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  1. How do I tell a dog groomer how I want my dog to look?
  2. how do I explain I want a dog to my boyfriend, he says no, but I want...
  3. Is it better to let a dog eat as he wants, or feed 1 or 2 times a day?
  4. I want to buy a dog, but i don't know what kind of dog I could take?
  5. want to help this dog?
  6. : what are the first signs, that your boy dog wants to hump??.?
  7. what do i do when my dad is allergic to dogs but i want to start a
  8. i bring my dog to the summer home after two years now he does not want
  9. Any tips on making money fast? I want to buy a puppy...?
  10. i want to know if the Purina Puppy Chow is a good choice for my puppy: he
  11. considering buying dog with 12.5% inbreeding is that to much?
  12. can feeding a puppy from a bottle keep it from wanting to feed on momma?
  13. i want a puppy but, (its long)...?
  14. Where can I buy an oxygen mask for my dog?
  15. Buying a Beagle puppy?
  16. Is a shianese a good puppy to buy?
  17. I looking to buy a maltese puppy can someone help or are interested in selling.?
  18. I Really Want a New Puppy?
  19. Where could i buy a dog run?
  20. HELP! my dog chewed up one of my TOMS shoes, and now i want to do something
  21. is 15 weeks to old to buy a puppy?
  22. What should I buy my dog for Valentine's Day?
  23. "adopting" versus "buying" a dog?
  24. Does my mam want a new puppy?
  25. what should i do the people i bought my puppy from told me he was older when...
  26. Where is the best place to buy an airline-approved carrier for my 8 month old puppy
  27. Has anyone heard of this show called my dog wants this?
  28. I want to be a first time dog owner?
  29. I want a puppy but my bf says no- help!!!!!!?
  30. what do you do when a deceased friend has no will and his gf gives us a dog...
  31. Where can I buy ceramic dog statues?
  32. Has anyone had a dog that is difficult to buy chew things for?
  33. Is my dog pregnant? I want to know because somebody saw her with a male dog...
  34. i want a dog, but my dad doesnt, help!?
  35. i want to get a dog. have a roommate who isnt sure... what should i do?
  36. I want a dog, but my dad doesn't, help!?
  37. Where do you buy victoria's secret pink dogs?
  38. I really want my dog back?
  39. Would it be a good time to buy a Doberman puppy, while our baby daughter is
  40. I want to get papers for my purebred dog?
  41. Why do people want to force other to adopt a dog from the shelter if they want a
  42. my ex wants to take my dog he gave me for christmas?
  43. My dog doesn't want her puppy :( ?
  44. parents dont want our big dog inside :/?
  45. Why does Sarah Palin want to borrow the First Dog Bo, does she want to enter him
  46. Need to put my dog down and want to do it at home, any suggestions?
  47. how to buy a dog off of kijijji?
  48. I REALY WANT A NEW DOG! im 15 years old my mom wont let me buy a dog how...
  49. Where is it a good place to buy a puppy?
  50. i love dog...where can i buy dog?
  51. Where can i find a doberman puppy that doesnt cost thousands of dollars i
  52. In New Zealand where could you buy a cheap small breed puppy?
  53. I want to adopt a puppy or a kitten? (Please help fast).?
  54. what can I do if i want a dog, but my mom is allergic?
  55. i want to own white boxer dog?
  56. I am looking to buy an afghan hound puppy.. but i live in Iowa and there
  57. Anyone want free puppies? (you pick up)?
  58. I dream of dogs that want to kill me?
  59. I need a reliable site to buy dog tags..?
  60. What essential things should I buy for a black lab puppy?
  61. Dog wants in bedroom at night!?
  62. We want to breed my dog but we are not shure if she needs shots or not.?
  63. Does anyone know where I can buy this dog toy?
  64. Sims 2 i have a young adult sim who lives in a rented house (not apartment or dorm)
  65. My dog doesn't want to come inside?
  66. New dog and ki want to help?
  67. I'm a Muslim but want a dog?
  68. what can I do if i want a dog, but my mom is allergic?
  69. I really want a dog but..?
  70. Where to buy a Husky puppy?
  71. Where to buy a Husky puppy?
  72. Im a muslim and want a dog!! I NEED HELP CONVINCING MY PARENTS TO LET ME GET ONE?
  73. what the best dog that is very friendly and just want to chill?
  74. I just retired and I moved into my new home, I have five acres of land, And I...
  75. Sad puppy just wants to sleep?
  76. How do I convince my dad?...( I really want a dog )?
  77. Why my dog wants to bite me if I scratch somewhere?
  78. If I did buy a stolen dog, can the original owner take it back?
  79. I want to bring my dog to college?
  80. Is there any way to Buy/Adopt a Puppy Without Having to Agree to a Spay/Neuter...
  81. I really want a dog... How can I persuade my parents to let me have one?
  82. My friend want's to make a plush puppy?
  83. need dog help dont know which kind i want! help! please!(:?
  84. where to buy lachon puppies (bichon crossed laso apso)?
  85. how do i stop my 5mth puppy barking at cars and wanting to chase them?
