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  1. Is my dog having puppies soon?
  2. why does my dog only pee in my room ?
  3. will eny thing happen my dog ate chocalate!!!!?
  4. OK my female dog is very weird when she gets like angry her hair sticks up?
  5. How often should I change the paper in my 5 year old's dog crate?
  6. How can I show my dog that I am her owner and not my brother or Mom?
  7. Dog Peeing scent!!?!? (advice needed)?
  8. What does it mean when a puppy/dog urinates near some perticular people, and
  9. Found a puppy need information of what breed it is.?
  10. My dog bit me????? ?
  11. What is the Vegan stance on Seeing Eye Dogs?
  12. why cant puppy mills be shut down?
  13. What is this in my dogs ear after an operation?
  14. Is there a product that can be put on the grass to discourage dogs for
  15. what is an illusion collar for dogs?
  16. My dog layed on her pup and killed it !!!!!!!?
  17. what age will my puppy's bits drop? haha.?
  18. Who here has tried Hot Dog Station (HDS)?
  19. Would you adopt this dog?
  20. my dog is limping. What could it be? Details below:?
  21. Do you think dogs can see ghost?
  22. What is a good dewormer for puppies?
  23. Any Good names for dogs?
  24. what do you do when you get a new puppy and you already had 2 dogs but one is old ?
  25. What breed of dog is this???
  26. My fiancee's dog is making my life hell!!!!!!!!!?
  27. Neighbors dog killed my moms cat, what can be done?
  28. My dog hurt his leg what should I do?
  29. My puppy keeps going and sitting on her own!?
  30. 1 year old dog not feeding her puppies.?
  31. my new GSD puppy yelps for no apparent reason?
  32. i have a question about my dog?
  33. Is it true that you have to choose between raising your dog as a guard dog,...
  34. my casin killed my dog, shuld i turn him in to police?
  35. Considering a Havaton Puppy?
  36. What dog breed should I get?
  37. how to control puppy when somebody come?
  38. Im from de korea my name is rich cho, and my femily eats dog, does this make me bad?
  39. why is my dog nose peeling off? ?
  40. Why does my dog like to rub her face in...?
  41. In A Dog's Life by Ann M. Martin, what chapter does Moon die in?
  42. Dog friendly places in Wi.?
  43. In your opinion...what dog do you think is the friendliest?
  44. What can i do to get my dog back?
  45. Mixed Breed Dog Owners?
  46. is my dog going to have puppies?????PLZ ANSWER SOON!?
  47. Do you think it's bad to dress your dog?
  48. A Dog, and A new Puppy! Please help before I pull out my hair! ANY advice is...
  49. 5 pound dog breeds????
  50. Why do people who breed professionally tell other people not to breed dogs?
  51. Getting a puppy when I already have an older dog?
  52. I plan to adopt a one year grayden puppy can some one tell how will he behave with
  53. How much can a female dog continue to grow after her first heat?
  54. I have 2 dogs and one is dying. Will the other dog understand when he goes?
  55. Micro-chipping your dog?
  56. my puppy has diarrhea and i cant figure out what caused it.........?
  57. Puppies getting spayed?
  58. Why do dogs put their nose in your hair and try to land do on your head?
  59. My dog is behaving aggressively when off-leash?
  60. I need some guidance on how to train my new puppies. ?
  61. can fever be the result of a dog daing?
  62. Is it healthy for a dog to be yelled at?
  63. my dashaund is about a year 1 year old. Had her trained on puppy pads....
  64. Which dog is better a doberman or a dogo argentino?
  65. What is the best and most complete dog breed book out there? ?
  66. What is your dogs name?
  67. How do i convince my mom to get a puppy?
  68. I have 6 5 week old puppies. Mom wants nothing 2 do w/them. Can i keep her out
  69. How have the dogs that you own today, come into your life?
  70. White spot on my dogs tail?
  71. What would be a good size crate for a golden retreiver puppy to grow into?
  72. what Breed is my dog?How can i found out without paying for a dna test?
  73. Puppy Ate Clay ? answers please?
  74. dog taking deep sudden breaths through his nose?
  75. My dog sleeps 22 hrs a day. Is that normal?
  76. How I can get my dogs used to my future newborn baby? I want to make
  77. Feeding my 12 week old puppy...?
  78. why does my jack russell dog go hypo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  79. Retirement homes for dogs?
