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  1. How Do I Make My Dog Want To Sleep On My Bed ?
  2. How can i convince my parents to buy a dog?
  3. my dog don't want to eat dog food. so what will i feed to her?
  4. my other half wants another dog?
  5. my puppy is 3 months I WANT TO CHANGE SHE DOG FOOD FROM CAN FEED TO IAMS...
  6. How do I get my parents to buy me a puppy when they said they won't?
  7. My daughter wants a nintendo ds game that has dogs you can fuse together....
  8. I was given a dog and now the original owner wants it back...?
  9. i have always been against buying dogs. but now im thinking about it,
  10. I really want to get a new dog, but am afraid?
  11. Will my puppy ever stop barking/nipping at my feet when she wants to play?
  12. Is there anywhere in Perth, Australia where you can buy a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling...
  13. I sorry i cant forgive him he wanted our dog dead and now acts as hes the hero!
  14. What's a good website to buy a dog stroller in?
  15. We sold our dog to them, and they don't want him anymore...?
  16. what is the cost of bulk hamburger and/or hot dogs and where is the cheapest place
  17. does any body want dog walking in norwich?
  18. New puppy does wants to do nothing but chew!!... Advice Please?
  19. I really want a dog and but i dont know to convince my perents that i will love it
  20. Why does my dog want to lick me all the time and things like my pillow?
  21. I want to adopt a dog from the shelter but?
  22. Want to start a garden but I'm afraid of my dogs ruining it?
  23. I want to breed my purebred and sell the puppies for profit?
  24. I really want a puppy....can someone please help me make my mom understand?!?
  25. I really want a puppy. I am responsible. My dad doesn't care either way. Should
  26. What is the youngest age you can buy a puppy at?
  27. Our dog radio fence broke in several places, am going to buy more radio wire but...?
  28. Buying a puppy from a pet shop?
  29. what is the best dog dewormer i can buy from a feed type store?
  30. Buying a dog... maltese? I need help from the dog lovers?
  31. took my dog to the Vet. Now he doesnt want to eat?
  32. where can i buy rocket dog shoes called FROST GREY?
  33. Where can i find a comcast commercial and the daughter says i want hot dog?
  34. i want to adopt a dog..?
  35. names for a small red dog that i bought other than red also one for a blue on?
  36. Have you ever heard the expression It's raining Cats and Dogs? What two things
  37. No where to buy puppies but the pet store?
  38. How do you walk a lot of dogs at once? saw something i want but not sure...
  39. POLL: What type of dog food to you prefer to buy?
  40. My dad is so evil and vindictive he lied all this time he wanted our dog dead...
  41. Is it wrong to want to have my dog stuffed ?
  42. Do pet stores question you when buying a puppy?
  43. what could i do to help my dog if he does not want to eat?
  44. IM buying a dog online and to me it sounds like a scam, any help?
  45. What should I look for when buying a dog?
  46. what does kc registered mean when buying a dog?
  47. Why do so many people still BUY dogs when there are literally millions that
  48. Which breed of dog is best if you want to avoid heath issues. Which is less...
  49. what kind of dogs snacks treats you prefer to buy for your dogs and puppies ?
  50. Someone want to explain what is up with my dog?
  51. Where are the best places to buy a puppy if you are going to buy one?
  52. Another child mauled to death by family dog......I want to list ways to prevent...
  53. Would you buy this puppy for $150?
  54. I dont want my puppy to die:'( someone please tell me a way to fix his anemia:'(?
  55. Who wants a glow-in-the-dark puppy?
  56. I recently bought a small shih tzu puppy with no papers?
  57. my neighbor's dogs digs under the fence to my yard i bought brinks and they
  58. how to stop my dog from wanting people food all the time?
