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  1. My Sister had gone to buy Dark Golden Retriver Puppy,do you like dark Golden...
  2. Why do we spay cats/dogs? They are mammals like us that want children, but
  3. I want to crate train my puppy so do I have to buy a small crate first then a
  4. I want to help the dogs of Puerto Rico?
  5. Should I buy this dog?
  6. Husband wants to rub dog's nose in poop?
  7. My roommate mistakenly bought puppy food instead of regular adult food?
  8. want to grow my grass back from winter and dog poop?
  9. My dog is REALLLLY REALLLY friendly and i want to know what she would do...
  10. Help! i want a puppy and I dont know if its a good idea.?
  11. Would you buy a puppy that looked like this?
  12. Odd What dog breed would you want to be if you weren't human?
  13. How do I make a good first impression on a new kitten? (I want her to like us
  14. I need to buy a puppy but i don't know which one is good 4 me.?
  15. why does evryone say buying a puppy at 7 weeks is sooooo bad?
  16. is a fox Terrier a good dog to buy..?
  17. I want to get a dog....?
  18. Teething Puppy Wants Hands Over Toys?
  19. How do I make my boyfriend understand that I want another pet besides his...
  20. I want A Dog Please Help?
  21. I want to pay for a vacation next Summer. I want to do something with dogs,...
  22. Getting a new puppy and I want to make sure its not from a puppy mill?
  23. we want a dog but our parents wont let us?
  24. they dont want anything to do with the dog!?
  25. I really want to get my dogs..?
  26. the dog always wants to pull and be aggressive around other dogs. She also
  27. I have 2 small dogs I want to bring to Singapore, is it hard?
  28. I am still trying to decide what breed dog would be best for my family....any...
  29. i have 3 dogs and want another one but my parents are changing there minds on and
  30. my puppy is becoming aggressive and i want him to be more obedient, how...
  31. getting a new puppy and want to make sure its not from a puppy mill so i have a
  32. My husband decided that he wanted a puppy, even though he knew that i didn't...?
  33. im so lonely at home, i want a puppy.....?
  34. I want a DOG! how do I bargain?
  35. my 6 year old stepson is turning 7 next week and he wants a puppy for his birthday?
  36. where are good places to buy puppies?
  37. Guys i have bought a black lab (dog) ,i wanna name it, so can u guys suggest
  38. how can you make your dog to BARK whenever you want them to bark?
  39. What to do If one of my dogs wants to kill the other out of nowhere?
  40. I want a dog but have no time!?
  41. Why buy a purebred dog?
  42. I want to buy a dog but dont no which one i should get ?Any suggestions?
  43. What kind of dog should i buy?
  44. Should dog breeders tell the buyers that the parents are father over...
  45. I want to make my dogs treats.?
  46. i want to write a story about dog fighting but ive been told its a dumb idea?
  47. What kind of dog should I buy? Interested in med. and large but small
  48. I got a dog 6 days ago.For 4 days she has had diarrhea and doesn't want to eat.She
  49. How do I make my boyfriend understand I want another pet besides his dog?
  50. Why do you want to breed your dog?
  51. can you put a healthy dog down if the only reason is you want it to die with you ?
  52. Kids want a small playful dog, but still have an old Akita...help!?
  53. we bought a boxer puppy about two weeks ago, we thought this dog was about 5
  54. Puppy does not want to walk on leash?
  55. I recently bought a puppy and he is having weird seizures...?
  56. I would like to buy a dog?
  57. Dog shampoo vs people shampoo. What is the difference. My vet wants $24/bottle for
  58. were can i buy at least 15 copies of the book the dogs of march?
  59. I have a pitbull puppy 12 weeks and hasn't got dewormed should i buy dewormer and...
  60. i want a very small dog that will stay small forever!!?
  61. having a baby in june.....i understand i have to wait a little while but i...
  62. I want a budgie but i have a dog!?
  63. i just bought a 9-week old basset hound puppy.?
