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  1. dogs and toddlers (how many pets is too many)?
  2. Where do I stand legally? I've been looking after a dog who's owner was in
  3. Can a dog be declawed?
  4. Names for a dog..........?
  5. What are the side-affects of a puppies rabies shot?? HELP!!?
  6. What breed of dog do you prefer: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Papillon, or Maltese?
  7. What would you call this dog (10 points)?
  8. we need a home for cute little dog for two weeks in may, merseyside ?
  9. Chihuahua puppy cost? ?
  10. what if my pregant dog is late?
  11. What`s a cute dog name that ends with -er?
  12. Will my FIXED male dog get excited about a female in heat?
  13. need some advise with new puppy.?
  14. What quality do you love most about your dogs?
  15. HOT DOG PIZZA: Have you ever had hot dogs as a topping on pizza?
  16. Do neutered dogs still hump?
  17. My dog has turned really spoiled?
  18. My dogs got in a bad fight... need help so it doesn't happen again!?
  19. name for a girl bull dog?
  20. Why does my dog only chew on her chew toys while we (my wife and I) are around.?
  21. Is there an easy way to train my dog?
  22. Is a Multi-Poo Puppy Hyperallergitic?
  23. Does anybody know how old a puppy needs to be before getting a Microchip?
  24. Whats the best way to lose the puppy fat around your waste?
  25. is there one breed of dog you absolutely fear and why?
  26. Would this be an acceptable situation for a dog?
  27. My dog is over a year old now and he cannot be left alone. What can I do to help him?
  28. How to puppy proof the house?
  29. Dog QUESTION !!!!! WON'T EAT !?
  30. dog breed that looks similar to a border collie, but is less hyper?
  31. Help! My puppy is addicted to biting!?
  32. Why is my dog suddenly fighting with my puppy?
  33. Who should clean up the dog doo at the gated apartments I rent for $760 a month?
  34. Question about installing yellow dog for ps3?
  35. Why are cats soooo much better than dogs?
  36. cleaning puppy kennel?
  37. What is this horror movie with a dog scene in it? (Read details!)?
  38. Why do Wolves/Coyotes and Dogs Howl?
  39. how to take care of a stray puppy?
  40. 6 month old dog still going to bathroom inside?
  41. I need to get a dog tag for my friend...?
  42. What is it about indoor dogs? Are they helpful in kids fighting sicknesses?
  43. Why can you NOT have your dog as a dependent ?
  44. my cat keeps growling at newborn puppies?
  45. why wont my dog wont settle?
  46. Help me name my new puppies.?
  47. how knows some puppy games to play?
  48. Is it bad if your dog is always licking you?
  49. HOT DOGS: How do you like your hot dogs cook? Steamed? Boiled? Deep fried?...
  50. Pretty puppy names ?......?
  51. I need a little help with puppy training.?
  52. what would you name your puppy?
  53. how do my dogs know when I am coming home?
  54. ridgeback puppy problems?
  55. What kind of dog is right for me?
  56. What type of dog breed do you think would be best?
  57. Why does my dog only obey men?
  58. On My Knees? ( New puppy)?
  59. How do we stop my 6 month Cocker puppy from barking in the morning?
  60. what is wrong with my dog?
  61. Does spraying water help a puppy?
  62. My puppy sometimes eat leaves outside, is that okay?
  63. How do I help my dog?
  64. What do you do when crate training your puppy doesn't work?
  65. How come dog's bite themselves?
  66. How do I feed my newborn Chihuahua puppy?
  67. How many hours a day should u spend with ur puppy?
  68. Could i use this on my dog's paw pads?
  69. Im scared of dogs, someone help me?
  70. What kind of puppy does this sound like?
  71. My puppy is going it to be spayed tomorrow morning.?
  72. Three dogs are at the vet in the waiting room.?
  73. Is this the truth of a puppy mill?
  74. Are we walking our puppy too far each day? She's begun to limp occasionally.?
  75. why is my ferret docile, and non-responsive when my new puppy jumps all over him?
  76. I need a dog and cat name?
  77. What breed of dog is it that looks like a mini shetland pony?
  78. Adopted an abused shelter dog and need some advice?
  79. Do you think this is a good name for this puppy?
  80. How to deal with an independent and stubborn puppy.?
  81. how can i help a female dog milk?
