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  1. I have a goldendoodle and want to cut his hair myself. What are the best...
  2. i want to build a dog kennel for my dogs can you give me any ideas?
  3. I bought a female dog on ebay , but when it arrived it was a 35 year old?
  4. i really i want a dog and i need help!?
  5. i want a dog my mom is saying no?
  6. Dog Buying
  7. I want a puppy really badly but think it might be mean because of my...
  8. I want to know where I can find (girl) dalmatian dogs in my area for my dal. dog ?
  9. Where can I buy a hearing dog jacket?
  10. i really want to get a corgi puppy but i don't know much about them and i've never
  11. I really want a dog...any ideas?
  12. I am looking to buy one female chocolate labrador puppy. ?
  13. I want to become a dog trainer, how do I go about his?
  14. Does anyone know where to buy bakers dog food cheap?
  15. Can you sue a pet store if you buy an original puppy from a puppy mill and they die?
  16. I want to foster dogs from the local shelter...?
  17. How much it costs to buy a puppy and maintain it?
  18. What toy can i buy my dog, who has destroyed every one so far?
  19. When should I buy a puppy?
  20. My neighbor has this dog and I want to know what type is it.?
  21. Do i really need to buy a dog ownership certificate for my dog ?
  22. how do i go about buying a puppy rottweiler?
  23. **Will you flirt/suck up/give the 'puppy' face to get what u want...**?
  24. i just bought a cocker spaniel puppy what should i expect?
  25. I really want a cute Yorkshire Terrier puppy, but my mom doesn't want one. Please
  26. I want a small dog?????????????????
  27. How can I find out if this person Im buying a dog from online is legit?
  28. what shopping online i could buy cheapest and branded dog supplies?
  29. Should she buy a new dog?
  30. Want to get a 2nd dog, how to get them together without fighting?
  31. Where can I buy a Standard poodle puppy in the bay area?
  32. I want to adopt dogs and cats I love them both but will they get along?
  33. What kind of treats can i buy my 2 month old puppy?
  34. What are good toys to buy for your dog?
  35. Is buying a dog with no papers bad?
  36. how do i teach my friends sheep herding dog to want to catch a frisbee?...
  37. I want to use a pic of my dog instead of the yahoo avatar ?
  38. I don't want to go to school tomorrow...I'm not over my dog's death?
  39. buy bulk beef meat for a dog?
  40. My mom and I really want a pot belly pig, but with have 3 dogs. What should we...
  41. want to know why my dog does this?
  42. Don't you wish that the people who are about to buy a puppy from a store
  43. I want a puppy so bad! Help!?
  44. I want this dog but i have to earn it?
  45. I want a dog.PLEASE HELP!! IMPORTANT!!?
  46. My dog paws people when he wants attention...?
  47. Puppy will suck finger but whenever i try to give him a bottle he doesn't want it.?
  48. we are looking to buy a daschund puppy?
  49. How do you make your parents buy you a dog?
  50. Why is it every time i eat chocolates my dog always wants one even though it is...
  51. Dog help (anyone want to give their input)?
  52. Can I buy traction Paw-Pads for my dog in the UK?
  53. Anyone who has bought a dog from www.shichon.net help?
  54. i don't want to support puppy mills but i need to have a specific breed?
  55. i buying a puppy from cameroon?my questoin is if does people are real?
  56. i want a dog really badly..HELP!! please/...?
  57. Been Wanting a Dog for 7 years...(?)?
  58. my dog isnt spayed yet, but i want her to be spayed?
  59. Wanting to start a dog rescue?
  60. I cracked at my mum for giving the dogs the pizza i bought.?
  61. Should I buy a dwarf rabbit or a hedgehog? which is cuter, social and
  62. how do i keep a store bought puppy (5 mths) from going poop in her crate? ?
