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  1. what do you do if you suspect the neightbour is trying to poison your dogs?
  2. Men Only Please, How many of you have fantasy's while WALKING YOUR DOG??
  3. Sleeping the same bed with a dog?
  4. Who let the dogs out?
  5. When it is time to give away my puppies how will my dog react?
  6. Does anyones dog have Cushings Disease?
  7. I need a really cute puppy name. ?
  8. What is the best website for me to find a puppy?
  9. A question about my dog Suza?
  10. How can I get my dog to stop barking so much? ?
  11. What the heck kind of puppies are these?
  12. dog is sick help please! :(?
  13. Has anyone ever known of a dog that had puppies days apart?
  14. Dogs/mother conflict........need serious advice on this topic?
  15. If a German Shepard and a French Poodle had a puppy?
  16. My dog scratches his head?
  17. Help. my dog is a sissy.?
  18. Shih Tzu puppy Tips?
  19. What's your favorite dog breed?
  20. what can i give my puppy for her cold ?
  21. Is my dog just getting older or could this be a symptom of something else?
  22. good dog groomers in ancaster?
  23. What dog breed is good for me?!?
  24. I just got a dog and i don't know what to do now...?
  25. What to do! My dog is sick, Panting alot ?
  26. Dog toy for a smart dog?
  27. How do I help my dog get over my other dog's death?
  28. What could make my dog's rectal area smell like death even after bathing ?
  29. New puppy, sweet tea, and diarrhea?
  30. How cute do you think my dog is?
  31. Name for my puppy?? (pics)?
  32. Will getting a 3rd Chihuahua make my other dogs angry?
  33. my dogs are fighting?
  34. Would you use epson salt for a dog's paw wound?
  35. What type of dog might I have? ?
  36. What type of dog should I get?
  37. how much sleep do dogs need?
  38. What are some cute names for a puppy?
  39. i was rubbin my dogs belly, and i noticed there is something weird going on
  40. Puppy help! Advice!!!!!?
  41. Does anyone know about care for a hairless dog?
  42. My 7 month old puppy had a puffy swollen vagina that was really red.
  43. How to instal Puppy Linux?
  44. Which is better for your puppy when going on a walk?
  45. How big will my puppy be?
  46. My Ex is threatening to take my dog away! Help!?
  47. What do I do with my neighbor's barking dog?
  48. Does anyone know what might be wrong with my dog?
  49. My dog keeps barking to be let out at night? How do I get him to stop!?
  50. How can you tell if a dog is pregnate?
  51. Switch Dog Food? And if so to what?
  52. Does my puppy have a brain problem?
  53. could dog be having puppies NOW?
  54. How Can I tell if my puppy is a german shepherd or rottweiler mix?
  55. Coming up with a puppy name.?
  56. How can you tell if a dog has mange?
  57. How I Can Teach My Dog To defecate on the Paper?
  58. Death of a poor dog, please help me?
  59. Taking my puppy for walks...?
  60. How can I get my dog to stop keeping me awake all night?
  61. my dog got in to something i mite need help?
  62. What do u think i should name my dog?
  63. How do I know my puppies are crying for....?
  64. What could be wrong with my dog...?
  65. Does my dog have a stomach flu?
  66. Is disciplining your dog with physical means wrong?
  67. how do you convince your parents to get a dog !??!?!?
  68. How to train my puppy to not go in a certain room of the house?
  69. My dog is due for her vaccinations, however we are getting ready to breed. Can...
  70. How do you get a dog to stop chewing?
  71. my German Shepherd puppy wont stop jumping up?
  72. Can a pet rabbit be treated more like a dog?
  73. I need help training a puppy NOT to poop on my floor...?
  74. What breed is this dog?
  75. i have a new 5 month old male puppy, at what age is he able to
  76. Prolifers/prochoicers:what do you think of aborting puppies?
  77. How to help my dog. irritated rectum?
  78. Please vote on a puppy name?
  79. Dog licks the cats' butts. Why is that?
  80. Has anyone tried Petipaw (dog nail filer)? Is it a good product?
  81. my girlfriend is mad at me. i gave her a puppy today, but she is still mad. I...
  82. why doesnt my pregnant dog eat? she is between 6-7 weeks pregnant.?
