goes crazy around him, n wants to
  113. I am doing a project for school About Iams Dog food. My question is directed
  114. Me and My family want a Golden Retriever Puppy?
  115. Me and My family want a Golden Retriever Puppy. However we don't know where
  116. Why do dogs shake their legs when you scratch their bellies? I don't want a...
  117. I have Nintendogs, used Action Replay, now I can't buy dogs or new houses?
  118. Help I have 2 dogs and one got the other pregnant...I didn't want puppies...
  119. i want some good home made dog food recipes?
  120. i want to start dog sitting job either in my home or in person who needs dog
  121. Is it better to get a male or female of a Boxer / German Shephard dog, while
  122. Got bit by a dog at work and now my boss doesnt want to file workmans
  123. My dog is in heat.. I wanted to know if there is dog diapers i can buy?
  124. Do you think it is stupid to not leave your hometown because you don't want
  125. Where to buy these Dog foods brands ?
  126. Our dog...our hero...what do you think....(just wanted to share)?
  127. I want to get a dog but not sure which one? ones thats not mean ones thats...
  128. who bought there dogs or puppies from a pet store?
  129. How much does the average Vet charge to have your dog put to sleep,if you want his
  130. I have a dog and i want another one. How do i convince my mom to get me one?
  131. i want to start a blog about abused and abandoned pets. it dosen't matter if it's...
  132. Is it OK for vegans to care for carnivorous animals, like cats or dogs,...
  133. I'm 10 3/4 and my dog is 789 pounds. I want to take him to Narnia with me,
  134. what to do when dog doesn't want to go inside his crate?
  135. I Really need help with my 4 month old puppy, he doesn't want to listen to anything
  136. my dog wants to attack people when they go to leave.?
  137. A friend is going to mate her dog, and wants to know if the dog is in heat will...
  138. I want to know how young a male dog can be to get a female pregnant?
  139. Dog collar - Would like to purchase a 34" choke chain collar for giant breed.
  140. Im looking to buy a puppy and need help?
  141. Usualy, how old is a maltese puppy when you can buy it? ?
  142. Is it OK to buy from pet stores that sell puppies?
  143. Is there any places to buy a dog in san jose, CA?
  144. Are these good questions to ask a dog breeder whom I may buy a Miniature...
  145. My dog was killed by the neighbor dog and want to know who is at fault?
  146. Where is the cheapest place to buy canned puppy for my new puppy?
  147. Just bought a real dog-fighting experience...?
  148. So i want to get my dog in a contest!?
  149. What breed of dog should i buy?
  150. Why on earth would you want a fat cat/dog?
  151. what puppy is better to buy (pic include)?
  152. what do you buy your dog for his/her christmas ?
  153. Is this normal for a 3 month old puppy?! Please help my dad wants to give mine
  154. Where is the best place to buy a puppy?
  155. My puppy has roundworms and I want to know if the worms are dead once she poops.?
  156. i want to know what it is that people like about owning a dog?
  157. i really want a dog but nobody is ever home! ?
  158. I want to take new dog, which breed is better?
  159. need help dog stool is wet and i want to know how to fix it ?
  160. where can i buy dog ......?
  161. Dog won't play fetch and I really want to play!?
  162. I want a dog badly but.......!!?
  163. I want to adopt a dog?
  164. What does my dog want from me?
  165. Where can I buy a Maltese puppy?
  166. I caught my 8yr old and his friends screaming at a puppy that I bought him the...
  167. Where can I buy a guy's blank silver dog tag shaped necklace?
  168. Why do people buy their dogs human-shaped shoes and boots?
  169. What's considered too old to buy a dog?
  170. Where can I buy a personlized T-shirt for a Shih Tzu dog?
  171. Is it legal to buy or sell puppies at 6 weeks old in the Carolinas?
  172. Can you answer some questions about the dog biscuits you buy for your dog.?
  173. Has anyone ever bought a puppy from these people - Crazy 4 Canines in Illinois?
  174. need help dog stool is wet and i want to know how to fix it ?
  175. What would you rather adopt a dog or buy one?
  176. help my dog dying she have a feaver and the vet its closed wat should i do i
  177. I want a dog soooooooo badly!?
  178. I am saving to buy a dog, any money making tips? ?
  179. I want a small dog, one that will stay small, i need some help. Can u guys recommend
  180. Does my dog want to play with or eat our bunny and guinea pigs?
  181. I have a cat but i want a dog too?
  182. My parents are trying to talk me out of them wanting to get a dog with me. HELP!?
  183. my dog wants to be outside all the time. he will pant and pace all day or
  184. where can i buy dog around CA94523?
