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  1. what do i do i keep on asking my mom 4 a puppy and she never answers me?
  2. my cat was attacked by two dogs, owner refusing to pay, what can i do now?
  3. please help me with my puppy (Miniature Schnauzer)?
  4. What could be Blood in my puppies Stools?
  5. Im allergic to my dogs' saliva so when they lick me I get an itchy bump on my...
  6. Help with my puppy, he has eye crusties.....?
  7. Labrador/Border Collie puppy question!?
  8. What is the best way to tell a female dog to go have sexual intercourse...
  9. i need advice on giving my old dog a bath?
  10. Is there a way to prevent or cure cloudy eyes in older dogs?
  11. How to Stop a Puppy MILL !!!!!!!?
  12. Why does my new puppy soil on my adult dogs bed?
  13. How can I Stop My Dog from Attacking People?
  14. My 7 month old puppy is eating his poo~~! HELP!?
  15. Why do some dogs shiver?
  16. my dog ate an MM, will he be okay?
  17. Is there a way to stop puppies chewing?
  18. i had a dream about a sky blue dingo (dog)?
  19. Can a dog take aspirin?
  20. How to make my mom accept my new puppy?
  21. How do I set up WiFi on Yellow Dog Linux on my PS3?
  22. Dog insurance for my puppy?
  23. I have a Male chihuahua puppy. He weighs 1 pound 10z at 13 weeks. How much will
  24. Should I use a harness to walk my dog?
  25. Does your dog spin in circles when it's happy?
  26. My says that pets such as dogs or cats may make it harder to Concieve is that true??
  27. when I leave my puppy while I am at work or school, by the time i come
  28. How is the hot dog cart business in SC?
  29. Is it bad if my puppy didn't get his first distemper shot at 6 weeks?
  30. how do you stop your puppy from screeching and barking?
  31. What could be the reasons why my dog has blood in her diarrehea?
  32. What is your fave dog breed? (10 points) ?
  33. what should i named my puppy?
  34. How can we potty train our new puppy?
  35. What age can you start teaching puppies to swim?
  36. Dog questions - do you answer first and read the other answers later?
  37. Any suggestions for dog names... (yes, I know this question is asked so much...
  38. anyone have any names for a puppy...?
  39. Has anyone recently tranported or taken their Dog to India. Need information how
  40. Enlarged Spleen in Dog?
  41. Help!!!! Dog Yelping Out Of The Blue?
  42. is it ok to fed my b.itch dog food?
  43. Do dogs carry menangitis in their mouths?
  44. What do you do when your dog is turning into a koala?
  45. I have a vomiting puppy?
  46. My dog has discoloration on the right side of his lip, what could it be?
  47. HELP out little dogs are sick?
  48. how many puppies can shih tzu and yorkshire terriers have at one time?
  49. you have a female dog and her brother has puppys and 1 of the dogs from...
  50. what dog has he highest prey drive and bonds easiest with its owner?
  51. I don't know what to do (dogs) ?
  52. Puppy Crying at Night? How to stop it?
  53. My dog will not go to the bathroom anymore when we take him out?
  54. how much do rescue dogs cost to adopt?
  55. Does anyone know the beer commercial with a dog clinging on to the bottle?
  56. My dog bits and barks for attention how can i stop this?
  57. I gave my puppy a worm tablet last night but she has had the runs this morning ?
  58. what can i feed my puppy?
  59. My dog killed a puppy!?
  60. how to trim nails of an aggressive dog?
  61. What are the MOST ESSENTIAL shots that a puppy needs?
  62. What is the difference between eczema and hot spots in dogs?
  63. I have a puppy almost out of puppy stage, but still pee's every hour, when does
  64. my two puppies have parvo and they are on calavamox and were giving them fluids
  65. Should I Euthanize My Dog?
  66. New puppy help... any suggestions?
  67. If sleeping dogs lie, to awake dogs tell the truth?
  68. My Dog may have swallowed my Mother's Prescription Medication (Neurontin)?
  69. Why does my male dog sometimes jump on puppies when we're going for a walk. ?
  70. Whats the bestest puppy for me?
  71. Chain dog leashes........?
  72. Is there such a thing as ( Dog Rape )?
  73. When should I start training my puppy? ?
  74. Does anyone else's dog do this?
  75. Why do people expect a free dog?
  76. Little boy Wheaten Terrier Puppy NEEDS A NAME! Help me?
  77. what can you give a dog for a cold?
  78. Ok so i have a puppy and she is 3 months, how can i teach her not to pee or
  79. how do i get a puppy?
