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  1. My girlfriend is spoling the dog rotten. What to do?
  2. My little puppy keeps digging holes and I don't know what to do?!?
  3. Is it bad to not clean the carpet after my dog pees?
  4. What can cause a dog to suddenly yelp, yet when she gets up, she fine and does...
  5. New dog job what should I expect?
  6. My German Shepherd puppy hasn't pooped the whole day today?
  7. I need a small puppy in uae?
  8. how can i convince my parents to buy a puppy?
  9. My husband smokes around our dog in the garage ?
  10. is there hope for my dog to live with another dog in the house?
  11. How many biscuit's (treats) can a puppy have?
  12. How to pick out good puppy?
  13. What are some nice girly small breeds of dog?
  14. Is this dog hypoallergenic?
  15. Is it OK for me to physically discipline my dog? My cousin in Germany who
  16. im picking up a 4 week old puppy rottweiler soon is that to young?
  17. What do you think of dog sulkies and carts?
  18. Where can I buy a Necturus, Mud Puppy, Dinosaur fish?
  19. Puppy with bladder/health issues?
  20. How long after your dog has puppies can you breed her again?
  21. What type of Dog is this? (Pictures)?
  22. how to train my dog ?
  23. can cats die from smelling rats urine like dogs can?
  24. What religion is my dog?
  25. Question about a few dogs from a movie?
  26. Why is my dog so fat?
  27. i need some help with my new dog he is scared?
  28. HELP! I think my puppy has parvo?
  29. Did Barack Obama's daughters ever pick out a dog?
  30. My puppy was recently diagnosed with pneumonia. She has been on injectable
  31. I need recommendations for the best Multi-Vitamin for my 8yr old dog?
  32. Rescued dog from humane society... taking her back?
  33. My puppy is eating his own poop?
  34. Can I take my dogs back from spca?
  35. Hypothetically speaking is it ethically wrong to have pissed on my mate's dog?
  36. about my dog adoption pszabo69@yahoo.com thanks.?
  37. Which breed of dog?...............?
  38. how do i know when my puppy is potty trained?
  39. Where does your cat or dog sleep?
  40. When our dog sleeps he has a fast heartbeat is this normal?
  41. I just found out that my jack russell terrier is pregnant. Is she too small
  42. what are some good household snacks for you dog?
  43. my ex and a dream about a puppy?
  44. I want to get my dog into showing, any tips or rules or something?
  45. Anyone help for a dog name?
  46. How do you get a puppy to get used to being in a crate?
  47. i have a pomernian puppy how can i tell if he has to go potty?
  48. Preparing my dogs for a new baby?
  49. Puppy's ears are a little smelly, there is brown spotting, and she scratches....
  50. i live near plano texas and am looking for a puppy, small breed for my
  51. God of War II... Blue 3headed dog in the swamp area...?
  52. My Ex A Dirty Puppy Dream ?
  53. How do I get my dog to stop licking?
  54. Going traveling with a puppy help!?
  55. How hard is it to find a home for dogs who cannot tolerate other dogs?
  56. is my dog too small to have puppies?
  57. Lump on my dog's back?
  58. are 1 week old puppies supposed to poop?
  59. Is it alright to get a puppy that is 6 weeks old?
  60. there's something wrong with my dogs eye?
  61. Entering dog shows...?
  62. I have a german shepard puppy. ?
  63. Which breed of small dogs have the best temperment?
  64. After a dog eats why do they...?
  65. Is it possible to crate and paper train a puppy at the same time?
  66. Getting a dog, please help thanks!?
  67. How do you get dogs to stop fighting?
  68. Dog Pee Problem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  69. how to get a dog??? ?
  70. Would you like a dog or cat in The New York Area?
  71. How do I stop my dog from peeing in the house?
  72. what should i do about my dog quick?
  73. I have trained cats with a water spray bottle. Whats the thoughts on new
  74. When will my dog have her puppies? My dog was in heat in November and she
  75. How to I get my dog to stop biting my hand while I'm brushing her fur?
  76. About finding puppies a home?
  77. Puppy biting himself.help?
  78. What should I expect for a mixed puppy of these breeds to turn out as; as an adult?
  79. Can Dogs Ride In The Back Of A Moving Truck?
  80. Would you buy your dog from here?
  81. How far should I walk my puppy?
  82. Chihuahua runt puppy having problems right after birth?
  83. why cant v be d breeders of pitts here in india i luv dogs nd specially
  84. Why does my puppy eat poop?(How to make her stop?)?
  85. were can i buy a spring pole for for my dogs?