  86. I want a dog really,stinking, badly and my parents won't let me?
  87. My dog wants to drive at times - what to do?
  88. I want to turn into a dog. Is there any spell where i can turn into 1. I
  89. Should I get a puppy? Where in Merseyside can I buy one?
  90. Where can I buy biscuits for my dogs X-Large Kong wobble toy?
  91. want a new dog badly :/ ?
  92. I dont want this dog! Help!!?
  93. if i want a puppy, where would be the best place to buy one?
  94. How do I convince my dad?...( I really want a dog )?
  95. Is it wrong that I want to marry my pet dog?
  96. Why doesn't my dog want to eat?
  97. In New Zealand where could you buy a cheap small breed puppy?
  98. Is there any where i can buy a West highland Terrier, Yorkshire Terrier, or
  99. Anyone want free puppies? (you pick up)?
  100. I am watching my neighbors dog and I do not want to be paid?
  101. Where can I buy Dog tags in bulk around Manila?
  102. Want to enlist in Air Force, anyone missed their dog?
  103. I dont want to make the same mistakes with new puppy?
  104. Wanting to no if a husher for my dog is cruel?
  105. My dogs stomach is making a gurgling sound and looks like he wants to throw
  106. Where can I buy a Dog Silencer Pro in Perth, Western Australia?
  107. i am not good with pets and i dont want a dog something i can cuddle not
  108. Why is my dog going after my husband one minute and wanting love and attention...
  109. Would you recommend buying a puppy/dog cage?
  110. Did my dog strain a muscle? *sigh* I just want him to feel better.?
  111. How much does it cost to buy everything for a puppy?
  112. where can i buy pants for my dog?
  113. I'm leaving my husband - I want to travel from North Carolina to California,...
  114. i want to get a dog but my parents won't let me?
  115. Which of these dog tags should I buy?
  116. im buying a new skoda vrs. will my labador dog have enough space in the boot?
  117. is the Chinook dog breed available to buy in Australia?
  118. does anyone else feel this way about buying a dog?
  119. I'm thinking about buying a dog......?
  120. i am looking to buy a chweenie or a little lap dog like a silky terrier?
  121. i am adopting a dog what do i need to buy for it?
  122. How did you pick which breed of dog to buy?
  123. wants to a dog farm .?
  124. Do Dog Owners usually buy their dogs from dog pounds or mills?
  125. My dog don't want to give milk to her puppies and they just have 4 day what can i do?
  126. Do you think this dog is dangerous? I want oppinions.?
  127. I want a book to introduce American police dog?
  128. Which Family Dog Should I Buy?
  129. my 9 weeks old shih tzu female puppy doesn't want to be hold or carried, and...
  130. i have a akita x lab male dog wanted to know if any one knows how big he
  131. What should I do my dog bite someone and they want us to pay medical bills?
  132. How long should it take my puppy to WANT to go out to pee while crate training?
  133. I want to know what kind of dog I have?
  134. Where can i buy bulk custom dog tags?
  135. Am I allowed to spay my dog without my mother's permission if she bought it?
  136. My dad wants to get rid of my puppy...what do I do?
  137. How much a Norwegian Lundehund puppy would cost and can you buy them in UK?
  138. I want to have the dog, but dont want the owner to get annoyed with me as I
  139. I want a puggle puppy, i live by lethbridge AB, where would i look?
  140. where to buy a getmehome tag for my new puppy?
  141. Why does my puppy just want to sleep?
  142. Should I buy a crossbreed puppy?
  143. My boyfriend's family want me to give my dog away?
  144. I want to get my puppy KC registered, how can I do this?
  145. What things can I buy for my puppy to chew on?
  146. Why does my pit bull/boxer puppy want to attack my arms while playing?
  147. Is registry important for a puppy you simply want as a house pet?
  148. What do i give my puppy if he want drink or eat?
  149. Wanting to feed a home-cooked diet for my dogs, how do I get started?
  150. My 85 lb dog ate 1 pill of 120mg Sudafed! Will he be ok? Poison control wants...
  151. I want to adopt a puppy :) would you help me ?
  152. If you bought a puppy, what would you name it?
  153. puppy buying question?
  154. Really want a puppy, but have one already that might hurt it?
  155. I want to build my dog a house?
  156. Puppy wants to constantly eat our older dogs food!?
  157. Am I a bad person for wanting to give my dog away to a better home?
  158. my sister always like to be with my dog, I feel like she want to own it?
  159. Which Breeds of dogs do you want in the future?
  160. My dog just had puppies yesterday and I want to know how long it usually takes for
  161. Is it safe to buy a puppy from an add in Penny Savers?
  162. Is this is puppy scam??? i need to know asap becuase i want to buy this dog.?
  163. Want to but a german shepherd puppy?
  164. Is it alright to buy puppy milk replacement from walmart?
  165. I want a puppy, Suggestions?
  166. Want a new car! Just for me, hubby and dog. Under 3K and we live rurally so
  167. I really want this dog!!!!Please answer(:?
  168. Where can i buy sterling silver dog breed charms and chains?
  169. where to buy dog tick medication?
