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  1. I just bought a maltese puppy and?
  2. My 8yr old son son left his dog outside and it froze to death should I buy him
  3. I want to walk with my dog to the corner store but....?
  4. I want a sick dog name? anyone?
  5. how to distinguish which puppy bark means i want attention and which means i...
  6. I want my dog to start sleeping with me?
  7. I want to convince my parents to get me a hamster but they wont let me as i have a
  8. my dog doesn't want to pee outisde?
  9. What store bought dog food do you feed your dog? I need info please.?
  10. I want a dog but I don't know what kind to get. PLEASE HELP!!!!?
  11. I am trying to buy a Puppy (Portuguese Water Dog). We live in NJ, buy we...
  12. Puppy just got fixed today. Why doesn't she want to eat?
  13. I live in NC and want a Dog?
  14. I want to get a Shiba Inu puppies in Pinang, Malaysia? But where to get it?
  15. My dog doesn't want to eat as much......?
  16. once bitten buy a dog please help?
  17. I want to be a dog Breeder.?
  18. Help! I want to know wether im allergic to my puppy :(?
  19. I want to get a dog but I live in an apartment...?
  20. I want to buy tickets to the Westminister Dog Show, but .....?
  21. I found the two dogs I want.....will they be compatible and what kinds of questions
  22. Wanted yorkie female puppy with papers for little or no money. Anyone have
  23. Where can I buy Program or Advocate online for my dogs w/o a prescription?
  24. Where can I buy Program or Advocate onine for my dogs w/o a prescription?
  25. Can I get any suggestions on a type of small dog I want?
  26. New lab puppy - do I buy small bed first? Or just a big one?
  27. My sister got Nipped by my dog and wants to euthanize my dog what do i do?
  28. My sister wants a dog....well two. But she needs advice?
  29. Where can i buy a west highlander puppy in San Antonio Texas?
  30. I want to bring another dog in my family!?
  31. I have yerf dog go cart,want to upgrade motor,any ideas on what I should...
  32. whats the best dog to buy?
  33. who can help me to buy a dog wheelchair?
  34. I want to get a small breed dog but not a furry one?
  35. My parents are considering not getting a dog that i really wanted and now...
  36. My parents are considering not getting a dog that i really wanted?
  37. Where do i start if i want to bring dogs into hospitals for therapy?
  38. which dog is the best to buy and why?
  39. this dog is at this place i want him how much will it cost to get him out?
  40. Did any one else know there are scams on buying a puppy its a con from Africa?
  41. Trainer wants me to crate my dog all day?
  42. I want a dog, but can't convince my parents.?
  43. i want a cute little dog!!!!?
  44. our family has two cats and want to get a dog help please?
  45. My dog smells like a cornchip. I really want to give her a bath.?
  46. I want to know...Is my dog ok...?
  47. Looking to buy a puppy?
  48. how do I convince my dad buying a dog?????HELP!?
  49. i bought regular dog doors i want to install them in a wall but there to
  50. i want to get a dog and i dont know what type to get so can you show me some
  51. i m very interested in powerful and dangerous dogs.i want to buy a dat...
  52. What to do with dog ex gf bought me?
  53. Should I buy their dog flea treatment?
  54. I want to get a dog! please help!?
  55. I want a puppy! what can i do to show my parents i can take care of a puppy after i
  56. i want to teach my dog tricks?
  57. My dad is a Muslim but I want to own a puppy?
  58. i want the nick name sour dogs?
  59. What brand of shampoo should I buy my dog?
  60. I really want a dog... please help!?
  61. i'm 13 and i want a non shedding dog what dogs don't shed?
  62. When a dog yawns, does it mean it does not want to listen?
  63. what benefit would i get if i buy a dog which is a PCCI registered?
