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  1. I need help with finding cheap insurance for my pitbull dog...? Please help me i
  2. My dog has a cut on his paw.. What can I do to help him. ?
  3. Why do dogs and cats have litters (more than one baby at a time) but people don't?...
  4. Now that republicans are so disgraced and througly trampled so that they...
  5. What should I name my male Maltese x Shih Tzu puppies?
  6. Does anyone know anyone who is getting rid of Catahoula puppies in Florida.?
  7. what is a good dog name?
  8. How do i take my dog's Temperature?
  9. Do dog breeders sell dogs that have NOT been dexed?
  10. please help me!,my dog may be poisoned?
  11. question on DOGS please answer?
  12. if 3 dogs are in the same dog house will they stay warm when the temps...
  13. my son ate some dog food....?
  14. Will my older dog learn to like my new, younger dog?
  15. what are nice dogs 2 be around horses??
  16. How often should you bath your 10 month puppy?
  17. Why do people buy certain breeds of dogs that have a higher chance of going old...
  18. cute girl puppy names?
  19. why does my 9 month puppy chew his paw in the evenings?
  20. is my dog sick, or is she worse?
  21. I need to know how to ship dogs ?
  22. Can i leave my dog alone in the hotel?
  23. How do you like your hot dog cooked?
  24. It is 0 degrees outside and I have to keep my dog outside. he is a Siserian
  25. How to keep my puppy on leash outside?
  26. What is wrong with my dog? (weird)?
  27. if a dog HAS to be outside during the winter, how can you make sure they are as...
  28. Im tryin to sleep and my puppy wont let me?
  29. HELP!!!! my dog broke into my hamster's cage!!!! D:!!!!!! EMERGENCY!!!!!!!!!!!?
  30. so i've got a pointer puppy...?
  31. This may be a dumb question...i want a dog and i don't know what to get?
  32. apartments in phoenix, az that allow large dogs?
  33. My puppy is not excited about his food - Solid Gold..help?
  34. Whats the best dog food for a giant 12wk old really fast growing puppy.?
  35. There is something wrong with my dog's eye.?
  36. my dog keeps getting sick ?
  37. pictures question about my yorkie puppy?
  38. i just got a new puppy and i need a name.?
  39. how to get dog to stop licking my hand when i scratch?
  40. Fable 2, Can You Bring Your Dog Back In Knothole Island?
  41. Help for dog with mange?
  42. Does your large dog fit into 33 tall crates?
  43. where should i look 4 this dog breed?
  44. Any recommendations on pet insurance for my dogs? ?
  45. Has anyone had success managing their dogs aggression?
  46. I have a 9 wk old puppy (Lassa/shiatsu) and he frequently eliminates on his...
  47. Poll: What animal would you pick for a house pet? not the typical cat, dog,...
  48. Why is my dog's mouth so warm?
  49. how can i train my puppy?
  50. Is it weird to get a girlie collar for a boy dog?
  51. my dog had puppies will my other two dogs hurt them?
  52. Why does my puppy pee so often?
  53. where is the best place to get my dog a mate in egypt?
  54. What kind of puppy is this?
  55. Could my 9-month old puppy be developing... hip dysplasia?
  56. where can i get free puppy shots and medicine online for free?
  57. what is the wolf dog mix called?
  58. How to identify German Shepherd purebreed puppies?
  59. Does The Good Dog have a seqeul?
  60. My dog keeps breathing heavy, she coughs alot and she vomits.. She wont eat
  61. dog.dog.dog.dog.dog.help?
  62. My Puppy STILL wakes me up in the middle of the night?
  63. Why won't my Jack russel terrior puppy eat any of the food I give to her?
  64. Whats one of the weirdest/funniest thing your dog has done?
  65. why did alex pietrangelo get sent back to the niagara ice dogs?
  66. Dog behavior problems! Help!?
  67. Is this normal for a puppy?
  68. dog lovers................?
  69. hotel for dogs?!?! must see??? plz help me!!!?
  70. How do you get your parents to get you a dog?
  71. Puppy problems! 10 pts!?
  72. why does my dog do this?
  73. Is my sis choosing her dogs over me?
  74. What kind of puppy should I get?
  75. Puppy help, I need to know some stuff?
  76. is it true that a trained dog happier dog than a not trained one?
  77. Got bit by my dog??????(pics of my dogs)?
  78. My dog got a hold of a rib bone, and ate it, will he be okay?
  79. as human being we have several blood groups do dogs have different blood groups too?
  80. What did the Buddhdist say to the hot dog vendor ?
  81. Has anyone had a problem with Innova giving puppies diarrhea?
  82. why do dogs chase their tails?