  64. Can You Call Yourself A Dog Lover If You Want To Euthanize All Pit-Bulls?
  65. where can i buy i cheap cocker spaniel puppy or Pomeranian in Chattanooga,TN?
  66. the boy who was raised as a dog where can i buy it?
  67. How do I convince my mom to buy me this puppy?
  68. Why doesn't my dog want to go outside?
  69. We are wanting to get a dog but......?
  70. We just bought a puppy -a westie- and everybody has to go to work on...
  71. I don't want my dog to be aggresive.i just don't want him to be so friendly that he
  72. Buying a dog????!!! HELLLPPPP???!!!?
  73. A bath? M-Dog doesn't want a bath! Help?
  74. I think i want a puppy But my father says no and my stepmom says she wants
  75. Puppy wants massive amounts of water and paces everywhere?
  76. I want a tarantula but am curious about our dogs....?
  77. mmmm... what I buy type of dog?
  78. if i wanted a dog that can stay home alone while i go to work, is good...
  79. My dog has worms in his feces every so often should I take him to a vet or...
  80. i want to take my dog on holiday?
  81. I want to know what breed of dog is for me...?
  82. I want a dog but i need information on what to do for shots and licensing...?
  83. I am moving into an apartment and want a dog. Whats a good breed?
  84. what to prevent if i dont want my puppies to turn out aggressive?
  85. what is the best way to pay for the puppy when its out of state? i dont want to get
  86. should i adopt or buy a dog?
  87. We want a dog. We both work 7-4, get home at 5. 1400 sq. ft. townhouse.
  88. my cousin has a yorke she is about 2months old. she bought her puppy pads to
  89. I WANT A DOG!!! how do yah get your mom to say yes???
  90. what to prevent if i dont want my puppies being aggressive?
  91. Buying a breed of dog?
  92. My dog was nuetered two days ago and now he wants to pee in the house?
  93. Where to buy dog booties?
  94. Want to get a dog looking for...?
  95. my dog bit me and i don't want to 'put him down'?
  96. my dog wants 2 go out to the toilet all the time but when i let him out he is...
  97. I want a very small dog but i hear they pee a lot when they get excited do you
  98. What can I buy other than pepper spray to use as protection for me and my dogs...
  99. I want a new dog, for me, but my parents think it will join the pack of...
  100. Want to travel with German Shepard dog,,,,?
  101. Where can I buy a miniature poodle puppy?
  102. if there was a candle of puppy breath would you buy it?
  103. brain teaser i have 1.10 in my pocket i bought a horse and a dog?
  104. How much does it cost to buy a cake for about 5-8 dogs at a Three Dog Bakery?
  105. Dogs: Adopting vs Buying?
  106. Where can I buy a Large Victoria's Secret pink dog?
  107. help please really do want a dog!?
  108. I want a free chihuahua puppy in Garden Grove Ca!?
  109. Should i buy this puppy/dog ?
  110. Dog wants to kill cats!?
  111. I want a dog never had one and im 11 my bro 14 and sis 5 my mom is alergic to fur
  112. Can you sue someone if they don't give you the AKC papers as promised for a dog...
  113. i want a teacup maltese puppy really bad does anyone know where i can buy one $300
  114. The dog shampoo I bought has no fragrance....?
  115. I was just going over a list of the top ten items to buy before getting a
  116. my dog wants to be outside but i am afraid that other things might happen.....
  117. Why is my new Chihuahua puppy not very energetic and wants to sleep all the time?
  118. I love this dog but i cant keep him and i don't want git rid of him either. help?
  119. I want to buy an invisible fence for my dog?
  120. I want my dog to have puppies.?
  121. where can i buy wholesale dog food in ontario, canada?
  122. where do you buy a dog?
  123. I want a dog, but don't know what kind to get. help?
  124. Lebanon: Do you want to have a dog's life?
  125. IM IN TROUBLE! I bought a puppy from animal kingdom. i have em for two...
  126. I don't know what to say ? my husband wants to get a dog, we have a cat.?
  127. you see someone trying to abuse there dog and they wanted to kill it would...
