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  1. What can I do for my dog who bites and scratches himself all of his waking hours?
  2. What breed of dog does Robert Pattinson have?
  3. why is my dog afraid of getting into the car?
  4. i think it is great here to ask but also banfield has a puppy plan to help u?
  5. How can I stop my dog from eating tiny pieces of things?
  6. Why does my puppy bite everyone when they sit down on the ground?
  7. Does anybody really care what kind of dog the Obama's get?
  8. I think my dog has incontinence....?
  9. Best dog ever!!??!.......................?
  10. Can the (blue dog) Democrats save us for Obama and Pelosi's out of control...
  11. Is this normal? Why is my puppy biting so bad?
  12. any ideas on small dogs?
  13. Who let the dogs out?
  14. A good dog breed for me?
  15. How can I find a dog breeder in my area?
  16. to answers about my puppy of 5 months barking at night?
  17. Help my dachshund is super scared of my new puppy??? HELP!!!?
  18. which kind of a dog is right for an 11 yr old and why?
  19. want a dog but no garden?!?
  20. Who will police the Dems in Congress now that they are top dog?
  21. What are some good dog names?
  22. 8 Week old pitbull puppy Help?
  23. I need a name for two golden retriever puppies?
  24. Help with Chow chow puppy?
  25. a question about dogs.?
  26. Tolet Train my puppy?
  27. privacy fence for digging dogs?
  28. My dogs eyes water alot is this normal?
  29. if my dog is diagnosed with spondylodiscitis, what would be his symptoms?
  30. Which combination should i get my next dogs in?
  31. Victoria Stilwell or the dog whisperer dude?
  32. feeding question? puppy food V adult food?
  33. Just bought a very young puppy?
  34. how do you break a puppy of this ?
  35. should i take my dog to the vet? is there anything wrong with him?
  36. can i use hydrogen peroxide on my dog?
  37. why do dogs like to fetch?
  38. What should i do, My dog has a red patch of skin with no fur.?
  39. Dog has a hairless patch under arm pit (with tiny bumps)?
  40. How to stop my dog from jumping up and bite my clothes and hands from over...
  41. Is it normal for a dog to start drinking and peeing more as he gets older?
  42. my dog has developed a red swallen gland in his eye. ?
  43. What Kind of Dog Should we Get?
  44. Have you seen a Dog named?
  45. My dog won't stop chewing on cords :[?
  46. Is your dog a genius, retarded, or somewhere in between?
  47. How Many Weeks Should Puppies Be With The Mom?
  48. Please help my puppy will not sleep?
  49. why does my puppy look big?
  50. Opinions on no bark collars for puppies?
  51. My dog hasn't pooped in a little over a day...?
  52. I gave my 4 week old puppy cow's milk...now she has diarrhea?
  53. My mum is getting me another dog for my birthday.. ?
  54. letting dog go in a dirty lake to swim with tadpoles?
  55. Why is my dog howling?
  56. Chocolate And Dogs!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?
  57. Urgent help with my dog's barking problems?
  58. how long before my dog has her puppies?
  59. My puppy is itching? Help!?
  60. My puppy was dewormed wednesday. for how long should I still be seeing
  61. My dog was neutered at too young of an age, hes a rescue, my female just had...
  62. Why do fairy puppies glow in the dark?
  63. I want to dye my dog purple with kool-aid?
  64. Potty Train a Puppy How?
  65. what kind of dog do you have ?
  66. M y 2 dogs have Fleas!!!!! Any suggestions as to get rid of them
  67. BULLDOG owners, what types of treats are you giving your puppy or adult . . .?
  68. what is the best dog for kids.?
  69. I need help choosing a middle name for my puppy.?
  70. Did Kevin Nash put peanut butter on his toes so his dog could lick it off?
  71. What Small dog should I get?
  72. 4 Month old puppy who is otherwise fit and well?
  73. Where is an online sled dog game?
  74. Is my lab considered an adult or puppy?
  75. New puppy will not eat or drink for new owners?
  76. why does my dog lick me? lol?
  77. Poll: Is my dog going blind........?
  78. Do Dogs have a memory when they do something wrong?
  79. French Bulldog Puppies for sale?
  80. Puppy's head is wobbling like a bobble head doll. Has anyone seen this before?
  81. how do you stop an unleashed dog from attacking your dog on the street?
