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  1. my dog HELP!??????? asap?
  2. Help! Puppy has ongoing fever!?
  3. What can I do to stop my puppy from chewing stuff when we're away from home?
  4. Itchy dog ears. ear infection? Please help.?
  5. should i put my puppy beside me today?
  6. What can I apply to furniture so that my dog won't chew on it?
  7. i have 2 dogs. i want a puppy. my husband says we have enough dogs. i am the whose
  8. Exercise for an obese dog?
  9. My friend just had to put her dog down...?
  10. Poll: What Dog Breed Has The Cutest Puppies?
  11. What is wrong with my puppy?
  12. What age do puppies have close to their permanent eye color?
  13. How do TV producers make dogs lick glass windows?
  14. Do you agree that Republican John Boehner was a Bush Yes man, A lap dog?
  15. why is my pitbull puppy shivering when i take him outside?? and why is she...
  16. I have a 7 month girl puppy and she has started to want to have sex with...
  17. My 6 weeks old puppy is vommiting?
  18. How do I potty train my puppy (Boxer)?
  19. would putting your toy puppy in a cage for like a guinea pig or something around...
  20. anyone help with skittish puppy problems?
  21. landlord doesn't allow dog, but i'm looking after a dog as emergency, and...
  22. My Mom had a little Chihuahua puppy that got Parvo last week. ?
  23. I was walking my pekepoo dog in cold weather and she started hopping on three...
  24. Where are puppy mills most abundant?
  25. Tell me about your dogs or puppy s?
  26. What colleges in the USA allow dogs?
  27. name for a female puppy....no extremely girly ones plz....... ?
  28. I would like a puppy?
  29. The challenge of my dad and a dog?
  30. Are Pitt Bulls good for a first time puppy owner?
  31. how do u know when a dog is preagnate?
  32. Nonsocial puppy HELP?
  33. How many legs does a dog have if you call the tail a leg?
  34. rodent control for farm. is a cat or dog better?
  35. POLL: If a mentally retarded but extremely Cute puppy Attacked ur helpless granny...?
  36. My puppy is scared to walk?
  37. How to stop a puppy chewing everything?
  38. Dog Foster Care...any ideas?
  39. how to stop my dog suckling milk?
  40. Phrases for party invitation including the word dog?
  41. How do I find out what nutrients my dog is lacking in her diet?
  42. What are good names for 5, 3 week old Chihuahua puppies?
  43. Do you think this puppy is pure breed?
  44. Why is this puppy so cute?
  45. Help on Training my Puppy to the Puppy Mats?
  46. Are dogs in a household tax deductible?
  47. if i didnt buy my puppy from the aspca, can i still get her puppy shots from them?
  48. Best dog food for picky dog?
  49. Dog is bitting her self?
  50. How to convince your parents to get you a puppy?
  51. How old are you??? In dog years...................?
  52. Who were the dog's on the 1925 Serum Run?
  53. A dog bite and bitter feelings....?
  54. how to make a contract for a dog trainer?
  55. if my dog is not up to date with her jabs will it affect her insurance cover?
  56. okay. when mating dogs do you go by the first time they hook up or the last time
  57. What type of dog should she get?
  58. what kind of dog should me and my boyfriend get?
  59. Does anyone know the song that is being played on the cell phone for the movie...
  60. Dog Anesthesia and Food/Water Intake? ?
  61. I'm confused to where my puppy is supposed to live?
  62. Previcox safe for neutered dog?
  63. wtf is going on with people and their dogs?
  64. how much food should I feed my puppy (2Months) shih tzu ?
  65. What kinda dog, preferably big?
  66. My dogs are out of control! At my wit's end!?
  67. My fiance and I just added a new puppy to our family. We are trying to
  68. How do dogs act when they are getting ready to have puppies?
  69. Puppy is knocking other puppies down with body blocks?
  70. wat is your fav dogs or cats?
  71. How can I get new puppy to be nice to my pom?
  72. hi my dog has an odour problem and also has a lot of accidents in the house....
  73. what can you name a dog?
  74. Is my dog in heat help?
  75. My dog keeps sneesing...well both of them what do i do?
  76. What kind of small dog would you advise me to buy?
  77. My dog and his anal gland. . . ?
  78. what do you do for a dog that has danderfuff?
  79. how can I stop my dog from peeing everywhere in the house? ?
  80. how high does an exercise pen have to be in order for my puppy not to jump over it ?
