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  1. i have just bought a shih tzu puppy hes gorgeous but hes so small?
  2. Should I buy a sweater for my dog?
  3. where can i buy a Dog Tags Custom Personalized?
  4. How do I walk a dog that doesn't want to walk?
  5. Where can I go to buy a Jack Russel Terrier puppy in Virginia or Maryland?
  6. i want my dog to become a therapy dog?
  7. where can i buy a dog?????? max points?
  8. Want a new puppy... mom is confusing me, please help?
  9. How do I convince my parents to buy me a dog for Christmas?
  10. Is it bad that when I want my dog out of my way I give him his humping pillow?
  11. I want to Adopt a puppy locally?
  12. i just got my appendix removed and i im buying a puppy tomorow, a maltese...?
  13. I want to start Dog Bussiness as Part time job seeking advice from some Expierecend
  14. Does anyone know where online to buy a nice Wolf/dog costume?
  15. Where can i buy a MALE PIT BULL PUPPY?
  16. where can i buy caucasian mountain dog pup?
  17. Why do people want my puppy to die for being a mutt.?
  18. I bought a chocolate lab puppy from a friend. She looks like she had pitbull in...
  19. What is the importance of having AKC papers when I buy a puppy?
  20. How to tell my dad i want a dog?
  21. My 13 year old dog has decided she doesn't want to walk on a leash anymore! Any
  22. What type of dog should I buy (live in CA)?
  23. I really want a new puppy!?
  24. Where can I buy dog tags?
  25. Is it possible to have a dog trained to go to the shop and buy chocolate
  26. what does it mean when a guy is looking to buy a dog after a break up?
  27. Buying a puppy from a contact on here.?
  28. want a pomeranian puppy ?
  29. i want to register my dog in american kennel club?
  30. Does anyone know where I can buy a Jack Russell Terrier puppy in California?
  31. I want to get a puppy what would be a good one?
  32. My dog is terminally ill, what gun should I buy?
  33. I want to buy a puppy this weekend , Just how do i go about doing this...
  34. What handmade/homemade item would you buy for your dog?
  35. how can I convince my parents to buy me a puppy?
  36. Wanting to buy a puppy?
  37. I want to fly a small dog from Jacksonville florida to Tokyo Japan. I...
  38. Please help! I am looking to buy a large dog that fits the following...?
  39. I want a dog for a apartament?
  40. i want to arrange transport for my puppy from Limerick, Ireland to the UK, how
  41. My mother wants a trained dog but my father wants a puppy.how can we resolve this?
  42. Where can i buy a disc / frisbee to use with my dog?
  43. I want a puppy that stays small, and does not shed! Ideas?
  44. How much can i buy a jack russell puppy for? i bought mine for 400 with
  45. I want a dog but how much would this cost.?
  46. I want a puppy, but do you think I can get one?
  47. 10 POINTS!!!!!!!!!EASY!!!!what kind of dog is good for appartments? I don't want...
  48. where can i buy a German Shepard Puppy For sale In Phoenix Arizona?
  49. I am stationed in Italy and want a puppy delivered to my gf soon to be...
  50. Why would people want to find or buy a "specific" mix breed puppy/dog?
  51. Where can I buy 5+ Dog Costume in Macedonia?
  52. Would you want a puppy like this?
  53. is it a good idea to buy a puppy online?
  54. what does my dog want?
  55. i want to buy a new puppy,preferrably a large breed.please suggest me the best
  56. Where can you buy cheap dog-tags (necklace) in Melbourne?
  57. i just want a puppy dog for free in, colorado springs?
  58. I want to take my dog with me when I go on holiday?
  59. What makes parents want another dog?
  60. Has anyone bought a puppy from oodle.com?
  61. where in California can i buy a catahoula puppy?