  170. I want a dog but my husband doesn't, a situation like none other.?
  171. I want a new puppie, anyone wanting to give me a good idea for a dog?
  172. My mom dosent want to fix my dog?
  173. I reaaaaaly want a dog. Should I move in with my dad?
  174. My dad Doesn't want a new dog :/?
  175. Is 16 weeks too old to buy a puppy?
  176. My dog is sitting by the door, but I don't want to get up?
  177. Why are SO many people against buying a dog from a puppy mill?
  178. What kind of a puppy should I buy?
  179. Is it normal for a new puppy to want to lick people all the time,?
  180. I want to have my dog mounted by my local taxidermist?
  181. i want to have unique dog traning words. can you give me some help?
  182. Really want to get a puppy?
  183. i am going t buy a schnoodle puppy?
  184. My dog chinki died last night,and i cant get over it,i am feelin empty in my
  185. My dog wants to kill me! HELP?
  186. puppy crating help, advice, tips wanted...she chews up the entire tray/flooring
  187. Why do people buy animals such as dogs and abuse them?
  188. Might be getting a new puppy....What should I check for before buying it?
  189. I bought a puppy today that is 5wks old and had its shots the same day,...
  190. What kind of dog toys should I buy my dog?
  191. If you want to be a dog trainer what do you need to take to be certified?
  192. which dog should i buy? (family dog)?
  193. what do poodles eat my puppy poodle want eat dog food?
  194. from where to buy Puppies. - From a Pet Shop or From an Animal Doctor?
  195. If BYB dogs are SO unhealthy and you shouldn't buy - Then why do people tell you to
  196. Where can I buy a papillon puppy for a total of 300-400 dollars?
  197. My puppy doesn't want to sleep alone?
  198. My 4month old puppy doesn't want?
  199. Why does my daughter want a dog so badly?
  200. Everyone wants a puppy but my dad?
  201. hi i have a staff puppy i want to know when will her first heat comes she is...
  202. brought jade plant in from the cold. have a new small dog that wants to chew on it.?
  203. Is this is puppy scam??? i need to know asap becuase i want to buy this dog.?
  204. I want a puppy, Suggestions?
  205. My dog keeps on crying at night and wants to sleep on the couch?
  206. Dog wants to eat his own excrement?
  207. my dog ate his blanket and a couple days later he threw it up but now he
  208. how do i prevent my dog from wanting to escape?
  209. Is it normal after a puppy has been spayed for them to still want to hump?
  210. i want this puppy !!!!!!!! haha how big will she get ??? thanks?
  211. Rested house in Scotland UK... Wants a puppy.?
  212. How to train my dogs to pee where i want them to? HELP!?
  213. I want a dog really badly :(?
  214. What are signs that a female dog wants puppies?
  215. Does anyone want a boxer puppy?
  216. Me & my sister have wanted a dog for years but my mum is allergic?
  217. My puppy has gray hair and I want to dye it?
  218. Why my dog barks and tries to bite my parents when they want to come into my
  219. soo do you want a puppy?
  220. I want a dog so much. help me what can i do?
  221. I want to get a puppy but what if...?
  222. You want a free puppy or kitten and some ice cream and candy?
  223. i had a puppy for just over a week now .. the first couple of days i had her
  224. Can you still buy the PINK dogs?
  225. I want to get a puppy for our family but we have small children, and don't want a...
  226. Help the puppy sitter wants to keep my puppy what do i do?
  227. My friend is trying to force me to name my dog that she wants?
  228. What's the best dog shampoo for mattes and tangles that i can buy at
  229. Is it safe to buy dogs from ebay?
  230. which family dog should i buy?
  231. My dog licks me when I do things she doesn't like, is this because she really...
  232. wanting to adopt a pomeranian puppy! need help please.....?
  233. i want a puppy but how much $ should i set aside for all the shots and spayed/neuter?
  234. URGENT! Buying a puppy that needs to be shipped over?
  235. where can i buy a german shepherd and labrador retriever mix puppy?
  236. Is it bad for puppies if you buy over the counter puppy dewormer even if it
  237. Is it illegal to buy a puppy then sell it strictly to make a profit?
  238. Buy an Afghan hound puppy 10 points best answer?
  239. how to buy a pug puppy?
  240. How much would you buy or sale a cross breed puppy, if it included?
  241. Is there any place where i can buy multiple parvo shots and give them to puppies...
  242. Have you ever bought a puppy f/ a pet store ... if so, were you satisfied w/...
  243. What happens if I do not have papers on the puppy I am buying?
  244. If you buy the runt puppies from those pet stores what is the chance of them...
  245. What's the best age to buy a Labrador Retriever puppy at?
  246. Is it best to buy another dog while my current dog is still a puppy?
  247. How do i persuade my parent into buying me a puppy?
  248. Where can I buy a puppy that's younger 4 months old?
  249. Where can I buy a maltese puppy in Chicago?
  250. how do you buy or adopt a pitbull puppy?