  81. How to repair table leg my dog chewed?
  82. Crate training issues with 9-week old min pin puppy?
  83. When are you supposed to register a puppy?
  84. Can I use a dog crate just for house training?
  85. Harassing threatening PMs from dog-section denizens?
  86. What kind dog dog should I get, I have done tons of research but can't decide?
  87. puppy goes for ears?
  88. What is the best way to teach a dog to stop chewing everything and barking too much?
  89. help my dogs throwing up?
  90. How do you know dog has internal bleeding and not an infection?
  91. How do I deal with my girlfriends annoying dog?
  92. What is the cost for a cryptorchidism for my dog?
  93. Why has my puppy lost his overnight crate training?
  94. How much food such I feed my puppy?
  95. what can i do in order to avoid my dog runing away?
  96. how do i teach my puppy its done somthing wrong using positive re enforcement?
  97. How much more powerful is a wolves' jaw than a dogs?
  98. What happened to my dog?
  99. Are all dogs color blind?
  100. If you cut the dog's quick in it's nail, does it keep bleeding until you put
  101. How to get my puppy to go outside at work.?
  102. On stardoll where are all the dogs at the hotel ?
  103. Is it okay if I do this after my puppy defecates?
  104. my puppy's foot is bleeding!?
  105. Do you talk to your dog?
  106. Can I give my 14 wk old Pomeranian puppy a bath?
  107. How can you get a dog to settle down?
  108. How do you take your dog out on nintendogs, dalmation and friends?
  109. what is the best way to train a puppy not using puppy pads?
  110. how long does it take for a dog to digest a drink?
  111. Are pistachio nuts bad for a dog.?
  112. My dog has got a bad cough.?
  113. Getting into dog walking/sitting?
  114. My upstairs neighbor got drums!!!! My dogs and I are going nuts?
  115. my dog i need help. ?
  116. Really need some help regarding my puppy!?
  117. How can my dog lose weight?
  118. Is your dog a mama's boy/girl or a dad's boy/ girl?
  119. How old do pups have to be before you start to feed them puppy chow?
  120. Old male dog, and new male puppy?
  121. i have an 8 week old puppy and he runs from me and cries if i pick him up...
  122. My dog has tapeworms.?
  123. when will me newborn puppies their eyes?
  124. My dog is dying from an infection he is a 15 year old mutt, he wont eat or move...
  125. Can't Have A Dog or Cat or Ferret... What can i get?
  126. Can I wait until my dog is 2 years old to neuter him?
  127. What Is The Cheapest Dog Breed To Buy And How Much?
  128. how to nurse a puppy.?
  129. Whats a good name for a dog?
  130. Who Else is Watching Puppy Bowl on Superbowl Sunday? If Not, Who Are You Rooting For?
  131. Which is a better dog breed a germanshepherd or a dobberman?
  132. My puppy his crate....?
  133. what can i do with my dog?
  134. puppy training pads? bad thing?
  135. How much should I feed my puppy...?
  136. what kind of bug is on my puppy?
  137. Is it proper etiquette to take your dog to your neighbor's funeral?
  138. i think my dog may be sick! Please help me, im depserate! 10 points?
  139. Does anyone have information on the dog whisperer himself?
  140. What kind of mix is my puppy?
  141. Benefits of having an AKC puppy?
  142. How do you say puppy and dog in spanish?
  143. My puppy just got spayed, and they used glue. Should I be worried ?
  144. My dad is keeping my dog while im overseas for a year. Ive been gone a month does...
  145. My puppy is still skinny?
  146. Mastitis in bitches who havent had puppies?
  147. Has anyone found a dog near Ruanbeg Manor, Kildare Town?
  148. Where do you get a dog trained for search and rescue?
  149. why is my dog limping after we cut sticker bushes but there is no thorn visable?
  150. My dog doesn't like to go for walks any more?
  151. stud dog at what age can a male dog labrador mate and produce puppies?
  152. dog kindergarten....nice to have or must have?
  153. My friend purchased a puppy...?
  154. Dogs puppies being sold to research?
  155. What breed is Buffy the dog?
  156. My dog won't stop licking her puppies long enough for them to breastfeed.?
  157. how do I make my dog like other dogs?
  158. what the cost of puppy doberman in egypt ?
  159. My puppy wont stop bitting!?
  160. How Do You Say Your Dog Is In My Backyard In Spanish?
  161. How do i get my dog to stop biting my face?
  162. do you think i was wrong to take my puppy early?
  163. my dog cant be house broken!?
  164. Do dogs get on with chickens and ducks?
  165. Who else is watching the Puppy Bowl?
  166. What kind of dog do you have and do you have other pets as well?
  167. I think my puppy hates me?
  168. Can I help ease my puppies pain?
  169. How long, by definition, can one look at two dogs going at it before
  170. what will happen if pinesol and cleaning materials get in my dog eyes?