  82. Im not allergic to dogs yet every time im around my new puppy i have trouble...
  83. How to walk my dog instead of my dog walking me!?
  84. How can I tell if my puppy is ok?
  85. Have you ever taken your dog to get a specialty bath?
  86. My dog has become really aggressive!?
  87. Advice on how to feed and care for a stray dog?
  88. Puppy broke a tooth.?
  89. my dog won't stop licking the inside of her front legs?
  90. yorkiee puppies dogs.?
  91. my dogs feces is sandy and gritty is this from eating kitty litter?
  92. Old Cartoon Network animation about CAT and DOG?
  93. What method do you use to train a puppy to walk on a leash?
  94. Can dogs see ghosts/spirits?
  95. rescued dogs up for adoption in san bernardino county california?
  96. Dog peed on winter jacket, need help!!?
  97. I dont know what to do about this dog..?
  98. my dog has a big tumor!!! what do i do?
  99. Is this video of what I did to my puppy mean or funny?
  100. my puppy has worms in his poo?
  101. What do you feed your senior dog?
  102. my puppy was chewing on a pointsetta leaf..?
  103. Is treadmill exercise (for my dog) more intense then a regular walk?
  104. need to know proper ear care for pit bull puppy, after i have his ears clipped?
  105. Is it just me or do you get sad when you see HBK's puppy dog eyes?
  106. Which are more dangerous to society - Republicans or mad dogs?
  107. How to stop dog from barking at TV?
  108. How to stop my dog from barking in the middle of the night?
  109. 10 week old puppy has running stools?
  110. My dog puked white foamy stuff ?
  111. dog question for yall please?
  112. Pound Puppy toy that had puppies?
  113. Is there somewhere i can go to get my puppy nuetered for free or low cost?
  114. Why does the U.S. President-elect always seem to get a new White House
  115. What is better for you dog to chew on?
  116. how can i get my dogs full attention?
  117. tetnus shot for kid who was scratched by pit bull dog..?
  118. My Labradoodle puppy has bladder problems?
  119. My dog has been through a violent episode, bloody stool, luthargic, and in some
  120. How do i get my Yorkiepoo puppy to go outside?
  121. How long did it take to house train your puppy?
  122. survey for dog owners?
  123. what does the invisible fence do to keep dogs in?
  124. is it dogs being dominant?
  125. 4th question How much does your dog or dogs weigh?
  126. 3 week old puppies: important things to know?
  127. I have a 12 month old dog ?
  128. Changing my Puppy?s diet without a transition period?
  129. what do dog tags symbolise?
  130. i'm tinking of getting a puppy i need name suggestions. he's black and white...
  131. My dog has problems, how can I convince him that he at least was to put some...
  132. Is it safe for dogs to DRINK from a pool, water fountain or river/lake?
  133. What's the biggest, meanest, most intimidating, loyal dog?
  134. How to give the dog a bath?
  135. How to report a nasty dog breeder?
  136. Negative reaction upon introducing new puppy to 2 dog family. Any advice?
  137. How do I know when it's safe to leave my kitten alone with my dog?
  138. What age should I get my first dog?
  139. My 2 day old puppies have a red belly...?
  140. Does any of your dogs watch tv?
  141. i need a beautiful name for a female standard poodle puppy any suggestions?
  142. what breeds of dogs good with small children? for a 7 year old?
  143. Dog is not putting weight on back leg?
  144. transporting a puppy?
  145. What should go in a 12 week old puppies crate ?
  146. I have a puppy question?
  147. Can a breeder register one puppy from a litter?
  148. Cyst Ulcer, red enlarged tissue on the side of my dogs mouth?
  149. dog problemsssssssssss?
  150. How big will my dog get ?
  151. my dog has bumps all over his body,legs and face there not red but he looks...
  152. Nicknames for your dogs?
  153. My Chow Chow puppy has ringworm any advice?
  154. Why does my dog potty in the house since bringing baby home?
  155. 8 week old jack russell puppy?
  156. Do you realize, that before when there were no plastic bags, we did not have to pick
  157. New dog.. how to get to sit...more info inside?
  158. Gifted mixed breed dog identifiers...What breeds do you think make up this dog?
  159. Do you believe dogs have a 6th sense? ?
  160. my puppy refuses to eat...?
  161. G W Bush, in his final press conference as President, has stated that 'history
  162. 2nd Question how old is your Dog?
  163. Does my Dog have Wobblers Syndrome?
  164. how long does it take to potty train a puppy?
  165. What's wrong with my dog?
  166. 9 week old puppy afraid of people?
