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  1. When you buy a puppy what are the things you need?
  2. How can i make money to save up and buy a dog?
  3. i beat the game not i just want to get armor i am at the part where you fix...
  4. i want to start my own dog walking business?
  5. First time dog owner; Should I buy a puppy or a young dog?
  6. where can I buy mad dog 357 hotsauce in stores?
  7. Want a dog which is a Doberman Pincher but work 10 hours a day.?
  8. i just bought a blue nose pitbull puppy?
  9. Can someone list at least 3 websites where you can buy puppies in New Jersey?
  10. It looks like a plastic grocery bag on a stick to me but my dog wants to
  11. How do I figure out what type of toys are right for my dog and that he wants?
  12. How should I convince my parents to let me buy a puppy?
  13. where can i buy a healthy dog or cat in williamsburg virginia?
  14. Bought a puppy which died a month later should I get money back?
  15. How to resolve seperation anxiety or dog wanting constant attention?
  16. How can I convince my parents that I want a Beagle puppy?
  17. I want a dog (im 13) Im thinking ethier a maltipoo or a toy poodle...?
  18. How to keep dog from scratching at itchy scab on his back? Want to prevent infection?
  19. Which dog food should I buy? any recommendations?
  20. Should I give up my dog, my husband doesn't want her no more!?
  21. I own a dog that knows many tricks i want to make some video's to help other...
  22. I dont want my dog to die.?
  23. POLL: have u ever bought your dog the expensive dog food, and thought it...
  24. i really want a dog, but my parents say they cost a lot of money to keep...
  25. why do people think jus cuz u want a small dog that you're tryin to b paris hilton?
  26. I'm considering buying a dog in the near future. What are some things I need...
  27. i want to know what popular dog breeds and names there are?
  28. Our dog Acts like she wants to eat our new little puppy?!?
  29. What type of dog stays small, looks cute, cheap to buy, and the fur doesn't shed?
  30. my dogs in her 1st heat is thier a reason she want to eat bark and sticks from trees?
  31. I want a dog so bad but dad won't let me?
  32. Will a pet store buy my Sporkie puppies?
  33. Bored With Old Dog, Want A New One?
  34. What is the best brand of puppy food to buy?
  35. My dog is not wanting to feed her pups? They're 3 weeks 2 days old. She had...
  36. My dog had fleas and I want to make sure I covered everything!?
  37. My husband wants to have our dog live in the house and I?
  38. My husband and I want to adopt another dog, we already have a 5 1/2 month...
  39. This dog has mange, i dont want mine to get it. wat do i do?
  40. My dad wants to get rid of our 10 month old dog because we dont care for him...
  41. How do I get my parents to want a dog?
  42. my 3 yr old dog hasnt eaten in 2 days. Shes thrown up 3 times in 2 days and
  43. i need help trying to buy a dog?
  44. Has anyone out there ever owned a dog called a Xolo? I have been researching this
  45. My dog nipped someone so my dad wants to kick him out!!!! How do i stop him?
  46. someone wants to return a puppy i sold to them?
  47. why do other dogs want to atack my 11 month old puppy?
  48. Would you buy this dog exercise gadget?
  49. What is the health law in AZ for buying a puppy ?
  50. Whats a good dog to buy?
  51. Which Dog Breed you want to have in your Future ? which Dog Breed you own Right Now ?
  52. how to convince parents to buy me a dog?
  53. help!!! i want this dog but my dad wont let me get it? help!!!?
  54. Is it ok to feed my dog whatever she wants?
  55. I really want to buy Slum dog Millionaire for my mom's birthday?
  56. What is a good chew toy for a large dog that has chewed through everything that I
  57. What is your dog's favorite store-bought treat?
  58. Really want to get a puppy... but some people need convincing..?
  59. why does my dog put his back side against me my dog is a male and i want to kno
  60. I want to get a small dog - any suggestions?
  61. I really want a puppy !?
  62. i want a German shepherd guard dog?
