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  1. Dog skin problem, please help! Urgent!!!!!?
  2. My Puppy has hiccups?
  3. Our dog came down real sick again....we went to the vet but now what should
  4. if cats and dogs could talk what would are world be like?
  5. Why does my dog (Alsatian) always growl at smelltik supporters ?
  6. What should I do to keep new puppy from fighting?
  7. We brought home a stray puppy today. She has fleas. What is the safest
  8. i have a 8 week old pitbul puppy and i dont have its shot yet could i still...
  9. My dog (boy) is nearly 4yrs old and has been clean and dry ?
  10. if you keep dog food in a can is that bad?
  11. What kind of puppy/dog is this? (pic attached) ?
  12. Does my Dog have a Fever? What should we do?
  13. I am having feeding problems with my two dogs-what can I do?
  14. what language should I teach my dog?
  15. How many times a day should I feed my 2 month old puppy?
  16. 11 year old adopted dog..?
  17. Any tips when a rottweiler puppy has started biting and nipping usually...
  18. Does anybody know what type of Puppy this is?
  19. How do u persuade ur parents to get u a dog?
  20. Do dogs change their teeth ?
  21. does God like dogs the best?
  22. Any tips on housebreaking a maltese puppies?
  23. What color puppies can I expect from my shih tzus?
  24. Question about my pregnant foster dog?
  25. How does a dog get a flea when it is very cold outside?
  26. Is it Regular for Dogs to shed at a young age?
  27. Does a (short haired) dogs hide become conditioned to the outdoor elements,...
  28. what are some characteristics of a gator pit. i got a puppy they say he a gator...
  29. Barkwork's Puppies**?
  30. Please help me help my dog!?
  31. will Terramycin help clear a dogs eye watering?
  32. How can I convice my mom to let me have a puppy?
  33. Anyone ever had a dog with bloat/torsion?
  34. How can i get my puppy to stop biting and snapping at people?
  35. Introducing chihuahua to dog that plays too rough?
  36. question about grooming my new puppy?
  37. BEST Food Choice for Puppies?!?
  38. when you own two dogs is there much difference than having one dog?
  39. WHYS MY DOG ...afraid?
  40. do i keep asking my mom for a puppy?
  41. my gma has a cat problem she has dogs and the humane people wont help?
  42. We are looking for a dog friendly place in Tahoe(Kirkwood)?
  43. What are the best kinds of dogs to get????
  44. having a puppy with full work hours?
  45. My dog is ripping and eating everything?
  46. what breed makes a good apartment dog?
  47. How can you treat a kitten and dog equal? and how can someone critize you when
  48. Unwanted puppies and children?
  49. What is a good dog biscuit recipe that does not require refrigeration?
  50. How much can I sell my puppies for?
  51. What happens if I leave my puppy, 10 weeks old alone a home?
  52. My Dog Keeps Throwing Up?
  53. My dog has had diarrhea the past 2 days and threw up once it?
  54. How much would a 8 week old husky puppy cost on average?
  55. Next Day PetsI was looking for a puppy and now everytime I look in my e...
  56. Taking a Service Dog to China?
  57. One more question about the paint thinner. I am trying to clean the area...
  58. what breed of dog should i get ?
  59. My dog has swollowed a big piece of blu tack ?
  60. do you believe that dogs are born mean or do you believe humans make them mean?
  61. Becoming a dog walker?
  62. what dog do i buy, please help me and say some good dogs?
  63. my 18 week old puppy wont listen ?
  64. why dont my dog like other dogs?
  65. Dog Names - please help!!?
  66. Does anyone else's dog make odd noises?
  67. Black Lab puppy with a white spot.?
  68. wow im screwed... what a hornnn dog! eaaasy question;p?
  69. Help puppy digging out potted plants?
  70. my dog pulls on her lead when we take her for a walk ?
  71. What do u have to do to bring a dog from a Spanish countries?
  72. is it possible to die from swallowing dog hair?
  73. How do I stop dogs from coming in my yard? ?
  74. If I have a dog and my aunt has the brother can she still get pregnant?
  75. my 15 year old dog pulled a muscle what should i do?
  76. I have two dogs that are hybrid with chihuahua in them. Can they produce a
  77. Does anyone know a Finnish website that sells dog coats?
  78. what does your dog do when you play with him/her?
  79. can dogs get venereal deseases?
  80. What is the best kind of guard dog?
  81. I dont understand registering a dog/puppy?
  82. Why do dogs go off lead in park but owners won't let them play with other dogs.?
  83. i have a 7 week old american pit puppy and i just notice a yellowish discharge on
  84. lactating dog how much should she weigh?