  128. has anyone ever bought a dog from lancaster puppies? I'm trying to find a
  129. where can i buy those fashion belts that come in basic colors and have dat dog tag...
  130. POODLES, please help........My husband and I want to have a dog, because now
  131. I recently bought a house with a large back yard. I have been thinking...
  132. I'm 60 and my granddaughter wants me to get a dog what should i get????? i...
  133. Where can I buy canned pumpkin for my dog to have more fiber?
  134. where could i buy a doberman puppy from germany?
  135. i bought a puppy and notice that the ikc certificates states (not to be bred)?
  136. dog isn't acting right, whiny and doesn't want to move?
  137. I am applying for a job at a puppy boarding house type thing and it asks Why
  138. my dalmation? read if you want to get closer to your dog?
  139. hi i live in grimsby in england i wont to buy a king charles spaniel puppy but...
  140. What should I do, my mother hates dog and I really want one.?
  141. Did the Obama's pick a dog yet? Are they going to adopt instead of buy?
  142. My son is allergic to dogs but wants one?
  143. Does anyone know where I can sell some Oakley Monster Dog sunglasses? Or wana
  144. My dog died, and I want a diagnosis.?
  145. We want to get a dog. :-)?
  146. Ex is wanting my dog back after 3 years.Is that legal?
  147. HELP!!! I want a dog!!?
  148. Is there a difference in buying or adopting a dog?
  149. I want to look after my dog but?
  150. Where can you buy coloured contact lenses to make your eyes look like those of a
  151. how can i get my 5yr old dog to go potty in our backyard,she only wants to
  152. How can you tell what your dog wants?
  153. I want a dog!---Plz...-_-?
  154. I want to get a puppy !?
  155. Buying a former puppy mill dog from the animal shelter?
  156. So I want to get a dog...?
  157. i am just after buying a dog she is 18 weeks my 11month dog is tryn 2 hav
  158. how do i get my mom to buy me a new puppy?
  159. I want to put in a fence for my dogs that is fairly cheap. What kind of
  160. I want to get a dog, can someone help me!?
  161. I want a dog!!!!!!!!!!!????????????
  162. How can I convince my parents to let me buy a dog?
  163. I want a small puppy, I've narrowed my options?
  164. anyone selling a small puppy?? interested in buying! :)?
  165. I want a Bull dog???????
  166. My son has allergies, but i want to get a dog. Any suggestions?
  167. i just got a puppy, and I want to know if he's a pointer, a lab, and a
  168. Why do some people on here hate people who want a dog but work?!?
  169. I have an 8 month old English bull dog and he doesnt want to eat whats wrong?
  170. How/where can I build/buy a cheap exercise pen for a rabbit or dog?
  171. A major puppy problem -- I don't want my Coco getting hurt!?
  172. I need names for 3 puppies, one boy, two girls. I want like a group name...
  173. how to convince my mom to buy a dog?
  174. FRP in the dog house with potential buyout. Time to buy?
  175. My kids want a dog...?
  176. I want a hypo allergenic dog that is medium sized dog that is friendly cute
  177. I want to adopt a dog need some help though.?
  178. im a 14 yr old. im getting a new dog. wat r some suggestions? i want a
  179. I want a rescue dog (Please be nice)?
  180. my dog won't eat! He just wants human food! HELP!!!!?
  181. Where can I buy an Old English Sheepdog puppy in Florida or Georgia?
  182. I want a sort of hypo allergenic dog ? I live in the west in an outdoorsy ski...
  183. *Pix Included* So I got a really cute puppy and I want to know if I can sell her...
  184. I want a new puppy, i hav 2 small dogs and mi big 1 died n the type of dog i
  185. my newfoundland girl dog is 19 months old wanted to ask?