  83. Where can I find a korean dog restaurant in Los Angeles ?
  84. Hello,My puppy is nearly 3months old now. he was vaccinated with distemper...
  85. Can you get a kink removed from a dogs tail (pitbull)?
  86. What's the easiest dog to take care of?
  87. How do u train a puppy to go to the toilet outside?
  88. What are some good names for a girl dog?
  89. What dogs are compatible with aussies?
  90. My Dog is not lifting his leg yet?
  91. are cats or dogs better pets?
  92. how to take care of a pregnant dog !?
  93. I need male puppy names?
  94. How do I teach my puppy to stop biting and tugging on my older dog?
  95. Is my dog going to be ok?
  96. What age should I start training my german shepherd puppy hes a little over 2
  97. How can i stop my dog from misbehaving on the lead when she sees other dogs?
  98. Is it ethical to let my dog defecate in my neighbors garden?
  99. What's the largest breed of dog in the world?
  100. are doberman dogs easy to train and care for?
  101. puppy GSD wet food question?
  102. my dogs face is swollen help?
  103. We just had puppies 2 weeks ago and I need help!!?
  104. My black lab just had 10 puppies yesterday and i am trying to rotate them and...
  105. how to calm an escaped puppy? ?
  106. How can I get my puppy to stop licking people in the face?
  107. What would be the best dog for...... (They are looking for two dogs)?
  108. Big Tick On My Dog Help Asap Please!!?
  109. My dog has a small cut on his ear. How can I stop the bleeding.?
  110. do you like this puppy name?
  111. what kind of puppy am i?
  112. dogs + old man + death = lawsuit?
  113. Does my dog have internal bleeding?
  114. Trying to convince parents to get Maltese Puppy?
  115. My dog has an itching problem what could it be?
  116. my male dog is acting very strange!?
  117. animal (dog) problems in my neighborhood pooping on my lawn.?
  118. Can you take your dog with you to Mexico?
  119. How to calm down a hyperactive dog?
  120. Puppy Breathing Problems?
  121. puppy..................names............?
  122. my puppy's testical is swollen!?
  123. Soon to be puppy questions!?
  124. Who cares that the Obama's are searching for a new puppy?
  125. I work long hours and have a puppy. Will he ever stop peeing in his crate...
  126. What exactly are the dogs saying when they bark all night?
  127. what diseases can a puppy or a dog give to humans except rabies.....?
  128. My dog ate too many biscuits on accident,gained weight what should i do is
  129. Can I pop my own cherry? I really want/need/must!!! Read why!? PLz give me some
  130. What is the best way to help a 10 month old puppy make the transition from...
  131. Do you let your dog.............?
  132. cockerspaniel puppy with odor?
  133. My dog can't walk on a leash, help?
  134. What could bright red blood in my puppies stool mean?
  135. my dog barks pls Help me!?
  136. Why do the Obama's want another dog?
  137. Computer Virus; PUPPIES?
  138. I want a certain type of dog that....?
  139. Why does my dog do this?
  140. Why does my puppy throw up after coming indoors after being outside to get...
  141. In Dogs bullets and carnage, What are Giovanni's guns, the look very similar to...
  142. why does my dog eat other dogs poop?
  143. I am looking for a good, cheap, comfortable, warm dog bed for my puppy.?
  144. ---cutest type of dog?---?
  145. ever been to a dog show?
  146. There's something wrong with my beagle puppy?
  147. How to keep a puppy still for a photo?
  148. found out my dog has mange?
  149. Why does my dogs breath smell bad?
  150. My puppy doesn't like being left alone?
  151. how do you communicate to your dog that he is doing something wrong?
  152. Fork in the road- Do I take the dog??- need advice?
  153. Can I give my dog senior food?
  154. how do you get your mom to let you get a dog?
  155. Whats the best thing i could feed my 7 mos old puppy?
  156. eating habits for dogs?
  157. how to write a letter on a dogs behalf?
  158. where are the dog breeders in maine?
  159. Training a stubborn dog?
  160. how high canyour large dog jump?
  161. Does anyone else's dog have an anxiety disorder?
  162. my dog is an indoor dog, how do i keep him from urinating in my house while
  163. teaching my 7 year over nervous dog to walk on a lead.?
  164. What is a safe way to trap a dog?
  165. Dog pic, Scholarship contest. I need your vote.?
  166. What are some websites to look at puppies for sale?
  167. Something Is Wrong With My Dog's Leg?
  168. how long do the initial vaccines for dogs last?
