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  1. i want to get a small pet not like a dog or a cat?
  2. I have a complicated question regarding my puppy?
  3. best dog there is just wondering?
  4. we have a 18 month old schnauzer bitch just gone into season driving our randy 9yr...
  5. My 4yr old dog has been getting up in the middle of the nigth to poop....
  6. how can i get rid of the smell of dog urine; my dog peed in my bed last
  7. Why does my dog always lick the furniture?
  8. is it ok that i touch my dogs testicles and my cats vagina?
  9. Ideas about bizarre puppy illness?
  10. i have a 2yr old dogue de bordeaux and ever since he was a puppy hes...
  11. my dog is 16 and continuosly walks in anti-clockwise circles and i dont know
  12. IM concerned about my puppy ?
  13. Does my dog have heart worms?
  14. why does my dads dog have three ears?
  15. what happen to the fireman who beat the puppy to death?
  16. why is my 5 month puppy still barking at night?
  17. Whats with my dog's unusual behavior?
  18. Can you get a dog registered to: AKC, CKC, NKC, UKC, FCI, APRI, and ACR?
  19. is it safe or a dog to get high?
  20. unique female puppy names?
  21. Puppy doesn't know when to quit?
  22. Were can I buy an AED Automated Ext Defib. for dogs? has one even been
  23. ok can Labrador Retriever puppy stay small dumb question please answer lol.?
  24. How do I talk my mom into letting us get a puppy?
  25. I have some puppy questions?
  26. Which Dog Should I Get?
  27. Cost of medication for hypothyroid in a dog?
  28. Why does the President-elect always seem to get a new White House dog just as...
  29. will my puppy be all right?
  30. Does anybody here know any breeders in Sacramento or nearby that sells Lab puppies?
  31. Those of you the Foster Dogs?
  32. should i put these dog cough drops in my teacher's coffee?
  33. How much wud I get 4 a puppy?
  34. our dog who is 10 has become aggresive?
  35. Extreme Scratching : Why does my dog do this? Anyone else experence
  36. My dog ate a Choward's Violet Mint, will it get sick?
  37. Help me!!!(sorry its in dogs)?
  38. how do i burn an iso of yellow dog linux onto a dvd?
  39. If a dog was given a 3-day worming of Safe-guard for tapeworms, will the worms that
  40. why does my dog kick his four legs backwards in a violent manner each time he
  41. german word for puppy is it pronunced her i shin ,or, hoo da shin, her da shin?
  42. Will you please vote for my Puppy?
  43. Who has a bull dog or a bull dog puppy?
  44. my dog likes to lick..........................?
  45. what dogs are the toughest?
  46. My Puppy STILL wakes me up in the middle of the night?
  47. Can I crate train a dog in 2.5 days?
  48. My puppy wont go down the stairs?
  49. What are the best dog breeds for drug detection?
  50. please help okay i got assigned a 300 word paper from a dogs point of view ANY
  51. I think my dog has frostbite, what should I do?
  52. why is my dog pissing on my other dog?
  53. Why is the movie Reservoir Dogs named so?
  54. Bulk Oatmeal Dog Shampoo 1 Gallon ?
  55. Where/How do you find a veterinarian that has experience cropping dog ears?
  56. Dogs in Colorado for out doors ?
  57. How much to charge for walking dogs and pet sitting?
  58. What can I do about dog urine creating yellow spots in the grass.?
  59. How do I get my dog to go Potty while on a leash?
  60. Can anyone recommend a large to giant breed of dog that would be gentle but
  61. has any one personaly seening the dog the bounty hunter in person if so where?
  62. How can you tell if a fatty lump on a dog is harmful and should be removed?
  63. Hi I have just purchased a Puppy..?
  64. How much is this dog worth?
  65. what happens if you swallow dog hair?
  66. any grooming solutions for this puppy problems?
  67. Why did barack Obama buy a dog?
  68. Im getting a new puppy tomorow...?
  69. Hey dog people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  70. Living in Chicago my dog gets very cold and wont go for walks, what can i do?