  186. Should I adopt a third dog? I really want to, but my husband isn't as
  187. my dog died on 03-07-09,i had her for 7 years and im wanting another puppy, is it
  188. My dog does not want to eat.?
  189. i want to build my puppy a dog house from scrap wood, any tips?
  190. i want a good leave at home small active dog that's good with kids and is low
  191. I want a dog but my mom hates animals?
  192. Im allergic to some dogs and i really want one?
  193. how old should a dog be before you can buy it?
  194. Hi,I got a puppy two months back now she gonna be four month old, i want to leave
  195. what is a good website can u go buy dog on?
  196. I want to know everything you know about carolina dogs and how to get one?
  197. I want a big dog.....?
  198. i want to get a dog.?
  199. My dad wants a dog that can run with him when he goes running?
  200. Convince me to stop wanting a dog D: ?
  201. how old do you have to be to buy a dog?
  202. Im getting a puppy and I want 1 that will be good around horses. (but
  203. I'm thinking of buying a dog. Where do I start?
  204. i want a small dog like a multipoo or maltese.?
  205. i want a small fuzzy non barky dog perferbly a poodle mix but doesent have to be a
  206. Where can i buy a reverse sealed black Boxer puppy in Southern California?
  207. I want my dachshund to be safely bred what are some compatible dogs that...
  208. Going to college but want a dog again?
  209. My dog chewed threw my Coax cable modem wire. Can I go out and buy any Coax cable
  210. My second teenage daughter is pregnant, should I buy her a puppy to teach her...
  211. Dog wants to go for a walk, but it's too late to take him...?
  212. How does my friend convince her mom to buy her a dog?
  213. what kind of dance do you want my dog to learn?
  214. im about 2 buy a puppy, but not sure what 2 get. i have narrowed it down to 2?
  215. i want to get papers for my puppy shes a pit bull.i dont know who the parents
  216. i want a puppy with a name that has a unique meaning, any ideas?
  217. My friend just got a puppy, just because i wanted one?
  218. I want to buy a small puppy but I work the swing shift. What should I do?
  219. i want a dog but how much would the rent cost us?
  220. I want a male rottweiler puppy less than 3 months old. Can anybody Help?
  221. boxer dog buying tips?
  222. Husky pup.. why doother dogs want to fight him?
  223. a dog With a 45.pistol asked me if i wanted his cookies. what do i do?
  224. This Guy I Am Talking To Is A Total Horn Dog, But Yet I Don't Want To Have
  225. I want a dog, but my mom is worried about...?
  226. My dog doesn't want to eat his food!!?
  227. We're planning on buying a German Sheperd pup...anyone have knowledge or...
  228. Who here a bought a puppy from a pet store and has had problems?
  229. Where can I buy a Teacup Maltese puppy in ireland?
  230. What do I do? I really want to help my neighbor's lonely dog. :{?
  231. What kind of dog is this? I really want to know.?
  232. My dog just chewed up my laptop charger. Is it safe to buy a universal one?
  233. I want a small, fluffy dog..which is the cutest?
  234. How do you adopt a dog when all the apartments don't want you to have one?
  235. they want to kill my dog.?
  236. I want to get a dog, can someone help me!?
  237. Have 2 Great Danes And Buying a Couch What material is the Best with Dog that Shed?
  238. I want a dog, but how can i convince my parents. HELP?
  239. Taking my dog to the vet tomorrow but want opinions now?
  240. where can i buy a puppy?
  241. I Really want a dog? Convince my parents?
  242. My son wants to be a dog?
  243. I want to be a dog trainer, dog schools in California please?
  244. My family wants to get a dog. advice please?
  245. Why doesn't my dog want to ride in the car with me anymore?
  246. I want another dog, how to convince parents!?
  247. Is there a problem when my dog wants to go outside every 15 minutes?
  248. really wants a small puppy!! 10 points!!!?
  249. i have a dog that i want to stop growling and barking at people when i
  250. Where do you buy a dog muzzle in Edmonton, AB, Canada?