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  1. I want to groom/give hair cuts to my dog, advice?
  2. I realy want a dog but i dont know if my parents are ready?
  3. i want dog the bounty hunter ring tone , but just the chorus, where can i get this?
  4. Is it okay if I buy my dog a coat for winter (he has a thin coat)?
  5. Hi I want to volenteer at a Dog Center, How do I get started?
  6. I wanted to know where can I take a dog to be groomed, without shot records ?
  7. If you could be reincarnated as any dog breed which would you want to be?
  8. I want to get my puppy into some competitions, or contests. Where to look?
  9. My dog is off his food wants to eat grass to be sick his stomach keeps gurgling
  10. I want to help this dog but...?
  11. I want a puppy............?
  12. Have you ever had a dog that wants to follow you everywhere?
  13. Do one should have a pet in a life? Do it is important i am a true pet lover i want
  14. Why do my dogs not want any human interaction?
  15. What dog should a first time dog owner buy who likes strong dogs?
  16. im looking into getting a apartment and want a dog but it can only be 25 lbs.?
  17. i want to know if this is a good food mixture for a 5 month old amstaff puppy?
  18. Where can i buy a dog.?
  19. Where can I go to buy a puppy?
  20. buying a puppy...breeding...please read on?
  21. My dog just dose not want to walk outside. What should i do?
  22. What dog to buy that is small, quiet and obedient?
  23. People getting in trouble for wanting to breed their dogs?
  24. I wanted to know how to cut off the umbilical cord of a newborn puppy.?
  25. I really want a dog to stop these people starting on us (not for fighting!)?
  26. im wanting a kitten but my dog hasn't been brought up with them?
  27. Given a dog Now they want her back.?
  28. Why does my puppy want to bite everything including my toes?
  29. Why do so many people want to breed their dogs?
  30. where is the best place to buy a pitbull puppy from?
  31. Me and My Dad are looking at buying a dog?
  32. Whats the best place (price wise) online to buy TUFFY DOG TOYS??
  33. After hearing that Led Zep song, have you always wanted a black dog?
  34. I want to buy my own dog, but my parents wont let me have my own dog. HELP!?
  35. good place to buy a german shepherd puppy?
  36. Looking to buy a dog - what breed?
  37. Where can I buy a Toy Aussie dog?
  38. Is there a time of year that is best to buy a puppy?
  39. any cute names for nintendogs and cool dogs i should buy and what to name them?
  40. What kind of dog do you have or want?
  41. i want to purchase a male dog?
  42. Help!!!I want a puppy!!! 10 POINTS TO BEST ANSWER!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  43. i want a new dog has to be Miniature and cute!~!?
  44. I want a new dog soon?
  45. Why does Obama want to get some darned water dog from Portugal? What about buy
  46. Where can you buy slush puppies these days? I live in Southern California! Torrance?
  47. i want a dog ?????????????
  48. why dog neutered still wanting sex?
  49. Where can i buy a german shepherd puppy in NYC?
  50. I want to start showing my Papillon puppy, but I don't know where or how to
  51. I want a puppy!!!!!!!!!!?
  52. I just wanted to say... I love my dog!?
  53. My moms birthday is coming up and she wants a dog help me.?
  54. Daisy wants to get a dog. How to break it to her, that I am terrifyingly...
  55. I want a hybrid wolf puppy. Where can i find one around the area of Alabama?
  56. Hot dogs: do you buy buns too, or just use bread?
  57. Does anyone know where i can buy a basenji puppy?
  58. I want a dog can anyone list lots of helpful things to do for her?
  59. I want to feed my dog homemade chicken and brown rice. Any advice?
  60. When buying a German Shepherd puppy, what should I need to know? How do I determine
  61. I have a dog she is stubborn and doesnt want to listen?
  62. Where can i find some good female dachshunds puppy to buy some where around pa for
  63. Does anyone know of any place in the NYC area where I can buy a dog. I am...
  64. I REALLY want a dog but i dont think my mum will consider it?
  65. I want a dog. What kind should i get?
  66. I have just adopted a dog from our local humane society. I want to know what...
  67. where can i buy online clothes for dogs in india?
  68. my son wants to start knitting what does he need to knit things like scarfs
  69. I have two pugs and one lab mix and I want another pug so do you think this is...
  70. How to train a dog that doesn't want to listen?
  71. My dog is newly house trained, but seems to want to go out every little while...?
  72. If you wanted to put your dog into commercials or advertisements what would be the
  73. Anyone know where to buy THE DOG products?
  74. Do you think some people buy small dogs because...?
  75. Why didn't the dog want to come in its own home?
  76. What are the important points to remember to check and ask, while meeting a breeder
  77. do i NEED to see the parents before i buy my puppy?
  78. looking to buy small dog for real cheap in hudson river?
