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  1. My dog (chocolate lab) has this annoying crying sound whenever she wants something?
  2. I want to use positve reinforcement with my new puppy, but how do I do that when...
  3. Puppy wanted for obedience home please?
  4. does this breeder seem acceptable to buy a dog from?
  5. puppy started crying again at night, and partner doesn't want him. HELP?
  6. Buying a Coat for My Dog?
  7. I want to adopt a puppy/dog from the shelter?
  8. How long does a new puppy usually cry after being bought?
  9. i want to enter my dogs in a competition?
  10. Where can I buy Naxcel, Primor Tablets, or Zeniquin tablets for my dog...
  11. I want a new puppy really bad. I like small lap dogs. Have any ideas on good kinds?
  12. Looking to buy an inside dog?
  13. i am from windsor ontario and i want to bring my dog to the states?
  14. Why do you want to breed your dogs?
  15. i want a dog, but i don't know which breeds to choose?
  16. I want to rescue dogs off the E-list?
  17. I dont want my dog to die before christmas?:(?
  18. Has anyone ever bought two dogs from the same dam(litter) before?
  19. where can i buy an elliot minor dog tag (apart from ebay)?
  20. What is the best kind of dog for a child who is a bit rough and tumble? I
  21. Someone moved and left the dog-My husband wants to keep it as an outside
  22. Do dog doors that fit in sliding glass doors have extenders available to...
  23. When you buy a dog from the breeder?
  24. Someone moved and left the dog-My husband wants to keep it as an outside
  25. Question about buying puppies?
  26. I want to know my dogs breed!?
  27. wondering about dog buying?
  28. I want to teach my short little long haired wiener dog some tricks but he refuses?
  29. I desperatly want a dog but I'm failing to pursuade my parents. how can I
  30. Any solutions for using a deck and dog/door? She isn't litter box trained...I
  31. If you wanted sexy underwear for Christmas, would you ask your dog to buy it for you?
  32. where can i buy big dog clothes?
  33. Is it possible to buy a Posh Spice Doll for my dog to ?
  34. What do you do when your husband wants to get a dog and you don't?
  35. Where is the cheapest place to buy Iams Smart Puppy Small Breed Formula Dry Dog Food?
  36. My adult dog is wheezing, breathing hard, panting, and not wanting to eat or play.?
  37. My adult dog is wheezing, breathing hard, panting, and not wanting to eat or play.?
  38. i want a new pet dog what kind should i get?
  39. Where may I buy a Norwegian Lundehund puppy in Australia?
  40. My dog likes being under the house better then his doghouse with a bed I bought?
  41. Where can I buy an authentic Burberry sweater for my dog?
  42. Which Dr. Dog record should I buy? I have somewhat eclectic tastes.
  43. where can i buy dog whisper from?
  44. why does all girls want small dogs=/?
  45. Did You Buy Your Dog Xmas Gifts?
  46. Question 5 of 5: If you had to buy a puppy, given equal quality breeding
  47. has anyone bought a chihuahua puppy from a website out of texas called rgvpuppies
  48. Parents want to give away dog for no reason?
  49. how long does my maltese x shitzu hav 2 b on heat to actually want to have sex
  50. where can I buy a cheaper puppy that's really tiny like a yorkie or maltese!?
  51. What stores are there in Canada were you can buy a crate for your dog from?
  52. My best friend wants to marry my dog?
  53. Are, in your opinion, shih tzus a good dog for people who dont like
  54. My best friend wants to marry my dog?
  55. What is the best kind of dog for a child who is a bit rough and tumble? I
  56. I want to buy a jindo dog and I was wondering how young I should buy it at. I know...
  57. where can i buy toy dog?
  58. I Really Want a New Dog, how how i get my parents back into it?
  59. Where can I buy Rosa Canina (aka Dog Roses)?
  60. I want to buy a puppy what should i do?
  61. I bought an eGGe dog toy for my dog, anybody else?
  62. my dog just went outside for an hour. now he wants back out?