  59. I want a small dog what kind should i get?
  60. For those of you who have pure bred dogs, Why did you choose a pure bred?...
  61. My wife want to get a terrier mix from a adoption center. Are terrier mix dogs
  62. Just got a year old dog from the shelter. She poops outside in my small yard but I
  63. Does anyone know of any high street shops to buy puppy feeding bottles?
  64. I want to make a shot record for my dogs (and cat). What shots do they need?
  65. What dog breed should I buy?
  66. where can i buy dogs in chicago?
  67. Where can I buy vienna beef hot dogs in phoenix?
  68. Where can I buy a good search and rescue dog?
  69. Have you ever bought a dog and wish you hadn't?
  70. anyone bought a puppy from dakotawinds.homestead.com?
  71. How can I buy this poster? Coney Island hot dog place in Houston has a...
  72. How do i convince my mom to buy a dog?
  73. I have a 6 week old puppy and want her in the house. How can I get her to...
  74. Where should I buy a dog crate?
  75. I do not want to buy a book if I Don't have to I need help learning how to potty...
  76. I am buying a dog tomorrow what do authentic AKC registration papers look like?
  77. Buying a dog outside of state...?
  78. How do i get my dogs breath to smell better?!!?!(without buying stuff)?
  79. im buying a puppy chiuhuaha: tips?
  80. I wanted to have DNA testing on my dog to determine breed?
  81. What is the biggest dog i can buy by kg, lb ?
  82. Should i buy a dog from a backyard breeder?
  83. My dog always wants to be held? always.?
  84. I have a Chocolate Labrador puppy (6 months old) but what I want to know
  85. My dog always wants attention....?
  86. my dog is 11 months old... he still always wants to go through my legs . what
  87. Things to buy for the arrival of a new Wheaten Terrier puppy?
  88. I was wanting to try and find a Meagle dog breeder. If anyone knows...
  89. Okay I really want a chiuaua female puppy. as young as possible. i live in...
  90. Is webs.com a good sight, i want to make a website about a certain dog breed?
  91. Where can I buy this desk?...
  92. How can I convince my Mum To Let Me Buy a puppy?
  93. My dad is being so spiteful about our dog why is he doing this he wants it...
  94. My dog keeps humping my leg. I can I let him know that I just want to be friends?
  95. How to teach a dog this command......thanks (Really want to teach them)?
  96. What does it mean when your dog want walk?
  97. Any tips on how to take a bone off a dog who doesn't want to let go?!?
  98. Help!!! i named my dog BAMF and my parents want to know what it stands for?
  99. My parents want to put my dog down, but i don't know what to do.?
  100. Considering getting a puppy but I want to clear some things up first?
  101. I found a dog about 3 years ago, the owner found out we had it 6 mnths ago,...
  102. Please, can someone tell us why our small dog piddles on the rug. Then she wants...
  103. Just a random question about dogs as I want your opinions and might get one?
  104. My Nan wants to go dogging on her mobility scooter....?
  105. My dog whines and sits to attention when he wants to go out.I think it's a...
  106. Am I being mean wanting to get rid of our dog?
  107. Poll: Are you like a dog with a bone when you want to get to the bottom of a
  108. I want to put artificial grass on my deck for the dogs?
  109. i want a puppy i need to know what i should do to make it perfect 'p?
  110. My dog has been acting weird. She doesn't want to be by herself. She wants to be
  111. Having dog concerns and want some opinions!?
  112. i want to know your opinion now. what is your favourite breed of dog?
  113. I want a puppy even though i have one my parents say no any help?
  114. What is the best dog/puppy to buy?
  115. can i buy another puppy now?
  116. I want a sporting dog but my mom hates them, she wants a protective dog?
  117. I want a dog but my family doesn't!!?
  118. i want your opinion on the dog in the park?
  119. I buying a female chu hua hua do girls like very small dogs?
  120. i reeeaallly want a dog :(?
