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  1. dad wants to get rid of my dog and get a different dog.?
  2. Bloodhounds/puppy buying?
  3. Where can I buy the song sweet southern comfort that mentions the GA bull dogs?
  4. Looking to buy Bloodhound/Cross Puppy.?
  5. Questions about buying a Maltese dogs?
  6. Where can I buy a dog? ?
  7. I just bought a puppy, and I have some questions. Please help.?
  8. I'm thinking about buying a French Bulldog puppy.. Any thoughts?
  9. What kind of dog do i want?
  10. What is a good puppy to buy?
  11. Just wanted to warn you of the peanut butter linked to salmonella. Dog treats
  12. My dog wants a friend 24/7?
  13. How does your dog let you know when it wants to go outside to dodo?
  14. What is the best age to buy a puppy?
  15. I have a puppy and I want it to not be dominate with its food.?
  16. my dog had puppy's and i want to keep one of the pups i would like some ideas names?
  17. Is this dog worth buying?
  18. Dog doesn't want to be with me since i got my new kitten. What should i do? ?
  19. My dog don't like me hes never liked me only when he wants to go for a...
  20. When was the last time you bought a dog book?
  21. I want to start taking care of my dog all alone?
  22. Want to re-name a rescue dog-problems? suggestions?
  23. Why do people STILL buy dogs from pet shops?
  24. I am wanting a dog, suggestions?
  25. Where can i buy a belgian shepard puppy when i live in brisbane? ?
  26. Did I buy a defective pedipaw, or do they always scare dogs?
  27. Does anyone else think dogs should act the way humans want them to?
  28. Is training a baby like training a puppy? My friend wants to know.?
  29. i want a puppy free to a good home ?
  30. What kind of dog is this? ive wanted one for a long time but never see one?
  31. Is it normal for a 5 year old dog to want to sleep all day long?
  32. I recently bought a puppy. it is timid and friendly, but just one problem. it...
  33. Anyone want to trade me the 3 Legendary Dogs?
  34. Where Is The Best Place To Buy Backpacks For My Puppy Pitbull?
  35. Need advise for starting a hot dog stand/concession business. What do I need
  36. my dog had a pup about 2hours ago and i just want to know how long does it
  37. I have a dog, and I want it to stop being a dog, but act like a dog in every
  38. We got ourselves another stray dog and i want to know what her age is, she appears...
  39. How much money will the Chinese place give me for my dog, I want to trade...
  40. Why does my dog want everything?
  41. heya. i was wondring if anyone could help me. i want to study dog behaviour
  42. want to know what I can use for dogs that have a skin problem?
  43. my dad wants 2 start org 2 pay 4 surgery for ppl who cant afford and are going to
  44. is this dog a good mix to buy?
  45. Were can you buy Dog agility, weaving poles?
  46. HELP !!!!!What would make my dog want to constantly lick carpet?
  47. I'm considering buying a puppy online. Can anyone recommend a reputable
  48. Buying a dog...but....?
  49. Is there a comparable hills rx kd cheaper dog food to buy?
  50. Asked earlier, but wasn't pleased with the answers... I want my dog to focus only...
  51. Ever heard of Eaton dog vaccinations that you can buy at the drugstore administer...
  52. Do our taxes go to buy obama's new dog?
  53. Would you ever buy from a puppy farm?
  54. I really want to start breeding Yorkie teacup puppies. Is there training for that?
  55. Can I buy a puppy from another state?? I'm from Hawai'i and was looking on
  56. Where could I buy an english bulldog puppy in Utah, Idaho, Nevada, or California?
  57. hi loo what kind of dog should i buy ?