  63. Wanting a terrier, but work 8 hrs a day. What's the best way to...
  64. Where In Denver, Colorado Can I Buy Dog Food In Bulk?
  65. If you wanted a pack of dogs......?
  66. What does my dog want when he does this?
  67. Where is the best want add site To advertise Puppies? ?
  68. how to convice my mom to let me buy a dog?
  69. answer please: I want to buy a dog?
  70. I want a dog but which?
  71. i want to get a dog but also a laptop please what should i do?
  72. Tom bought 4 drinks 5 hot dogs spent $20. Lynn bought 2 drinks 4 hot dogs spent
  73. i want a small dog but dont know which kind?
  74. Lol why does my dog do this.. when he wants to play with me? XD?
  75. Where can I buy dog tag silencers?
  76. What is the best dog to buy for a pet?
  77. i recently bot 2 kittens..male and female who are about 2 months old.2 days later i
  78. I want two dogs? I currently have one. Pros and cons?
  79. y parents want a dog weare gettinga a yorkshire terrier and we want to know if he...
  80. Where can I buy Juicy Couture Dog carriers?
  81. Okay so my dog just hit a year old (she is a sheltie) and I want to put...
  82. Looking to buy a puppy?
  83. wanting another dog. help?
  84. I bought my 8yr old son a dog for Xmas and he refuse to feed it and he
  85. WHAT is puppy mill!?! why bad?!? 2 (where to buy a non puppy mill pet shop?)?
  86. What kind of dog do I want?
  87. I want a prairie dog but what should i put in its cage and does anyone have any tips?
  88. I want to rescue a dog ?
  89. cute things my puppy does, anyone else want to share?
  90. Who did Billy buy the dogs from in Where the red fern grows?
  91. I really want a dog, but I don't know what type to get. Please Help!!!!!?
  92. So I witnessed my cat and dog having sex...I don't want little catdog things...
  93. I bought my hubby a pair of Outdoor Research Alpine gaiters and our puppy chewed one
  94. What are Kentucky's laws on buying a dog?
  95. I Wan to buy a dog???????????!!!!!!!!!1111?
  96. Does anyone know where I can buy a chow chow puppy?
  97. Should I buy this puppy? ?
  98. What are some basic items that i should buy before i bring my pomeranian puppy home?
  99. What five dogs would you want to have with you if someone was breaking into your
  100. Safe price to buy a puppy?
  101. Bought A Dog, Not The Breed I Was Told?
  102. i want my puppy to be smart when he gets bigger?
  103. Anyone ever bought one of the Nick Jonas dog tags?
  104. my parents dont want to get a dog?
  105. i WANT TO GET A DOG!!!!!!?
  106. my friend wants to know what dog she should get?
  107. i really want a dog like mad but i leave for school at 8:15 with my dad and i get...
  108. Dog doesn't want to walk anymore?
  109. where is a place that i can buy a puppy like a maltese or a yorkie and it has
  110. I'm wanting to get a dog and can't really decide what kind I want.?
  111. i want to donate dog stuff like blankets and bowls and toys to dog shelters do
  112. What is a good puppy to buy?
  113. I want to adopt a small dog in ?
  114. Dog wont eat, and just wants to sleep?
  115. Can You Buy A Poodle(puppy) Without Going To A Rescue Org.? I Live In Miami,...
  116. My wife wants to have another baby, but I don't,so I bought 3 dogs and
  117. Type of dog?? Want to get one?
  118. My dog is on treatment for his skin, and we want to get him a cologne, but we...
  119. is it normal for me to want to take my dog everywhere?
  120. had female heinze 57 dog dumped, has large milk sac no pups, help I dont want her
  121. I wanted to find a comfortable dog leash. I heard about it on a website that I can
  122. i have a chow/terrier mixed dog and i want to know how big he will be?
  123. How do you get your dad to buy you a puppy?
  124. Sims 2 Pets Lifetime Want...Raise 20 puppies, help!?
  125. If i want to buy a dog from a breeder how old does it have to be?
  126. Here is the thing. Im 19 years old. I really want to get a puppy and raise it.
  127. Bought a puppy and have few questions?
  128. My Ex Boyfriend Bought Me A Puppy,What Should I Do?
  129. What should I buy for a incoming dog, tips please?
  130. could you buy a dog when your 14 years old?