  63. I want to buy a dog but I don't know if I should take a female or a male one...?
  64. Should you buy two dogs together?
  65. When buying a Dog online and contacting the owner, what are things i need to...
  66. I want to get my boyfriend who is 16 an engraved dog tag for Christmas, where can I
  67. What should I get this Christmas........Well I really want to get a chihuahua
  68. Where can you buy a puppy of your choice?
  69. I would like feedback from anyone who has bought a chihuahua puppy from website...
  70. my neihbor wants us to put a shock collar on our dog Her cat is allways in
  71. My dog loves playing outside in the cold and doesn't always want to come in. How
  72. I found a dog with a collar but no ID tag, does that mean its still wanted by
  73. My dog has ear infections that the vet says he will have for life....
  74. Where is a vet that doesn't want an arm and aleg for visits and dog fixes.?
  75. I want to start a dog boarding and grooming business, how?
  76. Please Help i want dog whisper dvd..?
  78. If a dog was previously named Clara but you want to change the name when you
  79. why is the best dog breed for me to buy?
  80. I bought a puppy....?
  81. what characteristics would you look at when choosing a puppy to buy?
  82. I want to start doing agility with my dog...?
  83. Where would you suggest to buy a puppy?
  84. Want to make a dog run?
  85. I want to take my dog places with me for socialization and new experiences.
  86. Thinking of buying a chinese crested puppy for my christmas pressent?
  87. What breed of dog is best i want a small one that is quite easy to train?
  88. What are you buying your dog/puppy for Christmas?
  89. Doing research and looking into buying a dog?
  90. Where to buy a Puppy Sweater?
  91. What size dog food bag do you buy your husky and/or german shepherd?
  92. What is the best breed of dog? How much does it cost to buy?
  93. I have 2 dogs and i dont know what kind of kibble to buy them. give me suggestions?
  94. i want a dog but i cant have one cause my mum is alerjic to dog hair i saw the
  95. recently i bought an english crocker puppy. its currenly 2-3 months old?
  96. Is it better to buy a puppy before or after the baby is born?
  97. where can i buy a cheap puppy in parramatta/sydney, nsw?
  98. Funny....the dog breed my sister wants looks like a bigger version of my dog, what
  99. i i want a dog really bad how can i get my parents to get one?
  100. i just bought a puppy (chiwauwau), how much is it to register it, get his shots, etc?
  101. I want to make my dog a vegetarian. This would be good for her.?
  102. Bought Puppy. She's a Pedigree. Dad has papers, Mother doesn't, what can i do to...
  103. Buying a puppy and how long it can be left for..staffordshire bull terrier?
  104. What is something that you look at when buying a english bull dog puppy?
  105. Im going to buy a Dog Online. Does this site look "OK" To you?
  106. want to warn eveyone get the parvo shot for you dog!?
  107. Dog Lovers opinion Wanted?
  108. buying a dog, how old?
  109. We have three dogs, i want a cat?
  110. Why is Obama buying his daughters a puppy SO important?
  111. Why do people say "Never buy a dog from a PETSTORE?"?
  112. My dog eats his own poop. Makes his breath stink. I hate it, want it to stop. How?
  113. I need some advice on what dog to buy for our family?
  114. i want a husky really bad but my mom wont let me have another dog.how can i...
  115. My dogs always run away when we let them out we don't want to leash them...
  116. Looking to buy a puppy soon,can someone tell me if this website is legite?
  117. Please help?Buying a Dog.?
  118. What Kind Of Dog is Scooter the one I Own??? Want an easy Best...
  119. Buying a Doberman puppy... My plans. How Much??
  120. i want to make a concrete run for my dogs, in the past i have painted concrete only
  122. I want to name my dog after a song title with a girl name in it...?
  123. buying a labrador puppy.... need help?