  58. im lookin for a new dog i want a blue pit bull but hes got 2 be young like
  59. Do teachers buy the My dog ate my homework excuse?
  60. I want a dog in MA that is nice,loving,easy to train and good with kids.?
  61. My wife wants to kill my dog?
  62. I want to make a dog book!!?
  63. Should I tell my friend I don't want to hangout cause her home smells like a pack...
  64. Is it normal for my dog to want to eat more?
  65. can you please help me i live in delware im 13 and want to go alone to
  66. I want another dog compatable with my Yorkiepoo?
  67. I have a puppy and I want to know what color she may change with the time
  68. I have 2 goldens and 1 yorkie puppy . The yorkie wants to play with the 7
  69. I asked about dogs bite signs before. I want to put up a bad wolf sign
  70. wheres the best place to buy a puppy in So-Cal?
  71. Convincing my mom I am planning for a dog and don't want Instant Gratification
  72. I want to get my dog groomed, but he has extremely BAD mats in his floppy ears?
  73. bichon frise dog breeder wanted?
  74. when will obama buy his girls a puppy?
  75. i want ideas on pranks, yesterday i put dog poo in my friends pillow, lol i...
  76. i want to buy a dog but my parent dont allow ?? what to do?
  77. Looking for some nice things to buy my dog?
  78. Can neutered dogs still want to do the nasty?
  79. My family wants a dog that does not shed and is medium size!!!!!?
  80. Buying a dog at www.nextdaypets.com?
  81. I want a dog?Could you help me please?
  82. I'm allergic to dogs but I really want one...?
  83. How do I convince my dad that we want another puppy?!?
  84. I sold my puppy now I want to send it to the new owner!?
  85. My cat doesn't want to be a friend with my dog, what to do?
  86. I can't choose which name I want for my puppy!?
  87. what are some websites i can look at dogs to buy and see the price?
  88. I want to get a puppy but parents wont let me!?
  89. i want a dog! how can i convince my parents to get a dog?
  90. I Really want a Dog? So, what Dog would be Good for Me?
  91. How can I get my dog to let me know he wants to go out?
  92. How do i convince my parents to get the dog i want?
  93. Hi would it be gay if I buy a Pug dog instead of big dog ?
  94. Should we be worried about the breed of dog my son wants?
  95. my puppies dont like the milk replacer i bought them.?
  96. Would you ever buy out a Puppy Mill under these conditions?
  97. We are 12 and we wanted to start a dog wash to earn some money, any tips or ideas?
  98. so i might buy this dog. its a mix between a pom and a japenesse chin! but...?
  99. were in las vegas can i buy the biggest bag of dog food that does not cost to much?
  100. I have a temper and last night I kicked my dog against the wall. This...
  101. My dad wants to put down my dog. help?
  102. What dog should I buy?
  103. How do I break my spoiled dog from wanting attention 24/7?
  104. Dogs crapping on my forecourt. Is there something I can buy to keep dogs away?
  105. I have a dog that I have owned for nine years. But I want to get my mom one too.
  106. I want to My dog to start Agility.How?
  107. Does this say more about breeders or about people who buy small dogs?
  108. my cousin need help with her puppy does she want it?
  109. Why does my dog always want to be outside no matter how cold it is?
  110. How to deal w/a realtive wanting to take her dog to a luxury resort condo?
  111. Maggie Is Here! Want To See Her? (Also Have Questions Regarding Dog Food)?
  112. Mother Dog not wanting to be with her puppies?
  113. I want to feed my dog twice daily, but she's not eating at the time I need her to...?
  114. how can i convince my mom to buy me a dog!?
  115. I Have 7 Dogs I Want To Know Can My Cane Corso Get My Pitbull Pregant?
  116. Buying new puppy- Labrador or Doberman ?
  117. Does anyone know where to buy the dog medicine called kennel koff?
  118. does your dog ever not want to eat a meal?
  119. does anyone else but me think this is ridiculous to do after buying a dog?
  120. my puppy looks like he has dry skin around is crouch, is there lotion i can buy
  121. Is this puppy cute? I need to buy a bulldog or Victorian? HELP!!! ?
  122. My dog is constantly wanting to go outside,is something wrong?
  123. I want to get a dog and keep it outside--why is this a problem?
  124. my dog has cancer and she's going to die soon, i want her to be as comfortable as...
