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  1. my dog is aggressive with other dogs, how do we stop it?
  2. Question about service dogs?
  3. I am getting a puppy soon? any good names? ?
  4. my dog??????????????????????????????????
  5. dog show?? dog breeds?? HELP?
  6. HELP. Puppy has hip displacement. Put him to sleep?
  7. I have a small yard (1/2 acre) and I really want a dog? Sorry about the long
  8. Has anyone used the PediPaws for their dog or cat?
  9. puppy potty training----help?
  10. does your dog run away from its own farts? ?
  11. Is it SAFE to put a puppy on a raw meat diet?
  12. How much should I feed my 3 pound puppy?
  13. i have a maltipoo and a pittbull both puppies my malitpoo is 5 months and...
  14. which dog breed should i get?
  15. what kind of dog should i get?
  16. What can I do to help these dogs?
  17. My 7 month old dog keeps throwing up, and he won't settle. He lays down for
  18. We've had 2 Yorkie puppies die. What could be the reason?
  19. Good indoor bird dog?
  20. Where can I find a free pug puppy?
  21. my dog ate five dollor bill how do i get it out?
  22. does it hurt when your dogs nails are too long?
  23. Any people in newcastle/Gateshead with dogs?
  24. Survey:Men or dogs? ^_^?
  25. how do i make my dog come back?
  26. What's the most you would pay for a dog?
  27. i just got a new dog and my dog that ive had is acting crazy what can i do
  28. My dog is food obsessed! ?
  29. My new dog just stole my cat's bed... do you think my cat will freak?
  30. How to wean off of puppy milk replacer?
  31. What is your favorite small breed of dog and what is your favorite large breed of
  32. Why is my dog shedding so much?
  33. what age will my 14 week puppy start teething?
  34. Dog yelps when touched?
  35. My 5 month old puppy has these greyish marks on his face and body, looks
  36. Can my dog tell I'm pregnant?
  37. How can I better discipline my six month-old puppy?
  38. Trivia: What Percent Of A Hot Dog Is Liquid.?
  39. dog breeding your experinces with byb and other breeders?
  40. How do people have lunch in New Hope if they bring a dog?
  41. When do Puppies stop growing?
  42. What kind of dog is she?
  43. Dogs returning from war with P.T.S.?
  44. How can i stop my dog from table and counter.?
  45. Can I Give My Puppy A Chicken Bone?
  46. Why does my dog keep having tummy aches?
  47. I had a dream last night about a big dog chasing me and trying to bite me, but they
  48. Calming a puppy down?
  49. How can I keep my dog entertained while at work?
  50. House training a new puppy?
  51. Is this a stupid name for a dog?
  52. Crate training my puppy?
  53. Why would someone get a dog?
  54. Where can I download the game Sheep, Dog n Wolf?
  55. need help with a dog who's not eating or pooping....?
  56. How do you house train a puppy?
  57. Does anyone know the Cow and talking Dog joke? I know the punch line but...
  58. When can my 9wk old cheewaawaa mix puppy get her parvo shots?
  59. My dog is in labor...?
  60. What kind of dog do you think my dog is?
  61. Help training new pitbull puppy! ?
  62. How to convince parents to let me get a puppy! please help!? (10 points)?
  63. Why does my dog keep doing his business in the house?
  64. i am looking for a free yorkie puppy about 8 weeks old. ?
  65. Where would you go to socialize a puppy?
  66. Are Dogs Nails Called Claws Or Nails??
  67. male dogs eat puppies?
  68. worried my puppy has parvo?
  69. how to stop puppy from following me everywhere i go?
  70. how to convince my dad to let us get a dog?
  71. HELP HELP HELP so it is negative 18 and my dog has to go to the bathroom
  72. What should i name my baby puppy?
  73. Old dog wont get along with new puppy?
  74. Can dogs have eyebrows ANSWER FAST Please! :]?
  75. dog troubles can you help?
  76. How to get my dog to stop barking?
  77. My puppy was coughing?
  78. is there away you can abort puppies from coming and the mom can still have puppies?
  79. please name my new puppy?
  80. How can I get my (future) puppy used to travel crates?
  81. Dog Bites Does the victim have to know what happens to the dogs?
  82. What is actually in a hot dog besides beef?
  83. If it's ok, and acceptable to neuter spay dogs and cats...?
  84. how would you go about 'socializing' a puppy?