  82. What type of puppy should we get?
  83. why do dogs become protective of their home?? y do they snap , or bite at
  84. Why is the government not outlawing puppy mills?
  85. My Dog Seems Lonely!!!?
  86. What do you feed your dog(s) and why?
  87. Why did blood come out my dogs mouth when she passed away?
  88. POLL: If you attend a hot dog eating contest, how many hot dogs can you eat?
  89. I need to find an appropriate dog food for my 2 yr old yorkie?
  90. What do you guys think???? I got a new mastiffmassive puppy and need some ideas...
  91. I need honest advise about are new dog PLEASE?
  92. help help dog problem pregant. ?
  93. Just gave my dog a bath and now I can't breathe well?
  94. I have a bogle puppy 5 months old and just got her lepto shot and has
  95. How many baby aspirins do I give my 13 year old dog?
  96. prolifers:do you think its bad to abort puppies?
  97. How do i tell if my new lab puppy is a pedigree?
  98. I need to know cute puppy names?
  99. My dog is vomiting about once a week what is it?
  100. help us figure out a name for our puppy please?
  101. My puppy is hyper, bites, humps, and is just uncontrollable, what do I do?
  102. Big Dog Breeds list 10 points?
  103. Machine knitting patterns to make dog coats and jumpers?
  104. Which puppy name do you like best?
  105. how to tell if my dog is really a purebred?
  106. my puppy keeps whining all night ?
  107. I have a 8 week old Black Lab puppy. Today I noticed that he is shedding....
  108. How to negotiate for lowering the price for a puppy?
  109. what temperature can a big long hair dog survive in a r13 dog house?
  110. I need a dog name please?
  111. dog keeps wacking her head!?
  112. is it normal for a pug puppy to be so hyper?
  113. PLEASE help! my dog is not accepting to drink benadryl, can i mix it with something?
  114. Question my Dog had eight puppies today She is part Wolf Siberian Husky One of the
  115. which do you prefer: chocolate, sunshine or puppies?
  116. Does any one know how the lost dog poster for Jennavecia went in the Bad Girls Club
  117. Is this enough for a puppy?!?
  118. My 9 month old dog stopped listening to me. I've tried nearly everything....
  119. I just got a new tri-colord girl cavachon puppy, but dont know what to name her! ?
  120. My dog is throwing up yellow/clear liquid. ?
  121. I want to have my dog on a leash, but hes never been on a leash his entire
  122. how much does it cost to cure mange on dogs?
  123. What Is The Meaning Of Puppies In Dreams?
  124. Dog Obesity???????????
  125. Why don't they make cute little outfits for husbands like they do for dogs?
  126. ideas for new puppy names please?
  127. My Dog is shaking after vomiting and going to the Vet. Is that ok?
  128. How do you have puppies on wolfquest?
  129. if a vet is bitten by a dog?
  130. Where to find dog breeders ?
  131. My dog West Highland White Terrier has blood coming out when she poops?
  132. Omg!! My Dog!! Plzzz Help Someone!!?
  133. How do I locate a person on a found military dog tag?
  134. what to do with a dog bite? what's gonna happen?
  135. our dog is about to die?
  136. why is my dog only aggressive to one man?
  137. Rex - A rescue dog was officially recorded to have saved 65 people in
  138. wolf-dog nutrition help?
  139. what kind of dog should i get?
  140. POLL: What should I name my awesome puppy?
  141. How do I keep my dog off the coffee table?
  142. What can I do to heal my puppy's red, swollen and bloody anus, caused by diarrhea? ?
  143. my dog wont stop scratching?!!??!!?
  144. How to move puppies??????
  145. How should I potty train my puppy?
  146. I got a puppy and im trying to tran him!?
  147. What do you do if your small dogs hits its head??!!?
  148. What is a good dog breed that is small and well-behaved?
  149. What brand of dog food should I feed my cocker spaniel?
  150. Does Purina Dog Chow make wet food for puppies?
  151. What are some ways to spend time with my dog in winter?
  152. How much should we be feeding our 9 week old golden retriever puppy?
  153. cause of watery blood issuing from dogs penis?
  154. the best treats for a puppy and best food?
  155. Any dog suggestions? Which dog should I get?
  156. What kind of dog is this?
  157. Can you tell me what mix my dog is?
  158. Do I have to buy dog clippers?
  159. Why won't my puppy eat?
  160. Black ball on a dogs leg??? plz answer im worried for this dog!!!!?
  161. Small Dog, sutible for busy lifestyle?
  162. Rabbits and dogs.. can they live together?
  163. Help! My Dog Is In Trouble And You Can Help!?
  164. How to install puppy linux?
  165. how can i stop my dog from wrecking my house while i am out? ?