  80. When will i lose my puppy fat?
  81. What is the right age to teach your dog about sex?
  82. Kooiker Puppies in UK?
  83. Renal Lymphoma in dogs any advice?
  84. My lab will not eat its dog food unless I doctor it up with bacon grease, or
  85. Why does my puppy do this? How do I fix it?
  86. Puppy question PLZZZZZZZ ANSWER NEED HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  87. How many of you watch the tv program Dog Whisperer?
  88. Why is my dog doing this?
  89. I have a VERY important dog question.......................................... ....?
  90. my dog had sex for first time i do wont puppies but is it even possible for
  91. How can i clean my puppies eyes?
  92. Which grains are good for dogs?
  93. How to stop my dog from licking my other dog's ears?
  94. Help me!! My Puppy keeps puking!!?
  95. Is it normal for a 4 month old puppy to pee this much?
  96. Which puppy would you choose?
  97. Two Dogs Too Aggressive?
  98. If you could be a dog, which breed you want to be? Why?
  99. Should I replace my son's dog?
  100. Will it ever stop? Designer Dogs and Teacups?
  101. puppy illness what should be done?
  102. Is it normal for a dog to have 3 bumps on her chest ? ?
  103. What is a good puppy for a female teen?
  104. My vet CASUALLY mentioned my dog's heart was a little mumured...?
  105. What types of dogs are least likely to 'roam' and need the least fencing? - thanks.?
  106. Why does my dog do this?
  107. Can a debarked dog growl?
  108. what if i don't know if i was bitten by a dog?
  109. how long does a phantom pregnancy last in a dog?
  110. how do you get over your dogs death ?
  111. my dog is friendly b ut?
  112. hey any vets out there? my dog has a problem...?
  113. For how long do puppies defecate worms after they've been dewormed? ?
  114. how long does it USUALLY take to house break a dog. ?
  115. my dog likes to lick.................?
  116. My new puppy is sceard of men what is 1 way to help her get over her fears shes
  117. Why Does My Dog Love Bubble Gum?
  118. Substitution for Temaril-P for dogs?
  119. My dog does the weirdest thing...?
  120. What are these things in my dogs fur?
  121. When are puppies ready to go?
  122. Whimpering dog question?
  123. I have had my puppy for 12 hours now. He hasnt gone number 2 at all. help?
  124. Looking for fun ways to keep my dog cool and hydrated?
  125. My dog had 3 puppies 5 hours ago and her tummy looks so big, she has something
  126. My dog is eating his crap??? What the hell??? HELP?
  127. My 7 month old puppy isnt house trained yet and keeps messing in the kitchen at...
  128. Shot a dog in the ass with a pellet gun for trespassing in my yard?
  129. What would you name this male shi tzu puppy?
  130. How can I teach my dog to walk without a lead?
  131. new dog wont go into doghouse. help?
  132. do you think it would be uncomfortable or irritable for a dog to wear a body
  133. Poll: Do You Think Dogs Have Feelings? Why?
  134. Why is she (my female dog) acting like this?
  135. Dogs or diamonds? Which one suits you?
  136. need a dog delivered to me help?
  137. Have you ever made someone you happen to like as sick as a dog by raving...
  138. What cutesy names have you made up for your dog(s)?
  139. I really want a dog, but im not allowed to get one. Do you have any ideas on what i
  140. what is my dog breed maltese or what?
  141. Does anyone know where I can find a schipperke puppy?
  142. I am looking for a small female dog/puppy for cheap?
  143. Is this dog being neglected?
  144. Dog question...................?
  145. Looking for a puppy in North west England!!?
  146. How can I get my 9 month old Lab puppy to settle down enough so that he...
  147. best way to introduce new puppy to old doggy?
  148. Is the puppy of a rabid dog already considered rabid too? thanks!?
  149. Unusual,Unique Girl dog names?
  150. What to feed my chow/rotti mix puppy?
  151. Vet Fees, our daughters frienda dog ran out of the?
  152. how do you check for fleas and ticks on your dog without going to a vet?
  153. how do i get my dog to stop biting?
  154. Does anyone have a dog who is scared of one particular gender?
  155. My Pekingese Dog is covered with tiny scabs?
  156. wormed puppy - passing live round worms is this normal?
  157. Feamle dog acting differently around female dog in heat?
  158. i stand for the heart to the dog with a heart than jupiter olympus with his head ?
  159. Why do people bring dogs?
  160. What do you prefer as a side dish for a hot dog?
  161. Why won't my dog stop itching?
  162. What do you think is the best type of dog?
  163. Can I take my puppy to the dog park even if he doesn't have all his shots?
  164. Could my dog be pregnant?
  165. Who knows how to train a puppy to stop barking at other animals and general noises?
  166. Can i leave my puppy in a play pen for 8 hours?
  167. is it true that puppy will not be given a shot less than 3 months old? why? ?