  85. What is Dogging, as in sex terms?
  86. I just bought a kirkland brand dog bed and it smells like pine chips..any...
  87. My dog is limping, but cannot see any damage to foot?
  88. How do I take care of my dog that came home from bladder surgery?
  89. what is best type of puppy mush mix?
  90. why does my puppy bark at my brother but know one else in my family?
  91. Still looking for answers for the puppy (Updated Question)?
  92. What is the best age for my puppy to be outside?
  93. dog question!!! help best answer 10 points?
  94. How long can i leave a 4 month puppy outside in 36 degree/ 30 C weather...
  95. my boxer dogs tongue is a strange colour?
  96. Cats And Dogs (Jokes)?
  97. puppy playing too rough...help!!!?
  98. Border Collie puppy feeding.?
  99. what kind of dog behavior is this?
  100. Would i be able to clicker train my 3yr old dog ....?
  101. My puppy runs away from me but always follows my mom, How do i get my dog to
  102. we need some dog namesDog names?
  103. Least favourite breed of dog?
  104. Where is a good place to list our puppy for sale?
  105. How can I tell if my dog is a pitbull mastiff?
  106. Whats wrong with me i like dogs?
  107. Dog chewed library Book!!! Help!?
  108. i just got a blue pit bull puppy she 3months old ?
  109. i need prices for these dog breeds?
  110. bullmastiff puppy training.?
  111. new puppy is this weird?
  112. Are engraved dog tags a good Valentine's Day gift?
  113. Marley and ME. Who else found the dog and owners annoying?
  114. Where can i read Her Majesty's Dog 30+ (manga) online?
  115. my puppy chews every thing?
  116. Help with Puppy chewing items in house?
  117. Hi everybody! what would u do if u lost ur lovely dog?
  118. I am going to get a puppy but what will I do when I am away?
  119. How can I stop neighborhood dogs from peeing on my sidewalk in front of my house?
  120. Is it possible to teach a dog to blow a bubble with bubble gum?
  121. my cat pants like a dog!!!?
  122. how comes a dog can sense if a smell is from a human rather than some other smell ?
  123. ok... i need puppy advice/personal opinion?
  124. Should you trust a penguin in zebra's clothing or a panda in dog's clothing?
  125. our family dog?? urgent help?
  126. How can I get my dog to stop barking?
  127. For a puppy: Do you thing Keevo (Key-Voe) would be a girl name or a boy name?
  128. Infected - red eyes (puppy). please help?
  129. Does anyone else have a picky dog?
  130. My new puppy sleeping?
  131. 5 year old dog with dew claws?
  132. Is banana bread bad for a dog?
  133. Does the sound of subliminal messages bother dogs?
  134. 11 week old Puppy Sick?
  135. have you heard of My Francophone Dog?
  136. Why does my dog hate black folks so much?
  137. puppy will not stop biting?
  138. Is a dogs tail voluntary or involuntary?
  139. puppy help (ask + wanting to know some supplies)?
  140. where can I give away two female pit/husky mix puppies?
  141. Can you help me name my Pomeranian Puppy?
  142. 4 month old puppy weighs 30 POUNDS!!!!?
  143. my dog is vomiting every 15 min what should i do?
  144. How to introduce my dog (a Dobie) to my boyfriend's dog (A pitbull)?
  145. What is an unique name for a dog that is completely white?
  146. how do i persuade my mom to keep a dog?
  147. Can a landlord stop me from having a new dog when it states in my lease
  148. I just got a GSD mix puppy....?
  149. do tapeworms in dogs cause poor health?
  150. Do all pet stores sell puppy mill puppies?
  151. Does anyone know why a puppy would want to eat rocks.?
  152. What's a cute puppy name?
  153. 16-Week Puppy First Day Home: Advice, Please!?
  154. Do you think dogs can feel 'love' and return it?
  155. how do you train a dog to get the newspaper?
  156. What do these two dreams involving dogs mean?
  157. is it normal for puppies to eat their own poo?
  158. can dogs eat peanut butter?
  159. Why do dogs bark.................................?
  160. What do you think of my dogs shirt?
  161. How to do a hot oil treatment for dog?
  162. Dog losing teeth--Vomiting normal?
  163. Whats wrong with my puppy? Is he sick? :(:(?
  164. My puppy just got spayed 2 days ago. Should I be worried about the glue coming apart?
  165. We have rescued a Wild Bulgarian Puppy, why does she bring us twigs etc and drop
  166. my puppy won't stop pooping in her kennel. is she nervous?