  121. I need to stop my dog from wanting to bite us!! help me out?
  122. Does anyone know how much deposit you have put down when you want to
  123. what makes a dog thathas been around kids its whole life want to bite 1
  124. Bought a dog, former owner is gone, how do i switch micro chip?
  125. I really want, no need a SMALL dog!?
  126. (i asked this once) i want a dog?
  127. I want to get a puppy\dog but my parents said no. How can I convince them to let me
  128. I want a puppy but,,,,,?
  129. I want to start a small job like dog walking or baby sitting...any help?
  130. How much does it cost to buy a dog from a rescue centre?
  131. How do I tell my neighbor I want his dogs out of my yard?
  132. wanting a new dog (small) need info on breeds, thanks !?
  133. I am 32 weeks prego and I just wanted to know if its okay for meeh tew have a dog...
  134. i want to keep a dog. what breed would you suggest for me and why?
  135. What tricks and how should I teach to the dog that I am going to buy?
  136. My brohter and I want a dog, but he's allergic?
  137. i want to get a dog help?
  138. What race of dog should I buy?
  139. My landlord wants me to get rid of one of my dogs!!?
  140. Small dog to buy for an apartment?
  141. I want my dog to sleep in the bedroom.?
  142. Please help I bagged my BF to get us a puppy now i dont want it?
  143. How come all men are dogs and only want sex?
  144. i really want a dog but im not aloud?
  145. how do i make my mom buy a puppy for me ?
  146. i really really want a dog but im not aloud help?
  147. need a suggestion my little sister's dog has to be put down 2morrow. i want to get...
  148. Dog breeds that you wouldn't want to own?
  149. Can buying a dog be covered by insurance?
  150. Does this look like a legit place to buy a puppy from?
  151. Would you buy a puppy from here?
  152. I'm buying a puppy who has ringworm....?
  153. Vet wanting to amputate my 4 week old puppy's tail?
  154. My mom is allergic to dogs and i want one she wont let me get one?
  155. i have a dog and i want to know what breed he is?
  156. if yoy are buying a puppy from a breeder should you?
  157. where to buy hot dogs for my hot dog stand in Los Angeles?
  158. Where can i buy an Invader Zim gir dog costume?
  159. I really want to adopt a shelter dog! Read please.?
  160. I have just bought a dog but don't have any vaccination records. The previous...
  161. I bought the pet trainer. Do you think it's a good way to train dogs?
  162. I Want To Save My Dogs Life But?
  163. I want to join the Police force as a dog handler, what will the force be...
  164. Has anyone bought a puppy from www.preciousteacups.co.uk??? Im not sure if its a
  165. I am looking to buy a puppy,my thing is i dont want a dog that gets big wen full
  166. Would it be rude of me if I buy my neighbor's dog a muzzel?
  167. My dog has very long nails and I bought a pedipaw but it takes to long?
  168. I really want a American White German Shepard but my mom said no because we
  169. I had just bought 2 black jack german dogs i want to know are the pure preed or not ?
  170. i want a dog and i need help with what type?
  171. Why did the Obama's buy a purebred dog when they could have adopted a rescue pup?
  172. Where can I buy a slush puppy in Delray Beach, Florida?
  173. I had just bought 2 black jack german dogs i want to know are the pure preed or not ?
  174. what do your dog/s do when they want to eliminate?
  175. Can you tell what your dog wants?
  176. i found a jack russel terrior puppy in my yard and i want to know how big they get.?
  177. i really want a dog my mum said no before but can you help me persuade her?
  178. Why do people buy puppies too young to leave mum?
  179. I want a dog that is small and really cute a great personality and a good...
  180. i really want a puppy but my parents said maby when your older here are some things
  181. do u know were i can buy wolf dogs in UK?
  182. i want a second dog but i live in a small apartment and have one already.?
  183. Is breedersclub.net a trusted site to look buy dogs?
  184. What was the dogs name in X-Files: I Want To Believe movie?
  185. where is a good place to buy toy dogs offline?