  79. Are my dogs curious of my guinea pig or does he want to eat it?
  80. What do you do when a dog wants to eat duck/dog droppings? Why do they do this?
  81. I have 2 little male dogs and want to keep a large female dog? HELP!?
  82. Is it silly to buy an un-wormed puppy?
  83. I bought a puppy and was told that he was a boxer but he looks like a pit but he
  84. I can't choose on what dog to get! I want a border collie..but?
  85. How can you convince your parents that they want a dog?
  86. Why doesn't my dog want to play?
  87. What cleaning product/brand of vac can I buy to uproot' the dog hair in my carpet?
  88. buying a puppy thats father is half american pit bull n half staff and mother full
  89. Where can I buy dog tags for my boyfriend?
  90. I am looking to buy a puppy?
  91. Does my mom want my dog to die or something.....does she want to see me hurt?...
  92. am i crazy for having dog that no one wants?
  93. i really want a dog but my parents wont let me what should i do?
  94. Im thinking of buying a Boxer puppy (english) what is a good name for it?
  95. My dog always wants to eat! how can I make him full?
  96. I want a big dog but what kind?
  97. what website should i go to if i want to buy a puppy?
  98. I want to spay my dog at Florida Aid To Animals?
  99. where can i buy a puppy in maryland..?
  100. Would you buy homemade quality dog food?
  101. HELP TEN POINTSi really want a ball python and i was woundering is wont hurt my dog
  102. what's the benefit of buying registered dog?
  103. were can i buy Mad dog 357 in stores?
  104. my dog has just lost her eyes the vet asked me if I wanted her to be put down.
  105. Wanted: Great holiday places around Brisbane. Dogs allowed?
  106. Does anyone know where i can buy a chocolate or black labrador puppy?
  107. i want to make my own dog food? a lengthy question and i appreciate everyones...
  108. I want a small, manly dog!?
  109. Why is my dog suddenly wanting to be by my side constantly?
  110. Why don't people want to invest in training their dogs?
  111. Where can I find a small breed puppy to adopt/buy in Indianapolis?
  112. I want a reggae themed name for my dog, I need some help.?
  113. Boxer dog threw up - didnt want to eat?
  114. I want to offer assistance with house work or dog walking services.?
  115. I want a whippet dog. can anyone tell me about them?
  116. I can't choose on what dog to get! I want a border collie..but?
  117. Is it wrong to tell my husband that I don't want our pit bull puppy on the bed?
  118. Where can i buy a (teacup type) puppy in south bend IN?
  119. I want to buy a guard dog that is safe to be around children.?
  120. I'm getting a boy dog! I need a name 4 him, is like a caramel color and...
  121. want to sale my puppy?
  122. For my birthday I want a puppy Yorkshire Terrier..?
  123. I want to do a dog show with my pug im 14?
  124. I want to adopt a few dogs from the shelter but would it be wrong to...?
  125. I bought a puppy first time, how can I make it christian?
  126. Is there a pet store in san antonio where I can buy a puppy?
  127. Why do dogs want people food over dog food?
  128. i want to get into dog training. i have trained my two dogs through a trainer in...
  129. Where to buy a Samoyed Dog in Kitchener or Toronto?
  130. If you work and want to adopt a dog, what age would be best?
  131. What kind of dog should i buy? dachshund, bulldog or shiba inu?
  132. why does my pitbull attack other dogs without barking she just wants to attack and
  133. how do i buy kc papers for my dog?
  134. I want a kind person who is an animal lover to look after our 2 dogs while on...
  135. how do i tell someone i want a puppy back ?
  136. I want to adopt a puppy from a pound/shelter...can anyone tell me of some in Long
  137. How should I go about buying a golden retriever or labrador puppy?
  138. Would you buy this puppy?
  139. Pro's and Con's of buying a 10 month old puppy?
  140. my boyfriends' dog poops everywhere i dont want to get mad about it how do i handle
  141. Lady on the phone today wanted to have her 6 month old puppy put to sleep...
  142. Should I buy my puppy from here?
  143. I want a tattoo that represents my dog?
  144. I really want another dog... my puppy died of parvo?
  145. Is there a no kill shelter in Memphis TN? I have 8 puppies we cant take care
  146. How can I convince my mom to let me buy a dog?
  147. Do you want my homemade dog treat recipe?
  148. I want to do a dog show with my pug?
  149. The lady I bought my dog from took her to the vet and is not giving her back. Is...
  150. Why doesn't my puppy want to eat?
  151. I want to get a friend for my puppy but cant find what im looking for?
  152. what type of dog should i buy for my sheepdog?!?!?
  153. Why does my dog constantly want to go out?
  154. What type of dog would be a good dog if I wanted one that's small-medium size and...
  155. My dog doesn't want to play fetch...?
  156. Would you buy a dog from a pet store?
  157. i would like to buy a small dog!! what breed is the best?!?!?
  158. Is it okay to buy a puppy where both parents had blue eyes?
  159. Where can I buy cheap Webkinz? (especially rare ones like the love puppy)?
  160. Since Obamacorn encourages foreclosees breaking into houses, what would
  161. wants to know about mother dog's beheavior on her children?
  162. I just got a boxer-lab mix puppy and my property manager wants me to prove...
  163. Why does my puppy want to be humped?
  164. My dog don't want to be alone in the house. Is she weird?
  165. Where is a good place to buy a english bulldog puppy for under a 1000 dollars?
  166. Things to look for when buying a dog?
  167. Dog Question-Miniture Dachshund is what my husband wants....?
  168. what sort of dog have i bought?