  167. What sort of tests does a good dog breeder do on their dogs? (CERF/OFA?)?
  168. i need serious answers, what kind of dog should we get?
  169. Sorry, the last one didn't post right. I miss my dog, What can/should I do?...
  170. how long does it take for a dog to digest its worming tablet?
  171. how do i persuade my mom to allow me to keep a dog?
  172. does anyone know the title of the song that mariah carey, nate dog,sing/rap? ?
  173. Puppy peeing on bed / House Breaking?
  174. Cool names for fawn and white male pitbull puppy.?
  175. What kind of dog was in the movie The Cell?
  176. HELP! Dog getting too SKINNY!!!?
  177. Some Questiongs About Maltese Dogs?
  178. my dog has had a small dime sized lump on her stomach....?
  179. Can you thaw and refreeze hot dogs?
  180. 911-help-my dog eat chocolate?
  181. Is it too cold out for my Maltese puppy?
  182. Nintendodogs question about the dogs in game.?
  183. virtual breeding game for child cats dogs horses?
  184. Is a light diet really necessary for a neutered dog?
  185. What to feed 4 1/2 to 5 week old puppies?
  186. 28 weeks pregnant - jumped on by my dog. ?
  187. puppy housebreaking help?
  188. Question about 1 week old puppies?
  189. my grandson has head ringwrom and has past it to his dog, what is the best...
  190. Puppy On The Way!? Please Help! :)?
  191. what is my new dogs name?
  192. What's the proper age should I put my puppies on a leash?
  193. how do you legallly marry two dogs?
  194. Which treatment are you using for a dog with Arthritis (and bone spurs)?
  195. my dogs breath stinks?
  196. If you could have any breed of dog in the world.?
  197. what can I do? my dogs wont stop going the bathroom in my house.?
  198. what do i feed my new puppy?
  199. Cockalier puppy wanted in UK?
  200. has anyone had a puppy with mange?
  201. Can you teach a dog more than one trick at a time?
  202. Whats wrong with my dog?
  203. My dog is growling at my 1 year old daughter?
  204. How old does your puppy need to be to have a prong collar?
  205. what is the best thing to eat other than pizza and hot-dogs at a party?
  206. A good dog's name that rhymes with Harley?
  207. Why does my puppy whine so much when he wants to get down?
  208. my dog is limping again, can you help me? ?
  209. If you ran over a dog would you stop, get out and try to help it?
  210. HELP~!!! My dog and chocolate milk?
  211. How do you help a dog through the death of their human?
  212. how often should i bathe my puppy?
  213. dog is on med. makes her smell super bad . cant change med.?
  214. My dog is really depressed. What should I do?
  215. would this lighting be alright for the puppies?
  216. Puppies and begging.?
  217. BIG or SMALL dogs? ?
  218. Is it ever too early to begin house-training with a puppy? also, other puppy
  219. I need a cute puppy name.(Boy or Girl)?
  220. is it okay if my dog has a period?
  221. Ever get dumped because someone chose a relationship with a dog over one with you?
  222. I need a dog harness, but which one?
  223. My puppy keeps howling?
  224. what should i do when my dog wont sleep?
  225. My dog constantly gawks over my food?
  226. What does it mean when a dog growls?
  227. belgian malinois dogs?
  228. Mixing dogs and family members?
  229. My Dog sleeps a lot, and she seems sad and always wants to follow me around?
  230. What Kind Of Dog Should I Get?
  231. Question About Dog Laws In Ontario?
  232. what should i name my dog?
  233. I need to quickly find a good loving home for my 3 yr old dog Meeka?
  234. my dog has excessive barking?
  235. How often should you wash a dog?
  236. what else can i teach my dog?
  237. Need help from a dog breeder?
  238. Should I even get dogs??!?
  239. what dog is this............?
  240. My Mum Is Allergic To Dogs?
  241. do i keep giving my puppy medicine when it just recently got overdosed with it?
  242. how to get rid of pioson out of a finger when a dog has but it?
  243. Why is my Staffy attacking my other dog all of a sudden ?
  244. My dog will not move while the elizabethan collar is on, is there any way
  245. what kind of dog(just read)?
  246. my dog has gingivitis?
  247. How can i convince my mom to get me another dog?
  248. Does my puppy have parvo, or just eat something bad? ?
  249. Show off your dog! What does your dog look like...........?
  250. Help me re-introduce my dog to my parents 3 dogs..?