  62. Where can I buy a Sesshomaru dog-tag OTHER THAN EBAY!!!!?
  63. How do i convince my dad to buy me a dog?
  64. Why does my puppy prefer to chew on my toes rather than the million toys I bought...
  65. Things to buy when adopting a new dog?
  66. Hey i want to buy a dog from USA and bring it to canada alberta, how much does US
  67. My Dad does not want our dog with us anymore :|?
  68. My puppy doesn't want to eat her usual food anymore?
  69. I want a big dog and my bf doesn't, what do I do?
  70. Who sells a puppy at 3 weeks old? Doesn't stuff like this make you want to puke?
  71. Want a safe car seat for my puppy. I have a small sports car.He is 7lb...
  72. Is it wrong to want a shock collar for a 7-8 month old puppy? Our Pineranian...
  73. I want to start up a hot dog stand in Phoenix.?
  74. I was thinking about buying a newborn puppy?
  75. how can i convince him to buy me a puppy?
  76. What should I buy for my dog to prepare him for his first time in the snow?
  77. I can't decide what puppy i want, Can you please help?
  78. does anyone know of something My Dog has Pain in her legs I want something natural?
  79. What handmade/homemade item would you buy for your dog?
  80. Please helpme name my shug puppy,I want a odd or unique name.?
  81. how do i buy a plane ticket for a dog?
  82. I want to bring my pet dog with me - from Turkey - to UK to live. What steps do i...
  83. I want to enter my dog into a show?
  84. I want a dog for cristmas what should i get?
  85. getting new puppy hubby soldier, want soldier name?
  86. I want to start a dog club at my school, I need ideas!?
  87. Do people still buy Dog Kennels for their Dogs?
  88. Is it wrong to buy a fur coat for my dog?
  89. how can i convince my parents to buy a puppy?
  90. I am looking to buy a bichon frise puppy?
  91. My puppy does not want to eat pure dog food anymore. why and what to do?
  92. Is it okay that my 16 week old puppy does not want to pee before bed and instead
  93. Should we adopt or buy a puppy?
  94. Alright... so i really want a puppy?
  95. I want a dog but I am not able to get one write now.?
  96. Why does my dog want to eat 24/7?
  97. where to buy bulk dog food like 500 to 1000 pounds but cheaper than in the store?
  98. I want to protect my bernese puppy with Vet insurance, what is the best kind?
  99. where can i buy a Shih-poo puppy in California?
  100. How can I convince my parents to buy me (or let me adopt) a puppy/dog?
  101. My dog wants to enlist in the military?
  102. Where To Buy Dog Meat In United States?
  103. I want to get my dog into modeling. Where do I start?
  104. I am looking to buy a small, cute dog. Any suggestions?
  105. When A Female Dog is at Heat and we dont want Puppies at that Time ?
  106. i recently move from a different state and my dog doesnt want to drink the
  107. i want my maltese puppy to have babies how do i go about that?
  108. I want a puppy so badly, my mom doesnt let me, what can i do to convince her to
  109. puppy whining and i want to sleep?
  110. Should i buy a puppy that was conceived through artificial insemination?
  111. i have a puppy 6 month old german shepard nd pit i have to get rid of
  112. Where in the Philippines or Metro manila can we buy Wellness Dog food?
  113. I want to get my puppy involved in something that makes a difference for when he is
  114. hi i wanna adopt or buy a puppy 4r my hme but dont know wer i can attain my
  115. What dog to buy in december?
  116. What are the best products to buy from a small pooshih puppy?
  117. how safe is it to buy a puppy online?
  118. What size travel crate should I buy to bring home my 8 week old bernese puppy?
  119. If I bought a Dalmatian puppy, would I be able to take it home by train?
  120. can you think of anything else I need to buy for my new puppy?
  121. What kind of dog is this I want it? What is a website or puppy mill I can buy one
  122. Best place to buy a puppy in Northern Ireland?
  123. How much is it to buy a Rhosedian Ridge back puppy from a breeder?
  124. I bought a puppy today that had fleas?
  125. buy a beagle puppy/dog from melbourne,australia?
  126. is it ok to buy a puppy at 7 weeks old?