  71. How to stop 4 month old puppy from bitting?
  72. I have a problem with my dog.?
  73. Is it normal for a sniffer dog to wear leather shoes?
  74. Dog Dominance Behavior... What's normal?
  75. I've been training my puppy to use the toilet outside and she goes outside and
  76. Looking for a dog breed?
  77. My boyfriend lost my dog. Can I sue him?
  78. In the Wolverine Origin movie trailer, what is the number on his dog tag?
  79. What kind of puppy should I buy if I want a loyal dog ?
  80. Help on the book the soul of the silver dog?
  81. Is a cat okay with a new dog?
  82. Chihuahua puppy hates clothes?
  83. Our 7 month old puppy I think is showing signs of being aggressive, but I'm...
  84. How do I stop my puppy from chewing on everything?
  85. Poll: Do you like cats or dogs the most?
  86. German shepard Dog ..when resting on his pillow , keeps his mouth and
  87. how to stop my new puppy to stop weeing on her bed. she uses the paper for weeing
  88. Is there any such thing as a cheap tea cup puppy?
  89. How much jail time should owners face for dogs that maul kids?
  90. Deli meat..hot dogs....GAH!?
  91. If you ate hots dogs?
  92. i might have a blind puppy.. please help!!!! :(?
  93. What breed do you think my dog is?
  94. how much doxycycline do i give my dog ?
  95. does anyone like the name MURRAY GEORGE for a dog?
  96. is it a crime to sell a dog on craigslist?
  97. puppy questions can you help ?
  98. What movie has colorful dog creatures trying to get home by using a crystal that
  99. why do we dog lovers throw the word MUTT around like a swear word?
  100. Will my dog be okayyy :( ?
  101. Puppy throwing up yellow bile?
  102. Do people eat as healthy of diets as their dogs do?
  103. do dogs only see in black and white?
  104. can I know all the types of dogs?
  105. Do dogs really need teeth cleaning?
  106. I have a dog, he's still a puppy (less than a year) and I've been wondering...
  107. puppy deworming and query about bob martin products?
  108. My dog is deliberately peeing on the carpet?!?!?!?
  109. is a 7 month old puppy to old to train?
  110. male and female dog names?
  111. Does anyone know if a solid pink victoria's secret PINK mini plush dog GWP ever...
  112. why does puppy can't eat grapes?
  113. my dog is sticking it' head under the bed when she sleeps is this a sign for her
  114. my dogs got my phone and the screen has gone the thing looks black but it...
  115. can my dog seat in the seat next to me?
  116. How much should i feed my dog, and how often should i walk her, and for how long?
  117. Should we put our dog down?
  118. my 12 lb. dog ate about 12-ish grapes out of the trash and some chocolate...
  119. What could be wrong with my dogs eye? It has been weepy and red the past
  120. Is my puppy teething?
  121. My 3 weeks old pekingese puppy won't poop without an enema. I work with him
  122. For those of you that own dogs?
  123. Will putting honey in my dogs food help with dry skin?
  124. Why has my dog's nose changed colour?
  125. How do i discpline my dog?
  126. cannot get to a vet tonight; dog was fine earlier, now vomits after
  127. My dog just ate some rat poison what should I do PLEASE HELP?
  128. If you turned into a dog?
  129. How do I set up my webcam so I can watch my dog from work?
  130. Are Akita's good dogs/breed?
  131. what is the average fee for looking after a dog?
  132. What else can we do for our puppy?
  133. How can I keep my dog cool in summer?
  134. Thinking about getting a dog...what breed?
  135. Puppy Questions.....?
  136. 2 questions about dogs..?
  137. What factors influence dog behaviour?
  138. about how long will it be until my dog has her babys?
  139. what do you think is better for my puppy?
  140. what should I name my dog?
  141. Why does my dog run around and rub up against things including furniture
  142. pls identify this dog breed on the show groomer has it?
  143. skin cancer in my dog?
  144. Culturally speaking, are Saudi Arabians fearful of dogs?
  145. house training my 6 old puppies?
  146. Can a dog seep outside in summer?
  147. My SISTER's puppy, MY responsibility?
  148. Do you think my dog is sick from licking lotion?
  149. Slum Dog Millionaire?
  150. Dog Kept Inside Or Out?
  151. stopping puppy from biting too hard?
  152. how do u dog owner guys clean ur dog's poop?
  153. Have any of you seen this serious issue with dogs?
  154. My dog's nipples are huge and the puppies (which are a day old) aren't nursing...?
  155. What to do about my whining puppy?!?
  156. My dog is 9 months old and is perfectly house trained - unless we are out
  157. should i get this puppy?!?!?
  158. How much for a dog license and registering in Alberta?
  159. My best friend's dog just died?
  160. How can I convince my dad to get a golden retriever puppy? ?
  161. What would be a good name to give a new puppy?
  162. Pittbull Dog...smart choice or no?
  163. If you could afford to clone your beloved elderly dog, would you?
  164. What are some names for two female black puppies?
  165. if i was getting attacked by another person, would my dog protect me?