  64. Wife wants me to give up chow chow puppy. What can i do n at least get back...
  65. I want to buy my friend one of those tiny tea cup (I think that's what they're...
  66. I have a 2 and 1/2 old month old puppy. I want her to be vaccinated of...
  67. What food should I buy for my dog?
  68. how to get my dog to stop wanting to eat human food?
  69. the curly haired puppies that only want to be held?
  70. My girl friend wants a kid will buying her a puppy help change her mind?
  71. i bought a puppy from a shelter and i dont know his breed.hes 5 months ...
  72. I want to wean her off of Puppy Chow, what puppy food BRAND would be best for...
  73. dose any body want a cat or a dog that lives close to georgetown, ky ?
  74. How does God explain His denial to the puppy who wants a soul?
  75. is it safe to buy a 6month german shepherd puppy?
  76. I want an English Bull Dog. Where can I buy one?
  77. I want a job dealing with dogs, i have a strong passion for them. i would...
  78. Would you ever buy sex toys for your dog?
  79. Where can I buy a shi poo puppy?
  80. I want to take my pet British Bull dog from the U.K to Pakistan. Does anyone
  81. Want another dog?? which 1?
  82. My irresponsible lazy BF wants to get a dog, im afraid i will have to do all the
  83. what do u do when ur dog seems lyk they want to throw up or something?
  84. I want to make home made dog food. is fish skin healthy for dogs? I'm usin rice
  85. independents/3rd party members: Do you really want relish on your hot dogs?
  86. i want to train my dog teach some basic commands?
  87. what do u do when ur dog seems lyk he wants 2 throw up but nothin comes
  88. my dog seems as though he wants to throw up what should i do?
  89. new puppy i want to get her spayed?
  90. I want a female maltese or yorkie puppy for under 400$?
  91. Where to buy used dog grooming equipment?
  92. My grandpas allergic to dogs, but I really want one! But I go to school for 6 hours?
  93. I don't want to use a crate, so how does this dog room sound?
  94. I really want a dog...?
  95. Why do people buy puppies and then put them up for adoption shortly thereafter?
  96. i want to know what happen with the family of the little girl that got
  97. I want to get a dog... what breed should I get?
  98. I want to ask my parents for a dog. What's the best way to do it?
  99. What should I buy for the arrival of my new puppy?
  100. I want to know the dog names and types of dogs ?
  101. Do you want to know what states legally mandate the age of sale on puppies?
  102. What else can I do to train my dog to come inside when I want him to?
  103. i want to train my dog for home protection but i cant afford to spend...
  104. If you don't want to take responsibility for a puppy (pit bull)...?
  105. Why do people buy designer dogs?
  106. i want to get a new dog.....?
  107. Why does my dog want to lick me all the time?
  108. I bought a puggle 0ne year old and it was $900.00,but the dog is good ,but I cant...
  109. What is the name of the song were it goes, Im on the run Im chasing dogs for
  110. Help! I want my dog kitten to be friends?
  111. Is this a safe website to buy a puppy from?
  112. Is there a dog water dish that I can buy?
  113. How do I let my parents let me buy a dog ?
  114. I never ever had a dog of my own and how do i get a dog when my parents dont
  115. Where can I buy these Japanese figures I found in Kyoto? New dog ate my wife's
  116. Which dog is the best to buy ?
  117. Where can I buy Hydroxyzine for my dog inexpensively? ?
  118. Would the behavior characteristic of a dog buying a bone be a synapomorphy?
  119. Which Dog Should I pick? I want one really bad!?
  120. Im getting new dog...and i want to name her something to do with punk music/scene...?
  121. what are dogs that an average person could buy without spending lots of money?
  122. if i buy i dog do i need to worry ?
  123. What dog should I buy?
  124. What should i buy my dog for his birthday?
  125. Best Site For Buying Local Dogs.?
  126. My 10 week old GS Puppy wants to stay Outside?
  127. i want a BIG nice looking breed of dogs ,,, can anyone help me?