  131. I want a Maltese puppy!!?
  132. I want a new dog. Any Ideas?? ?
  133. I want to foster a dog, any one know any sites?
  134. Do Petsmart and Petco buy animals from puppy mills?
  135. should i buy this puppy? HELP PLEASE!?
  136. I have am looking to buy a dog house. My dog is 75lbs, what kind of dog house...
  137. i want a puppy so badly! where can i adopt one in massachusetts?
  138. Does it matter where the puppy you buy is registered?
  139. I have a new puppy but I also have a cat my pupy wants tobe friends but my
  140. Where can I buy a replacement tray to go in the bottom of my dog
  141. I Really Have Been Wanting A Dog/puppy For 3 Years I Have Been Asking My
  142. I Want A Puppy!!! Plz Help!!!?
  143. Where to buy a love puppy webkinz without biding and short period to receive it?
  144. Is buying and owing a black dog haram or allowed?
  145. Is it illegal to buy someone a dog as a gift and then try to take it back?
  146. I'm getting a puppy, what do i need to buy for him?
  147. My dad still won't buy me a dog!!!?
  148. I want to feed my dog a raw food diet, Is salmonella a problem? And what kind of
  149. I want to give my puppy to an animal shelter. How do i do that? Is there a Fee?
  150. why does my chihuahua puppy want to bite me whenever we play?
  151. i want a american or english bulldog do you know anyone who sells them as puppies?
  152. Lab puppy 11 months old WANTS TO PLAY ALL DAY. And doesn't give up.?
  153. i had just bought a 10 week old maltese puppy and it wont eat, it drinks
  154. Don't buy door knobs with handles if you have smart dogs!?
  155. I want to create a .gif image of my dog and I want to add flapping angel...
  156. my almost 3 week old puppy keeps crying she is the second out of the liter
  157. who wants to see the movie hotel for dogs?
  158. bought my dog a stocking with toys and treats for christmas there is like a
  159. I got a puppy for christmas and i want to know what kind of dog is it?
  160. can I buy an over counter medicine for my dog ear infection?
  161. do you want to see puppies being born?
  162. my dog doesn't want to eat anything!!!?
  163. What's the difference between buying a puppy from a kennel or a breeder?
  164. where do you buy dog clickers from plzzzz answer?
  165. She wanted an engagement ring. I got earrings. I'm in the dog house now.?
  166. Sled Dog Job - Information Wanted ?
  167. i want a puppy for christmas ?
  168. I am looking to buy a puppy right for me.?
  169. my puppy is still a baby, and I want to get ride of her puppy cold, how do...
  170. I want to get a small dog, which one should I get?
  171. how can i convince my mom to let me buy a dog?
  172. I really want to get a puppy.I just don't know where I could get a...
  173. Planning on buying another dog, will it be a disaster!!?
  174. Does anyone have a website or know a website were i can buy Alaskan Malamutes...
  175. How do I know if my dog wants fish, lamb or chicken food?
  176. i can get any animal i want but not a dog what should i get?
  177. I bought a Pedi Paws for my dog,but every time i try to file his nails
  178. We have a Boston Terrier F 6. We bought new puppy M. Our older dog will
  179. Where in the US can i buy a Native American Indian Dog?? ?
  180. I bought my puppy Blue Buffalo puppy food is this good food?
  181. I want a playfriend for my dog but hubby doesn't?
  182. Where can I buy a puppy in Omaha Nebraska?
  183. I Want A Puppy! What Should I Do?
  184. my 17 year old daughter wants another dog. we have 2 and one cat now she wants a
  185. Wanting to adopt a German Shepherd puppy.?
  186. My puppy (6 months) started off on Science Diet puppy formula but the new bag we
  187. Why does my puppy want so much water?
  188. Why Oh why do people still want puppies and kittens for Xmas ?
  189. My dog doesn't want to poop...?
  190. I ask if anyone wants to buy a puppy That's a question?
  191. where can i buy a puppy husky in Chicago or atleast in Illinois?