  171. Can anyone tell me what breeds of dog this is and is she cute?
  172. My dog won't stop barking at EVERYTHING!!!?
  173. Why does my dog try to lick the cuts on my leg?
  174. Will a Dachshund puppy be able to get along with my senior Pit/Boxer female?
  175. Poll-How do I get my neighbors dogs to attack me and bite my nose off my FACE?
  176. How do dogs know day from night?
  177. How to introduce my puppy?
  178. what is the breed of this dog?
  179. Which would you prefer... to marry your dog or to put your dog to sleep?
  180. What should they name thier puppy?
  181. my dog has watery eyes...help?
  182. My dogs bark at other dogs when the other dog is far away?
  183. Can I let my puppy watch TV in her kennel?
  184. Should I consider the Shi Chi dog breed?
  185. Why does everyone put down teacup lap dogs?
  186. What is the meaning of the poem The Puppy by Wesley McNair?
  187. How do you know ifn your dog is pregnant?
  188. my dog just got home from the hospital due to salmon poisoning and ....?
  189. Aggressive puppy any tips?
  190. For those of you that feed your dog the prey model diet?
  191. What could be wrong with my puppy?
  192. Dachshunds i love these dogs?
  193. When is a good time for a maltese puppy's first hair cut?
  194. What was/is your dog with the most wins/litters/working-ability?
  195. is my female spayed dog's humping normal?
  196. Puppy got hold of a ballpoint blue pen--How can i remove ink out of carpet?
  197. What is the name of dog breed for half shitsoo half Pug?
  198. is this a good name for a dog?
  199. What are some cute/easy tricks to teach a puppy?
  200. puppy wont stop crying?
  201. Does my dog have fleas? If so, how can I treat it?
  202. My dog is CRAZY SCARED?
  203. My Labrador Puppy wont eat!?
  204. my dog not feeling well whats wrong with her symtoms are below?
  205. Why is alcohol bad for dogs?
  206. what would you do if your dog did all this?
  207. i have a little Chihuahua cross Pomeranian and he has hyper attacks is that...
  208. 4 month old boxer puppy has had 2 fits, Y?
  209. How many puppy mills are there in Washington State?
  210. My puppy need to clean out?
  211. Does whistling hurt dogs ears?
  212. which name do you like better for our female German Shepherd puppy?
  213. How to avoid jealousy between cats and new puppy?
  214. My PUPPY growled at me when I went to take away his dry pig ear!!! OMG I
  215. Can dogs get diabetes?
  216. Gabrielle noticed that her dog began to salivate whenever it smelled the...
  217. House trained dog came back from Vet and now pee's all over. Why?
  218. Question for owners of dangerous dog breeds...?
  219. My dog was attacked!?
  220. Puppy's Ears Are Standing Up?
  221. Help with out puppy?
  222. My bff's dog might die?!?
  223. When will my puppy get rid of his Worms!?
  224. Is my dog sick as she has a dry nose?
  225. what is the most anyone has ever paid for a dog?
  226. what kind of dog is this?
  227. How do you get a 6 week old puppy lab to stop biteing?
  228. what should i name my new dog?
  229. When can I take my puppy outside to meet new dogs?
  230. 8-month old puppy acting strangely?
  231. Are dobermans really just big lap dogs?
  232. Does anyone know how much Entropion surgery for one eye will cost for my puppy? ?
  233. Does anyone know how much it costs to fly a 7kg dog from Malaga to London?
  234. girls woman please im a human little dog whit out owner can you help me ?
  235. my dog is shaking vomiting greenish yellow bile totally restless?
  236. Help with finding a collie puppy?
  237. What type of dog do you like?
  238. i would like a small cute dog that wouldnt make me look girly/gay when with it....
  239. Any more solutions for a low sodium food for dog with heart failure?
  240. Puppy training: The other cat?
  241. Cures for a blind Dog. It is a genetic disease?
  242. my puppy's behaving oddly!?
  243. How can I keep my dog from getting killed?
  244. My dog won't eat...HELP!?
  245. Fallout 3 Galaxy News Radio with 3 Dog!?
  246. How do I train my dog?
  247. I think my puppy's rear leg or hip might be broken. I can't pay a vet. Do...
  248. What are some alternatives for dogs food?
  249. Our Dog Has Had 3 Puppies And She Has Been In Labor For More Than 10 Hours. How
  250. how do you take care of a chihuhua puppies ? ?