  85. Why won't my dog, Belle, eat her dog food?
  86. Were getting a dog thats 2 years old? Changing its name?
  87. Dog Name Help Please?
  88. does anybody have any info on dog abuse rates?
  89. Should I Bury Or Cremate My Little Miracle Dog?
  90. why is my dog eating all my slingshots?
  91. What is a good barn dog?
  92. Second puppy blues/drama!!?
  93. If my pure breed pitbull had her puppies with a mixed dog her first litter...?
  94. Whats the most ridiculous advice you have ever gotten about dogs?
  95. how do you make monkey munch or puppy chow without vanilla?
  96. why wont my dog eat!?
  97. Do Puppies lose their teeth?
  98. Are dogs color blind?
  99. How Could My Puppy Have Kennel Cough?
  100. would anything bad hapen if you bathe a 22 year old puppy?
  101. Is it normal for my female adult dog to pee 3-4 times when I take her outside? ?
  102. How do you stop a 12 week old puppy stop biting ?
  103. Urgen Help On My Dog Needed!!?
  104. My dog farted.........!??!?!?
  105. I asked last night about the breed of my dog, Max. GSD/Husky? Here are a
  106. I have a dog a shelter rescue min pinn, and I have had him over 2 years my...
  107. who else has a dog they really love?
  108. My old dog is scared of the new puppy!?
  109. what treats to give my puppy?
  110. How long should a puppy ?
  111. Do you believe in feeding dogs and other animals to utilize leftover food?
  112. Is it normal that my dog has been sleeping a majority of the day?
  113. Dog Questions?????????????????????????????
  114. Jealous Dog Trouble????????????????????????????????????????
  115. How to prevent dog car sickness?
  116. URGENT! My pregnant dog is shaking!What do i do.What is wrong with her.?
  117. Does your dog ever do anything a human would do?
  118. my dog doesn't want to eat his food...HELP!!?
  119. do dogs still get stuck together having sex even if the boy is sterilized????/?
  120. Looking for a BorderCollie puppy!?
  121. Does all Puppies have bad breath......?
  122. What is going on with my puppy?
  123. Can you stop puppy pulling on lead?
  124. What might I try to get my dog to come to me in my wheelchair to attach his leash...
  125. Can this much chocolate hurt my dog?
  126. How do you exercise you dog and why ?
  127. what if my dog only did it for like 5 minutes can they still have puppies?
  128. Female puppy humping?
  129. have you ever been bitten by dog?
  130. OKAY my weiner dog chases his tail! help?
  131. How do u say hot dog in chineese?
  132. my dog has something in his ear please help...?
  133. Does the Hunte Corporation REALLY microchip their puppies?
  134. My dogs teeth are loose!?
  135. Puppy nipping and biting HELP???!!?
  136. Would an unheated garage be ok for an outside dog to sleep in during a cold snap?
  137. how do i make it not smell like dog!?
  138. problem with dog behavior?
  139. can i let my dog lick a regular tic tac?
  140. clear fluid coming from my pregnant dogs nipples?
  141. Can any body tell me why my dog is vomiting?
  142. why does my dog start crying when evryone's gone to bed?
  143. My dog should be having puppies in about a week...?
  144. My granddaughters puppy love ?
  145. My puppy is on her first heat but she is shaking a lot and she hides from us!?!?
  146. How many raw eggs a week would be appropriate for my 24 pound dog?
  147. My mom is putting the family dog down tomorrow..what should I do?
  148. do you trust little dogs?
  149. my 8 month old son laughs at his dad playing with the dogs ?
  150. Puppy throwing up white foam?
  151. can my dog see ghosts ?
  152. Is my dog about to die? ?
  153. What is a low energy dog?
  154. Sudden onset of swelling in dogs face?
  155. Where in new york, long Island and metropolitan area can I adopt for free a...
  156. How can you keep your seats safe from Dog Car Sickness?
  157. puppy teeth won't fall out...?
  158. LOST dog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  159. 4 yr old dog behavior problems, help!?
  160. Is it a good idea to start my Bullmastiff puppy on a glucosamine-chondroitin
  161. My dog is always hungry and thirsty at night?
  162. my dog is bloated and in a lot of pain?
  163. Did you ever notice that when you blow in a dog's face, he gets mad at you?
  164. My puppy has sores that are filled with puss?
  165. My dog does not like new puppy?
  166. How to house train adult dogs?
  167. are there adoption dogs at petsmart every weekend?
  168. How long does a dogs menstrual cycle last?
  169. is this good dog food?