  185. my nephew wants to start a job but his mom wont let him walk dogs or mow lawns
  186. i want to take my puppy to the mountains?
  187. what is a good name for a stafi bull dog i wanted to name him after a greek...
  188. I want to get my dog cremated?
  189. Looking to buy a puppy?
  190. i want to take my puppy to the mountains?
  191. What "proof" do you have of puppy mill and BYB dogs being bad to buy?
  192. Any problems with buying a new puppy when we have a large dog?
  193. I want to take my dog to get groomed. I don't know whether to bathe her before
  194. How to train your dog to pee&poop where u want him to ?
  195. Where can I buy flavored bubbles for my dog?
  196. Want to buy a new puppy....?
  197. what dog is better to buy?
  198. I want a dog really bad!?
  199. I just bought my brush for my dog?
  200. I want my own small house dog, but my mom says she doesn't want it in the
  201. How and where can I buy a dog?
  202. i want my dogs to have puppies?
  203. I wanted to make an album of pets(mostly dogs!)?
  204. I want a small dog... what is my best choice?
  205. Who Want To Sell Dog At Malaysia?!?
  206. Where can i buy Oatmeal Shampoo from for Dogs?
  207. My long time companion of 16 1/2 years died a few days ago. Should I feel guilty...
  208. I am interested in buying a Chihuahua puppy?
  209. Possibly buying a puppy. She wants to be paid via western union. Sketchy? Please
  210. My sister is really really mad at me for wanting to sell the
  211. If you saw a puppy that you knew was from a puppy mill, would you buy it?
  212. i just bought yogurt for my dogs how much should i give?
  213. My dog doesn't want to eat and is scared...What do I do?
  214. Any Maltese dog breeders...im intreseted in buying! xx?
  215. I am flying from FL to PA for the holidays and dont want to take my lab puppy...
  216. Where can i buy a dog about to turn licease in georgia? im 17 about to
  217. Help! What puppy do I buy? ?
  218. I Need Help! So I Want To Go Get My Dog Spayed/Neutered? ?
  219. My dog wants to go inside but can't?
  220. He wants me to wear a....DOG collar?!?! Should I? read on...?
  221. I want to get my husband's dog tags tattooed on me but with some twist to it to
  222. I am buying a puppy tomorrow?
  223. We bought a puppy a year ago and never potty trained her she pees all over.Is it...
  224. After my next dog dies,I want to get either a German Shepherd or a...
  225. i don't want my dogs anymore.......?
  226. What do I need to buy for a new puppy?
  227. I want to work with dogs. I am interested in training dogs to help the handicap?...
  228. I have 1 dog that doesn't like small animals but I really want a small puppy...
  229. We want to get another dog?
  230. Do I have time to buy a dog?
  231. Does anyone know what the requirements are if you want to take your dog traveling by
  232. Why is it, that the only time your dog wants to be friendly and lick you in...
  233. How do I get my parents to buy me a dog?
  234. does anyone know where i can buy one of them dog backpacks?
  235. what do you use to clean wood floors when you have a puppy and dont want...
  236. How to convince my parents to buy me a dog?
  237. I have 6 pit bull puppies that I want to get registered.?
  238. What should I do in this life to be born as The President's dog in my next? I do...
  239. I want to breed dogs!?
  240. My dog won't wear the suit that I bought it today?
  241. WHERE CAN I BUY puppy chow by the bulk?
  242. Has anyone heard of the dog food PRIZE, which you buy frozen, and defrost.
  243. Is Anyone Selling Puppies If So What Kind? Or Does Anyone Know Where...
  244. Dog is acting funny, he is 13. Wants in and out around bedtime.?
  245. Can I find a toy maltise puppy from a shelter or do I need to buy from a breeder?
  246. OMG did you see what dog Peru wants to give Obama? ?
  247. I am going to buy a pitbull puppy but cant decide if I want a female or male. ?
  248. Why Does President Elect Obama Want A Dog?
  249. i have 3 week old kittens in my house. My 2 year old dog has gotten to where she
  250. Has anyone ever heard of World Wide Pet Transport? I'm buying a dog and I don't want