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  1. Naming my puppy, other dogs Rocco and Mason, want to stick with the rock theme,
  2. i just recenty bought a ps3 and installed linux yellow dog, its great, problem is...
  3. i want a puppy!!!!!!!!?
  4. I live in NC I want a puppy cheap and small full grown?
  5. dog wants to be boss, how do i fix that.?
  6. How To convince my parents to let me buy a puppy??!!!?
  7. I want a healthy puppy!!!!!!?
  8. i have a 9mth akita puppy that has started tearing up my crouches and i want
  9. *****I want a dog!!!*****?
  10. Where can I buy a really cute green and gold cheerleader outfit for my dog?
  11. Where can i buy a maltese dog in mississauga, canada?
  12. do i have to give back the dog i bought 12 days ago but now im seeing lost...
  13. I really want a dog HELP!?
  14. where do you buy dog clothes/costumes?
  15. Where can I buy a backpack dog carrier for my 20-lb Corgi?
  16. I want 2 dogs, whitch breads would go best together?
  17. I want to get my dogs hips checked. What is the preferable age to do this at?
  18. dont want to damage my dog in any way<??>?
  19. If I buy a puppy from Estonia or the Czech Republic, can it be shipped to the US?
  20. Is it better to buy a dog or get one from a rescue centre?
  21. My friend wants to adopt a dog, but needs someone to keep him for 5 years. Is...
  22. Should I buy a puppy from NY then move to GA with the puppy?
  23. where can I buy a bin that my dog cant get into?
  24. we was given our dog now they want her back?
  25. i want a good dog breed?
  26. Best Place to buy a Puppy in Charlotte,NC 28205?
  27. My 10 yr old niece wants to get a small indoor dog can anyone suggest one and
  28. what dog breed is less expensive to buy?
  29. We just bought a border collie rat terrier mix puppy...?
  30. How Do You Ask Your MEAN Dad to Buy You A Puppy?
  31. Hey please help me i really want a dog.?
  32. I want to know how big my puppy will get. Please help?
  33. Where would Massie Block buy her dogs clothes?
  34. PLEASE HELP!! I bought some ear mite stuff for my dog today and...?
  35. can anybody recommend a place i could buy cadaver material to train my SAR dog?
  36. my dog is 8 months old and i bought his first set of shot?
  37. Ok..I Really Want A Dog..?
  38. How to determine if the dog I bought is a purebred ?
  39. Can you buy and ship over a dog from the US?
  40. Expecting puppies, undecided about tail docking, suggestions wanted.?
  41. My friend wants a dog but her mom doesn't?
  42. How to persuade parents to buy me a Dog?
  43. i want to adopt a puppy and i want to send it to el salvador by plane what kind...
  44. Whether to build or buy dog kennels(pens)?
  45. My whole family has decided we should get 2 puppies but my mum only wants one?
  46. I live in Marysville Washington and I would like to know where could I buy...
  47. my 14 year old daughter wants a dog?
  48. My pitbull puppy doesnt want to eat dog food?
  49. How old do you have to be to buy a dog?
  50. I want a puppy/dog! Can anyone help me out?
  51. my maltese mix puppy doesn't want to play since i got her 3 weeks ago. vet...
  52. New born puppy do not want to drink from mom?
  53. My dog and cat neighbor wants to kill?
  54. Bought a dog from someone and now they want it back?
  55. How do I tell my friend that I don't want to be friends, and I'm sick of
  56. i didnt want my puppy...?
  57. Are you insecure? Do you want people to take notice of you? Then put a dog lead
  58. I didnt want the puppy, will i be able to love it?
  59. My Family Wants to Fillet my Boxer Puppy...?
  60. my 3 month old puppy have this nice bed that i bought so he can sleep Comfy-?