  192. i have a great dane and we want another puppy. our great dane loves to play
  193. My 8yr old son dog died from abuse should I buy him another one he
  194. I plan to adopt a dog (huge animal lover). I want a larger dog.. would a...
  195. What supplies should I buy before I bring the puppy I'm looking at home?
  196. how can i get my parents to buy me a dog?
  197. I have these new puppies ( i want to train them and keep them healthy)?
  198. Best place to buy puppies in Brisbane/Gold/Sunshine Coast?
  199. I'm thinking of buying puppy...help?
  200. My dog is really old an sick, i dont want him to die!?!?
  201. I bought a puppy today that is 5wks old and had its shots the same day, her 1st poop
  202. I bought my puppy a Crate to keep him in while I am at work, but he uses the...
  203. Free Pomeranian Puppy? My best friends died and i want to get her one!?
  204. I want a puppy but my parents think puppies are a mess how do i show them...
  205. Can you buy a love puppy in Ebay with check?
  206. i bought a dog carrier.....is it approved for airline travel?
  207. i just want to no if my doberman puppy growling at my son is something i...
  208. what dog food should i buy?
  209. Why do people still buy puppies as presents and why do breeders breed so...
  210. I want to ensure a safe and healthy life for my Aussie puppy; is there anything
  211. anyone want to do a dog quiz?
  212. What happens to a dog who was bought at a petstore if you return him because of
  213. i want to bring my dogs to the states?
  214. why my puppy don't want eat after injection?
  215. Can you bottle feed week old puppies store bought milk?
  216. i bought a shih-tzu puppy, any tips?
  217. What is the best kind of dog to buy?
  218. What Should I Do If My Ex Boyfriend Bought Me A Puppy?
  219. where is the best place to go if you want to register your dog with a pet
  220. My dog always wants attention?
  221. I want a Dog and I need help to know what kind ?
  222. Which Dog bread to buy; staying in a 2Bedroom flat?
  223. my puppy has gotten her first 3 distemper/parvo shots, but i want to finish them...
  224. does any1 know were i can buy a staffordshire bull terrier puppy from ?
  225. Is there a store where I can buy a puppy stuffed animal?
  226. Help! I Need To Narrow Down What Breed Of [[small]] Dog I Want!?
  227. Want a new puppy but i have a old dog?
  228. in wich Tom and Jerry episode,buys jerry a little dog?
  229. If i were to buy a dog in Mexico....?
  230. In Northern Co where can you buy a cheap Puppy?
  231. does anyone know where i can buy a calendar with pics of dogs on them?
  232. i would like buy a puppy?
  233. Ex Girlfriend told me to buy her the puppy, or never contact her again.?
  234. Why breed and buy, when shelter dogs die?
  235. im from redding, Ca and i was wanting to know if anybody, or if you know somone
  236. what is the name of that looney tunes cartoon where marc anthony the dog
  237. Do you buy Christmas gifts for your friends and family's dogs?
  238. Sled Dog Handling - Information Wanted?
  239. Fable 2: Where can I buy a new dog in the game?
  240. Help! Small Puppy Wanted!?
  241. I want to get a puppy....?
  242. where can i adopt or buy a dog or cat?
  243. How can I attach a garden hose to my bathroom sink? I want to wash my dogs in the...
  244. If you were buying a hunting dog what would you get?
  245. Do you buy clothes for your dog?
  246. i want golden retriever puppy only london?
  247. Is this a good place to buy a dog?
  248. Do you know where I can buy a dog harness like this one [picture]?
  249. i just got my dog on Monday and she has never been fostered i bought her dog food
  250. my dad wants to know the name of a christmas song about a puppy he knows some...