  128. Moving with a pregnant dog,landlord wants to paint,what to do?
  129. how can i buy this dog?
  130. Buying a puppy thats out of state?
  131. What do I do when my puppy wants to pee on the neighbor's lawn?
  132. i want my dog to look muscular and athletic?
  133. i want to rescue dogs an work for the rspca?
  134. I Just got this Husky mix puppy and i want to train it but i need help! ?
  135. my dog is dying of kidney disease. i know that she is going and just want to
  136. How should I make my parents let me buy a dog?
  137. Where can I buy a Hollywood Undead Undead Army Dog Tag Necklace?
  138. I just bought a GSD puppy, and he has an extra toe atttached to his dew claw on
  139. Should our dog be ring bearer?My fiance wants her in the wedding.?
  140. does anyone want to give or sell there puppy? please!!!!?
  141. i want a puppy how do i make my dad want a puppy?
  142. Where can I buy/get a standard feeding cup for my puppy?
  143. Do you think petsmart is a safe place to buy a puppy?
  144. What is the best place to buy a dog coat online?
  145. help with a un wanted dog (westie)?
  146. Any dog-lover want a little weep?
  147. Want to travel to India Bangalore with small dog. How long if at all,...
  148. Please help me! I want a dog!?
  149. ok so my mom wants a dog and dad a ferret?
  150. Is Amish Puggles a good place to buy puppies?
  151. Which Dog should I get? I want a large, dog?
  152. Want to travel with a small dog to bangalore India. Need help and advise?
  153. My Dog is wanting to be very still and is hesitant when moving around?
  154. my dog wants to sleep in my bed but she takes up to much room?
  155. where can i buy andis dog clipper blades im in Suffolk county ny?
  156. i just bought a puppy about a week ago he is 10 weeks old all he does is...
  157. i live outside the u.s. and i really want to watch 'it's me or the dog'. is there
  158. im gonna buy a female and a male dog ,,,, which kind of these is better
  159. Looking to buy a boxer/lab puppy ?
  160. I want a dog for my birthday my parents said i could and asked me what breed and i
  161. I really want a dog but I can't convince my dad?
  162. I recently bought a sick puppy and the beeder is doing nothing to help us. Is...
  163. why does my wifes dog want to eat his own excrement (crap)?
  164. I want to buy a pure bread puppy- somewhere near NJ?
  165. Wanted!looking To Adopt A Puppy In Kent!?
  166. Hi there , i just bought a puppy. Hes 6 months old. He is lovely but he eat his
  167. How much money did you spend when buying/adopting your dog?
  168. My mom's dog died that she has for 14 years. I wanted to do something special
  169. im pregnant wanted to ask about my dog?
  170. my mom and i want a smaller dog?
  171. My dog help, now old owners want it back !?
  172. What Type of Dog Should I Buy?
  173. why does my puppy want to bite all the time and what can i do about it. ?
  174. I want to get a replica paw print of my dog tattooed on me, trashy or meaningful?
  175. I want to start showing my dog for the first time. Where would i go to find listings
  176. My dog pulls on the leash because he is scared and wants to get home. He refuses...
  177. Dog doesn't want to play? :(?
  178. I want to get a dog but my mom is reluctant to get me one. My dad say's yes, so
  179. Is it legal to have a pet prairie dog or groundhog in Houston, TX? Where can I
  180. I'm looking to buy a dog this summer. I want to buy a female dog between 40 and
  181. Ontario, places to buy puppies(chihuahuas) ?
  182. I Want A Dog Soooo Bad!!! Ugh!!!?
  183. any comments on this puppy? im going to buy this soon!?