  61. Where to buy a puppy, that's safe and where I won't get ripped off?
  62. I want to make some clothes for my Maltese Dog?
  63. I want another dog but my parents say no because my dog gets jealous. How...
  64. Question about buying a blank firing pistol (for training dogs)?
  65. I have a 6 month old German Shepherd Dog, and am still battling what food I want
  66. jennifer wants to close off a rectangular area in her lawn so that she can
  67. why wont our dog feed the puppy but wants to be by it at all times?
  68. Where online can I buy squeaky dog balls in bulk?
  69. =) does anyone want to vote for my dog picture?
  70. I want a DOG a puppy a pet!!!! Help?
  71. Should I buy a puppy from a pet shop?
  72. This summer I want to spend time with my dog?
  73. Is epupz a good website to buy puppies?
  74. Why do so many people want to buy purebred puppies when there are purebreds for...
  75. puppy dont want to eat her food?
  76. I also want to know how to potty train my dog?
  77. Want to go camping with my dog and have things to do with her.?
  78. if i was to get a puppy i dont know what to name it i have a kelpie x border collie
  79. Is this a good place to buy a golden retriever puppy?
  80. Can I sell my puppy for the price that I bought from the breeder?
  81. How do I get my mom to buy me another dog?
  82. Just bought new puppy.Need help with name...?
  83. where can i buy a golden retriever puppy in new jersey?
  84. Where can I buy a puppy doberman pinscher?
  85. i want some really cool names for mah lhasa apso puppy (boy) . . .?
  86. So...I want to name my puppy Romeo...?
  87. is there any way whee I can adopt/buy a jindo puppy below 1 month old?
  88. I want to adopt a dog, do you have any suggestions?
  89. i want to sell my Yorkie puppy?
  90. Do you want to walk my dog for me?
  91. hunting is not what i want to do just run my dogs? any place?
  92. Looking to buy a pomeranian puppy in NH can anyone tell me puppy stores or...
  93. My 3yr old yorkie does not want to be separated from new puppy (which is one of...
  94. Why does our new chihuahua puppy not want to eat dog food but will beg for...
  95. im buying a puppy what kind should i get?
  96. I'm getting a new beagle puppy I'm not sure what to name her? heres what i have i...
  97. When you buy a box of dog treats, how many boxes do you buy at a time? How
  98. Where specifically in australia can I buy food grade diatomaceous earth
  99. Is there any way in whcih i can adopt/buy a jindo puppy in GA?
  100. I want to get a dog what kind should i get?
  101. Buying a new dog?! 10 POINTS FOR BEST ANSWER!?
  102. Have you ever been scammed when buying a dog?
  103. I want to be a dog trainer, and i know how to do it, but i need a different sound...
  104. How do I stop my puppy doing things I don't want him to do?
  105. Where can I buy a purebred teacup chihuahua puppy in Iowa?
  106. want to make hydration solution i can syringe feed to sick dog?
  107. My dog is not neutered and i want to get i puppy would they get along ?
  108. I am looking for a stuffed animal St. Bernard Puppy filled with a liquid,...
  109. what is the best dog food i can buy for my dog, i live in canada so i do
  110. I want to start running, is it fair to take only one of my two dogs and not the...
  111. How can I buy this poster? B W photo of long line of customers at Coney...
  112. Where can I buy a good Labrador puppy near Riverside CA? READ DETAILS PLEASE?
  113. How much did you buy your dog for?
  114. i have a dog and i want it to have baby's but i don't know no one that has a boy
  115. Eric spent exactly $100 to buy exactly 100 pets, some mice, some cats and
  116. I'm interested in breeding my female dog and wanted to get proper information...
  117. Why do people continue to buy yapping dogs like pomeranians, and shitzu's?
  118. I want a dog, but i am not allowed one!!!?
  119. where to buy a boxer puppy?