  86. My puppy wont stop chewing my furniture?
  87. My dog pees on her own bed, my bed, my couch anywhere but my bare floor. ?
  88. one day i want to my own dog adoption agency and i would like to know what
  89. My Chihuahua puppy is away so playful what are some good toys? ?
  90. Middle name for our 6 month old Chi female puppy Carley..?
  91. My puppy wont sleep through the night?
  92. Why do people think that dogs live in the moment?
  93. Do you think Obama,s dog has a new glass dog dish?
  94. How can I get my 1 1/2 year old puppy to quit chewing me out of house and home? ?
  95. ok i have a little dog it kinda looks like a chihuahua?
  96. my dog maggie has these balls of hair all over her how do i get rid of them?
  97. What would you name this puppy?
  98. my dog is sooo crazy!?
  99. How to prevent snow from getting caught in the dogs paw fur?
  100. What kind of puppy should I get?
  101. How can I get my dogs to stay off the bed? HELP?
  102. Parvo Puppy! How Much Activity Can She Handle?
  103. Small Dog Electronics?
  104. Please help! Home remedy for dog ear infection?
  105. Can dogs get salmonella poisoning..?
  106. can anyone tell me about Cavachon dogs?
  107. what's wrong with my dog?
  108. what kind of dog do u have?
  109. What kind of breed is my dog?
  110. what kind of dog is this?
  111. My 3 month old Aussie Puppy is ripping her toys apart, what do I do?
  112. how do you stop your dog barking at every person who comes to the door?
  113. My dog has got bald patches on her flank and torso that have only appeared in the
  114. Is my dog cute or not? Bored and wondering what everyone else thinks. lol.?
  115. Please help- dog question lol :)?
  116. I need an awesome puppy name!?
  117. Are pigs smarter than dogs?
  118. favourite breed of dog?
  119. help me name my girl puppy?
  120. My puppy loves my mom more than anything...?
  121. I really want a small dog but i dont kno what breed to get?
  122. Why is my dog sniffing the walls?
  123. Names for boy puppy?? **help!**?
  124. whats your favorite breed of dog?
  125. What should i name my puppy?
  126. On a scale of 465 to 834, how dumb am I if cave on this puppy business?
  127. what puppy should i get ?
  128. why is it that when my dog is left alone she doesn't play with her toys.?
  129. Puppy dont play games.help?
  130. nutro puppy ultra food...good or bad?
  131. My dog freaks out when she farts.?
  132. What breed of dog do you think this is?
  133. HELP... my dog is losing his hair....?
  134. What to do with our German Shepherd puppy during the day?
  135. Nintendo Dog Help To Get Rid Of Dog?
  136. how do i count dog years?
  137. My puppy is lethargic and shaking any help appreciated!!?
  138. Cute puppy names,need your help!?
  139. Am I neglecting my dog? :-(?
  140. What breed mix is my dog?
  141. what goes into Hot Dogs?
  142. How do i make my new puppy dog eat?
  143. are pigment changes on dogs ok?
  144. Rescued new Dobie dog age 5: her 1 yr.male pup still at ADL-- will she miss him?
  145. Should I wait after applying Frontline Plus to touch my 12 week old puppy?
  146. whats the longest i could leave a samoyed puppy alone?
  147. why people like dogs more than humans?
  148. Anybody else hand-strip their dogs?
  149. What is hot dogs made of? ?
  150. How can you stop a puppy from eating feces?
  151. Is it normal to have a dog dominate another dog when he is younger? ?
  152. What is Wrong With My Dog?
  153. What kind of puppy should I get?
  154. How do i stop my dog biting my feet when im walking her?
  155. problem -math- help?................???? Hot dogs and Hamburgers?
  156. How can I train such a stubborn dog?
  157. My dog is acting strange - What can I do?
  158. Struggling with Puppy potty training ?
  159. German Shepherd Dogs/ Can you tell me about them?
  160. any vizsla owners have good advice for a new vizsla puppy owner? thanks!?
  161. my dog and puppy got in a fight and one bit a piece of the puppys ear off..?
  162. my dog was shot by a neighbor shes sweet dog her rt frt leg has to come off at the
  163. Where can i get a good looking harness like a Wainwright's (see link) for...
  164. Are pig ears not good for puppies?
  165. How Many Children and Dogs Do You Have?
  166. How can my 13 year old cousin who wants a puppy but has 2 buy it with her
  167. Red eyes and tears in dog ?
  168. At a companion dog show, what does the classes marked 'A.V' mean?
  169. I just got a new male dog and I used to have a male dog that peed on one spot
  170. Do you think that these look like the breeds of dogs and cats they say they are? ?
  171. My puppy wont start barking, crying, and screaming!?
  172. i have like about 4 week old puppy ?