  184. My dog lays in the snow and wants to go outside constantly, is she sick?
  185. Recovered a stolen dog, want to pursue legal action.?
  186. ~*~Repost!~*~ I want a Shiba Inu dog, can anyone answer these questions of
  187. I want a Shiba Inu dog, can anyone answer these questions of mine? Please? :D?
  188. I really want a dog but my parents think it would be too much work. What...
  189. How can I tell if my dog needs to go outside or if he is just whining
  190. Spiritually why would Jesus let a woman's dog bite her whoo-whoo? Inquiring...
  191. Want To Help Save A Dog?
  192. Why don't other dogs want to play with my puppy?
  193. What does AKC and CKC mean when i am buying a dog?
  194. where do you buy a dog?
  195. If someone wanted to rescue retired/elderly dogs.. what would you suggest they
  196. Is it possible to buy dog vaccines online from another country and have them
  197. maltese puppy: i want a maltese puppy; inform me : )?
  198. my building does not allow dogs but my husband and i really want one bad!! are there?
  199. What do you do if the puppies you bought were swapped by the Pet Shop Owner ?
  200. I really want an eskimo dog!!!?
  201. I want to start a dog walking Business, and one know any good websites or advice?
  202. im buying a house! and im getting a dog!!! what do u recommend?
  203. buying a dog tag, for a human..?
  204. Why do dogs get all crazy when they see another dog and I want my dog to
  205. how do you make your parents want puppy?
  206. why do you buy a dog and bark yourself ? if parry signed keane why doesn't he own...
  207. what are some interactive toys i can make or buy for my dog?
  208. I'm buying a dog from my cousin who lives in North Carolina ?
  209. How can i convince my mom to buy me a dog?
  210. i bought my puppy a classic Kong...?
  211. Wanted Name For New Dalmation Puppy?
  212. Is Euthanasia ever a answer to heartworm infestation? We do not want to put our new
  213. I am looking into buying a Min Pin who is 4 months old. Is it easy to care for a dog?
  214. Okay you buy a dog and they tell you the dog is spayed but......what would you do?
  215. I really want a dog...but...?
  216. I'm a jr in college and I want to get a dog. what kind of dog should i get?
  217. I REALLY want to adopt this dog!?
  218. What do you think of this, i want to move me dog from the UK ot Greece ?
  219. Where can i buy dog tags for my boyfriend IN ENGLAND for valentines day?!?
  220. I have 2 male dogs that want to fit a lot?
  221. If you had to have one which one would you want a bunny or a dog.?
  222. Which puppy would be cheaper to buy (purebred only) ?
  223. i want to care for a dog to see if i want to own one?
  224. What brand of dog bed should I buy?
  225. what smell do dogs hate and don't want to get near of?
  226. My mom wants our new dog to live outside?
  227. What should I do if my husband wants me to get rid of our dog because she was...
  228. Why a contract to buy a dog?
  229. Is it wrong that when our dog passes we want another one like her? Also what...
  230. My bf wants me to move in to his new house, but I have a weenie dog that is
  231. What is a good websitefor buying puppies? ?
  232. Hello everyone, I bought my dog this cute collar for Christmas and now I...
  233. Is it normal to want another dog?
  234. I am taking a month long vacation to the Bahamas in the summer want to
  235. Hello, I would like to buy a Pembroke Welsh Corgi. I'm sure it would get along...
  236. I want a cute cute cute puppy!!?
  237. Where can I buy large dog collars exceeding 33?
  238. what kind of dog should I buy?
  239. What should I do if my husband wants me to get rid of our dog because she wsa
  240. my puppy wont get up. she'll sit up but that's it. and she doesn't want to
  241. In search of a dog husband wants pitbull ?
  242. why my dog doesn't want to eat dog food?
  243. Why does our adopted 10 year old dog want to g o outside all the time?
  244. My family wants to buy a dog.?
  245. I have a clay waterlogged garden and want a lawn this year. I also have a dog...?
  246. Best online place to buy RX dog meds?
  247. About buying a dog from Canada?
  248. Where can you buy desiccated liver for a dog treat recipe?
  249. My dog barks at everyone he sees and wants to bite them...?
  250. Puppy Names?? want to help me.?