  120. Is there a program where they give you dogs and they pay for the food
  121. Some are against gay marriage because what if i want to marry my dog - but...
  122. What place can i buy a puppy golden retriever?
  123. What is the best dog food to buy at a grocery store?
  124. I want to make homemade dog bones, like the one's you buy in the store......
  125. I'm looking to buy a seizure alert dog in Louisiana...?
  126. I have a hasbro iDog puppy and i want to know what the colors mean?
  127. Hi I wanna buy a puppy from the S.P.C.A?
  128. my Dog looks like a white fox and i want a pretty name that means like
  129. I really want a dog, but no money!?
  130. How do I buy a Pekingese puppy in the uk?
  131. Where can you buy a Golden Retriever Puppy ?
  132. Best place to buy a puppy in the SW suburbs of chicago? Petland vs Happiness Is Pets?
  133. Did you ever buy a Pet Store puppy?
  134. Why my dog does not want to eat?
  135. I want to get hypnotized to not be completely grossed out by dog and cat vomit and...
  136. why did obama break his promise to adopt a dog from a pound/AND I DONT WANT
  137. Can two puppies get along if they both want to be dominant?
  138. Is it okay if I buy a dog from a breeder?
  139. Should I adopt this old dog with a health problem or buy a new puppy?
  140. my dog is not wanting to eat or drink how do i get it to?
  141. I have a 9 week old puppy playful usually 3 hours ago she didnt want to...
  142. Dog barks when he doesn't get what he wants?
  143. i would want to know what this puppy is?
  144. Is there any way where i can buy/adopt a jindo puppy in ga around cumming?
  145. I have an older female dog and I'm wanting to get a puppy. do you think my...
  146. Where in nj can you buy golden retriever puppies?
  147. how do i teach my puppy to give things to me? i dont want her 2 be an...
  148. help my dog . iwant to buy some drug?
  149. I want to but a puppy but i dont kno where to go.?
  150. Buying Sibling Puppies?
  151. I just bought a new dog, now how do i introduce him to my home?
  152. Where can I buy a keeshond puppy in california?
  153. i sold a puppy 6mnths ago now they dont want it anymore?
  154. When buying a puppy is there any contracts ?
  155. It's about 3PM and I Have the Munchies, Where in the US Can You Buy Dog? Not A...
  156. i want my dog, a Maltese, to have puppies but i don't know if the age of
  157. My sister is buying dogs from breeders and then ditching them three months later,...
  158. Did Hillary Duff and Paris Hilton buy their puppies from tinyteacupworld.com?
  159. how can i get my mum to buy me a dog?
  160. where should i buy a puppy in union city,ca or fremont? then (puppy love boutiqe...
  161. would like to buy a neopolitan mastiff puppy?
  162. i'm getting a dog, and i want it to be playfull, but not crazy. What kind should i
  163. YAY i get to buy a puppy?
  164. where is the best place to buy dogs preferably german sheperds?
  165. my old dog i a female and she's 14,my mum bought a new male puppy.i just saw...
  166. what questions should i ask for people wanting to adopt my puppies?
  167. How much does it usually cost to buy a purebred American Eskimo puppy?
  168. Puppy Name Ideas. Feedback Wanted?
  169. I want to adopt/buy a Jindo Puppy can anyone offer me one?
  170. Have you ever bought a baby pool for your dog in the summer?
  171. buying vaccines and give them to your dog?
  172. I am buying/SAVING a puppy from a mill and I need puppy names and what color...
  173. I have a puppy I want to keep that has a slight hernia. It does not protrude out.?
  174. pitbull puppy that is weak acting what can i do she does not want to do
  175. Can I buy my bunny a dog bed?
  176. she wants me to give her a puppy name i have no idea y?
  177. Buying A pet dog (Chow Chow)?
  178. I'm getting a puppy - what should I buy at the pet store?
  179. What can I do if I bought a dog that has Parvo?
  180. Wanted: Papilon puppy?
  181. I want to get a rescue dog, but as my family are all in full time work (inc me)
  182. I want my GSh dog to be aggressive to strangers,what can I do?
  183. what is the best age to buy a puppy?
  184. I have a 2 year old papillon puppy and she's wonderful! I want to get her a...
  185. i bought a laser pointer and i want my dog to play with it?