  83. My dog has a small rash on its leg, anything I can do to help it?
  84. How do you exercise your dog when the weather is terrible?
  85. Puppy growling but still wagging tail?
  86. Can dogs committ suicide?
  87. What Breed of Dog is This?
  88. Help - why did my dog limp?
  89. new puppy bigger dog fighting! Help?
  90. What would you name a male shith zu puppy?
  91. What is OFA and CERF? Does it have something to do with dog showing?
  92. We rescued an 11 almost 12 week old lab mix puppy who hasn't had any shots...?
  93. my 2 little puppies are sick .?
  94. I a harness best for my dog?
  95. What breed of puppy would be best suited for us?
  96. Is this safe for my dog to rub?
  97. my dog got into a fight?
  98. my dog is in heat and got tied up is she pregnant?
  99. How do I get my dog to quit using the bathroom in the house?
  100. how do you get a dog to not be scared?
  101. What can I do with this dog?!? Please help me:(?
  102. Head Halter for dogs?
  103. New 'Hotel For Dogs' movie...*spoiler warning*...Do any dogs die in the movie?
  104. How to deal with a crying puppy when its bed time?
  105. I think my dog is really cute but someone just called him ugly. What do you...
  106. my dog is 12wks old. he is a pit bull puppy. and he has a round lump a little below
  107. Question about Iams dog food? ?
  108. How can I convince my parents that I'm responsible enough to have a dog?
  109. what kind of dog is this?
  110. My dog gets water everywhere. ?
  111. If you knew how, would you give vaccines to your dog yourself?
  112. Where should my new puppy sleep?
  113. I have 2 dogs that arent getting along that well, what should i do?
  114. How often do I wash my puppy?
  115. new puppy.. i need help?? biting and eating poop?
  116. My puppy is on her first heat and we gave her a bath but she still smells really
  117. When our new President gets a puppy for his daughters, who will be assigned...
  118. Overweight Dogs?!?!?! -Pic-?
  119. Does anyone see any other breed in my dog other than sheltie?
  120. I would like to find a free puppy?
  121. My puppy peed in my bed!?
  122. I have a beagle puppy?
  123. A dog with parvovirus please help me!!!!!?
  124. Help with a puppy name pls?
  125. have a dog a shelter rescue min pinn, and I have had him over 2 years my...
  126. how do you potty train a puppy?
  127. What is the funniest thing your dog ever did? (Even if what they did made you
  128. just got a new puppy, now what do i do?
  129. what is the full jeff dunham quote i know it start out what is and is not...
  130. i need to talk to a a good dog doctor about my sick dog emergency?
  131. Why did the man write a love letter to the hot dog?
  132. I been thinking about neutering my dog but my friend told me that i shouldnt...
  133. puppy stores in seattle WA?
  134. What would be the best medium/large dog breed for me?
  135. why do dogs hump that are not neutered?
  136. why does my dog do this?
  137. Is 1 hour too long for my dog to be outside?
  138. Maltese puppy ear not acting the same as the other?
  139. I have a dog and it keeps misbehaving what do I do?
  140. Yesterday I adopted a recently neutered dog from the pound. His stitching
  141. Does anyone know what kind of Dog this is?
  142. Homemade nutritious dog food recipes?
  143. my puppy is limping!!?
  144. i need a little weight loss encouragment! Does anyone think i can look like
  145. how many injections should puppys have and wen? wen can my puppy meet my mums dog?
  146. I have just taken in a lab puppy aprox. 9 weeks old ?
  147. what breed of dog is good with small children? for a 7 year old?
  148. dogs vs Cats...which is better?
  149. my dog has gingivitis and i touched it?
  150. how to keep my dog from getting aggresive?
  151. who hates yippy little dogs?
  152. when will my puppy's testicles drop?
  153. my dogs ear! i was cleaning his ears and, the one was fine, the other had a werid
  154. My dogs has just been diagnosed with a collapsing trachea, will collagen...
  155. Where in UK can I buy a doorbell that when pressed sounds like a dog barking (to
  156. I have a dog already, and I'm getting a golden retreiver puppy soon. What should...
  157. A calm breed of dog that's good with kids?
  158. Do dogs really not like dog crates?
  159. Painting:Girl Crying and Dog Behind Title?
  160. How big was your yorkie puppy at two three months old?
  161. What do I do medically for a dog bite?
  162. How do i stop my dogs possessive aggressive behaviour?
  163. what will my dogs puppies look like?
  164. what age can i get my puppy spayed?