  124. Thinking about buying Kirkland's chicken rice and vegetables for puppies ?
  125. If I go to Mexico and buy a dog there, do I have to do anything special to
  126. My dog wants to kill my bunny?
  127. I want to adopt a dog!!?
  128. My sister wants to become a Dog Groomer but theres one problem...?
  129. I want a big dog that doesn't shed but has long or mediam fur. what kind should i...
  130. Annoying dog wants to spend time in the car.?
  131. my friend has an Autistic child and is looking to find a dog to buy that is
  132. my golden retriever died few days ago and i'm very sad am i crazy to want to get
  133. do you want a free bag of dog food?
  134. Im buying a puppy thats $3200 and i need a way to get that much money super fast?
  135. why do my dogs ALWAYS want food?
  136. id like a SMALL house pet, i dont want a dog or a cat, and i would like to be able
  137. i want to breed my boxer dog ?
  138. Thinking of buying a miniature dachshund puppy from my local shelter.?
  139. i want to buy a pomeranian puppy but...?
  140. if you buy a puppy and he doesn't have papers and you want to start breeding how...
  141. my dog keeps on vomitting after she got dewormed and would nto want to...
  142. Anyone know of a way to make my dog eat his raw diet food in one place? he wants
  143. Should I buy a dog or not?
  144. Can you answer some questions about the dog biscuits you buy for your dog.?
  145. i am planing to buy a puppy! please suggest me a good dog based on the chennai
  146. Which quality dog food should I buy?
  147. If the ASPCA wants you to adopt a pet so bad why is it $300 dollars for a pound-dog?
  148. I-dog? Which type should I buy? Should I buy it at all?
  149. I bought my 8yr old son a puppy, him and his friends were screaming at the dog...
  150. I sold a puppy and now the lady wants to return him. What should I do?
  151. I sold a puppy and now the lady wants to return it. What should I do?
  152. im buying a dog and now i need help ?
  153. I bought a new dog...I have trouble introducing it to my other dog..?
  154. I really want a dog because I think it will make me feel better?
  155. I am wanting to get a bachelors degree but I work 75 hours and have a dog and lease
  156. dog help i want 2 be a better owner?easy 10 points 1st answer gets the 10?
  157. I bought a new dog...I have trouble introducing it to my other dog..?
  158. How do I ask my parents for a dog?i have wanted one forever!?
  159. What is the difference between adopting and or buying a dog ?
  160. Can I buy anything to put my dog to sleep temporarily ?
  161. How much are the small PINK dogs at Victoria Secret with out buying anything else?
  162. how many is to many? i really want to get another dog!?
  163. 9 year old dog has a cataract. i cannot afford surgery for him, and i
  164. Want to make my dog a 'dog cake' for his birthday?
  165. Should A Breeder Be Required To Reimburse A Buyer Who Bought An Imbred Dog?
  166. Can I put a regular t-shirt on a dog to keep her warmer in the winter, or do I have
  167. I got side tracked. I want to make my dog bite unwanted guests.?
  168. My family and I just moved into our new apartment in brooklyn and we wanted
  169. Puppy supplies I need help buying ?
  170. I want a dog. My parents don't. Help?
  171. What sort of dog should I buy my wife for Christmas?
  172. Why does my dog sometimes not want to be near me, other times all he does is...
  173. If a woman has some big buns doesn't she want a big & long hot dog to go with it?
  174. So i want a dog..........?
  175. can some one help on dog buying?!?
  176. i want to socialise with a dog?
  177. i want to walk this dog i walk MORE!! HELP!?
  178. I just bought a Yorkshire Terrier puppy and?
  179. where can I buy RAW meat for my dog on the Net?
  180. I really want a puppy. Where can I find a lap dog for cheap?
  181. I am becoming frustrated my puppy does not use the pee pads or want to use it...
  182. i want to get my dog a friend wat type of dog should i get?