  166. Perfect breed of dog...?
  167. Puppies..................?
  168. HELP my dog ate sugar free gum?
  169. My TEMPORARLY Paralyzed dog is starting to WALK!! Need Help with his peeing problem?
  170. Medium-small dog that likes the water?
  171. My dog has something wierd on her nose?
  172. Should i neuter my dog?
  173. How long do you think it would take a couple drug searching dogs to go
  174. Resevoir Dogs question?
  175. How long does it take for new puppy to poop?
  176. Could my puppy be older than four and a half months?
  177. Okay to keep a dog outside in tie out?
  178. What is the cost of a blood transfusion for a dog?
  179. my dog got battery juice in his mouth, is he okay?
  180. HELP i bought my 4 year old a puppy for xmas and one eye is turning white?
  181. Help me find the perfect puppy?
  182. Do you prefer dogs or cats as pets?
  183. Does it irritate the fire out of you if you are out somewhere with your dog,?
  184. How can I help my dog become a better eater...?
  185. I need help!! Out of control dog?
  186. cute puppy names....?
  187. My puppy does a back words sneeze, asthma attack thing.?
  188. what to do with the 8 puppies that I cant sell... they are 12 wek now and
  189. Giveing a Dog children's benadryl-d.?
  190. Dogs and cats are hardwired for boundless energy, at least some of us humans...
  191. Who do I contact if my pet has died (possibly) because of dog food?
  192. my puppy chihuahua, is she okay?
  193. How much food exactly am I to feed a black lab puppy of 10 weeks?
  194. How old is too old for a dog?
  195. Where can i get a small maltese puppy in New zealand?
  196. Do cats and dogs really get along?
  197. rottwiler x labrador puppy question?
  198. How to persuade parents to let me get a dog.?
  199. 10 week old puppy prefers adult food?
  200. How dogs put on weight?
  201. Is there bunny years like dog years?
  202. Freaking Out Over New Puppy?
  203. Are You Supposed to Clean Dogs Ears?
  204. HELP! my dog has a wound on his head. . . ?
  205. What dog breeds are...?
  206. What are dogs made out of ?
  207. Can a doberman dog live with a maltese dog?
  208. Things your dog can do... but you don't like?
  209. how old do dogs live to be?
  210. Anyone spit in your dog's mouth?
  211. what happens if puppy is not ready to be weaned but moms milk drys up?
  212. puppy ate this will it harm her i get worried easily plz help me out?
  213. Dogs that don't grow big?
  214. how do i stop my dog from barking at people and other animals?
  215. Hi, im just wondering if anyone has any ideas on how to keep my dogs in the
  216. Second puppy problems? Help!?
  217. what can you wash a puppy with?? and how do i potty train my puppy?
  218. Could Someone Give Some Dog/Labor Help?
  219. GRRR runaway dog. Help?
  220. Poll/survey: did you step in dog crap leaving the mall today, as well?
  221. is it ok to let the mother sleep with newborn puppies?
  222. Whats the name of the dog?
  223. 1st stage of dog labour?
  224. Puppy potty training in the winter?
  225. Which dog breed is best for my family?
  226. My dog was killed by a UPS driver, what should I do?
  227. Hello, how do I get my newly adopted puppy to use the bathroom outside instead of...
  228. What helps dogs when they are sick? ?
  229. what vaccines does my one year old dog need?
  230. my dog is acting funny?
  231. At home dog agility fun during winter?
  232. Why does my puppy drag it's butt accross the floor?
  233. I have a white dog, his elbows are red?
  234. Natural Calmer for my dog?
  235. Do Bichon dogs shed????
  236. Do dog's teeth grow back?
  237. which guard dog is the best?
  238. What does it mean when theres white discharge coming from a 63 day pregnant dog?
  239. were do i berry my my dog can you please help he died sadly?
  240. Why is my dog coughing and how can I help?
  241. Is a dog a good present for a sweet 16?
  242. Are there any housing communities in California that don't allow dogs?
  243. In search for the indestructible dog bed!?
  244. Has anyone used burnt motor oil to get rid of mange on a dog did it work?
  245. What i need to own a dog in Florida, Funny, read ahead?
  246. My dog has social problems :( ?
  247. is it normal to have a dog's 2middle toe-pads joined?
  248. Is it advisable to keep a dogs collar on all the time even in the house?
  249. I cant remember if i gave my dog his heart worm medicine ?
  250. How to get a dog to gain weight?