  80. Is there any way I can take my dog on the plane when I move to London?
  81. My dog has ear problem?
  82. Puppy is very aggressive toward my mom?
  83. I am getting a lab puppy in a few weeks...?
  84. My dog ate my amxoillian will he be okay?
  85. my dog wont stop yapping!!?
  86. How to make sure one dog does not feel left out?
  87. Aggression toward other dogs?
  88. my best friend puppy is dead. he is suffering...how to advise him?? any good ideas?
  89. What is the cheapest way to ship a puppy?
  90. are there any home remedies for gingivitis in dogs?
  91. my dog had a small amount of blood come out of his butt and had a small...
  92. how can i get my dog to be quiet?
  93. puppy just got neutered and.....?
  94. Do you ever eat a fully loaded foot long chili dog and some fries and regret it
  95. Should I get a puppy?
  96. why does my puppy eat her poop?
  97. My dog has a really bad flea problem and his ear is like contaminated! Help!?
  98. Are there any natural puppy foods (GSD) available to Uruguay?
  99. Does anyone know what breed of dog these puppies are?
  100. How to introduce a new dog?
  101. House training a puppy?
  102. Is it okay to keep puppies and mom together for life?
  103. Did the Obamas get a dog?
  104. my puppy died of an unknown cause, please help?
  105. Why did my dog and a bunch of ants eat up a bloody pad? Is it because of the...
  106. my puppy is acting crazy...?
  107. German Shepherd Puppies!!?
  108. 6 weeks too young for a puppy?
  109. why do dogs or puppies lick you?
  110. IsWinalot tinned puppy food a good brand?
  111. my puppy thew up worms?
  112. Would a tranquilliser work on a rabid man or dog?
  113. Help with Roundworms in a Dog?
  114. Free Puppy In Arizona?
  115. how to potty train ur puppy?
  116. Do you approve of dogs's tails being docked and their ears being snipped? ?
  117. How to stop my dog from peeing inside?
  118. Should my 15 week old puppy have his bordetella shot? ?
  119. Where can I ask someone to make a different type of dogs breed?
  120. I am desperately seeking to find Hybrid Wolf puppies for sale or adoption in Montana?
  121. How can I keep my dogs away from the fence?
  122. Help naming my new puppy... Need a name that matches..?
  123. Safe time for my dog to get pregnant? Will award best answer.?
  124. Getting My Dog Spayed Right Now?
  125. I have puppies and was wondering how long ?
  126. if my dog is sick 4 hours after being wormed should i worm her again?
  127. Why is my dog suddenly urinating on the floor?
  128. wat do u do with a dog thats bleeding but wont let u touch him?
  129. What Type of Medium to Small Breed Dog should we Get?
  130. What name should I give my new puppy?
  131. is it normal for my dog to?
  132. housebreaking a puppy?
  133. Do dogs shed more in the winter?
  134. I got a pomeranian puppy, i need help naming him?
  135. Puppy vaccinations cost?
  136. if a dog has gingivitis....?
  137. Would these 2 dogs be a good match?Please Answer!!!!!?
  138. Advice on what kind of dog I should get?
  139. i am asking for a prayer for my grandmothers dogpee-wee?
  140. What's wrong with my dog?!?
  141. What is the best type of Dog to have as a Outdoor-sy / Chill guy?
  142. How often do you play with your dog? What about walk him?
  143. what is for u the stronest dog breed?
  144. Could anything be done for these dogs?
  145. my dog almost attacked me AGAIN!!!!!??!?
  146. How do I get my 8mth old puppy to ask to go outside? We have another dog
  147. Is it okay to stop a puppy from licking its privates?
  148. How to stop 4.5 month old Dachshund puppy from peeing/pooping in cage?
  149. How did they find the most ugliest dog in the world?
  150. getting a year old dogs first shots???????????? PLease Answer ?
  151. Is it bad to let your dog freely roam around the backyard at anytime he/she wants?
  152. My Dog Just had Surgery and Her Urine Smells?
  153. my puppy had blood in her stool?
  154. I was wondering what kind of food to switch my puppy to in a few months? ?
  155. 9 week old puppy has few drops of blood in his stool?
  156. My 8 month puppy found and chewed up an ant bait what should I do?
  157. Why are people so quick to judge a dog or it's owner?
  158. I am severely allergic to dogs, but i want one. which dogs are suitable for me?
  159. Can I use an electric zapper on my neighbor dog?
  160. Websites that i can put an order in for a puppy?
  161. How can I help my dog?
  162. any cute puppy names? please answer?