  170. what should i name my dog?
  171. Why is my dog going to the toilet in the house!?
  172. What is a good dog food to feed my Labrador Retriever?
  173. Please help? Is this fair to my dog?
  174. Getting my dog to gain weight...?
  175. why do people think its wrong to eat dogs?
  176. Soft stools with 5yr old dog?
  177. Help choosing registered name for my dog!?
  178. How do I rehab a malnourished/neglected dog?
  179. Why did my dog's nose turn pink?
  180. POLL: Are the words Hooha and Tang Tang appropriate for a 6 year old to...
  181. My female dog is kinda skittish?
  182. My dog went Blind because of a Tick (is that true)?
  183. When do dogs stop growing?
  184. New adopted dog...What breed IS she?
  185. Help my puppy has been spoiled by pillow-top beds.........?
  186. Help!! My mom is mad at the puppy!!!?
  187. advice on puppy with possible anxiety issues?
  188. 6 Month Old Puppy Wont Stay In One Place at Night?
  189. about a dog have puppies i n the winter time?
  190. Why is my 10 week old puppy so clumsy?
  191. Is It Allowed To Ship A Puppy Less Than 3 Months Old ? ?
  192. Adopting A Dog?????????????/?
  193. Just rescued a dog from Animal Control..what now!?
  194. Puppy Bathroom Help Anyone?!??!?
  195. How to stop an older dog from pooping in the house?
  196. URGENT! Dog/puppy ate questionable item.?
  197. Do you think a personalized dog tag is a better birthday or valentines day gift?
  198. Are pugs good dogs???????
  199. Names for a Male Pomeranian Puppy?
  200. I think my dog is a freak (kinda long)?
  201. my dog just had puppies, how will I know she is finished delivering?
  202. How should i go about housebreaking my new puppy?
  203. In Fable II, is it possible to do the Archeology quest without your dog?
  204. Can Dogs get colds from humans?
  205. Are they're any extra secret cheat codes to unlock more dogs in nintendogs?
  206. can I teach a jack russell/boton terrier dog to get along with my cats?
  207. would a pitbull and a yorkie mated, that would make a weird puppy?
  208. will my puppy stay this small?
  209. Kennel Club will no longer register puppies whose parents are closely related. What
  210. what anime is this dog girl from?
  211. What breed of dog would be good for me?
  212. getting a dog from the pound?
  213. Should you take your dog to a dog park if he's not good with other dogs?
  214. how do i know my dog has dietbiedees ? Can she have it?
  215. Are my dog's stiches infected from spaying (pics)?
  216. My dogs are fighting....?
  217. Has anyone ever had a dog with glomerulonephritis?
  218. I fell as if im caught in an attention love affair between my girlfriend,...
  219. How do i get my puppy to use the bathroom outside?
  220. Puppy's growth, is this okay so far?
  221. My Dog Drives Me NUTS ! ?
  222. Need help on idea's for Dog Treats?
  223. What is the best kind of shampoo you have found to whiten your dog the most?
  224. Do all dogs go to heaven?
  225. Dog had a strange Lump?
  226. Why does my dog stink like a dirty old rag !?
  227. What if I can't afford vet fees when my dog is sick ?
  228. With dogs being a dime a dozen, why would anyone in their right mind trust a dog?
  229. Advice at Westminster- or all dog shows?
  230. Recovering from Dog bite - now thumb is frozen, recommend movements?
  231. It is now 5:09pm and we have taken my dog to the vet. She ate weed
  232. Puppy pees but wont poop in litter box?
  233. Dog Breed Quiz..........?
  234. What breed mix is my new dog?
  235. Anybody ever use dog training clickers..?
  236. Insecure Dog Dominated by Our 2nd Dog is Peeing in the House...Help!?
  237. Poll.What is your favorite kind of dog?
  238. I want a cute but big dog. Any suggestions?
  239. What kind of puppy do I have?
  240. Should I register my puppy with AKC? what is it for?
  241. My dog... teeving or MAD DOG DISEASE! jk?
  242. Question about doberman puppies..?
  243. Will home-owner's insurance cover a dog attack?
  244. Why was my question removed in the dog section?
  245. I'm getting a German Shepherd puppy and I already have a cat, I love my
  246. Can you help my dog stop sneezing?
  247. Why did her dog ..........................?
  248. can dogs eat peanut-butter?
  249. my dog ate some chocolate?
  250. My dog has a head cold what should I give her?