  127. Did you buy a puppy from......?
  128. Where could I buy a dog coat for Winter for my Dalmatian puppy? And ways of
  129. What should I buy for a new Maltese Puppy?
  130. Where to buy an Shiba inu puppy in NYC? Any good reputable Puppy stores?
  131. Where can i buy nosodes for my puppy?
  132. where can i buy a cute puppy in dallas?
  133. Is Puppy Playhouse in La Crescenta, California a good place to buy dogs?
  134. where is the best place to look and buy a puppy?
  135. How can I talk my parents into letting me buy a puppy?
  136. Where's a good place to buy Pomeranian puppies in Georgia?
  137. Where can I buy a maltipoo puppy in the UK?
  138. Does anyone know a place in Riverside, Ca where i can buy a puppy?
  139. Where can i buy a beagle puppy from around nottingham ? can travel?
  140. Where can I buy a Dalmatian puppy in the cleveland, Ohio?
  141. Looking to buy a puppy in Alberta?
  142. My puppy whines and I want him to stop!?
  143. hey every 1 i just wanted to know if my dog luks pure pitball ? shes 5months in
  144. I want to download and install the new puppy linux. Not sure what I need...
  145. Does anyone know where to buy Frontline for Dogs in Bulk?
  146. I have a great looking dog. i want to enter him in some sort of show, but
  147. i want to get a puppy so badly! please help me!!!!!...?
  148. where can you buy the dog that can fit in a tea cup and plz do not say there is
  149. Is it cheaper to build or buy a dog house?
  150. I'm about to buy a puppy dog can some one help me out?
  151. i bought a puppy suppose to be toy poddle?
  152. Is it reasonable for a man to own a standard poodle? I want a dog that retrieves...
  153. Does anybody know where i can buy a pug puppy?
  154. where can i buy a dog in ontario?????????????????????
  155. Do people want a dog that is fixed or a dog that is intact.?
  156. hey every 1 i just wanted to know if my dog luks pure pitball ? shes 5months in
  157. I just bought a Pug puppy and I wanted to know how much she'll weigh as an adult?
  158. i want to adopt a puppy!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  159. I live in Gadsden Al. and I really want to buy a pug puppy, without having to...
  160. If I wanted to have two dogs simultaneously as to keep each other
  161. my dog gave birth 4 days ago and is acting strange. she wants out all the...
  162. I have no pet clause /landlord was aware of dog @ move in/ they were evicted...
  163. Canadian dog lovers, where do you buy treats?
  164. Is it me, or is it harder to rescue or adopt a dog than to buy one?
  165. What happens to puppies in Puppy Mills when they become adults and aren't bought?
  166. i bought a dog before i moved in with my girl. we broke up. i moved out and she
  167. Is it callous of me to want a new puppy so soon after my beloved pet died.?
  168. i have 3 dogs and want to introduce them to my boyfriends 2 dogs... advice?
  169. I have been home cooking for my dog, but my mom dosent approve and keeps...
  170. I want to get a dog but my boyfriend is allergic?
  171. Do you REALLY want someone to adopt these dogs?
  172. I need to raise the perfect bernese mountain dog puppy, I'm getting him
  173. Does any one have puppies for sale i could buy?
  174. at a concert you buy a hat for $10,00,a hot dog for $2.75,and nachos for $3.50.There
  175. i want to get a kitten but i dont knoe if my dog will kill it.?
  176. i want to walk around my house with bare feet and not worry about a
  177. I'm getting a golden retreiver puppy, and I want a name?
  178. i want my dog to socialize without growling?
  179. I want to buy a dog!?
  180. I want to download and install the new puppy linux. Not sure what I need...
  181. I want back packs for my dogs. Any suggestions?
  182. Where can i buy some dog clothes?
  183. Wants a puppy have been researching for months and need help?!?
  184. What things do i need to buy my dog?
  185. Would you buy a purebred puppy for $1,500 ?
  186. I'm really want a puppy, but I need advice!?
  187. My dog wants to vomit but can't. How can I help?
  188. Is puppyfind.com a good website to buy dogs?
  189. I bought a puppy on sunday and it is now Monday I have found out that the dog...
  190. I want a dog, SO BADLY!!! HELP!?
  191. I am new to dog grooming and wanna know if anyone could recommend a good...
  192. where can i buy dog whisperer canine adult formula dog food?