  125. Where to buy dog snowsuit?
  126. I want to start my own dog walking company?
  127. Dogs. I want a dog, that's medium sized, independent, and good with kids.?
  128. im buying a dog but it is not registered?
  129. Where can i buy/order Class of 2009 Dog Tags?
  130. Where can I buy a Yorkie dog from?
  131. How do you buy dog toys for multiple sizes of dogs in one house hold?
  132. ok i am wanting to get this dog?
  133. we want a small puppy that will stay small anyone got any?
  134. my dog died and i want to name my hamster after her would she like that ?
  135. im scared of dogs but i want one alot?
  136. my aunt wants to get a dog ethier a greater swiss mountain dog are a
  137. Where can you buy a 6 unit dog cage like the ones greyhounds live in?
  138. Im buying my first dog help?
  139. The other day when Obama was buying a hot dog, did you feel hungry for one?
  140. i want to get another dog.?
  141. I really want a new dog!!!!!!!!?
  142. i want a bloodhound they good dogs?
  143. Would you buy an 'organic' hot dog over a plain frankfurter? ?
  144. Would you buy an 'organic' hot dog over a plain frankfurter? ?
  145. My Dog Has a Tumor and I want to know the cost?
  146. Does anyone have any tips on how to keep a store bought puppy (5 mths) from...
  147. Want organic dog food recipes.?
  148. Is there a dog that does NOT shed? I want to get a 2nd dog to keep my dog...
  149. me and my girlfriend want a puppy?
  150. Has anyone heard of Pro Premium Dog food?I bought it from the feed store after being
  151. Does anyone know were i can buy a female saluki greyhound first cross puppy???
  152. I want to rescue a dog, but my parents say no?
  153. I want to get a dog? 10 points...?
  154. A lady ran over my longboard, my dog and I barely made it out alive now she...
  155. Why is my cat so mean! My 5 month old puppy wants to be friends with her but she
  156. I wish to buy a dog for my home?
  157. Is Rainbow Park a good place to buy a puppy? They sell designer breeds and I'd
  158. which dog is cuter? i'm trying to decide which one i should buy?
  159. What should I write in a 'symphaty' card I bought for a dear friend who just
  160. I have a new puppy and want to take him to an obedience class in Cincinnati, Ohio
  161. Buying A Dog In New Jersey?
  162. I want to breed my dog?
  163. How do you get an adopted dog to want to be with you?
  164. My Dog HOWLS nonstop when I leave until I come home! HELP!!! I don't want to get
  165. My sister wants a good dog for her sail boat?
  166. My girlfriend is leaving me, but her friend wants the dog back?
  167. My boyfriends going to iraq. I want to make him a military style dog tag, but....?
  168. where to buy west highland white terrier(puppy)?
  169. Please i just want a normal dog!?
  170. If you were, a dog which dog breed would you want to be? Why?
  171. is there anywhere that you can buy CHEAP dog crates?
  172. Where is the best place to buy a pet Pomeranian puppy?
  173. I've had bad luck with dogs. I really want a couch/football dog but not a girlie
  174. I want to get a puppy!!(:?
  175. im trying to get my mom to buy me a dog?
  176. I want a new dog...a pomeranian?
  177. I want to find a good german shepherd puppy breeder?
  178. Would you buy a dog from here?
  179. buying www.minikennels.com puppies?
  180. im going to buy another puppy do u know a cute gentle dog that i can get?
  181. I want a small dog.. any breed suggestions?
  182. I want a dog but there will be no one in the house for most weekdays.?
  183. How do i stop my dog from biting me when he wants to play?
  184. Want a puppy that loves me!?
  185. where can i buy drontal allwormer for dogs?
  186. Dog Bite someone. Now I have a fix it ticket and I just want to get rid of
  187. I want to get a dog and need some help picking a breed?...?
  188. i have a five year old dog who has skin problems and i want to know if any one
  189. my dog is mothering a rubber dog toy is she trying to tell me she wants pupies?