  165. how do i train a dogo to hunt do they have to have dogs to hunt with them?
  166. Does anyone know the name of the song in the new dulux ad with the old sheep
  167. Dog rescues in Scotland?
  168. Cheap good dog toys that cant be broken easily?
  169. What is going to happening to the puppy If the mom It doesn't continue...
  170. Does anyone remember a cartoon with flea bothering a dog?
  171. How much would it cost to buy a black labrador puppy from a Blue Cross centre or...
  172. is it possible for a dog to get parvo if it has had a shot for it?
  173. introducing new dog to a resident dog?
  174. dog question ! i was wondering ....?
  175. What breed is this puppy?
  176. Is this ok behavior for my puppy? We'll be playing and he will pretend snap at
  177. help finding website about a tiny dog that looked like snuggles?
  178. What do you know about a puppy with an overbite?
  179. To those whose dogs have passed away?
  180. is your dog very sensitive?
  181. What can I do to become closer to my dog again?
  182. my dog has a rash!!! ?
  183. How do I get my new puppy to go for a walk?
  184. What happens at the breeder's when I pick up my puppy?
  185. What is the right age to start teaching my dog about sex?
  186. Have you always believed in dog?
  187. How warm does it need to be to let outside dogs back outside?
  188. My puppy fell off the bed and hurt his head? ?
  189. what kind of dog should my family get?
  190. Answer my dog question please?
  191. my dog is always scratching herself?
  192. help with my puppy dont get me wrong i love her so much?
  193. when is it safe to take a puppy outside after vaccinations ?
  194. what kind of dog is this?!?
  195. I want to take my dog to Thailand from the UK,has anybody done it ?help?
  196. What would you name the President's dog?
  197. Puppy Question!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  198. Our dog does not like new puppy?
  199. Dog sitting versus kennel?
  200. I care more about a homeless dog than a homeless person?
  201. Is it normal for a Rottweiler breeder to dock there own puppies tails?
  202. Puppy Mills!!!!!!!!!!?
  203. I'm going to be moving to London next month with a small dog and cat. Need a flat!?
  204. How would you help a dog who is afraid of rain?
  205. Custom made dog id tags?
  206. Which would you rather have as a pet: a Horse, a dog, or a gerbil... and why?
  207. What do I do with a 10 day old puppy?
  208. is my dog having pups?
  209. my puppy is 10 months old and he always chews up his bed.?
  210. can any one help me find out about the life cycle of a dog. ?
  211. Does anyone remember those Puppy In My Pocket toy dogs..?
  212. What should I name my new Yorkie puppy?
  213. How do I enter my dog on happymeal.com for hotel for dogs?
  214. What breed(S) is my dog?
  215. what kind of dog is maddie's dog from the suite life?
  216. My female dog is acting weird...?
  217. For all of you dog lovers out there, I need help! I think I've been...
  218. do dogs smile or not?
  219. Spiritually speaking, should we rename plants ground puppies?
  220. Any tips on how to stop my dog barking?
  221. Do you think it is abuse to have dogs on tie-outs?
  222. OMG! Can I get sick if my cousin's dog scratched my hand and he hasn't had his shots?
  223. Getting my male dog de-sexed?
  224. Can anyone help me name our new puppy?
  225. After a dog eats why do they...??
  226. my dog does the weirdest thing?
  227. Okay, I am trying to prusuade my parents to get me a puppy but don't know how
  228. how much do i feed my puppy?
  229. Why is the Iams dog food you buy at the vets different from what you buy
  230. I have a Newfoundland dog. The weather is supposed to be in the low 20's...
  231. My dog has small bumps on back?
  232. My dog has horse fear (sort of).?
  233. I just got a maltipoo puppy and i was wondering about how big she'll get?
  234. What will happen to my puppy it has worms?
  235. shaking dog, help needed urgently please!?
  236. Your Favorite and Least favorite breed of dog and Why?
  237. Parvo Puppy. Another question!?
  238. I'm looking to buy a show quality pit bull puppy and this one site has some
  239. how do i get my dog to look pretty like the other dogs?
  240. Can bird dogs live inside?
  241. puppy showing too much aggression??????
  242. Is my dog Cute?? what breed do you think SHE might be?
  243. Alright, give him the dog.?
  244. Any suggestions for a rescued puppy?
  245. best dog breed to chose?
  246. My dog has a disease i think.?
  247. How do I get my puppy to ask to go outside to relieve himself? ?
  248. Afew qustions about raising a dog...?
  249. Why is my dog so scared of people ?
  250. Housebroken puppy started peeing on the floor after getting spayed?