  63. where's a good place to buy a puppy?
  64. Does anybody know where i could buy a Yorkie dog? in IL?
  65. I want to buy a GBGV dog?
  66. i recently got a yerf dog go cart. it goes fast buti want to make it a lot faster....
  67. I want to take my dog out for a walking/hiking day but cant find any local trails?
  68. I want to foster a dog but idk if i can?
  69. My husband wants a dog. I don't. What do I do?
  70. my dog don't want to eat?
  71. I am getting a dog. Space and walks isn't much of a problem. I want a smaller
  72. i was more specific this time... help with my dogs i dont want them taken away!?
  73. I want my own mobile dog wash trailer?
  74. I need to buy a pool for my three dogs it has to be quite a large one so
  75. Poll: What's the best dog to buy/adopt?
  76. What are some good stores or online merchants to buy healthy dog treats
  77. What is the best dog food to feed my 1 year pit-bull? Some thing they would...
  78. Hello, We just got a red female Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy. We want a...
  79. How do I know that my first dog that I've had for 5 yrs wants to go back...
  80. Why does my dog suddenly want to sleep in my bed?
  81. All my dog wants to chew on is shoes!?
  82. My Female Dog Got Spade She Keeps Wanting To Lick?
  83. I want a dog like Benji from the movie?
  84. Where can I buy a dog from a breeder in Ontario?
  85. I really want a puppy i will take any kind as long as its healthy and young any
  86. My female dog humps my male dog, I want to know why?
  87. why does country bimbo Miranda Lambert want to date Snoop Dog ?
  88. Me and my boyfriend want to get professional pictures taken [and his dog lol]?
  89. Buying a dog Question?
  90. Help how to convince parents to let you buy a dog?
  91. Would you buy a dog door in a storm door if it was already made? All you have to do
  92. We have puppies for sale. This lady wants to bring the puppy back.?
  93. does male dog know i want him to leave female dog alone while she in heat?
  94. which breed of dog should i buy?
  95. Pit Bull puppy wanted?
  96. Attn dog owners need to know what i should ask when going to buy a puppy?
  97. i want to know if ne one can tell me what they think my dogs breed is they...
  98. college student wants a dog?
  99. My puppy needs to be Trained she is 16 weeks and wont sleep in the crate but
  100. i want a yellow lab puppy and need to find a reliable breeder?
  101. My friend wants a small dog, what do u suggest?
  102. should we buy a weak puppy?
  103. I am doing research before buying a dog and have come across The Dog Whisperer on...
  104. My dog is housetrained during the day but at 4 am she wants to pee and poop in...
  105. Don't want old dog getting jealous!?
  106. I want to attach a picture of a dog that I found and get opinions on it's
  107. Parents want me to get rid of my dog since I am having a baby! Advice!?
  108. What kind of car should I buy that will fit 3 large dogs?
  109. i have a puppy that is about 5 months old, i want to know how much she
  110. why does my dog always want a piggy back from my cat?
  111. I want to make dog grave site. I want it to be a circle 36 wide. How many bricks...
  112. My dog acts fine, but no longer wants to cuddle or lay in my lap.?
  113. if you are scared of dogs would you buy one for your kids?
  114. I want a dog???????????????????
  115. What if your husband bought you a dog bone for your birthday?
  116. I wanted to become a dog walker, what should I put on my flyer?
  117. My puppy keeps wanting me to play fetch....OVER AND OVER AND OVER.....?
  118. I really want a puppy chihuahua... (tea cup)?
  119. My 8 year old daughter wants a pet dog. What breed is best for us?
  120. My daughter really wants a little white dog.?
  121. im thinking o buying a dog ?
  122. where is the best place to buy a dog/puppy?
  123. Can you buy my puppy?
  124. Where can I buy twistix dog treats?
  125. how do i get my parents to buy me a puppy?