  183. Do you buy Christmas presents for your dogs?
  184. Nintendogs:I have 3 dogs already and i want another?
  185. I really want a dog ? please answer 10 points !?
  186. Little dog? I want a nice friendly one ?
  187. If a dog has worms could that cause it to not want to eat?
  188. Bought a dog today, pick him up next thursday..he is so cute. but not got a
  189. what is the best dog in the world that you can buy?
  190. I want to adopt a dog from our local Humane Society... how strict are they?
  191. Have you ever gone out to buy christmas decorations, but ended up buying a dog?
  192. i want to breed my dog....?
  193. Advice needed: My neice wants a puppy for Xmas?
  194. If you wanted to have a invisible dog fence installed what section/heading of...
  195. help on fable 2? i want my dog back?
  196. If we stop buying from pet stores then what will happen to all the puppies?
  197. My Dog (OES) only comes to me when HE wants to...?
  198. i reely want a puppy?
  199. I've wanted a dog for about 13 years , what should i say or do?
  200. Where can you Army dog tags made with the writing u want on it?
  201. We Chinese people will support Corsican independence if French dogs want to
  202. Where can i buy a dog tag locket in scarborugh?
  203. Looking To Buy Dog Tags Online?
  204. I want to buy a small dog, any recommendations?
  205. I want to buy a small dog... any suggestions?
  206. I really want a cat but mommy INSISTS their urine smells and they're...
  207. My dog has ran away, and I want to know how to deal with it, help?
  208. I want to get a dog but my mom said it can't shed!?
  209. hi i really want a puppy!!!!!?
  210. what dog should i buy?
  211. how can i talk my mom into letting me get a puppy?i want one really bad.?
  212. help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!i want a boy...
  213. I would like to buy a dog-shaped rug, similar to a white bear rug kids lie on.?
  214. Would you rather adopt or buy a dog?
  215. what do i need to know about buying a dog online?
  216. I do not know the exact date my dog got pregnant? I do not want to be
  217. I have a picture of a dog but I want to know it breed. HELP?
  218. Dogs-I want a dog but...?
  219. What kind of dog do I want?
  220. Can dogs drink milk? I want my puppy to have some!!!?
  221. very very small sturdy dog wanted advice please?
  222. My puppy always wants to sit on my lap...?
  223. where can i buy a dog? i want a staffordshire bull terrier.?
  224. Would you tell someone to their face that they got took by buying a teacup puppy?
  225. I am wanting to train my dog to be out of the crate. What steps should i take to...
  226. Moving into a 2 bedroom,2 bath,2 car garage my own yard but I want a dog?
  227. My 8yr old son likes abusing insects and small animals like frogs or mice....
  228. i want 2 rescue a pup/dog?
  229. Buying a dog for the first time?
  230. My aunt and cousin bought their two dogs to my house knowing I hate dogs. Was it...
  231. I want a small dog... What type?
  232. Why do i feel like i want a new dog?
  233. When your dog grows up will it still want to play?
  234. If you have 2 dogs already and you want to get another do u think the others would
  235. were i can live my dog i don't want no more?
  236. I want a cute puppy for christmas!?
  237. I Want To Get A Small Dog Help!?!?
  238. Has anyone bought "The Movie for Dogs?
  239. how do you counteract someone saying they don't want to fix their dogs...
  240. why people buy dogs from "puppy mills"?
  241. Dog Experts Wanted/ Needed ?
  242. I want many dogs of various breeds but be productive at the same time?
  243. If I want to tie my dog with a tether, when is the right time to do it?
  244. Is a 6 month old puppy too old to buy and train?
  245. how can i protect myself when buying a puppy?
  246. Protect my dog from noise, is there anything i can buy/do?
  247. What did Mom tell junior when he wanted a dog 4 Xmas?
  248. Opinions wanted please....my dog again......?
  249. I still have the dog, But I found someone who really really wants him to
  250. If I want to chain my dog!! When is the right time to do it?