  168. how do I force my dog to urinate?
  169. when can I safely worm my mother dog and her 4 week old puppies?
  170. Dog with two draining tubes in her neck, is she going to scratch them out?
  171. what type of puppy shud i get?
  172. what do you do if your dog has rabies?
  173. My two puppies fight over bones/?
  174. Cottage Cheese For dog?
  175. Is this healthy for my puppy?
  176. Naming Help, what to name my new puppy?
  177. how do i get my dog to calm down?
  178. sick puppy please help if u can,?
  179. my dog is having fever episodes, and seems like hes hallucinating?
  180. What are things I should look for in dog adoption?
  181. how do i wohe new hotel for dogs moves?
  182. HELP!! My dog keeps on looking at me...and I don't know what she wants!?
  183. Curious...pet behavior cats and dogs?
  184. When does it go from punishing your dog to animal abuse?
  185. Please help me to potty train my puppy!?
  186. How do I get my stubborn cat to get along with the new puppy?
  187. will i ever see my dog Oscar again.?
  188. What Type of Puppy Should I Get?
  189. My dog has a peeing and pooping in house problem?
  190. What is wrong with my puppies nose?
  191. what are the chances of catching rabies from a 3 month old pup in Spain PRE
  192. Dog troubles...pleeaassseeee advise =( I don't know what to do...kinda long story
  193. Is your dog really smart?? SERIOUS PREGNANCY QUESTION ?
  194. How is a puppy difrint then a dog?
  195. While at school would it be a good idea to put the crate in the bathroom and
  196. How where do I go to register my Labrador puppy?
  197. How to introduce a 7 month old kitten into a home with a 7 month old puppy?
  198. My 4mth puppy? (10pts)?
  199. i can't get my puppy to stop biting.?
  200. dog breathing problems?
  201. How do I stop my dog from destroying/ripping apart her kennel?
  202. out of all the different machine games and dog races etc what has the best odds
  203. Vectra 3d dog flea Medicine and cats.?
  204. i have a puppy who is 15weeks old.he has had both injections but i was...
  205. Getting a Corgi puppy, needs a name.?
  206. Potty Training. New Puggle Puppy, Any tips?
  207. What's the title of the short story where a dog's owner dies in the cold and the
  208. My dog is sleeping with his eye , it's freaking me out!?!?
  209. I need a unique name for my puppy?
  210. 8 week old chiapom puppy (please help)?
  211. Puppy training (everything i read says a different thing)?
  212. My dog has a limp but she shows no signs of crying or pain, help?
  213. Help - dog has starting pooing in the house again!?
  214. Are these symptoms dog allergies or am I just getting a cold?
  215. What kind of Dog is this?
  216. Puppies for sale or for free!?
  217. Adopting a pit bull Puppy?
  218. I Am Looking For A Pure Breed Japanese Spitz Male Puppy?
  219. tater or saucy for a puppy name?
  220. considering getting my dog neutered, any up or downsides?
  221. Puppy Vac's Doing It MySelf?
  222. Why does my puppy keep throwing up?
  223. Have you ever seen Reservoir Dogs..........?
  224. Help with feeding my dogs and cats?
  225. Question about puppies and urine.?
  226. would you feel bad if you ran over someones dog in front of them?
  227. What can Heal My Dogs sprained ankle?
  228. I found this dog....can anyone help?
  229. Pain Killers for Dogs?
  230. We Just Brought Home A New Puppy...?
  231. My Puppy has Kennel Cough could I bath him?
  232. do you like hamster cat or dog?
  233. where can I buy english bulldog puppies in utah, nevada, idaho, or wyoming?
  234. what is wrong with my dog?
  235. How to stop a 12 week old puppy from nipping biting? ?
  236. how do i keep my dog from bitting my fingers?
  237. What is the best breed of dog?
  238. puppy shots? please help?
  239. How clever are dogs really?
  240. My dog has crazy bad breath!?
  241. another pregnant dog question ?
  242. What happens to the dogs that were fight dogs?....?
  243. pedigree natural dog food?
  244. Emergency! What Kind Of Illness Does My Dog Have?
  245. i don't know if my puppy is dying,its moving really slowly and it has diarrhea?
  246. Which dog would you get Maltese, Bichon or a Westie?
  247. What kind of healthy puppy food should my puppy eat?
  248. Dog strollers in a dog park?
  249. I just got a new maltese puppy, ant I have a few questions.?
  250. Age puppy can be fully potty trained?