  193. my family want a puppy/dog but it would be left alone for 6hrs a day, what type...
  194. Where to buy a puppy ?
  195. my dog just died, and I want to be able to say goodbye somehow. can anyone give
  196. My mom keeps buying dogs?
  197. Help me my friend smells like a wet dog smell i dont know what to say i dont
  198. what should i wear if for halloween i want to be a sexy dog?
  199. wanting a new puppy! any suggestions welcome?
  200. help! my mom wants my dog to start sleeping outside!! :(:(:(?
  201. Where to buy high quality dog food?
  202. hi i am 10 and i really want a puppy but i have a small fear of dogs but they so
  203. my dog found a blue square block ( mouse poisen i bought at the dollar tree?
  204. i want a puppy but my dad wont let me have one!?
  205. I don't know what to do i want a dog but my parents won't have any of it?
  206. how do i get my male dog to stop lifting his leg and peeing anywhere he wants?
  207. What New Puppy Should I Buy ?
  208. I want my dog to be happy while I am at work - should I get a 2nd dog for her
  209. I really want to get a puppy..what is the best kind of dog ?
  210. I really want another dog!!?
  211. I live in NC I want a puppy cheap and small full grown?
  212. why is buying puppies from pet stores really bad.?
  213. I am buying a puppy but looking at his pedigree his father and mother are half...
  214. buying a dog dogue de bordaeux but the dog had a lump on its head but?
  215. I bought the nick jonas dog tag and have a big problem!?
  216. What kind of dog should I buy?
  217. Looking to finally buy a dog..?? Advice?
  218. How do I get my puppy to want to swim ?
  219. My dog has colitis, I want some advise on which diet supplements I can give him -...
  220. Buying a dog from the usa.?
  221. My cat wants to kill my new puppy, experienced advice?
  222. >>>>>>>> Which dog breed is better to buy?
  223. I Want A Bulldog Puppy!?
  224. I want to buy Solid Gold Wolf Cub Large-Breed Puppy dog food but I live in the...
  225. me and my kids want a puppy but all of them are to high we live in...
  226. My dog has scabs on his penis and scrotum and they are peeling off and...
  227. I want my Pitbull to be a search and rescue dog?
  228. I have a puppy pit bull but it dose not have papers, what should I do if I want
  229. what do i excactly need to buy a puppy and how much will it cost?
  230. Ok I want a dog but the problem is what breed?
  231. Puppy has a limp and vet want to operate without doing any tests!?
  232. i dont want to make my dog have problems later?
  233. i want to buy a puppy and i have 3 kids and i don't now what breed to buy?
  234. how do i get my dog to ring a bell when he wants to potty?
  235. what all do i need to buy for my puppy?
  236. If KFC starts selling Extra Crispy Corn Dog, would you buy it?
  237. Dog is dropping to much fur!! Help?? dont want dog to leave!! :(?
  238. My friends want me to sell my puppy, what should I do?
  239. Is the weather the reason my 3 month year old puppy doesn't want to run...
  240. How can I convince my dad to buy me a dog?
  241. I want a PUREBRED dog?
  242. my puppy just got neutered yesterday and he does not want to pee. is that normal?
  243. i want to buy a puppy, but i don't know if this is a dog i shuldl buy?
  244. does anyone want to sell a corgi dachshund puppy please?
  245. Puppy has a limp and vet want to operate without doing any tests!?
  246. why does my puppy not want walks?
  247. How do I make my dog want to pay attention to me?
  248. I dont want to leave my dog?
  249. my daughter wants a toy dog but i would like to get the right one for our family!?
  250. Poll:do you want a puppy?