  169. Is it actually illegal to buy a service dog vest/patch to fly with a dog?
  170. Best dog to get? My family wants to get a new dog. We need a dog which will be
  171. My dog bit me and I want to know if it could be, or already is, infected?
  172. i want a block head labrador puppy in stockton,ca with papers not now but in...
  173. if you shouldnt buy dogs from a pet store were most puppymill dogs go
  174. What should I buy my dog for his birthday?
  175. Husband wants a dog that I don't like very much?
  176. RE:My dog doesnt want to go to the park!?
  177. want to buy a pedigred dog in delhi?
  178. Eye drops for dogs - where to buy?
  179. I adopted a dog today and I want to name him after my old boyfriend. Do...
  180. What do i do? our 6 yr old rhodesian doesnt want anything to do with our new puppy
  181. I want a big dog. Which is the best dog to get: german shepherd, great dane, or
  182. we dont want to get a pit bull but we want a mean dog?
  183. How do i get my parents to actually buy the puppy?
  184. Where can i buy Rocket Dogs?
  185. How do I buy a dog as a surprise birthday present for a friend?
  186. What was that movie with the dog that had huuge ballz but the owner didnt
  187. My best friend wants our dogs to meet; do you think itís a good idea?
  188. Question What should I buy my Dogs as a gift I'm taking them to Pet-smart today?
  189. hey! i bought a dog at a petshop what aim soppose to recieve?
  190. should i buy one or two dogs?
  191. What Dog breed should i buy for my 12 year old daughter?
  192. Is there an action replay ds code for nintendogs lab and friends where you...
  193. My dog should be neutered but i dont want him to calm down...?
  194. Which dog should i buy?
  195. Roots Dog Winter Jacket worth to buy?
  196. I have an english bulldog puppy 12 weeks old and want to crate train how long
  197. I bought a dog in 2008 to start Breeding dogs. I did not breed him yet can I...
  198. Why do dogs always want to eat human food?
  199. Have you ever felt guilty buying a purebred dog after adopting a dog from a shelter?
  200. My dogs called Gracie, but i really want to call my baby girl that... :|?
  201. How do you convince someone to rescue/adopt a dog/puppy instead of just buying one?
  202. I want to switch my dog food but I can not decide which is best of the
  203. Does your dog pretend to be hurt to get what it wants?
  204. I want a dog that can handle cold weather, is small, and isn't too loud....
  205. my boyfriend and i want a dog.?
  206. Where can I buy a glo dog?
  207. I want to start a dog rescue sheleter... what can i do to get as many...
  208. Why does my 15 month old dog want to stand or sit on my 7 week old dog?
  209. dog in heat and I want to get her nuetured what can I do?
  210. My sister wants to get to know my dogs better but she is scared....how can
  211. im wanting others opinion about this dog kennel in tennessee named mmcompanions is
  212. Dog owners...
  213. I really want a dog but my mum says no :'(?
  214. What is the best dog toys to buy?
  215. I feel guilty about wanting the dog I want and should I?
  216. help in buying a puppy.?
  217. I want to start a dog washing/walking business what do I need?
  218. Me, I luuuvvv dogs and i really want one plz help?
  219. I want a Huge dog that is easy to train, likes to give kisses and is affectionate?
  220. I need to buy some kind of spray that i can use on my dog that will make him go to...
  221. I want a dog but I am not sure what breed to get.Help?
  222. WHere can i find 3D dog games that don't require downloading to play? I want...
  223. First time puppy owner really wants some advice!?
  224. Where can I buy a sling for my dog's bad back legs to help him walk?
  225. Dog advice please? I want it to work this time.?
  226. I am in Toronto and I want to move to Vancouver with my dog.?
  227. Has anyone seen those commercials where people buy certain animals instead of...
  228. Buying a tea cup dog, and having it air flown?
  229. Where can I buy a personal protection dog?
  230. Buying a tea cup dog?
  231. Where can I buy dogs near Birmingham, Michigan?
  232. Buying pups or dogs online?
  233. I want a little dog to take with me to college. What breed would be the best?
  234. can someone tell me what sort of dog i`ve bought?
  235. My in laws want to come into town right after I have the baby, but they...
  236. I want to get a male black lab and I am a huge Star Wars fan. Would it be racist to
  237. Is buying a puppy from stanger good or bad idea?
  238. I was thinking of buying a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, but i want an inside dog.?
  239. Ok so today ( Valentines Day ) is my dogs birthday ! I want to make him a...
  240. I want a puppy but dont no where to look?
  241. My dog doesn't want to go near me anymore!! what should i do?
  242. Where can i find a site to buy custom dog taggs for fasion?
  243. my daughter recently bought a razors edge pit bull puppy?
  244. really want a dog.....but?
  245. we want to breed my dog please help?
  246. puppies i really want one?
  247. What does a girl dog really wants when they hump stuff?
  248. Should I buy boots for my dog?
  249. I want a Huge dog that slobbers a lot and also is easy to train, likes to
  250. I want to take my dog to the dog park but need some advise and STORIES?