  173. I just had to have my dog put to sleep two weeks ago because she had
  174. What breed of dog is the best and most fun to have?
  175. My dog sneezed in my mouth, and I am not vaccinated, do I have his cold now?
  176. What kind of dog food is best for a English Bulldog Puppy? Not sure of his age, as
  177. How do you make money like $250 for a little puppy.?
  178. My dog is outside in the cold, should I bring her in?
  179. puppy has eye drainage and itchy ears.?
  180. We are looking for a good home, for a free dog.?
  181. a puppy vomiting what does this mean?
  182. How to brush terrified dogs teeth?
  183. What kind of dog is this?
  184. Training Shy Puppy? Any Help Out There?
  185. My dog is losing hair?
  186. is can pumpkin good for sick dogs?
  187. how long do dogs take to have puppies?
  188. How do you convence your parents to get you a puppy.?
  189. I want to know what my dogs are thinking. Like when they are scared and why...
  190. What is my fav. breed of dog?
  191. Do you like Cats and Kitten or Dogs and Puppies???
  192. What is the best type of brush for my dog?
  193. Eukanuba v. Innova for my new dog?
  194. what is a good squirrel dog?
  195. do you automatically deworm puppies?
  196. 18 week old puppy vomiting?
  197. How to claim expenses for foster dog?
  198. Why does my dog prance around the bed with her baby??
  199. What is the most original name you've ever heard for a dog? ?
  200. Does anyone know how i can contact a Dog Specialist?
  201. should i keep feeding my 1month old olde english bulldogge puppy food or formula?
  202. Necessary Stuff to Buy When You Get a puppy!?
  203. What is the best processed dog food to feed a Great Dane?
  204. Why does my dogs leg so this when you rub his chin?
  205. Dogs that are small and furry (fluffy) that stay the same size?
  206. I want a Puppy, but dont know what to name him!!!?
  207. I Live In Houston,texas And I'm Looking For Someone Who Wants To Donate A...
  208. Wise Dog Breed?????????
  209. i have poor dog problems?
  210. 4 month old puppy sleeps/lays around all day?
  211. Are poodles good lap dogs?
  212. How can I keep my dog from going into my neighbor's yard?
  213. Has your dog gotten out of control playing tug of war... ?
  214. Do you think my dog was abused..or is just timid?
  215. My dog has a lot of gas !!!!!!?
  216. Is this normal for a puppy?
  217. how can i find my wireless driver using puppy Linux?
  218. New puppy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ?
  219. Puppy's Peeing Problem!?
  220. one of my dogs keeps starring at the sunset. WHAT IS HE DOING?!?
  221. what would happen if you gave a dog beer?
  222. Puppy is terribly sick! Help! Fast!?
  223. Something cute to put on a military dog tag? Build A Bear Workshop!?
  224. why does my dog not feel comfortable unless she has her collar on?
  225. My dog keeps biting and scratching herself...?
  226. i dont kno if my dog has ring worm?
  227. He the dog from Marley Me neutered?
  228. Why does everybody care what kind of dog the Obamas get?
  229. my puppy isn't eating!!?
  230. Now that I have my beagle puppy going outside, how do I get her to stop...
  231. I need puppy names! Help?
  232. Puppy still poops in the house but won't pee inside, any suggestions?
  233. Why does my dog bark whenever the phone is rings on the other side of the house?
  234. is getting a cocker spaniel as a puppy a bad thing?
  235. What kind of dog should Kyle Myself get with Zoey the rottie Kevin the aussie ?
  236. Which movie should i see Hotel for Dogs or My Bloody Valentime.?
  237. my dog had puppies 6 weeks ago her stool is loose is this normal? what...
  238. my puppy is dragging his bum an crying :(?
  239. Alcohol And Hot Dogs --- Guys Do Not Get Offended!?
  240. I need help paying for emergency surgery for my dog. Any suggestions?
  241. Shelter lying about dogs age?
  242. Sleeping with my dog?
  243. Dalmatian puppy :) HELP?
  244. How do i convince my mom to let me get another dog.?
  245. What Kind Of Dog Breed Is Peanut From The Show It's Me Or The Dog?
  246. what do you know about pitbull puppies getting along with other dogs?
  247. Why is my dog licking the carpet or her pillow all the time?
  248. Dog Registration Question?
  249. dog ate cinnamon stick what do i do?
  250. Is it normal for my dog to pass gas VERY often?