  126. Where can you buy vital supplement vitamins for dogs?
  127. Where can you buy puggle dogs in Alberta?
  128. things to do when buying a dog?
  129. really want a dog, help! whats the best kind of dog to get?
  130. Why do people buy underage puppies?
  131. i want my puppy to be an outdoor dog, but its very cold out and he is 2mo,
  132. I don't know where else to post this. My dog always wants me to scratch his ass.
  133. I got a new puppy and my other puppy is defensive with his toys. Should I
  134. How should I buy the dog I want?
  135. A very big day for my dog and I coming up. I want to do something special. What
  136. I want a puppy... Could you help?
  137. Where to buy a mix breed of Siberian Husky with another short hair dog in Penang?
  138. If you *buy* a dog from the pet shop, are you supporting puppy mills or not?
  139. Do you have a dog? If not, do you want one?
  140. Can you get ur dog registered, if it is ckc and you want it to be aka or akc?
  141. HELP! i think my puppy has mange and need to know what i can buy to help her!?
  142. Is there any product sold for dogs that I can buy without a vet...
  143. Where can i buy a dog online?
  144. I want to be a dog walker? I need help!!!?
  145. i bought my dog and she cam with the akc paper information. how do i get these...
  146. i am nigel johnson and i want to make my dog bigger it is a five month old
  147. i need a good site to buy a small dog ,any ideas?
  148. I really want a dog, but my parents won't let me!?
  149. What should i do about my dog!!!!!! ;( ;( HELP! i dont want him to be put down!?
  150. Need Help buying a Staff Puppy?
  151. How can i get my dad to buy a puppy?
  152. we want our dogs to be friends?
  153. How can you make your parents buy a dog?
  154. My dog is in labor and she only wants to be next to me should i leave her...
  155. I really want a little maltese puppy or a maltipoo would be even better, but i don't
  156. Where do you buy suns cream for a dog?
  157. I am looking to buy a shih tzu dog but dont want to pay to much do u know the
  158. my nintindogs game wont let me buy dogs please help?
  159. I want a dog. I live in Las Vegas. What breed should I look into?
  160. How do i tell my mom i want a puppy for my birthday?
  161. I live at campus edge in raleigh nc and I have a dog but want a guinea...
  162. my dog could sleep all day if he wanted. is this bad?
  163. what is the best breed of dog for a first time dog owner if you live in
  164. How do u convince your parents to buy a dog?
  165. where can I buy Dr. Pitcairn's Healthy Powder ingredients for dogs/cats in Canada?
  166. i want to get a dog. and i currently live in united states of america. and i...
  167. Is Buying small Dog From the Trading post on the radio or from a friend bad?
  168. Does anybody else find it unfair when girls use puppy dog eyes to get what they want?
  169. Where can I buy a Samoyed puppy in Modesto, CA?
  170. Last week I bought a female shih tzu dog?
  171. accidentally bought sentry pro flea control for dog over 66 lbs. my dog is about 5...
  172. Any breeders in the Toronto, Ontario area, or any places to buy a puppy?
  173. Dog doesn't want to eat? Please help, I've already been to the vet?
  174. How Do I connvince my mom to buy me a puppy\dog?
  175. I have a dog adoption website and I want to notify people when I list a new dog.
  176. My dog doesn't want to go to the bathroom at all?
  177. Want a small dog, but is it safe around big hubby?
  178. Buying a puppy from a breeder they are UKCI reg and mom is CKC, AKC and UKCI reg?
  179. Does anyone know where I can buy a 48 dog cage online. To be delivered tomorrow
  180. I really want a dog bad but my parents say that we have too many animals....
  181. My co-worker adopted a dog and he thinks the dog is GAY and now he wants to
  182. i want a dog but im not sure which kind?
  183. My brother wants another dog!?
  184. I want a dog buttttt....?
  185. Does anyone buy their dog's medicine on Ebay?
  186. Where would i look if i wanted to find a puppy at around about $1000?
  187. Why if a Pit bull(Sargent Stubby) is the most con decorated dog do they
  188. Buying a dog need Shots information!?
  189. i want like a small dog what ones the best?