  166. dont dogs have the best life?
  167. German Shepherds are they good dogs? ?
  168. Fruits and/or vegetables that are harmful to Pembroke Welsh Corgi dogs?
  169. POLL: Do you let your Dogs fart in front of your guests?
  170. what dog will look good with me? ?
  171. help identify a dog for me!!!?
  172. Can somebody tell me what is happening with my dog at the dog grooming place
  173. Dog allergic to collars?
  174. We're Getting A Puppy! HELP?!?
  175. My dog WONT eat!! Please help?
  176. Am i allergic to dogs?
  177. What is the best way to introduce puppies to your 1 year old cat?
  178. jealous dog about new puppies?
  179. My Pekingese Is Having Problems? A Vet? Dog Expert? Someone? Please Help!?
  180. How do I train my dog to stay in my yard when I leave?
  181. What Dogs can i make with...?
  182. I care about a homeless dogs then homeless people?
  183. what kind of dog is my puppy?!?
  184. What dog should i get?
  185. adult dogs or puppies in shelters.?
  186. Should the Obamas name the new dog they get Karl Barx?
  187. I have a dog from a breeder who was moving away, he informed me she was
  188. help with dog shedding?
  189. my dog is shedding uncontrolably lately?
  190. Questionable dog food brands?
  191. neighbor throws mothballs on lawn, and my dog eats it. ?
  192. Does a dogs' tummy drop like a human's when they're going into labor?
  193. A little bit weird.... but our dog... ?
  194. What do i do after my male dog gets fixed?
  195. Why shouldn't the father dog be around his puppies?
  196. Puppy rips up his house training pads!?
  197. German Shepherd puppy keeps throwing up?
  198. How old is a 12 year old dog in dog years?
  199. My dog has issues... I need advice?
  200. I was born on a fire/dog day,then i was born in fire/pig month and born in
  201. What Do I Do If My Puppy Is Bitting Me?
  202. I am getting my first dog, a Maltese. I have a choice between a male and a female. ?
  203. whats wrong with my dog.?
  204. Bedtime Stories or Hotel for Dogs?
  205. Do you have a dog? If so, could you please answer the following questions:?
  206. Bought a new puppy after my female lost her litter, now it appears that both...
  207. How do I train my dog to 'go to bed'?
  208. What kind of dog is this?
  209. Puppy names for a Collie girl!?
  210. My dog's and kitten don't get along. HELP?
  211. when is it safe for me to get a new dog?
  212. What kind of dog is this?[pics included]?
  213. Is it normal for my dog to have puppies and 4 days later ignore them?
  214. Any ideas for a dog name?
  215. What kind of softer food is good for puppies?
  216. Are dogs allowed on the bus in Los Angeles?
  217. Dog in Heat . Help with blood?
  218. My puppy is human agressive?!?
  219. ma dog acts different?
  220. Growth in Dogs mouth? Anyone know what it could be?
  221. my dog is shaking as if he is cold?
  222. Where can I make the cheapest custom dog tags in Singapore?
  223. We got another dog and...?
  224. If I Can't Get My Dog To Play Dead?
  225. How much is my pit bull puppy worth? ?
  226. my new puppy is sick? please help?
  227. Is my dog sick or something?
  228. do you like cats or dogs better?
  229. My dog continues to shake her head but there is no ear discharge,or ear...
  230. Do you think the puppies are still alive?
  231. How would you keep your dog from infecting his cherry eye disfunction?
  232. when is te best time to correct my puppy?
  233. Puppy nibbles on my other dogs?
  234. Is spanking right for a lil puppy?
  235. How do I find food my ten week old puppy will consistently eat?
  236. How do I make my 10 Weeks German Shepherd puppy eat?
  237. how do you measure a dog`s temperature?
  238. my puppy wont eat hard food or caned food?
  239. Why do dogs howl months before they die?
  240. I can stand when people leave their dogs outside when temp?
  241. Puppy spayed Dec. 30, okay to give her a bath tonight?
  242. What is a good name for a puppy Jack Russel Terrier?
  243. Fable 2 Silver Key Help/ Do I need dog?
  244. My new puppy cries at night?
  245. My dog is Urinating blood!?
  246. I had a dream that I was being chased by a dog (more like pitbull), it was a
  247. how do ur dogs behave after kennels?
  248. My dog has a weird bump beneath her skin, what could it be?
  249. Should I be concerned with my puppy's hernia?
  250. Would shaking a can of coins at my dog scar his ears ?