  186. I'm looking to buy or be given a puppy n San Jose, California,do you know...
  187. Difference between : buying a dog, and rescuing a dog?
  188. Do you buy from pet shops that sell kittens/puppies?
  189. have puppy has had first shots-daughter wants second puppy is it ok to get...
  190. Where can i buy a collie/lab mix puppy?
  191. I want a dog and.................?
  192. If you have a dog and want to install hardwood floors is there a solution?
  193. My dog is driving me crazy............is it normal that she wants to eat
  194. what is a puppy mill place why should i not buy a puppy from there?
  195. I dont want to get rid of my dog.?
  196. I'm saving up for a puppy to buy during the summer and I want one that fits this
  197. My dog after a couple seconds didnt want to be out of the house?
  198. any one know were i can buy army Dog-Tags?
  199. My sister and i both want another dog and cat, help us convince our parents!?
  200. why does my dog rather want to eat on carpet than floor?
  201. What is the best place to buy golden retriever puppies?
  202. What's a good inexpensive electronic dog collard sum1 can recommend me buying?
  203. My Mum Wants To Sell The Dog is this whats best ?
  204. Were can i buy dog boots?
  205. I have a Rat Terrier (8 yrs) but i want an Australian Shepherd Puppy!?
  206. Good website to buy dogs in and around London?
  207. I just bought the cuttest little puppy but I can't find a good name please help?
  208. I accidentally bought my small breed puppy large breed puppy food?
  209. Where can I Buy/Adopt a Yorkshire Terrier Puppy!?
  210. I really want a dog please help with answers?
  211. What is the most you would pay for a used dog stroller? (We are looking to buy
  212. some one wants to use my dog to mate his...?
  213. How to get my puppy to sleep on her bed I just bought her?
  214. Do you think that it is wrong to want to eat my dog!!!!!!!! Read the additional
  215. Where is the best place 2 buy a dog in RI?
  216. My pug puppy just pees wherever he wants while he's walking.?
  217. Where can I buy a fake moustache for my for my dog?
  218. I want to put a regular picture on a rock outside(my dog died) anyway of
  219. My mom wants to get another dog, a St.Bernard or Newfoundland, any good...
  220. i want to create a dog rug?
  221. buying a dog! Poma-poo dog help!?
  222. I want to board a dog at my house...?
  223. Do You Want to mate dogs?
  224. I want a dog buy my mom... help?
  225. Dogs i want and what do you think i should do?
  226. I want to know how can i get rid of a dog?
  227. My friend wants to breed her dogs, but knows nothing about it!?
  228. if someone gives you a dog for free and in 4 days wants it back, do you...
  229. I know what kind of Dog i want YES!?
  230. Why do some people with stud dogs only want to breed with pedigree bitchs?
  231. Hi i have a lovely lab puppy she is 12 weeks, i want to know when they stop biting.?
  232. I want a dog but not allowed help please?
  233. HELP!! Has any1 been through a slip disc with there dog? Successful...
  234. Can I break my lease if I want to move due to a neighbor's barking dog?
  235. I want to get a dog but there a prob help?
  236. As a pet (more specifically dogs) owner, what kind of product would you want to...
  237. Where can I buy a cheap small dog (like Maltese)?
  238. i want a dog im not allowed HELP?
  239. i want a puppy can i leave it at home?
  240. I just bought a dog. (yorkie) HELP. what to eat.?
  241. where can i buy dog tags with lip gloss inside them?
  242. Can You HELP ME i want to get a puppy(plz help)?
  243. I realy want a second dog but how?
  244. I have been wanting a dog for a really long time i am responsible enough
  245. My puppy doesn't want to eat?
  246. I want to buy a Cavalier or King Charles Spaniel Puppy?
  247. dog bree help .help pick breed i want.?
  248. How to tell my parents I want a dog.?
  249. i dont want my dog to die!?
  250. I dont want my dog. What should I do?