  169. is it ok if i like dogs?
  170. Small Puppy problem and dont really know how to handle it?
  171. Is my dog ready for motherhood?
  172. HELP! I AM FREAKING OUT! My 11week old puppy just ate a allergy pill
  173. Would you rather save a dog wearing clothes who hates it or a cat that's being
  174. My dog had 7 puppies and I need to know what to do to take care of them properly?
  175. How can I train my dog to make in a specified area?
  176. how do you potty train your puppy? PLEASE HELP!!!!?
  177. Can humans originate from dogs?
  178. I just found out Dog the Bounty Hunter is looking for me--I didn't pay my...
  179. Help I need a good name for my puppy!?
  180. When do dogs stop growing?
  181. I want to buy a puppy. Where is the best place to buy?
  182. Is a German Sheppard Mix puppy right for me?!?
  183. License for dog breeders?
  184. Severe puppy biting i need help!!?
  185. About korean jindo puppies what to expect(jindo owners please)?
  186. Theres this country song about a dog I dont know the name to...?
  187. My dog is acting weird. Help?
  188. Help ... i need a joke to cheer up my gloomy dog!?
  189. why is my dog peeing in the house.?
  190. blondes new puppy-- what u think ?
  191. My Puppy Bites me, do i need to correct her?
  192. Schutzhund vs. AKC for my puppy?
  193. urgent help!!! my dog is in labor.?
  194. why doesnt my dog eat?
  195. How much will my teacup maltese/yorkie puppy weigh?? he is 12 weeks and
  196. My dog has an infection in his right eye and also a lump on sternum....
  197. What can dogs chew safely?
  198. cost to take a puppy labradore from the US to the caribean?
  199. my dog has stopped eating! help!?
  200. Guess my mixed dog's breeds?
  201. If have the choice to live with a gorilla who knows sign language or a dog who sings
  202. There is something wrong with my dog?
  203. who is the old country comedian that told stories about german sherperd...
  204. When will my puppy stop crying?
  205. How old are you in dog years?
  206. i have a dog, how can i deodorize my back yard, where she does her business?
  207. How Do I Teach My Dog To Slow Down When He Is Eating?
  208. does your dog pull on lead?
  209. Can anyone help me picking my dogs name for her AKC Papers?
  210. how can i fix and work with my dog so he won't snap at strangers when they come
  211. Help name my new PUPPY!?
  212. shots/deworming?
  213. How to potty train 4 month old puppy from inside to outside.?
  214. are puppy colored blind?
  215. Help we need a Puppy!?
  216. How can I stop my dog from barking at our new pet bird?
  217. what other dog shall i get???ANSWER PLZ?
  218. My parents dog gets depressed whenever we take our dog home. what can we do to...
  219. how can i get a good puppy in florida?
  220. Puppy Linux Memory.......?
  221. What Breed of Dog should I get?
  222. Does my dog have OCD?
  223. when a dog licks you, does it really mean he's kissing you?
  224. Chihuahua puppy food?
  225. My dog had a litter of puppies and I had homes for them all but I
  226. Puppy very weak and drooling ?
  227. What breed is this puppy?
  228. my dog has a sore willy!?
  229. My dog is licking her vagina alot, could it be period?
  230. My Dad Is So Mean To My Dog?
  231. what kind of dog does mr.magoo have.?
  232. i am getting a puppy tmrw and idk what to name it.?
  233. When will my female dog stop bleeding after breeding?
  234. Had a beautiful peace lilly plant 3 days ago. I think our new puppy urinated on it. ?
  235. I spanked my dog, what do I do?
  236. Should i get British Bull dog,Japanese akita,Malamute Husky or Jack russel?
  237. What type of dog is this?
  238. my dog died i don't have much money, what are my disposal options in georgia?
  239. What happens if you don't walk a dog for a whole week?
  240. My favorite dog has cancer?
  241. my dog seems to be wheezing?
  242. what specific items do i need to get so i can be ready for my new puppy?
  243. Why is my puppy peeing in the house?
  244. Please help in determining the problem with my dog.?
  245. Is something wrong with my puppy?
  246. Where can i get a shorkie puppy?
  247. Puppy+Heater=Worried Owner......?
  248. Does your dog get scared when he/she farts?
  249. Guess my Puppy's Breed?
  250. I have a 6 month old shi zu puppy that I have had since he was six weeks...