  190. i need your opinions on the dog walking business i want to start?
  191. dog plus a duck? I really want a duck!!!?
  192. How can I get my dog to want to stay inside more?
  193. Does a Cocker spaniel want to have other dogs living with it?
  194. my son wanted a dog years back and never takes it out?
  195. we just bought a new male shitzu puppy, how can we get our older shitzu...
  196. how can i convince my parents to buy me a dog?
  197. Why doesn't my dog want to continue breastfeeding her babies?
  198. don't you just want to beat the c rap out of puppy mill owners sometimes?
  199. I just bought a dog whistle today. Do I have to tune it when my dog is sleeping?
  200. I want a fence indoors for dogs?
  201. I want to start planting fruits in my backyard but I have a dog that poops...
  202. What have you always wanted to do w/your dog/s but haven't? ....yet? ?
  203. I am wanting a tattoo that means animal life...or dog..but a symbol for it?
  204. My Dog Has Become Incredibly Lazy and I Want To Bring Him Back?
  205. A friend wants me to babysit his dog for 14-28 days. Could this wind up being a
  206. I want to get a small purse dog...what kind is good?
  207. I need some help with buying my first puppy?
  208. Do you want your TV viewing choice taken away? PETA seeks to have USA
  209. Is there a way I can buy pre-made puppy chow(muddy buddies) online?
  210. Where could you buy a dog in the Philippines?
  211. I already have a dog, but i really want another dog so that i have 2.?
  212. Looking to adopt/buy a dog from it's current owner, what other questions...
  213. I want to train my dog with a long line so she comes outside!?
  214. I bought dog beer for my dog but i drunk it will i get drunk?
  215. If you can use dogs to track what you want to eat. Then what kind of device do you...
  216. I am thinking about buying this dog ....?
  217. Should I buy a dog online from Turkey?
  218. how do u handle a friend who always wants u to put ur dog up...?
  219. Illegal to keep a dog I haven't bought?
  220. Ive wanted a dog ever since i could remember. My mom does not want to let...
  221. i just bought a dog that is two years old. She just doesnt get the idea of...
  222. Would you buy a dog.................?
  223. i have a want a puppy but my house is rented and we cant have pets. no...
  224. I want a husky puppy more then other doggy!?
  225. I want to become a dog walker?
  226. Are there charities to help buy prescription drugs for dogs?
  227. i really want a dog? what do i do?
  228. My boyfriend bought me a puppy for my 21st bday in 07. Now we've broken...
  229. Why won't my puppy poop where I want her to?
  230. How to convince my parents to let me buy a dog?
  231. I want to train my dogs to leave birds alone. Has anyone out there done this?
  232. Does your dog eat it's own poop? iI want to help so here are some tips. :)?
  233. I want to up a little hot dog/philly sandw shop. What books or web pages can...
  234. My cat hates other animals, and i want a dog!?
  235. do Australian cattle dogs make good house pets cause my baby brother wants one...
  236. I really want a dog as a pet but also a cat which one should i choose?
  237. Do I need to sighn a contract if my dog wants to have babbies with the other dog?
  238. whats the youngst you can buy a puppy?
  239. if i want my dog to have an abortion should i take her to the vet right away?
  240. anyone want this dog?
  241. If buying from pet stores supports puppy mills....?
  242. i want to akc register my dog??.....?
  243. I am buying a new Boston Terrier puppy, I have a few questions in the...
  244. Which type of dog should I buy?
  245. I bought a puppy about 3 weeks ago, and she has been sick ever since!?
  246. I have two dogs, and want to get another. how do i convince my dad?
  247. I wanted to know which is the world largest,bigest and giant size of dog?
  248. I bought some pretzel shaped doggy treats for my dogs for Christmas. My 15 year old
  249. Wanting to know what my dog had?
  250. My dog acts like he wants to throw up, but won't? Help?