  190. i want to enter sum stuff with my dog?
  191. My dog injured my neighbors dog and a cop shot their dog. Now neighbor's...
  192. where to buy an extra seat belt for dog car seat...?
  193. Im thinking of buying a Chihuahua as my first dog.. is this a good idea?
  194. Friend is dog sitting for us. We want to get her a gift, aprox $40 value, any ideas?
  195. I want to get another puppy?
  196. My wife and kids want a dog, but I think they are not ready for one. What do I do?
  197. i am about to buy a bichon frise puppy,and i asked the breeder if she has her...
  198. how do i teach my one year old dog who doesnt want to learn tricks tricks?
  199. I want a SMALL dog, what kind would be suitable for the name charlie?
  200. Want to adopt a dog but dont know where to go online? Help.?
  201. My head hurts, I want to buy a house, I want a puppy, should I eat dinner?
  202. I want to get a dog whats the best breed?
  203. I want to get a rottweiler, are they a good dog breed, and would they be as
  204. I bought a new pup noticed my older dog is foaming from sides of his mouth
  205. What brand of dog food do you buy?
  206. how much does it cost to buy a dog?
  207. I want to adopt a puppy?
  208. is this a scam for buying dog out of town?
  209. My nans dog only wants to eat raw meat?
  210. I have glass shard in my yard and I don't want my dogs to walk in it. Help me!?
  211. I want a dog so BAD !!!?
  212. My Maltese dog is too hyper and my mom wants to send him back :(?
  213. Where to buy Pomeranian Puppies (under $400)? Preferably Arizona?
  214. Damn! My brother bought this huge bag of beneful healthy growth for puppies!?
  215. My dog does not like store bought treats, what are some good alternatives?
  216. i want this puppy so bad.?
  217. i want to start a dog walking business. ... number 2 seriously help?
  218. i want 2 get a dog for my kids?
  219. Puppy wants to sleep on me instead of crate?
  220. i want to start a dog walking business?
  221. Why do stray dogs want to roam again after being rescued?
  222. I want to get a tattoo in memory of my dog any ideas?
  223. My sister and I bought chihuahua puppies and she isn't helping with them!?
  224. What is the company buy the Shark(dog shark) oill in the usa?
  225. I want to breed dogs, how?
  226. What kind of dog that is small can i buy, but i can also leave home when my mom
  227. What is a good website to buy Best Fit Dog Muzzle?
  228. How much for two dogs, three cats and a rabbit, and they want me to stay...
  229. have you ever Bought a puppy?
  230. I Want A dog!! But Wich one! ? Need Opinions!?
  231. What breed of dog should we buy?
  232. I have bought frozen hot dog sausages. Plz tell me how can i cook them by...
  233. Best site to buy dog clothes (pug size)?
  234. Where can i buy a baby girl, white, maltese puppy for $100-$150.?
  235. Ex wife wanting to see dogs?
  236. where can i buy Heisei Period Dog Tale Bow film or comic?
  237. well I want a dog... Help me... I need opinions?
  238. Would you buy this dog?
  239. where is a good place to buy dog vitamins in houston tx?
  240. Why do we spay cats/dogs? They are mammals like us that want children, but
  241. Is it bad if your puppy wants to sleep next to you?
  242. Im looking for a Chinese Crested puppy.. i know they have them all over but
  243. My puppy just passed away and my boyfriend wants to buy me a new one.....?
  244. which is the best place to buy dog accessories online?
  245. where will i buy agitator dog in hesperia?
  246. Which dog should I buy?
  247. My dog wants to *** with other dogs?
  248. I want 2 adopt a puppy. Breeder wants me to send a down payment before I go see the
  249. My dog got put down earlier. Mom's buying a new dog tomorrow! I feel
  250. I want to ensure my new puppy knows I am it's master?