  163. Dog got 18 teeth pulled?
  164. Where can one buy a puppy in or around Raleigh NC?
  165. ARRRGH puppy ate leather couch!!!?
  166. Can my female dog have puppies with two different dogs at 2 different times?
  167. is it okay for my dogs to chew on each other?
  168. What should I name my puppy?
  169. when should i start training my puppy?
  170. Looking for a cute dog harness.?
  171. My dog has been out of her 1st heat now for about 2 months but she is still very
  172. Can newborn puppies have kennel cough???
  173. New home for my German Shepherd puppy?
  174. My friends dog died but she doesnt know why!!!?
  175. Please Help With My Dog!!!! Please!?
  176. what dog is right for me...............................?
  177. Question about therapy dogs?
  178. Serious issue with Akita puppy!!!?
  179. How do i get my 7 month old dog to stop nipping?
  180. what should my dog take she never eats her food and only drinks water she threw
  181. Help!! Puppy problems!?
  182. My puppy's back and/or neck are soaked almost every morning, what could it be?
  183. are rottweilers good police dogs?
  184. What the perfect name for my new puppy?
  185. Possibly frostbitten puppy paw?
  186. We have a 8 mo.old mini wiener dog we just rescued. Don,t know if he has
  187. please help me with my puppy ?
  188. Why does my puppy bark when sleeping?
  189. My puppy is peeing blood...?
  190. My german shepherd had been in labor since yesterday morning around this time so...
  191. Sleeping with a dog. Does it need a blanket?
  192. Name for puppy/dog site?
  193. How do I stop my dog from digging holes in the garden?
  194. how to stop a barking dog?
  195. my puppy is being a nuesence!! arghhhhhh?
  196. What to do about neighbors dog?
  197. How can i teach my puppy to hunt small game ?
  198. how come its a bad thing to have mutts have puppies?
  199. Cockapoo Puppy Not Eating?
  200. What breed is my puppy?
  201. Is it possible my dogs are lesbian ?!?
  202. My puppy STILL wakes me up?
  203. Do you walk your dog when it rains?
  204. who let the dogs out?
  205. Should I get an adult or puppy golden retriever? Another dog involved.?
  206. Back yard breeders, puppy mills, Show dogs ?
  207. why do dogs like to play fetch?
  208. PLZ READ!!2 dogs/peeing problem?? HELP MEE!!?
  209. How can i get my mum to let me get a dog?
  210. How can I get my dog to play with toys?
  211. would or will cortizone cream hurt my dog?
  212. PLEASE help me, how do i keep my dog from scratching the door?
  213. Can puppy agression be changed?
  214. if you had a 'wet' puppy, would you have it put to sleep or would you let it have
  215. I just had a miscarriage. Would it be wrong to get a puppy?
  216. purchasing/adopting a dog question?
  217. What kind of puppies are these?
  218. do you have to stay at a dog show the whole day?
  219. Is it possible to harm the ear drum of a newborn puppy with very loud music...
  220. what's a good name for a new puppy?
  221. ****Please Help! Dog ate 3 brownies! I don't know what to do!****?
  222. is soy milk good for dogs?
  223. Is it ok to give my puppy wet puppy food?
  224. PLEASE READ! My lab is having puppies and she is neglecting one of them......please
  225. my puppy bit me hard.. so i smacked him.. is anything wrong with that?
  226. do female puppies mark their territory like males?
  227. My puppy is the RUNT and he....?
  228. might be dumb question but why does my pit bull puppy....?
  229. what type of dog is this?
  230. My Dog wont stop going to the bathroom in the house. ?
  231. My family and i are thinking about moving and getting a cat or dog.?
  232. There are dogs next door to my place who are mistreated?
  233. The other day my dog...?
  234. how long does it take for a dogs leg to heal if it is broken?
  235. Animal Planet advocating designer dogs about them?
  236. Why does my dog wee in the house?
  237. I saw this puppy the other night and I'm curious to find out what she was....Can you
  238. I am getting a new pomeranian puppy!!! What should I name her?
  239. Help me name my new female yorkie puppy?
  240. how could your puppy get worms?
  241. Do dogs get cold sores?
  242. Please Help my 8 week old puppy does feel good?
  243. Clipping a dogs toenails question?
  244. I wanted to re-word my question. The fur on my dog's elbows is red/brown,
  245. Is it okay if my puppy...?
  246. 5 day old golden retriever puppies?
  247. Did my dog just have a nightmare? He was sleeping all peacefully and all...
  248. how do you stop a puppy from biting and running around like someone just gave it a...
  249. Dog agression towards strangers?
  250. How do I know if my puppy is dieing?