  167. my three wk old pit jus strtd to wean is eating mashed puppy food and
  168. Hmmm protective dogs?
  169. What sort of dog should I get? or is it appropriate for me to get a dog?
  170. Does anyone know where I can adopt a small puppy for free? ?
  171. My dogs favorite person just passed away and he has been so sad lately... do...
  172. I have a question on the movie Alpha Dog.?
  173. Puppy throwing up after eating?
  174. worms in puppies poop?
  175. Looking for dog breeder?
  176. When will my new born puppies their eyes?
  177. Why do people keep dogs?
  178. help! i need info about bringing home a puppy?
  179. Would you Rather eat your dog or....?
  180. My dogs temp is 99.3, I am curious if her puppies could come soon?
  181. What is wrong with my dog?
  182. I want to adopt a maltese dog i live in tamilnadu ,india ... where would i
  183. washed carpet now smells like wet dog!?
  184. Why are puppies cute? ?
  185. I am in dire straights, dog ate my Gianni Bini pumps!! leaving for vacation in 3
  186. how can i stop my 14month german shepard barking at other dogs he is otherwise
  187. How do i treat my dog beggining to end of her pregnancy?
  188. My dog has had three puppies in 40 minnutes but hasnt had another one for and
  189. My dog has a nasty hang-nail?
  190. doesn't it piss you off when people people say one certain dog is dangerous?
  191. *Breeding my dog with male of another breed*?
  192. Would you adopt a dog with disability?
  193. Be honest... Do you really care what dog the president is getting for his girls?
  194. Poll: Poll: pool poll puppy poll: Choose a ? ?
  195. i have a white dog,but i don't exactly know what kind of dog he is.?
  196. why r puppies so cute?
  197. can someone who is allergic to cats and dogs get a?
  198. To anyone with experience with border terriers?: 14week old puppy howls when...
  199. My neighbors have asked me to feed their dogs while they're out of town...
  200. What breed of dog would you say is a traditional house dog?
  201. what should i do? i accidentally trimmed one of my dogs nails too short?
  202. what are hot dogs made of?
  203. What kind of dog does she look like?
  204. Is this a good enough reason to hate my dog?
  205. Is it okay to train my puppy to potty inside on newspaper?
  206. Question about my dogs eating habits?
  207. my puppies get bored!?
  208. My puppy is 5 months but doesn't bark. ?
  209. i need male and female dog names quick?
  210. what is wrong with my dog?
  211. What does bloodlines mean as in with dogs?
  212. do you like puppy's or kitties more?
  213. Just bought Andis dog clippers w/ #10 blade. I want my dogs hair 3/4 so...
  214. other animal rescue centres like dogs trust?
  215. Would you kill a puppy for 1 million dollars in cold hard cash?
  216. Cartoon tv show with dogs as heroes?
  217. What do you call a dog with no legs...?
  218. What are your thoughts of the dog whisperer?
  219. HELP!!! A name for a yorkie puppy???
  220. The whites of my dogs eyes are brown?
  221. Why are the most asinine questions asked by dog owners?
  222. How can I remove peanut butter, puppy drool, and....?
  223. Help!!!! My dog ate Vicks VapoRub!!!!!?
  224. What kind of dog carrier should I get for my bike?
  225. Weird things your dog does?
  226. Do you walk your dog if you live on a farm and the dog is not restrained?
  227. Black Dots on Dogs Elbows?
  228. What kind of dog do I have?
  229. Do the higher premium dog foods..?
  230. =Will 'breaded hot dogs' fry good in butter instead of oil?=?
  231. my dog is in labor and has bad three puppies so far. but another one has came...
  232. Proverb: Who else will lift a dogs tail if not itself?
  233. Puppies urine smells of ammonia?
  234. why don't dogs have belly buttons?
  235. How can i get my dog to stop chewing?
  236. My Dog has a Real Bad shedding Prob.?
  237. Is anyone looking for a new dog for the family?
  238. how do i ward off unrestrained dogs?
  239. What does a white/opaque discharge in a female dog mean?
  240. will my pitbull puppy have a big head?
  241. What's the best small toy dog for a 12 year old?
  242. What is wrong with my dog? Vomiting, lethargy, drinking water, but can't
  243. I need dog help please?
  244. Never ceases to amaze me about dogs and owners?
  245. Help My Dog Ate Chocalate And Now I Think He Has The Hip Ups!!!!?
  246. how long does a dog stay in heat?
  247. Bernese Mtn dog as a surf buddy?
  248. I need a breed/mixed breed of puppy that fits these characteristics?
  249. Tell me if you like my dog!! (Pitbull(s)?
  250. Will neutering my male dog stop him from being so agitated when my Female dog is in