  186. what kind of dog breed is the biggest, most wolf like wolf dog/hybrid u can buy?
  187. Finding pet dogs... where can i buy dogs?
  188. I REALLY REALLY want a dog?
  189. How do I talk my parents into letting me buy another dog?
  190. What to do when you want a dog and people dont let yuh have one!!!?
  191. if i want to adopt a puppy for $450 how much more money do i need for...
  192. If we allow men to marry men, next thing you know they'll want to marry dogs. My
  193. We want a good guard dog... I want a German Shepherd... is that a good choice?
  194. I want a dog but I live in a flat and I'm not sure what breed would be suitable.?
  195. I want to save a puppy from the pound !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  196. I want a dog, need persuasion techniques?
  197. my dog is 10 when will it dye so i go buy a new one?
  198. i am going to france later this year ,i want to take my dog with me ,
  199. what furniture should I buy for my first dog?
  200. I am thinking of getting a dog. I want a dog that stays small but not very small
  201. where can i buy samoyed puppies?
  202. where can i buy cute , young dogs?
  203. where do i buy a cute and not so expensive golden retriever(dog)?
  204. I bought a new puppy but now one of my cats just stays hidden all the time?
  205. I really want this dog help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  206. i just bought a new dog [blue pit] hes 9 weeks old and he is very calm. is
  207. What do you think about buying a dog in California at a roadside fruit stand?
  208. I really want a dog-one that my mom would approve of?
  209. My dog got out of his trainer collar, can I buy another receiver?
  210. Why is it a big deal that Biden BOUGHT a dog?
  211. where can I buy puppy worming medicene called pyranal?
  212. I want to buy a puppy for my sister?
  213. Why would anyone in their right mind not allow anyone to buy a dog they
  214. Do you agree with Peta that Joe Biden was wrong to buy a dog from a
  215. does anyone know where i can buy a bumble ball (not the dog toy)?
  216. i want a puppy.. help me out please. (:?
  217. My dog has pus in her ears and I wanted to know what to do until I call the vet...
  218. I have a dog and want another one?
  219. I'm wanting to adopt a dog.?
  220. I am buying a dog, what kind of dog should i get?
  221. I want to get a dog, but I'm afraid!?
  222. Which Dog Should I Buy?
  223. I want a big, mellow dog?
  224. Where can i buy a puppy? Help!!!?
  225. How can you try to convince your parents to buy you a puppy?
  226. Is my dog a Coydog? I just want to know...?
  227. why the hell would you want a teacup sized dog?
  228. What breeds of dogs did u always want to mix breed?
  229. Any cheap ladders i could buy from the UK for dog agility?
  230. I am TTC want to get a dog. A large dog..?
  231. I have a male puppy and is it better to have a female puppy to live with him or...
  232. Would you want this cute puppy?
  233. Should i buy another 8800gt xxx alpha dog (pv-t88p-ydd4) for sli or
  234. i want a small dog????????
  235. my dog barks all night, dont want to use shock collar . .?
  236. could you give me christen dog names as much as you want?
  237. Will my dog go to her whelping box when its time or will she maybe just lay...
  238. so i want to get rats but my dad thinks our dogs will not like it?
  239. Do you know where I can buy Puppy Vaccinations in Arizona?
  240. if you wanted to breed dogs, do you need a licence?
  241. Kind of a weird question.. but I really need help, dog wanting sex?
  242. Dad's affair but I want to help both of them and the dog?
  243. My family wants a dog. But we dont know which one to get. please help (READ
  244. What do you think of putting hot sauce on items you don't want puppies to chew?
  245. What is the cheapest website to buy heartgard heartworm medicine for dogs over...
  246. M ex-friend wants her dog back....what do i do?
  247. I want a dog that is a Sibirian Husky that is for sale. It is a purebread 8
  248. I want to breed my dogs. Should I?
  249. Dog buying help plz help?
  250. How can i make money to buy a puppy?